Customer Reviews: Rust-Oleum 49104 Deck and Concrete with Tint Base, 1-Gallon
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on May 8, 2013
I recently purchased Rustoleum Restore for a 10x10 backyard deck and noticed a few bad reviews on amazon. The product sells in different sizes (and a kit) so you can see more positive reviews for other variations. I thought I'd give my feedback and try to raise the rating a bit.

I had a deck that was chipping and running into water issues. The house unfortunately does not have gutters, so a good portion of the deck gets a particular rain beating in the non winter months. I purchased the two gallon kit (with applicator roller) and the vertical surface paint in matching colors. The paint was scraped where needed and roughed up to provide an appropriate mating surface.

I spent the second day applying the restore material to the wooden deck. Unfortunately this stuff doesn't get you very far. The brochure mentions two coats of 50 square feet in the two gallon kit. The container (or website I forget) mentions 100 square feet with two coats. Unfortunately it took three and a half gallons to cover roughly 100 square feet. Despite this minor disappointment, the material went on fairly thick without too much trouble.

Another reviewer mentioned getting gritty/sandy material all over themselves and the house. We took precautions not to paint ourselves into a corner or disturb the material between coats. We let each coat dry for about a day as it takes time for the moisture to release from such a thick material. It reminds me of a thick milk shake in the can. The brochure mentioned it would take several hours, and may take additional time in climates that were humid or not warm enough. It also warned about applying before a rainy day. We had a few good sunny days which allowed us to properly apply it.

So far it has held up pretty well. The product provides a nice skid resistant surface that should hold up against the elements for a few years.. better than a single coat of paint at least.

One other word of caution. If you live in colder climates you may want to avoid using any metal-tipped shovels as I read that the ice and snow buildup can easily stick to the non-flat surface and may chip off with a metallic shovel.

---- Update 11/21/14 ----

I downgraded my star rating from four to three. I'm sorry to hear so many people had issues with this product. After a little over a year and a half the deck is starting to peel a bit. It might last another year but I'm not sure. I did have high hopes for this product as (while it lasts) it does provide a great surface. Unfortunately due to the overwhelmingly negative comments on this product I can no longer recommend it.
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on June 23, 2013
Everyone needs to actually read the instructions before they apply this product. Most of the negative reviews are from people who obviously did not...I am a very serious do-it-yourselfer with lots of project experience, both with wood and paint/staining. I have a pretty large deck with 3 levels, an it has been built for about 10 years or so. I have tried many different stains, both semi-transparent and pigmented with very little of it lasting more than 2 years before it shows wear on the traffic areas.

I used Rustoleum Restore to recoat the entire floor of the deck this past week. Obviously I cannot speak to the life of Restore, I can speak of how to apply it. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning, sanding and caulking the larger cracks in the floorboards of the deck before beginning the work of actually applying the Rustoleum. One concern that became very apparent was if the boards are not perfectly flat (which if you are using the product to cover imperfections they won't be) the Restore roller provided in the kit will not fill/cover the boards. I think they need to make the roller a little thicker. With that said, the aggregate (sand) in the product requires a honeycomb type roller. The roller will wear out quickly from the friction, I used the 2-gallon kits that come with a roller, so I had plenty. This requires you to work sideways on the boards that are cupped or domed to get good coverage. This is true regardless of how thick you are trying to roll the Restore. Once you have the boards coated you can then over-roll to even it out with the other coverage.

The product cannot be "rolled out" unless the roller is completely saturated. This makes applying this product VERY SLOW GOING. Make sure you prep as directed and take plenty of time to apply the Restore. As stated, if you try to roll too quickly the product will splatter. The coverage is less than as advertised, so plan on getting more than you think you will need. If you actually want this to fill in a 1/4" crack, you will have to put down several coats and allow them to set in between, which according to the directions takes 3-6 hours before a re-coat. The second coat does well at filling in the coverage from the first coat, so do not even think of not applying 2 coats. This has been the slowest "paint" project I have ever done, but it looks good now. I used a lighter color in hopes to reduce the sun damage, we will see over time if that works.

