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on January 2, 2000
Contrary to what some might say this movie is wonderfully romantic as well as well written. It may be predictable but the acting and the dialog make for a movie well worth your time to see. Unlike most movies today Runaway Bride, has no sex scenes or other trash Hollywood uses to get ratings. Good show for everyone!
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on November 23, 1999
This is such a great movie! Okay, now, I guess I am a little partial because I do adore romantic comedies. Runaway Bride has the most romantic ending I've ever seen in a movie (with the exception of An Affair to Remember, nobody can beat that). I absolutely loved it! I was even amazed at how clean the movie was compared to other Hollywood romantic trash. I'd buy this movie now and you can bet that as soon as that price drops, I'll be adding it to my collection!
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on January 16, 2000
Runaway Bride was definately a #1 movie to me! Finally, I could watch a clean and romantic film with two of my favorite stars. There were so many moments where I laughed out loud because of the comedy thrown in this film. There was even a part where I cried with joy. If any of you care for a fun, clean, funny, and romantic movie, then this is for you. I thought that this was much better than Notting Hill which seemed to have a lot of depressing moments in it. Runaway Bride had happy and funny moments throughout the entire film. This is worth checking out!
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on January 8, 2000
Enough already with the vulgar nonsense that almost all the movies these days have! This one is even better then Notting Hill! It was very cute, it was reserved though, no sexual content or nasty language, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere once again, pair up as a great couple in a wonderful movie! I would suggest this to anyone of any age!
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on March 19, 2000
Journalist Ike Graham (Richard Gere) is desperate for a column - as a matter of fact, he has to submit one to his editor (Rita Wilson) in less than 90 minutes. So, when a drunken gentleman in a bar hears his dilemna, he offers the story of a woman in his hometown who has this tendency to leave men at the altar, at the last possible moment. With an extra minute or two of research, he submits a column degrading this "runaway bride" as a "maneater" just in time for publication. Meanwhile, back in little town USA, Hale, MD, the "runaway bride" (Julia Roberts) reads the column and her complaints of inaccuracy result in Ike's termination. With the help of best friend and editor's husband, Fisher (Hector Elizondo), Ike heads down to Hale, MD to find out the truth. Hence, the movie "Runaway Bride" continues in such a hysterical fashion that you are prone to laugh approximately every 30 seconds for the remainder of this 2 hour movie. Director Garry Marshall manages to nearly exceed his stint 10 years ago directing Gere, Roberts and Elizondo in "Pretty Woman" by developing each character to the hilt, giving us little quirks of each one to think about continuously. Gere and Roberts attain the same level of chemistry as before but, this time, they have help from Peggy Fleming, owner of the beauty parlor (Joan Cusack, in yet another role of amazing hilarity), Mrs. Pressman, the owner of the town diner (an adorable minor role, perfected by Jane Morris), the I-shouldn't-be-single single cousin Cindy (Kathleen Marshall, with one of the best one-liners in the movie), and Betty Trout, the owner of the town bakery (an exceedingly funny Laurie Metcalf, formerly of TV's 'Roseanne'). Of course, to not mention Maggie's father, the alcoholic Walter (Paul Dooley) and her sex-obsessed grandma (Jean Schertler) would be a sin. Overall, Marshall assembled the best supporting cast of 1999, making for one crazy, funny movie with an adorable plot, not to mention an incredible soundtrack with classics by U2, Billy Joel, and Hall and Oates, as well as new songs by Shawn Colvin, Eric Clapton, Martina McBride, and 2 songs by grammy goddesses, the Dixie Chicks. Let's put it this way: this movie is perfect. Please don't miss it!
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on December 6, 1999
What a good movie. It wasn't the best movie ever made, but it was a nice little cute funny movie that really had nothing offensive and everyone from any age could watch. Julia Roberts gives one of her best (and funniest) performances as a woman who just cannot seem to marry a guy and everytime she is at the altar shys away and runs. Richard Gere hears about her (he is a journalist for a newspaper) and is sent in to write a story on this "Runaway Bride". Things go well at first, but he thinks he may be falling in love with her and vice versa. The acting was fantastic, the screenplay written well and at time very funny. Joan Cusack gives an outstanding performance (as usual) and Roberts and Gere have never been more likable.
