Customer Reviews: Rush: Time Machine 2011 - Live in Cleveland
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 11, 2011
As a 50 year young RUSH fanatic, having seen them live 45 times in 4 states since 1977, I have come to expect a lot from Geddy, Alex, and Neil in terms of their music and their live concerts. This is one classic rock band that has raised the bar for many others in terms of their quality music, studio perfection, and killer live shows. This 'Live In Cleveland' show is no exception. It delivers in every way! There is the very humorous 'time machine' vignettes that are part of the live show, that are seamlessly intertwined with the live music, and the infectious smiles and banter between the band. The audience was 'on fire' and clearly enthused and entertained. The DVD editing is superb, with just the right dose of great closeups of the 3 maestros performing magic on their instruments, the animated audience, and whole stage and arena shots. There are also a few 'extras', mainly a vintage video of 'Anthem' being performed at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ way back in the stone ages, and out-takes and bloopers from the 'time machine' vignettes. If you like Rush, this is a 'must own'. If you don't like Rush, this is a 'must own' as well!
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on December 6, 2011
Rush is a strange phenomenon...and has been for decades. Whether you love or hate their music you can respect the band members as utterly talented instrumentalists who (publicly) mock themselves. Prog rock is always criticized as being "pretentious" but Rush turns that characterization on its head. They perform dazzling music while appearing to enjoy and laugh at it. Name me another band that is similar...

The audience likely isn't quite aware of the skill required to perform at the level they do. To bake in the added humor only demonstrates more-so the fact that Geddy, Alex, and Neil are very humble folk with very uncommon talent.

At nearly 60 years-old these guys energetically outperform their grand-kids.

Live in Cleveland is a lesson in youth/aging we can all learn from. Remarkable.
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on April 26, 2013
I have several concert/musicals on BluRay, and this is by far the best of them. The picture is super sharp; it helps that the concert stage was well lit (since, often everything outside a spotlight is dark) and I can see detail the audience probably couldn't. There's a bit of banding that shows up whenever the lights directly hit the camera, but otherwise, it's near perfect.
The sound is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and sounds much better than quite a few Live recorded CDs I have. It's well balanced for an immersive feel. It's not perfect, but I feel its 'flaws' lend to the feeling of being at a real concert.
If you like RUSH, you'll love this disc. If you only know Moving Pictures, this will expose you to a few songs you may not be familiar with (and you will be a better person for it).
Make sure you have your air guitar warmed up and ready; you'll be playing it (even if you never admit to it).
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on November 25, 2012
Rush fans already know the level of performance that the band is famous for. I have been a fan since the 70's and they never have let me down and never cease to amaze me. However, the performance on this night in Cleveland is magic beyond words. Those who know the history of Rush know the significance of the city of Cleveland to the band. From three rock icons who are pushing 60 years of age this performance proves that age means nothing. They just keep defying their critics and defying the odds.

The production on Blu Ray is top notch. Get this one soon so when you've worn it out there will still be more available!

Hats off (once again) to Neil, Alex and Geddy for another in a long line of stellar performances. Oh and the 'alternate versions' of SoR are worth the price of admission alone!
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on October 27, 2011
I saw the Blu-Ray of this show last night. This was projected using a Panasonic theater-grade projector (the logo came up before the showtime) and the Blu Ray was the consumer version that will be released in December (I know this because the menu came up before the showtime). This review will be based on what I saw, and since I have no control over how that theater calibrated their projector, I cannot say with certainty if any of the flaws were due to the Blu Ray itself, or the projector/sound system. But here goes.

Sound-wise, things don't start out that impressively, but get progressively better as the show progressed. At first the sound was a bit flat in terms of dynamics and a bit soft. The bass lacked punch, and I didn't feel like I was at the show, but watching a show. The sound was clean, I could hear no feedback or hiss, and I could hear the spaces between the sounds. Eventually the sound mixers at the concert must have made some corrections because the sound improved from "okay" to "very good", at least for a live concert. There wasn't any obnoxious use of sound imaging, just some ambient crowd noise, nothing flying from one speaker to the next. Instrumentally, Geddy's bass and Alex's guitars sounded the best--dynamic, never shrill or piercing. Solos aside, Neil's drums were just a tad undermixed--perhaps this was intentional as his drumming style can be so dominant. Overall, the sound level definitely got louder and louder as the concert progressed--several people remarked on it after the show.

