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on July 21, 2012
I installed this as my main system drive on my Macbook Pro. It works fine out-of-the-box and everything loads much faster. A complete restart takes under a minute easily, and that's with all kinds of peripherals attached (hard drives, monitors, printers, etc). I can launch Safari in seconds and everything is just much snappier. I moved all of my larger media files (music, photos, videos) to a 2nd hard disc that now lives in the superdrive bay.

There is one big caveat: if you install this on a decent older computer, you'll have a really hard time justifying a new computer. I was in the market for one of those fancy new Macbook Pros w/ Retina display, but after installing this I'm good to go for a couple more years at least. Granted, I'm no power-user by any stretch of the imagination.

I will update this review after the SSD gets some hours on it. If you see no updates, you can assume everything is peachy.

UPDATE 12/10/12

Still going strong. No hiccups whatsoever. Battery life seems better as well. Overall, I'm happy. Will definitely buy another in the future. I'm sold on SSDs.

UPDATE 12/24/13

Still going strong. Have since upgraded to a 15" MBP and swapped out this SSD just like I did in the 13" MBP. Works just as good in the upgraded Mac. Couldn't be happier.
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on April 19, 2012
It took me some days to think about buying a SSD. I read a lot of review, comments and decided to go with Samsung 830 series.
The first impression is it is light and slim. It's slimmer than normal 2.5 inch HDD. The process to upgrade is pretty straight forward. Here are the steps that I did:

1. Connect the SSD to MBP via usb cable then create an ext2 partition.
2. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the entire Mac partition to the SSD.
3. I also have a bootcamp partition that running windows 7, so I use WinClone to create an image for bootcamp partition.
4. Turn off and replace the hard disk. Turn on and It only takes about 15s to boot up.
5. Everything work fine except the TRIM is not supported (TRIM is only supported for Apple SSD), so search google for how to enable the TRIM feature for Mac OS X. It brings you about 10% to 15% performance.
6. Create a windows partition (FAT) and use WinClone again to copy the bootcamp partition from the image to disk.
7. Enjoy the speed.
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on July 2, 2012
Before this drive, I was experiencing 90-120 second startup times and 30-45 second shutdown times (I have a few servers running). Parallels would resume Windows 7 in about 90 seconds.

Now, startups (from clicking the button to login screen) are 25 seconds (13 of which the screen hasn't even turned on yet--the SSD can't speed that up). Tack on 2-4 seconds for logging in and starting my servers, etc. Shutdowns occur in around 10 seconds now, mostly because Crashplan slows things down a bit. Parallels resumes Windows 7 in 7 seconds flat and shuts down in 2-3. Not too shabby.

Here are the steps I followed to install this beast:

Plug SSD into PC to check for latest firmware. Update if necessary. (Mine came with the latest)
Unmount drive then disconnect cables
Put SSD in external eSATA/USB enclosure and plug into Mac
Format with Disk utility as a single "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" partition
Get Carbon Copy Cloner (Free) and open it
In Preferences, ensure first check box (Auto create archive of Lion's Recovery HD volume) is checked
Select Source: Old Macintosh HD
Select all files on the drive
Select Destination: New Macintosh SSD
Click Clone
It should walk you through extracting Lion's Recovery Partition. Just follow the steps
If, for some reason, the clone stops mid-way through, just start it back up again and it should continue where it left off.
Once complete, swap the drives and reboot. You'll need a really small philips head screwdriver and torx driver.

Note: Upon starting up with the new drive, Little Snitch and a couple other random programs on my computer seemed to have lost some of its preferences.

Good luck, and hope this helps someone!
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on August 2, 2012
This SSD is absolutely amazing! I thought my WD VelociRaptor was an improvement over ordinary HDDs, but this Samsung SSD is light years faster. I'm not a big gamer, but my TrainSim 2013 on Steam used to take upwards of five minutes to load and run, now it takes a bit more than 30 seconds! Happiness!

UPDATED 11-16-2012: The lastest version 3.2 of the SSD Magician software works with Windows 7 64-bit (which the prior version didn't).

By all means purchase the current series of this SSD. It's AMAZING!
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on August 12, 2012
I was going to purchase just a single one of these Samsung 830 256GB SSD's for my wife's 2008 13" Macbook, but ended up buying a pair of them due to the combination of some coupons and a sale.

I experimented with performing a SuperDuper copy from my 2011 15" MBP to the Samsung in an external USB-connected SATA HD box. Things looked OK until I realized SuperDuper didn't retain my OS X Lion Recovery partition. Kinda wanted that, so I re-did it with Carbon Copy Cloner -- worked perfectly!!

I used CCC to copy my wife's Snow Leopard HD to her 830 SSD, then upgraded it to Lion, and she LOVES it. For an older machine with "only" a 2 GHz Core2Duo, her 2008 MB *flies* with the SSD. It used to take a couple of minutes to boot up. Now it's maybe 30 seconds, if that.

