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Platform: Xbox One|Edition: Day One|Change
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on December 2, 2013
Ryse is a game that show cases the potential graphics for future gaming but lacks the depth to be a $60 launch title.
The game can be played and beat in one day in about 5-6 hours. I spread it across two days to make it last a little longer.

I will list the pros and cons

Gorgeous graphics - Nice to show to friends and family
Story - Enjoyable although typical
Executions - very enjoyable to watch, easy to execute
Multiplayer - fun co-op with changing environments
Achievements - Very easy to obtain

Story very short about 5-6
Linear - yeah you can go down dead end paths to obtain collectibles. I would have liked alterative paths that lead to potential different experience.
No single player replay ability
Executions - color coding I think took away from the experience. I also if you missed the correct button it really made no difference.
Multiplayer - Micro transactions, load times.
Repetitive - only a few enemy types, limited moves, very predictable fighting patterns, rinse, wash repeat patterns.

Overall - this is a good rental since you can beat it in a day or two. It is a beautiful show piece but I cannot see paying $60 for this game. I would say wait until this becomes a budget title to purchase.
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on November 25, 2013
So first off, I sat down yesterday morning with my Xbox One ready to play an actual game, rather than just playing and setting up the menu's and watching movies. First game I popped in was Ryse, and may I say, although short, was very fulfilling.

The game takes you on a journey as Marius, a son of Rome who's out on a quest for vengence and glory. The combat and action are awesome, take away some minor timing queues that throw you off when trying to pull off an execution. Executions, they are ways to finish off your enemies, and by pressing the up, down, left, or right on the D-pad to choose what type of powerup you would like to have once you complete a sucessful execution (health, damage, XP, or focus). Executions are done by pressing the right trigger when you see a white or red skull over your enemy, then press the right color button (blue or yellow) when the enemy
flashes that specific color (bascially yellow is your shield and blue is the sword).

Graphics look amazing, I was very impressed by the foilage and different areas in which they take us, from the city settings, to forests, to night scapes, and so on. One thing to note, during some fights you may find yourself having issues moving the camera, as if it was stuck on a bush or building and you might get attacked off screen or don't know what queues it tells you for an execution. You fight all sorts of men, no monsters, or animals, or anything like that, just soldiers, men, people who think they are gods and so on.

Story, I really enjoyed, was a little confused at the beginning but then it smoothed itself out and brought the story around full circle, very fun. Some fights were tough, no joke, but a blast! Also, expect a twist or two, i thought I was following it, and figured something would happen, but not what did happen.

Lastly, the game does have multiplayer, however i havent even tried that yet, i apologize. I will do that later this week when my brother gets it so we can play Co-Op in the arena.

All in all, fun great game, now here is the downfall, but for me was a plus. I sat down like i said yesterday morning to play, and finished the game (on normal) last night around 8 pm. So it lasted MAYBE 10 hours, i did take 30 mins to eat lunch and dinner with my gf and a 30 min break in the middle. So maybe closer to 8 hours and yes i died on a couple fights.

Just wanted to fill you all in, sorry for the bounce around review, but i really enjoyed this game, even though it was short, i loved it. And why i liked it being short, well i have other games i want to play and when i play games i am OCD and have to finish one before i start another hah. Hope this gives you guys some insight.


*Update* 12/09/13
Sorry for the delay, but here is my multiplayer thoughts;

A blast! I waited to play with my brother, although you go through the maps quickly since there are only 12 or 14 of them, they provide a good challenge. Each one has a new set up, shows you and your partner walking out in the gear that you equip on your gladiators. Each one has a set of random events and you only go through some of them, then have to fight leaders or a higher power to complete that wave.

But working with your partner, one taking on some of the guys while you run and put fires out or blow up catapults, is just so fun, then you come back and help him or save him depending. Some of the enemies can quickly overwhelm so you can't be afraid to run to your partnet to get help. But heres the fun executions, SO FUN when you pull them off.

