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on August 12, 2011
This stuff works great, and the price can't be beat considering it can make several gallons.
You need to know, for it to work you really have to soak the stain. The product has to come in direct contact with all of the smell for it to do it's job. Soak well, let it sit for at least 30 minutes and then soak it up well. Repeat if the smell still lingers when mostly dry (it usually doesn't). This is NOT something you can just put in a spray bottle and mist the spot and expect it work, it won't like that.
Here's one way I use it. For couch cushions I remove the covers (mine are colorfast if wet) and soak them in a huge mixing bowl of the solution for at least 30 minutes. I then put the covers in the washing machine and just turn it to the spin cycle to spin out the water so they're mostly dry. In the mean time I pour the solution from the mixing bowl into a large plastic tote container and let them soak in it as well. After a good soak everything goes out into the sunshine to dry thoroughly. Smells are gone! I've never found anything else that would get couch cushion non-smelly again without spending a small fortune since the volume you get is usually pretty small for the price.

So how much does one box make?
One tablespoon makes one gallon of basic solution. At this concentration you get 20 gallons from the 1 lb box. This is the strength they recommend for getting smells out of concrete, kennels, carpets, upholstery, litter boxes, garbage cans, smoke, diaper pails, etc.
For skunk odors they recommend 1 tablespoon per quart.
For clothes in a washing machine dissolve 3 tablespoons in a pint of water, then add the mix to washing machine, allowing clothes to soak in machine for one hour before washing as usual.
1 tablespoon can also be mixed in with fresh cat litter to keep the litter box odors at bay.
The enzyme powder must be mixed with warm water to activate. Anything from 45 to 140 degrees F will work, but anything over 140 will kill them and it won't work (so don't use boiling water!). Solution should be used within 4 hours for best results.

I should note, I use it at about twice the strength recommended in the instructions to make it work faster, and just because I want to be absolutely sure the smells are gone the first time around. Probably works fine at the label rate, but I've just always doubled it.
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on June 10, 2012
I originally reviewed this item in June 2012, and was not happy with the product. I found that my house smelled of dog urine for days after use and was very upset about it and thought it didnt work. Well the smell eventually went away and after that I forgot about the product and what I had done. Then recently, now January 2013, I realized that while I still haul my carpet shampooer in weekly to clean the one untreated room I have left, I haven't had to clean the other two treated rooms. My dog no longer seeks out her favorite spots in those rooms to use as a toilet. It's amazing and makes me VERY happy!

I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a dog that habitually pees on the carpet. In fact, I think I'll be purchasing more powder concentrate so I can treat the entire room that I have remaining as my dog doesn't pick a particular spot but instead pees pretty much everywhere except on her peepee pads - go figure.

This is what works for me: I mix up a slightly stronger than recommended batch of powder with super hot facet water in my large mop bucket. I then pour the whole bucket of mixed solution on the problem area and proceed to use my bare feet to slosh around on the carpet to spread out the water and make sure it's soaked down to the mat below the carpet. I let it sit for about an hour and then use the spill pickup function on my carpet shampooer to extract as much liquid as possible. I bring in a floor fan and let the carpet dry for a few days. The room WILL smell like dog pee BAD!! That's why I thought it didn't work before, but remember I was wrong. After a few days I shampoo my carpet as normal. The smell will be gone as will any residual yellow stains from past accidents.

Again, my dog has not peed in either of these rooms in over 6 months and this is completely shocking considering she peed in each room daily at least 3 times. I hope this helps anyone who has a similar problem with their pet. Try Odomute, but be patient with the results.
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on April 27, 2007
my family has used this product with our dogs for years. when my dogs got skunked (by skunks that live on the river bank), i was forced to buy a competing product (nature's miracle) and it was worthless. i was literally counting the hours 'til the local store the sells odormute opened. this product works 100% on skunk spray and or course, lesser odors like urine etc. i was skeptical when i first bought this product a few years ago that a natural enzyme could somehow eat odors, but i'm a true believer at this point. i haven't found, or heard of, any products that can do what this does. highly recommend...
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on March 17, 2013
I have used this many times over the last three years on carpet, upholstered furniture and hard surfaces.

