Customer Reviews: Oral-B S-320 Sonic Complete Rechargeable Power Toothbrush
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on June 17, 2005
After owning a Sonicare Elite 7500 for just over a year, like many other people, my battery started to give trouble. I kept it for awhile longer until eventually I could only brush once after charging for 12+hrs. So I decided to try the Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete. It was hard to decide which was better based on research alone, as each company had their own studies claiming which was better. Below are my own personal comparisons after using each toothbrush.

Oral B S-320 advantages over Sonicare Elite 7500:

1. Much easier to handle and easier to clean brush head. The Oral B brush head is nice and small and a snap to clean. The Sonicare's head is big and is extremely difficult to thorougly clean and easily builds up a stench.

2. Cheaper brush heads. Oral B heads are 3 for $20. Sonicare's are 2 for $20.

3. Cheaper toothbrush. Oral B retails at an average of $100. Sonicare used to be around $130 but can be found now for about $115.

4. Oral B is more attractive in terms of colors and design. This is based on opinion, however, as some may prefer Sonicare's more basic and 'professional' looking design. Plus Oral B's brush head is fairly ugly.

5. Oral B's bristles are harder. This should mean it will better remove stains from your teeth. For some this could increase chances of bleeding gums, but in most cases, in time your mouth should become accustomed.

6. Oral B's brush heads are bigger. I would've thought this to be a disadvantage as it may be harder to reach the back of the mouth, but the head isn't obtrusive, it just cleans more teeth at once.

7. Oral has 3 cleaning modes. The massage mode is actually a different type of virbation. I don't know if it actually works, but hey, it's there.

Sonicare Elite 7500 advatanges over Oral B S-320:

1. The Sonicare shows 5 different battery levels. The Oral B only uses one light like the Sonicare 7300.

2. There are separate buttons to change speed and to power on/off the toothbrush. The Oral B uses one to control both, which is easy to do but may be sometimes annoying.

Other things of note

The Sonicare may feel slightly more expensive than the Oral B, but that's not to say the Oral B feels cheap.

The Oral B continues vibrating after the 2 minute timer is up, the Sonicare stops and if you want to continue you must turn it back on. This would be a preference of either depending on the individual. I prefer it to stay on because I like to brush a bit longer than 2 minutes.

There's my opinion on the two brushes. You can check the Sonicare Elite 7500 page on Amazon for my review on the product. Overall, you can obviously see I think the Oral B is better. So I am happy with my switch. Hopefully the battery doesn't mess up like the Sonicare, since they utitlize the same technology.
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on October 11, 2005
After many years of manual brushing I decided to take the plunge and buy an electric toothbrush, my only stipulation being it had to be a sonic one. I researched on the net and it came down to two choices, the Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete and one of the Sonicare brushes. I chose the Oral B X-320 not only because of it's cheaper price, the smaller brush also appealed.

I've been using the Oral B now for over a month. It does clean my teeth extremely well and I feel quite guilty having put my poor little ivory whites through manual brushing for as long as I did. My teeth feel cleaner and are gradually improving in whiteness. Years of tea drinking and 10 years of smoking had left their marks too and those stains are gradually being removed. I could see the difference in my bottom front incisors within two weeks, which really impressed me. My teeth look and feel great.

The brush takes some getting used to. The high setting is incredibly vigorous at first. When I first started using I used the softer setting then moved up to the high setting. The softer setting is great for sensitive teeth and the massage setting does a good job cleaning the tongue.

There are two minor negative points to this brush though, which irritated me enough to only give it four stars. First of all, there is no indicator to let you know the brush is low battery. It just stops working as I found out to my annoyance one morning mid brush. I had to finish off my brush with a MANUAL toothbrush, oh the horror. Seriously Braun, you could have fitted something in to let us know it needs recharging. The other one is the bad location of the on/off button, it's very easy to run one's finger over it and switch modes mid cycle.

Other than that, great brush and a great price. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of buying their first electric toothbrush, the value is great.
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on March 19, 2006
This fantastic brush has revolutionized the way I brush my teeth. I'm the kind of person who has poor time perception, and thus rarely brushed my teeth long enough with a manual toothbrush. About 6 months ago, I decided to make a change for better health, and invested the $100 it cost me at the time for the Oral B Sonic Complete with 3 power levels. My teeth and gums have never been so clean and healthy.

---GREAT for people who like the feeling of extra-clean teeth without damaging their gums.

---Excellent for those with sensitive teeth and gums - the second setting, gentle, is just right.

---Good for a pick-me-up after lunch, with a "massage" power level that you can use after a quick brush.

--- TIMER - 30 second timer helps you keep track of your time; occurs as a small interruption in the vibration for the first 1.5min, and at the end of 2 minutes a longer interruption. It does not turn off until you turn it off, however, making it just fine for those who like to brush longer

The charging unit also has a holder for 3 spare heads - fewer trips to the store - and stickers to remind you when the head needs to be changed. Batter life is excellent - it appears to be exactly as advertised. Mine came with a carry case that holds the brush unit and 2 heads, excellent for travel.