Lastly, as you play and win, you gain gold to buy equipment or skills (if you didn't use the XP from the campaign you earn). You also increase in rank to unlock the next tiers of equipment. From what i can tell, i went to the top teir and tried to buy something and it told me i needed to be above rank 80, so yea, there will be alot of fighting to get up there. This will take a while. But say your buddy doesn't want to play, or you want to rank up to the next tier in order to get better gear. There is a Solo mode, where you enter into one of 4 arenas on your own. They can be tough, but also one bloody blast ;)

Again, sorry for the sporatic review, but it is fun, i can't wait to play again. Have fun!
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on November 22, 2013
Ryse is a pretty good action combat game that can get a little repetitive, but that doesn't mean that the game isn't any good. There are a total of four difficulties you can play the story mode on, but you need to beat the game to play the hardest difficulty. The graphics are amazing, and blows all other next gen games out of the water, but only when it comes to graphics. The game play can leave your hands tired after bashing all the buttons over and over again. There is a lot of blocking, breaking the enemy's guard, and attacking that makes the game challenging, but not impossible. The coolest part is the spacial rage attack mode that is very useful when attacking multiple enemies at once.
I tried to play multiplayer, but I was unsuccessful, because it would not connect to the servers.
Overall Ryse is worth playing, and is a member of the good launch titles. A plus of the Day One Edition is that there is a free DLC code.
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on November 23, 2013
RYSE: Son of Rome is a GORGEOUS GAME!!! I had to say that before I even begin with this review. It seems that the "Professional"(If you want to call them that) review crews have been far too tough on a great game. I don't like when reviews contain irrelevant information like "Microsoft WAS going to make RYSE a Kinect only game" or "RYSE isn't better then this game or that game" the review should be solely based on RYSE and at this point based on it's competition of NEXT GEN games. With that said RYSE has set the BAR graphically, it was like the first time I played the original HALO on 360; what a sight to see. Now beyond the graphics YES it's similar to GOD of WAR with the button mashing and timed button pushing for executions.

They also switch things up though, you play through a horde of enemies hand to hand then you go to a arrow post to shoot an onslaught of enemies sniper style. The voice command features are pretty sweet!!! An indication on your screen will tell you the catapults are ready then you vocally YELL OUT "FIRE CATAPULTS" and the flaming boulders come flying in CRUSHING your enemies, SWEET!!!!!!! LOL Well I don't want to tell the whole game, but trust me you won't get "BORED"........"BORED" Who said that? LOL Oh and to let all the "FANBOYS" know I have BOTH XBOX ONE and PS4 so know I am not on EITHER side, just enjoying the show. Now back to the review, it's not as easy as they claim to "button smash", you have to set enemies up for dual executions and when your near the edge of a bridge your execution would change to throwing your enemy over the ledge, there is a learning curve. The gameplay is immersive you feel like your there. The sound is nice and fitting for the game, the voices sound like what we've come to look for out of soldiers of this era from 300 and other movies/tv shows.

Ryse definitely feels NEXT GEN by look and interactivity, the voice commands really add a lot to the game if you ask me. If you bought an XBOX ONE and refuse to use the kinect or voice commands then WHY even buy a next gen console? Stick to PS3 or XBOX 360 if you just want to hold a controller and push buttons. Next gen is not just beautiful images it's the KINECT 2 and VOICE RECOGNITION! Now I gave the game 5 STARS and I hope in the future this game becomes a 4 STAR game and what I mean by that is this game is the first of the next gen titles and I know there is a higher peak to what these systems can do and this is only the beginning. Also I gave my EXTRA STAR to offset these crazy 1 STAR reviews from people who don't own an XBOX ONE let alone the game RYSE! Their reviews are obvious feed back from information they have read somewhere. Finally I just want to say if you open this game up and play it and your not WOW'D then please take me to where you've been that such sights and next gen interactivity don't WOW you! LOL
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on November 24, 2013
If you are looking for a game that will wow your friends and family with true next gen visuals then this is your showpiece. The graphics are simply AMAZING! Each time I play this game I am in awe. It runs perfectly smooth too.

Some of the professional reviews for this game are pretty negative and I almost didn't buy it because of them. That would have been a big mistake on my part because the game is a blast to play. Yeah, you pretty much are just running around with a sword killing barbarians but is that really so different then running around with a gun in Call of Duty? I don't think so. In fact, as I play through this game it reminds me very much a Call of Duty type of game. It is heavily scripted, combat oriented game. There are even scenes where you man stationary weapons against vast hordes of enemies just like in Call of Duty.

What really shines in this game are the execution finishing moves you use in combat. There are a ton of them so you are always seeing something different. I do wish they could have come up with a better way to indicate what buttons to press during an execution besides the colored glow. Maybe make it so when your enemy is staggered that you punch in a combo like in Mortal Kombat to perform an execution. Not sure if that would work though as the battles are pretty hectic.