Again, this is not a project for someone who has not had a lot of experience in prepping and painting. Read all of the Tips and FAQ's on the Rustoleum website and be sure to watch the videos, both on the site and other from users on youtube. Educate yourself and this may be the right product for you. Also take a look at the other versions that are out, both Home Depot (Behr) and Oympic have a similar product, but Restore is the "thickest" so I am hoping it will last the longest, too! BTW, and oddly, at Home Depot the 2, one gallon cans in this kit were less expensive than the 3.68 gallon container. The Restore was less expensive at Home Depot than Lowes, so you can save a little bit of $$.
Good luck!
UPDATE: After a few weeks I thought some additional information might be helpful. Two things, if you have nails or screws, seal over them BEFORE you put down the Restore. The website suggests sealing if you sand the screw/nail heads, but I did not, so I neglected that step. I now have light rust spots showing through my Restore (canvas color). Second, while the product seems to be holding up well, the pores make it nearly impossible to clean. The lighter color is showing dirt where my dogs track, so I tried mild soap, water and a broom, no dice. After I wait the full 30 days to be certain the Restore is cured I may try light power-washing, but I am not hopeful due to the rough texture. Never thought about this when I put it down. Guess I will see how it goes!
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on February 18, 2014
Yes, I read and followed the instructions (in the brochure AND on the website).
Yes, I prepped carefully.
Yes, I watched the videos.
Yes, I used the extra-special/expensive roller.
Yes, I was careful about the weather forecast to make sure things would be dry long enough before and after application.

No, I didn't walk on it afterwards.
No, it didn't rain and it wasn't damp or too cold or too hot..
No, I am not a first-time DIYer.

You get the idea. I took my time because I had already seen from the reviews (especially those from people who insisted that anyone who gave it a bad rating must have failed to follow instructions) that a lot of things could go wrong.

The stuff took more effort, time, and elbow-grease to apply than regular stain or paint, but it wasn't ridiculous. I got exactly the coverage I was expecting for the amount that I had, and the color wasn't too far off from what I intended (though as others have noted with this product, tinting can be unpredictable). And the companion "solid stain" product for vertical surfaces was very easy to use.

When I was finished, I was very pleased with the results. My drab old deck looked great!

That was back in August 2013.

I don't use the deck often and don't keep any furniture on it, so it didn't see a lot of wear. However, we've had a particularly cold and snowy winter in MA. I've used only a small, lightweight plastic shovel (made for children, but handy for clearing off the narrow steps) to clear off heavy, wet snow. For dry, fluffy snow I actually use a broom.

I was not expecting this gentle treatment to cause chipping and peeling. Alas, various areas have begun chipping and peeling. At first I blamed myself.

But then I noticed chipping and peeling in places that I've never touched with the shovel or broom. So it's actually some combination of the snow, ice, and low temperatures (or maybe the typical New England rapid temperature fluctuations) that have caused the chipping and peeling.

Whatever. I didn't contact Rustoleum, because I don't want MORE of this product. And I don't still have the receipts or anything. I don't know what I'll do with this mess when summer comes. Maybe I will try to patch it up with the solid stain; or if it's easy to get the rest of it off, maybe I'll just start over with a different product.

In summary:
1. Avoid Deck Restore if you live in a region that has harsh or crazy winters.
2. Even if you are feeling confident (and lucky), ask yourself how you'd feel about having to redo any portion of your project a second time within a year - which really defeats the purpose of buying this supposedly durable product in the first place.
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on April 10, 2014
I applied Restore to my backyard deck this past Summer 2013. The deck was prepped and I followed the directions exactly. It required 2x the amount of product I had purchased on my first trip to the store and much more energy in the application than I anticipated. My first purchase was based on the coverage the can listed.

The deck looked fantastic and I was absolutely thrilled with the results, even though it was double the cost I estimated. It is now April 2014 and the product is flaking off in large chips and peels. It looks awful! I have been very careful with this product, not using the hose or blower on the deck. Today, I decided to use the blower to clean off the chips and loose peelings lying on the deck. What I noticed is under the areas that are chipping and peeling off, there appears to be moisture. I can't understand this and assure you that every inch of this deck was treated. This product did not live up to its promises. I love the garage coating that Rustoleum sells and have been very happy with that product. This product is definitely a disappointment. Now I have to decide if I want to scrape or put an outdoor rug on my deck until the remaining product peels off.
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on April 30, 2014
I first tried Restore 2 years ago. Loved it when I first finished, but as the summer went on and I noticed small sections started to peel away. I let it go until the following spring when whole deck was peeling. I called the company and they were very happy to supply me with more product to redo my deck. Took me ALL summer to peel and scrape everything off (25'x45').
The second time around I I read and followed the instructions (in the brochure AND on the website and even call the company to talk to someone in person).
I prepped carefully.
I watched the videos.
I used the extra-special/expensive roller.
I was careful about the weather forecast to make sure things would be dry long enough before and after application.

I didn't walk on it afterwards.
it didn't rain and it wasn't damp or too cold or too hot..
I am not a first-time DIYer at all.