All in all, I highly recommend the Oral B Sonic Complete (S-320), especially for someone switching from a manual to a sonic toothbrush. It's versatile, friendly, and holds a good charge.
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This was my first electric toothbrush -- both my wife and I use it extensively and have been very pleased with it. As many others have statedin reviews here, it's easy to use, comfortable, well made, and reliable.

A few things that other electric toothbrush neophytes might appreciate knowing:

- It's not much different to use this than a regular toothbrush, just slightly less pressure and slower wrist motions.

- You use regular toothpaste.

- Especially notable when you first start using it, using the Sonic Complete makes your teeth feel shiny-clean like they would after a dental cleaning.

- The vibrations from the brush feel odd at first but especially at the "soft" setting, you get used to them very quickly.

The only thing at all "off" about the product is that it uses NiCad batteries, which are a toxic waste item that can't be thrown out, a problem when the product gets older. These NiCad batteries are slow to recharge, also, if you don't throw it on the charger every night as the manufacturer recommends. A recharge from a week's worth of twice daily use takes about 8-10 hours. Drain the battery completely, and the recharge takes about 24 hours.

Despite that minor quibble, this is a wonderful product and I whole-heartedly recommend it.
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on May 17, 2005
My reason for buying the Sonic Complete is because I was experiencing lots of sensitivity with a regular tooth brush, and my Sonicare Advanced stopped working after three years. I did a little research and decided to get the Sonic complete based on design and competitive price. I have used this tooth brush for three days now and was compelled to write this review. The s-320 is well designed and superior to my old Sonicare because of the following:
- Criss-crossed brisles cover more surface area than regular brisles.
- Removable built-in brush head storage on charger has drainage holes to prevent mildew.
- Brush head is overmolded with rubber.
- Handle is very light and compact compared to Sonicare Advanced.
- Handle is overmolded with rubber that prevents slippage and is contoured for the hand.
- The color of the unit itself is eye catching.
- The shaft that holds the brush heads acts like a tuining fork.
- Three speeds
- Charger is wall mountable.

The only drawback that I can think of is the battery because it is nickle-cadmium (ni-cad) which charges slow and is prone to "memory effect". What I do now is not leave my toothbrush on the charger on a daily basis, I learned my lesson from the Sonicare that I had previously.
Braun claims that this toothbrush can be used for up to 14 days without a charge, that might sound impressive but Braun is assuming that you brush twice a day for two minutes each brushing. I happen to brush after each meal and I eat allot so I dont think that my toothbrush can last the 14 days without a charge, in addition to that I always brush my tougue so that's another minute or two.
Despite some of the drawbacks that I mentioned this toothbrush impresses me. It's been close to two months since my sonicare broke and before I got the Sonic Complete I have been using an old fashioned manual tooth brush. My gums have been receding because agressive use of the manual tootbrush most of my life, so I was upset to use it again until I found a suitable replacement. My gums were bleeding and my teeth had lots of tartar left behind before I flossed. Now since I have used the sonic complete no trace of tartar has been left for me to floss and my gums aren't bleeding anymore. Another thing that I am impressed with is my coffee and nicotine stains on the top of my molars have almost disappeared, I'm thinking it will take a week for the stains to fully disappear.
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on January 11, 2007
I was using another Oral B power toothbrush (that comes with 3 or 4 different brush styles) until my dentist highly recommended the sonic by Oral B. Teeth feel cleaner, and by brushing properly, it improves gum health too. Get the advice from your dentist; here's what mine recommends: angle it against the gums and the little bubbles created by the sonic action will shoot up into the gums and ferret out more bacteria which is, of course, a good thing.
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on April 18, 2005
When my dental hygenist recommended I get an electric toothbrush, I have to admit I was hesitant. I have always had sensitive gums, and normal brushing would sometimes leave my mouth bruised as it was. I read the product description for this toothbrush, and learned that it doesn't actually spin. This lead me to believe that it would be the most gentle brush I could find. Since I began using it, I haven't been disappointed. The brush features 3 modes, which have been wonderful to have! When my gums are sore, I simply switch modes! I would highly recommend this toothbrush to anyone looking for a great product, especially if you have a sensitive mouth!
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on September 13, 2007
I've been using this toothbrush for 3-4 years. I absolutely love this brush. But the truth is, in 3 to 4 years that I've used it, I had to replace it 3 times.

It just stops working properly after about 12 months. I called the company each time it broke, and they offered to send me a free replacement in exchange of my broken toothbrush. Yesterday my toothbrush stopped working again. I guess I will be calling OralB tomorrow.
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on March 30, 2005
This is a great upgrade from the Oral B 3-D power toothbrush I was using, which I also liked. The sonic version cleans better and I found the brush bristles more flexible, gentle, and easier to position on my teeth than the round style of brush.The unit is easy to keep clean and the brush easy to remove and attach. In any case, when I switched from a manual to power toothbrush several years ago, the manual brush just couldn't clean as well, regardless of how long I spent brushing.
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on August 20, 2006
The Oral-B brush is stiffer than the Sonicare brush. This, and the fact that the brush vibrates in place instead of back and forth like the Sonicare's, makes the Oral-B more effective for cleaning teeth with braces. Also, the handle is lighter and thinner than the Sonicare's, making it easier and more comfortable to hold.
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