Picture wise this was excellent, but with a definite bias towards blue overall. Flesh tones looked as natural as they can under the "limelight". I saw no evidence of edge enhancement or processing, this was probably just directly loaded from the HD cameras without much interference. Some of the longest shots (and the occasional "blimp" shot) were of slightly lesser picture quality, but this could have more to do with the slow build-up of smoke in the venue. The opening and end credits were of low quality and jagged edges were visible. The non-concert film clips were pretty much perfect, with some minor smearing during intentionally hokey special effects segments involving the time machine tranformations.

Overall, this was an exciting, involving show that had the theater crowd cheering along with the projected crowd. The sound started out iffy but steadily improved to very good. The picture is likely the best we have seen in a Rush concert so far.
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on October 21, 2013
If you're a fan of this band, you'll love it. Geddy's voice is not what it used to be and there are several points were he is "pushing" it beyond what his cords can do. But as a fan, I can overlook this. If your not a fan, you will be very aware of it.
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on January 17, 2012
I didn't buy this when it came out. Normally on release day, I'm chomping at the bit but this time I was a little put off by the whole "how many times do I have to pay for Moving Pictures?" As more time went on, I kept reading reviews and youtube posts about how Geddy can't sing anymore and that the show was terrible. After watching, I have to disagree. I bought this because I wanted to support the band, and since no one buys the new albums anymore, this is the way they're staying in the game. I'm also a fan of Rush's sense of humor so their little skits are always worth the 17 bucks to me. I'm really happy I bought this. I watched the whole thing in one sitting and never did I get bored or think "dear god not this song again" I was smiling ear to ear as the boys got to jam out on parts and their usual stage antics. I thought the first set was great, and well put together. You can tell Rush has some heavy enthusiasm for the new material as BU2B was upbeat, and aggressive. Neil was playing on top of the beat and a little faster than the recorded version. Marathon was a little too fast, and to me seemed to have lost it's groove, but some impressive open handed playing by Neil in the second verse. The second set is what it is. Moving Pictures and some gems. I was disappointed to hear the new arrangement for The Camera Eye. Killer version of Witch Hunt, Alex just owns that song. Great rendition of Caravan. I'm giving this 4 stars because the audio could have been a hell of alot better. The use of surround is subtle at best and the biggest use was hearing the audience behind me. That's pretty weak. It's also compressed a bit too much. Geddy's bass can be a bit tame at times. To all the critics out there who say Geddy can't hit the high notes anymore, or even worse, can't sing anymore, I have this to say. Geddy Lee sounds amazing on the newer songs, and songs with mid to lower registers. He also nailed the high notes in freewill and alot of other songs. Faithless was flawless. The guy can sing and his voice has matured very nicely over the years. That being said, He doesn't sound like he did 30 years ago. No one over the age of 50 sounds like they did when they were 30. If you want to hear that, then please go put on the original recording or Exit Stage Left and stop complaining about the impossible. The guy is on tour for 6 to 8 months out of the year, has to sing challenging songs for 3 hours, so he has to pick his battles. I can't even say he blew the notes, he just sings it different with a "live feel" The songs that suffered the most were songs I've heard a thousand times anyway. You go to a Rush show, or buy their concert DVD because you want to watch these guys entertain you, not to hear the album versions. This concert rocked my socks off when I expected it not to. They have fun, can play their asses off, great versions of the tunes, and show love for their fans. A great experience live or on disc.
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on November 26, 2011
I wanted to wait for the Blu-ray version but I cannot imagine having better picture and/or sound quality than the DVD. I saw them at Madison Square Garden during this tour and they were fantastic. Watching the concert on this DVD they blew me away again. The 5.1 DTS version is magnificent. I haven't listened to the stereo version and I don't think I ever will, but I'm sure it is very good too. Rush = quality.
If Amazon had 10 stars I would give it 10 stars. No need to describe the concert, others have done that already. The way they play music so intricate and complex is close to mayhem and disaster, yet song after song they nail it, while making it look easy. Chaos controlled!
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on April 26, 2012
This review is to help those people out that are having problems with the audio on the DVD. When you want to play the concert footage and if you don't have your DVD player hooked up via HDMI or other digital source you're gonna need to either hit your audio selection button on your remote control, or go to the set up menu and select the stereo option to be able to hear the concert audio. The DVD is automaticly set to play in DTS 5.1 which can not be heard if you're using RCA cables, or if you're using a DVD player that is built in to your TV. HTH
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on May 20, 2013
seen the old dogs since hold your fire. This tour was my favorite and this DVD does not hold back either. Begging to end with the Rash vids (before-break-and after the show.) was supprised they added those on the dvd. The Rio dvd rocks as well. But this is a MUST HAVE and if your trying to decide. Time Machine is there best dvd to date..
buy it.. buy it.. buy it..
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