I am very pleased with my purchase and recommend you check this game out!
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on November 23, 2013
I thought that this game was going to be mediocre but this game is an Amazing game with great roman story, with great combat very similar to the batman arkham series games. I enjoyed this game greatly! I want a sequel, NOW! :)
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on November 24, 2013
It's absolutely absurd how low the critics have scored this game. The graphics are spectacular, the voice work is great and the story is engaging. Yes, the combat is a little repetitive, but no more-so than most games out there. Also, the developers did a nice job of breaking up the combat by adding in scenes where you lead legions in formation, control artillery fire or use ranged spear attacks. No, this isn't a Game of the Year candidate, but it's still a solid game.

The major shortcoming of Ryse actually isn't the gameplay, but the fact that it's fairly short--probably around 8-10 hours to complete the single player campaign. If you're ok with that and want to see just how powerful your new XBO is, I'd recommend you picking this game up... you'll enjoy it.
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on November 24, 2013
This is the first review that have written on Amazon despite having purchased so many items. I felt the need to do so because of all the bad reviews I read from the so called professionals but it seems they are no better than most of the movie critic reviews I read on good movies with bad reviews.

So here it goes, first off as usual Amazon shipped my purchase quickly and it was delivered on time in perfect condition. I was eager to install the game after setting up my new Xbox One so I inserted the disk and waited for it to let me know it was ready for play, the games take awhile on the Xbox One to install because of there size but a few minutes is nothing once you get started playing. As soon as it loaded I was taken to a cut scene setting up the story and was immediately amazed at how beautiful everything looked. I usually do my gaming on pc and am used to great graphics but this was amazing.
After the cut scene ended I expected the graphics to be somewhat less as the cut scenes are usually better than the actual gameplay but I was completely wrong, I was blown away taking time out from playing to simply look around at the amazing scenery, the sky, trees, foliage, ground everything is absolutely incredible looking and all the details will leave you saying wow.

The story is great and it was tough putting down my controller to get some sleep last night as I wanted to see what happens next. The fighting even though most of the review sites I read said was repetitive felt right to me and the difficulty was just right, I chose the second difficulty and cannot remember what it was called but it was just right for my skill set and not having played a console in some time was easy enough to make my way through with a few deaths mixed in to keep me from getting to confident in my skill. Timing is important so trying to button mash your way through will not work which makes it feel more immersive.
The fighting is very brutal and gory with some awesome execution scenes when you get your enemy low on health but this is only how I would have imagined it to be and nothing short of what you have seen if you watched the movie Gladiator.

You are on rails in the game but there are still enough places to wander around that it is possible to get lost for a minute but they have included a nice feature where after awhile there will be a subtle way point pop up to guide you to where you need to go.

All in all I believe I am probably just over half way through the game and am really enjoying my time with it, I have not tried any of the other game modes but am looking forward to trying them when I finish the campaign.

I would definitely recommend this game, if you like the things I have written about you will not be disappointed.
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on November 23, 2013
This is the first title that I played on my Xbox One. I had been waiting for this game, since it was announced, and it was well worth the wait. I absolutely love this game. The graphics are beautiful. The in-game combat flows really well (sort of reminds me of Arkham City/Asylum). The story and cinematics make this a really engaging experience. The voice acting is fantastic and it feels like you're watching Spartacus/Rome.

I've seen comments about the fighting being repetitive, and that's absolutely true. But, it doesn't take anything away from the amazing job that the development did with this game. There are moments when you are using spears, crossbows, and other long ranged weapons to break things up a bit. There are moments when you can use voice activated commands (optional).

Overall, this game is really balanced and a ton of fun. Like I mentioned before, it was well worth the wait. If you like "hack-n-slash" games, story driven action/adventure games, or, if you're just a fan of the Roman/Gladiator theme, you will really enjoy this game. 5 / 5 stars.
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on November 24, 2013
Yes, as some have said, the game is kind of repetitive, but are there really any games out there which aren't? As an example: in the "Batman" series you're constantly COD type games your constantly AC series your constantly...I think you get the picture. Overall, I would say this a really good game. I also find that the graphics and attention to detail are very well done and impressive. So if you don't mind lots of sword play (unlike AC) and want to test your multi-tasking skills with both a sword and spear, you just might be someone that may well enjoy this game.
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