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Rumours - Expanded Edition (3XCD)
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on August 3, 2004
Format: Audio CD
This expanded version of the Rumours album features a second set of Roughs and Outtakes, as well as some early demos and jam sessions. The booklet has also been expanded, featuring lyrics, many photographs, and an essay about the making of Rumours.

Below is my review of each disc:

Disc: 1

1. Second Hand News

2. Dreams

3. Never Going Back Again

4. Don't Stop

5. Go Your Own Way

6. Songbird

7. Silver Springs

8. The Chain

9. You Make Loving Fun

10. I Don't Want to Know

11. Oh Daddy

12. Gold Dust Woman

What can be said of disc one that hasn't been said. This is virtually a perfect album. Every song is a classic. The remastering vastly improves the sound quality from the original CD release of Rumours back in the mid 80's.

Some people have an issue with the insertion of "Silver Springs" in the middle of the Rumours track order. I don't share in this, as I think placing the song at the end would be awkward. Positioned at track 7 fits well with the flow of the album. A good decision, in my opinion.

A bad decision, however, was not to include the ORIGINAL single version that we all know and love, and instead use a new remixed version that bring's Stevie Nicks' vocals too far forward and overpowering the beautiful harmonies. The powers be "fixed" something that wasn't broken in the first place! Simply a HORRIBLE decision.

Disc: 2

1. Second Hand News - Doesn't differ significantly from the original Rumours version.

2. Dreams News - Doesn't differ significantly from the original Rumours version. This arrangement is somewhat sparse, with Stevie's voice is somewhat more upfront in the mix, giving the song an somewhat more intimate quality.

3. Brushes (Never Going Back Again) - This is essentially the instrumental track (no vocals), with a different opening. An interesting, slightly different approach to this song

4. Don't Stop - Features a winding organ part towards the end of the song. - Doesn't differ significantly from the original Rumours version.

5. Go Your Own Way - Doesn't differ significantly from the original Rumours version.

6. Songbird - One of my favorites from Rumours, as it's always a delight to hear. However, this version doesn't differ significantly from the original Rumours version. The guitar, mostly in the right channel, strangely drops in suddenly on the left channel at 1:58.

7. Silver Springs - Another remix of this beautiful song.. As stated previously, I wish they would have just included the original single mix on disc one.

8. You Make Loving Fun - Features an interesting funky, false start, as well as some nice alternate background vocals.

9. Gold Dust Woman #1 - Different vocal inflections from Stevie, but the music is essentially the same. Sounds more angry to me. The ending features some haunting vocal work from Nicks.

10. Oh Daddy - Very different vocals - Christine McVie's voice was brought forward in the mix, and Stevie Nicks's background vocals are more pronounced.

11. Think About It - A very stripped down, funky version. I really liked this version.

12. Never Going Back Again - An instrumental version. Nothing that special

13. Planets of the Universe - An early Stevie Nicks song, recently resurrected on her 2001 CD "Trouble In Shangri-La" .

14. Butter Cookie (Keep Me There) - A previously unreleased Christine McVie song. While I loved her songs on Rumours, this song was justifiable left off. The lyrics are unfinished and therefore some bluff vocals are sung instead.

15. Gold Dust Woman - An extremely stripped down version. Consider this "Gold Dust Woman" unplugged. Probably my favorite track on disc 2.

16. Doesn't Anything Last - A previously unreleased Lindsey Buckingham song. I liked this song as well. Because it is a demo, it's also features the sparse unplugged type of feel. This song is incomplete and ends suddenly.

17. Mic the Screecher - Some noodling in the studio while the tape rolled on. Not something that bears repeated listening.

18. For Duster (The Blues) - A 4:26 blues style jam, harkening back to the early style of Fleetwood Mac. An interesting way to close disc 2.

What's amazing is that the rough demos and outtakes of the Rumours songs presented on the second disc don't differ much from the released versions, indicating that the songs were pretty much recorded as originally envisioned. Unfortunately, that also means you're less likely to come back to the second disc, as the originally released versions are for the most part the best version.

So it is worth buying this set? The remastered material sounds great, and it's nice to finally have "Silver Springs" included with the other Rumours tracks. However, the second disc really doesn't present anything all that unique and essential for anyone but the most avid Fleetwood Mac fan, and the screw up with "Silver Springs" is criminal. Given the $20.99 price of the expanded edition vs the 13.99 price of the standard CD, well, the choice is up to you.

Even though this is an absolutely classic album, I am rating it with only four stars due to the "Silver Sprinsg" screw up, as well as the unessential second disc.

