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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 9, 2014
***Update 4-24-14: The Sabrent Range Extender worked great for a few months then I noticed the internet increasing lagging on the computer that was connected to the range extender. I also experienced a steep drop in the file transfer rate when uploading and downloading with my Time Capsule. When I first started using the range extender it was transferring files at 5mbps but as of late it is transferring files at 20kbps and sometimes I get an error that no connection is available. I began connecting wirelessly from the computer to the Time Capsule, without using the range extender, and my file transfer rates to the Time Capsule immediately increased to 1.2mbps which is exactly what it was before I started using the range extender. Because of the problem I experienced, I'm lowering my rating to 3 stars. I've read reviews which other people had a similar experience that the Sabrent worked great for a short time and then became almost unusable because of slow internet speeds.***

The Sabrent Wi-Fi Range Extender is an outstanding repeater and home network product. It provided a significant increase in internet and home network speed for my office computer and Roku which is located in a guest bedroom about 40 feet from my Apple Time Capsule. The Sabrent also allowed me to set up a Brother HL-2270DW laser printer wirelessly on my network by connecting it to the range extender via an ethernet cable. That is something I wasn't able to do through the Time Capsule because of driver/software conflicts.

The Sabrent Wi-Fi Range Extender can be used as a wireless router, access point, repeater, and has a WISP mode. For my network I was only interested in using it as a repeater. It also has a WAN/LAN connection port and a LAN connection port. I use one of the ports for my printer and the other for my office computer. Connecting the office computer to the range extender via an ethernet cable offers superior speed compared to connecting to the range extender wirelessly and far superior speed compared to connecting wirelessly to the Time Capsule.

The Sabrent Wi-Fi Range Extender comes with a manual which was very helpful in setting up the device as a repeater but the manual wasn't nearly detailed as I would have preferred. If you are knowledgeable in network setup the manual is probably fine but if you are not as knowledgeable, as I was, it may take some trial and error and resetting of the range extender until everything is setup the way you want it.

The biggest problem with setting up the Sabrent as a repeater is once you finalize the setup and restart the device you can not get back into the range extender's configuration menu. If you need to make changes you have to reset the device and start over. Once you have the process down it is very quick to setup the range extender as a repeater but it is still a hassle to have to reset the device. This isn't a problem if setting up the range extender as a wireless router as you can still get into the configuration menu.

Here is my advice for setting up the Sabrent as a repeater:

1. As of this posting there are no firmware updates so you can skip this. Otherwise, the first thing you will need to do is download the firmware update onto the computer which you are using to setup the range extender and update the firmware since you are unable to get into the configuration menu after the range extender is setup as a repeater.

2. Since you are unable to get into the configuration menu once the range extender is setup as a repeater, it is pointless to create a personal login and password for the configuration menu. If you are setting the device up as a wireless router you will want to create a personal login and password though.

3. After you select the "Repeater" button in the configuration menu, a screen pops up with all the wireless networks in the repeater's range and you select the wireless network you want the range extender to connect to. Along with the list of networks in range is the signal strength in % of each network. I advise moving the range extender from outlet to outlet until you achieve the strongest signal. Doing so you will have to reenter the configuration menu each time but it will be worth it. Strange as it was, the signal strength when plugged into an outlet inches from my office computer was 95%. 4' away was an outlet that only provided 75% signal strength.

4. On the next screen you can rename the repeater on the SSID line. This will be the wireless network name you connect to from your computer or device. Finally, you enter the password of the primary router which the repeater is connecting to. After that the range extender reboots and you are good to go. Just connect to the new wireless network.

Before using the range extender my wireless connection typically had 3 or 4 bars. It may not sound bad but loading pages was sluggish and my antivirus software rarely could get a good enough connection to check for and install updates. My Roku in the same room usually had a "Good" signal but at times didn't have a good enough connection to load videos. Connecting to the repeater wirelessly from the office computer my signal strength improved to 5 bars and pages loaded noticeably quicker. The Roku's signal improved to "Excellent" and didn't have any issues loading videos. The most noticeable boost in speed occurred when I connected my office computer to the range extender via an ethernet cable. Pages loaded blazing fast, as quickly as they do for my other computer which is connected to the Time Capsule via an ethernet cable.

The Time Capsule (TC) has a shared drive which I depend on for my home network. The office computer was previously in a room next to the Time Capsule (TC). I had excellent wireless signal strength during that time. Files transferred from the PC to the TC and from the TC to the PC at an average of 1.7 mbps. Being on the other end of the house and 40 feet away from the TC files transfer from the PC to the TC at 1.2 mbps and from the TC to the PC at 320 kbps which is painfully slow when transferring a gigabyte or more of files. With the office computer connected to the repeater via an ethernet cable files transfer from the PC to the TC at 5 mbps which is 4x faster than before and from the TC to the PC at 2.25 mbps which is 7x faster than before! Both transfer rates when connected to the repeater via an ethernet cable are significantly faster than the 1.7 mbps rate I was achieving with excellent wireless signal strength in close proximity to the TC!

