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on September 8, 2007
I have a question, why are people giving this movie bad reviews that state themselves they didnt even really like the other two movies to begin with? Im not gonna go write a review about harry potter or something I hate and trash talk it cuz my opinion is irrelevant. If you liked the other two movies then this one will not be disappointing. This movie was supposed to be a comedy with some martial arts action poured on top and thats exactly what it was. Chris Tucker was hilarious in it and if he annoys you then dont watch the movie. I was in a completley packed theater and every person was laughing so hard people were losing their breath. So obviously SOMEONE thinks Chris Tucker is funny. All the haters need to back off of this post.
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on May 15, 2016
This seemed like a somewhat forced attempt to create a trilogy for a series that really did not need one. It, of course, brings back Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker and director Brett Ratner for the third installment of the buddy cop franchise. The main focus is still the Lee/Carter relationship and elevating them from friend status to that of family. Overall though the characters are what they are, and there is really no more room to develop them.

This time the bulk of the story involves the characters in France, trying to track down the list of the leaders of the Triad. The scene stealer of the movie is anti-American sentiments from a cab driver (Yvan Attal) who eventually becomes an important and funny ally. Carter gets the girl in this movie, played by the gorgeous (Noemie Lenoird) who is more important than she initially seems. There are also supporting roles by Max Von Sydow and another great martial arts movie alum Hiroyuki Sanada, whom Ratner had to basically beg to return to the genere. There are also tie backs to the first movie involving counsel Han, now Ambassador Han and his daughter.

Ultimately the Rush hour movies are what they are. While I do not necessarily think this movie had to be made, chances are if you loved or enjoyed the first two, you will probably like this one too, although maybe not as much. If you were lukewarm to the first two, then you may not like this one all that much. For extras, you get a lot. There is a commentary track on the movie by Ratner and the screen writer, trailers for the movie, and a second disc filled with a couple hours worth of making of and behind the scenes features and a production diary, which basically followed from the first day of shooting to the last. It was interesting hearing Ratner describe doing the things in this one that he wanted to have in the others, like Chris Tucker getting beat up by a bunch of kids in a Karate Studio, a "Reverse Game of Death" type fight scene with a Chinese giant etc. If you like going through bonus material you will really like all you get here.

I cannot say the movie will appeal to everyone, but if you have enjoyed the first two, I would say it is worth checking out.
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on November 22, 2015
we ordered this on Amazon Prime and loved that we can watch as many times as we wanted in the 24 hours we had it open to us! very good quality video! there was not time we had connection issues, so the video played very smooth!
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on July 15, 2008
I love this movie. It is the best Rush Hour movie made. It is so funny. My husband and I could not wait for it to be released on DVD. The ending is suprising also. You could find it cheaper somewhere else, but worth it.
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on March 21, 2016
It's entertaining, funny, and has Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in it. What could possibly go wrong? The film industry would have continued without the movie ever being released, but it is fun to watch and has a decent plot.
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on April 26, 2016
The bluray picture on my home theater was stunning. Anytime these two gents are together they make me laugh.I love Jackie chan,have many of his movies.Chris tucker is such a funny man and a very good actor.
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on March 31, 2015
Damn! What you feeding him? He's too damn big!!!

Gotta love Chris Tucker's delivery.

and the comedy outtakes rule- lets order a movie, only 9.95.. Li? I like a movies with a story. what? I like a movie with horses.. What? I don't know, Bret Ratner taught me that, is that a bad word? LOL
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on August 16, 2012
In this movie, in our opinion, the movie makers made Jackie Chan's character out to be a real loser in his role of law enforcement officer. He pursued and caught the man who had just shot the ambassador, and then let him walk away. The fact he considered this man to be like a brother should not have interfered with him performing his duty. Later in the film, Lee tells this man that the reason he had not shot him was because he (Lee) is not an assassin. What a bunch of hooey! My husband and I really enjoyed Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2, so we thought 3 would be at least as good. Wrong! Overall, this movie was a huge disappointment for us.
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on July 21, 2016
I'm docking this film one star because it upset my wife so much. She found Chris Tucker's womanizing, low class, black supremacist character (Officer Carter) annoying in all three Rush Hour movies, but he was particularly vulgar in this one, in an exchange with a French-speaking detainee and a Catholic nun for an interpreter, in which he made an oral sex joke about one of the detainee's female relatives whom he (Carter) had never actually, of course, met. He later tells Lee that Lee can't be black, because there's "a height requirement."

Not to mention how Carter picked up two young women for himself and Detective Lee, quid pro quo, for leniency in a traffic stop in New York City, where he had been demoted to traffic cop after ruining Lee's chances of having sex with the Secret Service Agent they met in Rush Hour 2, by shooting her in the neck and leaving her disabled for the rest of her life. When he picks Lee up in his car, with the two young women on board, he tells Lee that "the fat one" is his. By then, Carter had already "fat shamed" the girl for weighing significantly more than her Driver's License indicated.

As in Rush Hour 2, there is plenty of eyecandy in this film. For starters, the Chinese Consul's daughter has developed, as Carter quickly notes, a need for a bra in the past nine or ten years since he last saw her. (No, they did not use the same actress nine years later. The little girl was played by Julia Hsu in the 1998 film, and by Jingchu Zhang in this sequel, released in 2007.) Then the three of them go to Paris where they meet a showgirl named Genevieve, played by Noemie Lenoir, and a bevy of other showgirls, whom Carter undresses and redresses like dolls, under the ruse that he's their costume designer. For those who like older, Oriental women, there's a villainous Dragon Lady, played by Yuki Kudo, Noemie's senior by eight years in reality. Other fetishes are pandered to, as Noemie repeatedly displays her bald head with a tattoo on the back of it, making Carter think she is a man, although she emphatically and repeatedly insists that she's a woman.

Upon arrival in Paris, both Carter and Lee get beaten by the local police, whose Chief probes their anuses with a large ring on one of his fingers. After walking bowlegged out of the police Chief's building, they get in a taxi cab with a French driver who hates Americans, and reappears throughout the film, badmouthing us, including a particularly poignant remark about not being an American and knowing "what it's like to kill people for no reason." Presumably, this remark was included to advance the liberal gun control agenda, in spite of the extensive use of innumerable firearms by "the good guys" as well as the "bad," throughout all of the Rush Hour films.

This French reception by their police reminds me of a similar scene in Jet Li's, Kiss of the Dragon. Apparently, the French police have a reputation for being exceptionally corrupt and brutal, albeit ineffective, like the Pink Panther's Inspector Clouseau, as demonstrated by the recent massacres perpetuated by Moslems on their soil. And Carter thought the L.A.P.D. was bad!

Besides tearing Paris apart and base jumping off of the Eiffel Tower with a makeshift parachute made out of a French flag, Lee and Carter (SPOILER ALERT!) rescue the girl and punch the French Police Chief in the face, after the taxi driver saves their lives. But only after flushing themselves literally down a Parisian sewer... Liberal Hollywood entertainers seem to have an obsession with excrement as well as homosexuality and gun control.
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on December 11, 2013
This is a great family movie. I watched the first one with my boys; they loved it so much I had to order the next two. My husband joined us and we had a fun movie night as a family. These two make a great team on screen. If you need a good laugh, get these movies.
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