One last note - the DVD-Audio version present the Rumours tracks in remastered sound with the ORIGINAL version of "Silver Springs", so for some of you that may be the best way to go.
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on November 30, 1999
Format: Audio CD
If you don't know the story, three relationships were falling apart while this album was being recorded: Christine and John McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, Mick and Sara Fleetwood. Each song told a different story: anguish, wonder, pain, confusion, anger, all written from the heart. It's amazing that for a group of people being pulled in several different emotional directions at once, they came together and put out this album, unequivocally a milestone. You can hear two sides of every relationship virtually from one song to the next, listen to "Dreams" followed by "Go Your Own Way" for a great example. Mick Fleetwood and John McVie formed a solid rhythm section, and Lindsey Buckingham was, and still is, one of the most underrated guitarists in rock and roll. This album is filled with some of the best classic rock ever recorded, from "Don't Stop" to "Dreams" to "You Make Lovin' Fun". Stevie and Lindsey do a great harmony duet with "I Don't Want to Know", and "Songbird" is just Christine and her piano, a soulful, threadbare ballad. Almost every song here is a staple on classic rock radio, and it's still one of the best selling albums of all time. This was the first album I ever bought with my own money, and it was money well spent.
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Format: Audio CD
Often the passage of time diminishes the quality or aesthetics of a piece of art; the art (particularly music) becomes "dated." Many recordings from the Seventies--songs that were phenomenally popular--today come across as stale, corny, or contrived.
Anyone remember "You Light Up My Life"?
Such is not the case with Fleetwood Mac's masterpiece, RUMOURS. The energy, emotion, passion, and musical mastery of this album is just as compelling today as it was in 1977. On top of that, today's technology only makes listening to RUMOURS even more of a pleasurable and spellbinding experience.
For me, having been a college student when this album was released, each track from this troubled band is a wondrous trip down memory lane. Among my favorites: "Dreams"; "Don't Stop"; "Silver Springs"; "You Make Loving Fun." And "Go Your Own Way" is musical nirvana, a glimmering, golden rock 'n roll keeper.
The inner turmoil Fleetwood Mac was experiencing when RUMOURS began shattering the Billboard charts received as much publicity as the album itself. Despite the band's dysfunction--or perhaps because of it--members Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie were hitting on all musical/creative cylinders. As a result, RUMOURS is timeless, ageless, and enthusiastically recommended.
--D. Mikels
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on May 24, 2011
Format: VinylVerified Purchase
After years knowing that Steve Hoffman had remastered this history making LP it has finally arrived. There are NO disappointments, either. 180 gram virgin vinyl pressed at Pallas -- these two records are dead quite. The bass is punchy. The mids are warm and lush. The cymbals sparkle. Then, there are the vocals -- you have never heard RUMOURS before you have listened to this version. Two 45 rpm discs -- high resolution. Warner Bros. originally limited production to just 4,000 copies world wide. Production has been extended (quantity unknown as of this review) after early release copies sold on Ebay for $125.00+. If you have a turntable -- BUY THIS NOW. Truly and AUDIOPHILE reference LP.
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on January 30, 2013
Format: Vinyl
Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" is one of the greatest albums of the last thirty five years, and it's been a personal favorite of mine for almost that long. Every track on the original album plus the B-Side "Silver Springs" are all classics, and most of them have been FM radio staples since the late 70's. Disc 1 of this 3-disc collection is excelent, especially since "Silver Springs" has been put at the end of the album instead of being inserted right in the middle of it! With the acception of the DVD audio the sound quality on disc 1 is as good as I've ever heard "Rumours" sound on CD. Disc 2 is part of a live show recorded in 1977. Here's where the "but..." in my review title comes into play. With an approximate length of fifty nine minutes there was plenty of room for more live material. There are several bootlegs floating around from 77 that are considerably longer than disc 2 of this set. Disc 3 is a collection of studio outtakes from the "Rumours" sessions. These are different outtakes than the ones featured on disc 2 of the 2004 Deluxe Edition of "Rumours" and so they're worth getting this edition of "Rumours" for. The packaging is very nice. You're gonna have to be a little careful when taking the discs in and out of the cardboard holder because the discs are held in tight little pockets that are part of the foldout instead of plastic CD trays. My only other problem with this CD is that I can't seem to rip any of the discs to MP3 or any other digital format. Now, since I bought and payed for this music for the fifth time already I don't see why I can't use it any way I want to. I do not agree with DRMs at all, so I took off one star from my overall rating of this otherwise five star product. "Rumors" is also available in a "Super Deluxe Edition" that contains all of the material found in this 3-disc version along with an additional disc of outtakes, a video documentary and a digitally remastered vinyl copy of the origional album. So in closing, I highly recommend picking up this 3-disc edition of "Rumours" ASAP. Just be aware that you may have dificulty transfering it to your digital music player. I hope this review has or will help you to make a wise and fully informed perchase. Thanks for reading. PEACE!
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VINE VOICEon February 6, 2013
Format: Audio CDVerified Purchase
the 5 stars is for what is here rather than deducted for what is missing.