It is now the spring and my deck is peeing more than the first time. Makes me sick to think of all the time I put into this last summer. I will not be reusing Restore again!
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on February 26, 2014
I PURCHASED 12 GALLONS on 07/20/13. The deck was power washed with a deck cleaner recommended by HomeDepot where I purchased the RESTORE. The product went on with 3 coats. It looked great. That Oct. we had a cookout with over 20 people. The deck held up well with no noticeable marks or failures. I live in upstate New York where it gets very cold, by the middle of Dec. the deck looked really good with the temp. dropping below O. We even had some snow and after shoveling, still no noticeable failures or peeling.
Now for the bad NEWS. In Jan. we had 2 days of very melded weather and rain. Walking into the house my wife yelled at me for tracking GREEN stuff on her floors. Yes the deck had a few spots peeling. It got cold again, things froze again and the peeling stopped.
It's now Feb.26th and every time it starts to thaw with a little rain, the peeling starts again. Over 50% of the deck has peeled. The stuff comes off in sheets 5 1/2" wide strips. The stuff is absorbing moisture and when it freezes its loosing all adhesion to the deck. This is junk, I can only believe I purchased a bad batch of RESTORE.
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on September 11, 2013
Heard many good things about the product we have 160sq ft deck off our second floor kitchen. We tore off the 5 1/4 decking & decided to use 3/4" exterior New plywood in its place. We spent lots of time preping & following Rustoleum's instructions. We rolled the surface according to their instructions twice & used about 7 gallons of the stuff, it dried for four days before we had some hard rain storms. As the rain dumped on the deck the slope ran the water off the deck away from the house. The water was the color of the restore Gray, as I went downstairs under the deck to check for leaks I noticed the water was permeating thru the restore wetting the new plywood. The wood grain really started to show the water comming thru. The restore surface was like a sponge, push on it & the water came out of it. Very disappointed. We now built a tent over the deck to dry it out and we are adding 1/2" plywood over the surface & using a different type of stuff that's not water soluble. You must use chemicals to clean up. I would not recommend this product to anyone unless you like doing the job twice.
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on August 21, 2013
This product is only as good as the person using it, and the deck you're using it on.

I used this on my deck which gets full sun everyday. I followed the directions, and the deck is so much better than it was before. I very carefully painted the cracks between the boards with the stain. I then let that completely dry for about two days, and then I put down the first coat of restore with the recommended roller. I acutally cut the roller in half, so that I could only roll the restore down on the entire board surface (not in the cracks in between). I worked on the deck in sections, because it is a lot of work and takes a lot of time.

Just like the other raters said, the product does splatter a lot, but what stain or paint doesn't when you're rolling it? This is a terrific product if you use it correctly, take your time, fill in the cracks before restoring, and are willing to put the prep/time/work into it. Again, as other raters said, you use much more product than suggested, but I put the product down thick because of the condition of the underlying deck. I don't have any complaints, I know paint splatters, I know the recommendation on the can is just that and as far as color, it might be a bit lighter than the sample, but not much.

This is not a project for someone who is not used to doing home improvement jobs. It takes a lot of prep work, and a lot of time but is worth it in the end. As with anything else, there are little tricks you learn as you go (i.e. cover each nail/hole with product and let dry before rolling the product over area). This was much more work and cost than I estimated, but I am very happy I did it.
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on May 4, 2014
We meticulously followed the instructions for this product!!!!! We purchased the stain, deck sealer and all the Rustoleum supplies for applying this product. We probably spent close to $1000 and several days very carefully applying this to our deck.
It looked fabulous the first year. We were so happy not to have to build a new deck, because it looked and felt great. We did the deck in the rough coat and the railings around the deck with the stain.

The railings look fine at this point.

The deck is aweful. It has very small cracks and areas where it is peeling. You cannot remove just a small area to resurface and redo because once you try...the area grows. Now at this point I can honestly say I am sorry we did this. I am ready to rip out the whole deck.

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on March 13, 2014
I applied Restore to my wood deck last fall and it is already cracked and flaking off 6 months later! I'm so disappointed. I expected the finish to last 10 years.

I cleaned the deck twice with a scrub brush and deck cleaner and hand sanded a few trouble spots. I let the deck dry for days, then had perfect weather for the application with no rain or extreme temperatures. I used the custom Restore rollers. I applied nearly 7 gallons. I believe my deck is around 150 square feet. My deck was not beading water at all and boards were regularly soggy before I applied Restore.

The finish looked great before winter set in. We've had extreme temperatures for Northern Virginia (around 0F several times) and much ice and snow this year, but this would be normal elsewhere in the country. I never shoveled snow off the deck for fear of scraping the finish. I can't say whether that was a good or bad decision, but snow usually melts in a few days here.

I noticed cracking earlier this week, then a giant piece chipped and blew off during a windstorm just last night!

Thank goodness the weather turned bad before I could do the stairs and railings! At least I'm only out a couple hundred bucks so far, but I can't imagine this will be cheap or easy to repair or remove.
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