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on February 20, 2000
For those people who disliked this film so vehemently, I suggest you read a plot summary/review of the next film you rent/buy so you have some idea of what you will be watching! How could you NOT know that this was a romantic comedy with a "predictible" ending before you watched it? And if you didn't like either Roberts or Gere, why did you rent it in the first place? Unlike most romantic comedies that start brightly and fade quickly, "Bride" delivers from beginning to end. Well-edited, it is light-hearted, sweet and oh-so-funny! The comment made by Hector Elanzo about the Fed-Ex truck gave me the healthiest belly-laugh I've had in ages! And there are more like that! Humor is personal, but this is just darn cute! The chemistry between Roberts and Gere is real! They are beautiful together, AND as has been mentioned before, without swearing up a storm and rolling naked in the sheets! And you STILL know they love each other! That's romance! We need more of that! As for the predictability, we go to the movies to have our emotions manipulated and to be entertained! If you're going for another reason, save your money! The supporting cast is excellent - Rita Wilson, Hector Elanzo, Joan Cusak and a host of other small but necessary bits of brightness in an already starry look at the bittersweet but inevitable search for love ! As one of Julia's fiancees says, "There's a lid for every pot!" Watching this optimistic rollercoaster ride gives hope to all of us who believe that it CAN happen! And even if it doesn't, you'll have a smile on your face for 2 hours. AND there is actually some substance to this story - real messages about how men and women should feel about themselves BEFORE they can say they really love someone else! The ending? Anyone who would want it any other way needs to have his or her head examined! Oh, one more thing - you can even watch this movie with children in the room! They won't understand everything! But there is absolutely nothing offensive! I'm a teacher - you can trust me on that! "Runaway Bride" is a small joy in an otherwise cynical world!
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on June 8, 2000
This movie is so cute and romantic. Bless the director of this film for bringing Julia And Richard back together again. This movie if so wonderful from start to finish and it will make you feel so special. If you loved "Pretty Woman" then hang on to your seats because Runaway Bride will capture your heart. 5 stars all the way!
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on June 21, 2000
The dynamic duo that captured your heart in "Pretty Woman" are back in a wonderful new movie! "Runaway Bride" stars Julia Roberts as plucky Maggie Carpenter, a country girl who dresses up her boyfriends as grooms, plans their entire wedding, and then dumps them at the altar. When big-city reporter Ike Graham (Richard Gere) publishes an insulting article about Maggie, she demands to have him fired. He decides to visit her in her hometown of Hale, Maryland, to collect more information (and hopefully an exciting story about her fourth wedding, taking place that weekend). But when the two meet, they start to fall in love. This film was cute and romantic, and the witty chemistry between Maggie and Ike steals the show! This movie has a great ending, and I recommend it to any Julia Roberts fan, or anyone looking for a good romantic comedy. Two thumbs up!
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The contrived and utterly predictable plot is not the problem of Gary Marshall's disappointing "Runaway Bride". Few romantic comedies, also the terrific ones, are known for their original story. Much more important is HOW you embellish the standard plot. "Runaway Bride" does not a good job in this department.
First of all you have to say that the characters in this film are neither appealing nor interesting in any way. This makes it difficult to be captivated. You don't really care about any of the people on screen. Especially Robert's role is poorly written and Gere does the best he can in his thankless part.. Only some of the supporting actors, for example the scene-stealing Hector Elizondo have at least one or two good scenes. This is not enough to save the film which is also far too long. The creators just didn't manage to conceal the schematic nature of the film well enough.
"Runaway Bride" was a huge success at the box-office, mainly due to its high-voltage star duo. It is however very unlikely that it will become a classic like the 1990-hit "Pretty Woman", which at least had a certain freshness when it was released.
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