Disc 1: The Remaster

to my ears, it sounds exactly like the 2004 remaster, which is excellent already. the only difference is Silver Springs is added to the end of side 2 instead of end of side 1.

Disc 2: Live 1977

the Mac now have 4 official live cds: 1980 Fleetwood Mac Live (the Tusk tour), 1997 The Dance (w/3 additional tracks on the Silver Springs single cd), a 2003 10 track bonus cd included with the 2 disc Live in Boston dvd & now this one.

i am happy to hear & have these 12 tracks from 1977. here is the young Mac at there prime. later tours, they become more polished & the recording quality of course improves, but it's great to hear them young. Oh Daddy & Songbird only appear here officially, The Chain, Gold Dust Woman & World Turning are omitted from the 1980 cd and Don't Stop 1980 is a sound check version.

i like this 1977 Go Your Own Way better than the 1980 version because it's 1 minute tighter.

i agree with other reviewers who said they would have liked to have a whole show instead of just 12 songs, but i have to accept what i can get.

Disc 3: The Demos

This is where this set gets interesting and worth the price of admission. Overall, the demos released in 2004 are rough mixes without overdubs. Here, the demos are generally earlier takes. Clear from this is that the lead guitar parts are usually added last. I also offer my own subjective rating for the value of each track either for quality or how revelatory or unusual it is.

1. Second Hand News (early take, acoustic demo), A, a true early demo of vocal & acoustic guitar. already the energy of the song is here. the 2004 is more like an early mix sounding much like the final song.

2. Dreams (take 2, solo demo), A, lovely Stevie vocal with electric rhythm guitar, no drums. the 2004 demo again is close to the final song with the drums.

3. Never Going Back Again (acoustic duet), A+, this is outstanding. very interesting to hear Stevie adding sparse backing vocals. also has a bongo track.

4. Go Your Own Way (early take), A+. the song in mid-development. sounds close to the final but without the lead guitar. the vocals are an early version with a very different "you can roll like thunder" in place of "you can call it another lonely day". the 2004 demo is a later alternate version.

5. Songbird (demo), A, a simply lovely early take. 2004 rough is a later, alternate mix.

6. Songbird (instrumental, take 10), A, piano track only.

7. I Don't Wanna Know (early take), A+. outstanding track with Lindsey doing the guide vocal for Stevie with electric rhythm guitar. this track really reveals how Lindsey sculpts the songs of his bandmates.

8. Keep Me There (instrumental), B, demo track here of an average unreleased song, but interesting because the last 90 seconds later becomes the end of The Chain.

9. The Chain (acoustic demo), A, a major revelation here. this is the Stevie demo of a generally unremarkable song which most likely Lindsey transformed into the powerhouse track of The Chain.

10. Keep Me There (vocal), B, an unreleased ok song but again the ending becomes the ending for The Chain.

11. Gold Dust Woman (early take), A, similiar to the final with an alternate vocal take and without overdubs. the 2004 release has 2 more interesting versions, including an acoustic demo.

12. Oh Daddy (early take), A, definitely a very early working demo where you can hear Christine calling out musical changes. the 2004 demo more like an alternate take.

13. Silver Springs (early take), A, lovely early take by Stevie. already, it's a powerhouse here. 2004 disc has a later alternate version.

14. Planets of the Universe (demo), B+, nice demo of an ok Stevie song not finished until her 2001 solo cd. i like the demo better than the finished song. it sounds like Rhiannon. another take is on the 2004 cd.

15. Dosen't Anything Last (acoustic duet), B, a short 1 minute demo of a Lindsey song with Stevie. 2004 cd has the solo demo with just Lindsey.

16. Never Going Back Again (instrumental), A. this beautiful song always sounds great as an instrumental song. here it has the drum brushes. ironically on the 2004 cd, the track is called Brushes but it has no Brushes, but is a more polished demo.

so now we have 3 versions of Rumours: 1990 single cd, 2004 2-cd remaster & this 2013 3-cd remaster. if u are just an average fan & already have the 2004 set there's no need to get this for any upgrade of sound quality. the avid fan should get this for the live set & the new set of demos. a casual & non-audiophile fan can get the old single 1990 cd for dirt cheap.

for me, i'm glad i got this (didn't want to pay $89. for the set, so i won't get to see the dvd).
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42 of 48 people found the following review helpful
Format: Audio CD
As countless people before me have written and said, this is undeniably one of the greatest albums put out by any rock band--ever. I played it endlessly when I was in junior high--so much so I practically wore the grooves off the record! I got the CD early on and after so many years in my CD collection this remains one of my favorites.