1. Significantly improves internet and network speed. Best results when connected to range extender via ethernet cable.
2. Extends Wi-Fi range.
3. 2 LAN ports.
4. Can connect printer to range extender for wireless network printing.
5. The range extender is inches from my office computer yet has significantly better wireless signal strength.
6. Setup is quick once you have the process down.

1. Manual could be more in depth.
2. Can't access configuration menu without resetting the range extender once it is set up as a repeater.

The Sabrent Wi-Fi Range Extender was the perfect solution to my home network needs and far exceeded my expectations. I can't believe it provided such a significant boost in internet and network speed for my office computer and Roku which is 40 feet from the Time Capsule! Transferring folders over a gigabyte to and from my Time Capsule was like watching paint dry it took so long. With the range extender the transfer speeds increased by as much as seven fold! Above that I finally have a wireless printing option for my network. The Sabrent Wi-Fi Range Extender is an extremely useful product which I highly recommend to those who are looking to extend the range of their Wi-Fi or significantly improve their internet and network speed to a computer located in a room far from the wireless router.

Note: A product sample was provided by the seller in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.
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on January 21, 2014
This product was easy to setup. It took me less than 15 minutes to set this up as a repeater.
The instruction manual contains enough info to help you setup but the printed screen shots in the manual were hard to read.

I got a nice boost to my WiFi signal from 2 bars to 5 bars on a remote computer that resulted in instant web site access with no more delays or drops. WiFi signal on smart phones on the premise are also greatly enhanced in strength and range.

The LAN ports, which was the main reason for the purchase, worked well. The ports allowed uploading of video from security camera DVR to computers on the network (The DVR was designed to plug directly into a router via LAN ports). You can use the LAN ports to add other non-WiFi capable device to your network.

Over all a great product with a great price and compact profile.
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There is any number or ways to use this and my choice is as a wireless repeater. What happens when it's setup like that is it talks wirelessly to your wireless router and you talk wirelessly to it. The benefit is that you place it somewhere that your current wireless router's signal is getting week and it effectively extends the range.

The two typical questions with a device of this type are how difficult is it to set up and how much additional range do you get? For me, the answers were "Easy" and "nearly twice as far".

Setup was a snap. All you do is plug it into *any* outlet. It starts broadcasting its own wireless network (named "Wireless-N"). You connect to it as you would any other wireless network. Initially there is not "password" needed. Kudos to the folks at Sabrent. Once that is done, you use a browser and got to and log into their easy-to-understand administration web page. The username and password are both "admin". From here, you can select which mode to use and assign different passwords to the admin interface and router for added security. You don't need to remember any of this because the device comes with a printed manual that is surprisingly clear and easy to understand. More Kudos to the folks at Sabrent. This whole process takes less than five minutes.

To measure distance I plugged it in the same room as my "regular" router, one of those fancy devices with two antennas sticking up. As I moved around my house the signals from the two devices, this one and the one with all the antennas were within a few dB of each other. (I was using a WiFi analyzer, not just counting "bars".

I come by the "nearly double" range by placing it at a point where the signal from my regular router is beginning to degrade and then test that I can reliability connect to my regular router by standing next to it and connecting through this device. You would never do this except as a test.

So, how have I used it, you ask? So far, in the past week I've had a couple opportunities. Firstly, we had a small party in the common area that connects a group of houses. I plugged this into an outlet on my back porch and was able to get reliable wireless over the entire area. That's just not possible using only my regular router. I realize this isn't "rated" for outside use. However, the weather was fine while I was outside and when I was done I unplugged it, dropped it in my pocket, and went in.

Then, a few days ago, my next door neighbor mentioned his wireless router died and it would be a few days before he could get it replaced. I handed him this thing, told him to plug it into a wall outlet on the side of his house closest to mine, gave him a WiFi password to use, and he was in business.
I received this from Sabrent in exchange for providing an honest review. I didn't realize what I was getting would be so useful, so quickly.