I first used this at my mother's house after she passed away and I was getting the house ready to sell. I was at my wit's end trying to get rid of the smell of cat pee. Her cat had urinated repeatedly on the same area of carpet for months and had also peed in many other spots in the house. Tried another product first but it had no effect on the smell. After reading reviews about odormute I decided to try it and used several boxes over the course of a few months to completely eliminate the odor. Every time I used it the smell lessened until it was finally gone. You have to leave the area thoroughly soaked for an hour then remove as much of the moisture as possible. When you do this it takes a long time to dry out completely so I would put it on, do something else for an hour, then use the carpet cleaner to suck up as much moisture as possible. Then the following week I got down on my knees and sniffed the areas treated with this product then repeated the treatment until I was satisfied the smell was really gone.

The product worked so well I bought several more boxes of it to use at home. It can be used in a carpet cleaner instead of using carpet shampoo, in the washing machine with smelly fabric or used in a bucket to wash any surface. If the smell is not too bad on carpet or upholstery using it in a carpet cleaner instead of shampoo works very well.

We had a male cat who sprayed all over the house and I spent a long time getting rid of that odor with this product. Now we have a female cat who has begun urinating on a carpeted area of the hallway so I just started the process of soaking as described before.

It is great to have something I can depend on to really truly remove odors and there is no downside to using it as far as I can tell. I am sensitive to chemicals and can use this with no problems since it is natural enzymes which do not cause allergic reactions.
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on February 5, 2013
Odormute works on very difficult odors--like cat urine in thick carpet. I tried dozens of products that said they would work and didn't until I found Odormute. You need a *little* bit of patience because it doesn't work until it drys. Another slight disadvantage is that you can't keep it ready: you only mix up the amount you will use right away. But all that pales before a product that actually completely eliminates the odor, even to my sensitive nose.
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on July 11, 2015
This keeps the artificial grass in our dog run odor free! We tried several products. Most didn't work at all and others covered it with such a heavy scent my dog refused to go into his run. I use it about once a week. Since our run has a roof and doesn't get any rainfall, I first hose down the fake grass really well, then I use a lawn sprayer attached to the hose to apply the Odormute. I'm still playing with amount of Odormute. Right now I'm using 2 tablespoon and setting the sprayer to 3oz and covering a 10x10 area. I started with 4 tablespoons, but haven't noticed any difference using half as much. So may try 1T next time.
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on January 14, 2014
If you suffer from odors around the house due to animal mishaps I highly recommend this item. It works very good. Especially on urine. If you use it as directed it will work. the price is right and the smell goes away. I highly recommend this item.
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on June 7, 2015
I found this product by accident. I called the company and asked if I could use it on soil and for our kennel situation (because yes, we have a "situation". Long story short, I ordered the concentrate from the company directly. I also ordered this product (regular strength) from Amazon and got it in 2 days...because I wanted it right away, not a a week later. The representative suggested that we double the enzyme per gallon on first application with the regular strength. Well...let me tell you...the horse mats that we use in the kennel smelled HORRIBLE...awful. Disgusting. I couldn't find the old kennel stuff that I had used years ago. We had since tried bleach and vinegar. No luck. I applied 3 gallons (6 tablespoons) of Odormute. My boyfriend who was skeptical went out about an hour after I applied to do some work in the back yard near the kennel. He came back and said "I don't smell anything...that was worth every penny". I didn't believe him...went out there and sure's amazing! Even before it finished doing what it does...even while still wet...the smell is gone...well 98% gone (it's still there in some of the still-wet spots - I feel pretty confident that it will be gone after it dries). I'm sold.
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on December 10, 2014
Absolutely nothing works to remove nasty odors like Odormute. We came home from a trip to find that a raccoon had taken over the porch cat's house while we were away. The raccoon had diarrhea which he kindly left on the porch mats, etc., Thank heaven for Odormute! I filled up the yard sprayer with solution and sprayed the heck out of everything inside and outside the cat house, soaked the blankets and pads in odormute in the washer, tossed out the porch mats, then scrubbed the poop spots and sprayed like crazy.... Raccoons really smell with or without the poop problem. After 3 days of airing out after the Odormute spraying, the cat returned to his porch house. Yea Odormute!! Love this stuff!
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on June 10, 2015
Visiting cat marked sofa cushion as his territory. Threw the cat and the foam cushion out, soaked the cover in Odormute solution overnight, then laundered it. Not only can't I detect any odor - neither can my own cat.
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