Yes, the band was going through some tough times when they produced this music--and maybe that DID help them to produce such a great set of songs here. However, despite all their internal struggles, you'd just never know of it by simply listening to the songs, the overall smooth flow of the song set, and the electricity and energy of the songs and the way they are performed. The CD boasts numerous classic rock songs such as Christine McVie's "Don't Stop;" Stevie Nicks' "Dreams;" Lindsey Buckingham's "Go Your Own Way;" a song written by the band called "The Chain;" and a song I always liked personally, "Second Hand News" by Lindsey Buckingham.

The quality of the sound is excellent, even after all these years of playing this CD on several different CD players. I love the way the liner notes are so nicely done. You get great photos of the band and the lyrics are there along with the song credits.

This CD remains-and will remain-as timeless as the best of the best of the rock CDs. The songs deal with relationships between lovers as well as the entire range of emotions that come about when people are in love, together or be it unrequited. Indeed, Q magazine included this album as one of the "Best Relationship Albums Of All Time." When you listen to this album and the incredibly thoughtful way with which the songs are performed it will truly touch a nerve in you!

This CD is highly recommended for fans of rock, pop, and classic rock. If you fit into one of these fan groups, as I certainly do myself, you can't go wrong with this CD.
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on July 10, 2004
Format: Audio CD
As a huge Mac fan, I purchased the three remastered Mac albums with great excitement. However, my excitement soon turned to grave disappointment when I listened to them. I should point out that there were two earlier pressings of this CD; the first was dreadful, and this version is clearly better than that one. However, the second version (done as a result of customer complaints about the first, I believe) was vastly superior, both to the first pressing and (to a lesser extent) this remaster.

"Second Hand News" sounds much better on the remaster, but it's all downhill from there. "Dreams" is lineball, but from then on it's clear that the second pressing was significantly crisper and clearer than this remaster (although the remaster has fuller bass). Also, "Silver Springs" sounds infinitely better on "The Chain" box set.

I am frankly astonished that anyone involved could have let such a substandard remaster of such a well-known album be released.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
Format: Audio CD
I have been wondering when they might get around to remastering the Fleetwood Mac catalog, particularly after hearing the criminal butchery inflicted upon the Tusk CD, my personal favorite. Oddly Enough, I have been listening to the new Mac album and was inspired to pick up Rumours, so I happened to discover this remaster by accident. I have to generally agree with the other reviewer in that the bonus material is interesting, if inessential. Also, the liner notes inside the cd booklet could have been much, much more comprehensive for such a landmark album. They decided to stick 'Silver Springs' back into the original sequence (directly between what used to be sides one and two of the LP, I do believe), but there is nary a mention as to why it was left off of the orignal LP or why the decision was made to put it back. Music geeks live for this kind of information! They did, at least, restore the original gatefold collage of photos that seem to show the band having a pretty great time, despite all the emotional pain they were apparently inflicting upon each other.
Still and all, the reason to pick up this album is the sound. The drum and bass are filled out considerably and brought forward in the mix, the keyboards and vocal harmonies are given space to breathe and the guitar parts shimmer and shine like never before. In fact, for a Lindsey Buckingham fan like myself, this is a real treat to hear the intricate picking of this underrated Guitar Hero with such clarity. As a long time music fan, it is a tremendous treat to see the digital age finally catching up with the Monsters of Classic Rock & Pop. Rumours is as good as it gets. Now I need to go buy Tusk!!!
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on June 1, 2004
Format: Audio CD
In a way, the remastering seems like a marketing ploy to make more money, to promote the second leg of their national tour (it amazes me that they could still be touring- it's like trying to imagine my parents running around the country from city to city playing rock music every night. I can't.).
Yet, I think it's also an effort to present the music to their fans on CD as it was originally recorded. The pre-existing CD versions are definitely sub-optimal- the transfer from the analog recording is flat and smoothed over. When I heard Rumours remastered, I almost started crying- in fact, I might have. It was clear and vibrant, the vocals had so much more depth, and the instruments stand out from one other- and the singing rises from the music rather than being plastered to it. This is the way it was meant to be listened to. This is the reason Fleetwood Mac is a blues/folk/*rock*- and not pop- band. I can hear vocals and sounds that I never ever heard before- it's just so intense. Definitely worth it
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