Of course, it's not all tea and sunshine (whatever that means). Laws of physics come to play and you will be sacrificing some performance when connecting though this kind of repeater. However, there's an old saying, that bad breath is better than no breath at all. In this case, *that* means that for a small investment you can have wireless access where before there was none.
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on January 27, 2014
I have only tried this unit as a repeater, so I cannot say how well it works in other modes. Since my wi-fi router is at one end of my house, and inside my offcie, it does not extend its signal strongly throughout the rest of the house. My plan was to install this repeater near the middle of the house, or further, and extend the usable wi-fi signal throughout. The instructions seem simple enough. I plugged the unit into the wall, connected it by Ethernet cable to the router, then got on the specified website to program it into repeater mode. It all seemed to work. The repeater broadcast a strong signal, but there was no Internet connection. I tried several times and finally called Sabrent customer service. They answered promptly, walked me through it one more time, then told me it must be faulty and to send it back for exchange. Disappointed, I finally tried using the repeater in several different power sockets and figured out the problem. This repeater broadcasts a strong signal, but does not receive well. If it is located too far from the main router, it doesn't broadcast a weak signal, it drops the signal completely. So your computer, tablet, phone, etc. shows 3 or 4 bars of signal from the repeater, but does not connect to the internet (or your home network). The repeater will only rebroadcast a signal that is quite strong, so it must be placed quite close to the main router. In my case, about 25 feet was maximum. 30 feet was too far. So, basically, I was able to extend the signal a bit further, but not to the entire house.
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on February 9, 2014
I was about to give up on this (my 3rd different extender in 3 months) and about to upgrade my 16MB internet connection from the ISP. I was having trouble with download speeds in my two story, 3000 sq ft house. Wireless router (Netgear) located in Bonus room upstairs. Would normally get 16MB in the bonus room, 8MB in both my upstairs office and bedroom, then 3-4MB in my dining and living area downstairs. We eventually want to cut the cord and have our TV downstairs serviced by our wireless, but 3-4 MB won't hack it. I started looking at extenders and had installed 2 previously, purchased from Amazon with no real difference in signal and download speeds. I then found this Sabrent range extender after the good reviews. As most of the comments suggest, it's easy to set up and the manual instructions are clear and work well. You have 4 options to use the extender (router, WISP, extender or AP). I personally wanted to extend signal to the rest of the upstairs and downstairs rooms (outside of the bonus room) so configured it as a repeater. At first I did not believe it was working properly and if anything, the signal had gotten worse. However I then started to use common sence and realized I was getting 16MB downstairs!. The trick was realizing that after the called "reboot", the Sabrent is ready to use. I was originally using the "Wireless-N" as my connection point for my wireless after setup. But again, if you chose this from the list of available wifi connections after setup, you are only going to get the 3-4MB which it's designed to give you (being in router mode). Configured as an extender/repeater (after the setup and reboot of the Sabrent) you actually continue to log into your original SSID you have on your home wireless router. Remember you are just extending/repeating THAT signal from the Sabrent and not logging into the Sabrent itself. It only took me 3 days to realize this. Today I am getting 16MB throughout the entire 3000 sq ft of my house. I highly recommend this product. I will update in a few weeks to see if this still holds true.
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on January 7, 2014
took some time to figure out how to set up as booklet seemed vague. back rooms now at max bars for reception. will be useful for timeshare travels also where we get low reception.
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on February 4, 2014
I bought this product to serve as a range extender because my wifi signal didn't reach the second floor of my house (router is located in basement). Setup was extremely easy, just plug it in to an outlet and type in the ip address.

Just a note: internet speed may be an issue with this device. If you plan on using this to stream movies or play online videogames, there may be a lag.
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on February 8, 2014
I have lived in my condo for 4 years and had wireless for 3 years from Time Warner Cable. The wireless appeared to function and then would drop down to one bar and then up again. I just bought a TV for my bedroom and it was not picking up the wireless in a room that is only 30 feet away from where the wireless enters my home. So TWC, after trying everything else, finally suggested that I purchase a WiFi Extender. I bought this very inexpensive product after reading the reviews; turns out most people with home wireless do not have good extension of it through their homes. Went to hook it up but had some problems. I called Sabrent and they recommended a YouTube video that explained all of the issues for me! http://youtu.belzKQLY GVi-g This solved all of my problems. I have the Wi-Fi range extender in an outlet in my hallway and now all of my devices are up to 4 bars throughout the house. What a great bargain and thank you to Sabrent for the YouTube video
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on May 3, 2014
I like this one because the first one I had & returned was not capable of using a pass phrase. I have to be able to use a pass phrase rather than having to type in 16 characters that have absolutely no meaning for me, to be able to remember it. I use it as an extender & it boosts the signal out to the front of the house. My main router is in the back of the house, so now when I'm outside in the front listening to Pandora or even in the TV room up front, forty feet from this extender, it works great. I use it for Netflix & my Chromecast, also a very cool item, just $36 bucks. Anyway I'm thoroughly satisfied with this.
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on February 9, 2014
I bought this extender and the TP-Link TL-WR710N to use as an extender. I tried to set up the TP-Link for over 30 minutes and it was sheer frustration. I set it aside and tried the Sabrent and magically, it set up and worked within less than 5 minutes time. So glad I ordered Sabrent. Now what should I do with the TP-Link. On a kinder note, I did call TP-Link customer service and was quickly put through to customer service but it was not much help. I speak and hear Nashville twang best over the phone and the tech was definitely not speaking "Nashville."
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