My 2011 MBP wasn't exactly a slouch to begin with, even with the original 5400 RPM HD. Where the 830 gave my wife's old laptop new life it gave my own a freakish speed I don't think I've since since running an entire Amiga OS instance from within a RAMdisk, way back in the 90's (don't ask). The laptop boots from being powered off in literally 10-15 seconds. Resumes from sleep instantly. Apps launch with one or two bounces--at the MOST--on the Dock. My battery life runtime has increased approximately 20 minutes (maybe not a huge deal, but it counts!) vs. having the mechanical, spinning drive.

I recommend running the Trim Enabler app (just search for it) to ensure your 830 will have trim working on OS X. Other than that, it's as easy as dealing with a lower-than-average-capacity hard drive that's lightning fast.

Highly recommended if you're more interested in massive improvements in overall system and application launching speed vs. actual storage space. If you're a digital photographer with 500 GB+ of photos that you *have* to carry with you on your system drive, then you probably better stick with a traditional HD for a bit longer.

--Fast. Really, really fast.
--Great bang for the buck; compares very favorably with other SSD options at this time--especially given its built-in garbage collection capability
--Fits nicely in just about any standard laptop (2.5") hard drive bay
--Not an OCZ

--Like any other SSD, relatively reduced capacity vs. traditional hard drive of same cost
--Have to run Trim Enabler on OS X to automate garbage collection and avoid eventual performance degradation (blame Apple, not Samsung)
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on July 31, 2012
I struggled mightily with trying to find the right SATA III SSD for my 2011 Macbook Pro 17". I first bought the OCZ Vertex 4. Unfortunately, the device is not even recognized by Mac OS Disk Utility. After spending hours researching the problem and trying to upgrade the firmware (no mac upgrade tool) I decided to return the unit and try my luck with a different highly rated SSD.

I then bought the Crucial M4. This device was actually recognized and the OS installed -- but I had the constant beach balls and eventually the computer would no longer startup. Crucial support web site actually suggested that I downgrade the Firmware to make it work with the Macbook Pro!!

As a last ditch effort I ordered the Samsung 830 and I can tell you that it has been great. The device has been working amazingly well out of the box and my computer is very very fast.

If you have a Macbook Pro avoid the headaches and just buy a Samsung 830. It works perfectly out of the box.
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on October 15, 2012
I bought this to use in a new gaming desktop. This drive offers insanely fast loading times compared to my 7200RPM Hard disk on SATA III. They're extremely durable as well, not to mention completely silent. If you want to use it in a desktop, know that it's a 2.5" drive, so you'll either need to get a drive bay adapter, or a computer case that has 2.5-inch drive slots. It should fit fine in most laptops. Most people will think solid-state storage is too expensive for not enough of a performance increase. That's until you've actually tried it. Using an SSD will improve your loading and startup/shutdown times way more than any ultra-advanced CPU could ever dream of. I've used it for a good week now, and I never want my desktop to have an old hard disk as the primary storage ever again.

It's easy to set up, at least on ASUS motherboards- Just make sure you set the SATA mode to AHCI in your BIOS settings BEFORE installing Windows or you won't get the speeds you could. Other than that, there was no firmware update necessary, and it worked great. Google Chrome opens instantaneously- By the time I lift my finger off the mouse to click the icon, it's already open. Microsoft Office apps open in less than a second. If it's speed you're after, this is definitely worth the price, even if they're more expensive than traditional HDD's. In the Windows Experience Index, one of these drives scores a 7.9 (Highest score possible in Windows 7).

If you're worried about space, do what I did and use this SSD for your operating system and software, then add a traditional high-capacity HDD as a second drive for your pictures, music, games, movies, etc. They'll still load fast, since the HDD wouldn't be loading the OS as well.
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on June 20, 2012
We have purchased in the neighborhood of 50 of these drives over the past 6 months and had nothing but good things regarding their performance and reliability. Makes a huge difference when replacing older 5400 2.5in. drives in our older Dell Latitude D630 laptops. It makes the older laptops perform even better than they did when they were new.

We struggled for quite some time with OCZ drives, with at least 1 out of every 10 going bad, but have had great luck with these little Samsung drives.
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on February 8, 2013
I havent started booting off the new drive yet because Ive been getting an error migrating data from old drive - using the Samsung data migration tool. It fails with "cloning failed" "Target Disk has been disconnected -00001"
Ive run it twice and it fails at the same spot. It looks like most of the data has been moved but who knows. The Samsung website offers you a copy of Ghost but the license apparently only comes with the Full-installation kit. Disappointed.

Update April/may : Disappointment increases when the drive began to fail after a few weeks. Blue screens and lockups, random errors that Samsung magician never detected. No tool would definitive point to the drive as the issue. Finally gave up and sent it in for RMA. E Samsung website doesn't even acknowledge these drives exist. so its not possible to log an rma using the website. For the price of these drives I expect better support . Third party support company threatens that they will test the drive and only replace it under very limited circumstances. Mine was replaced but again I expect better support for this kind of cost per gb.

Update: NOv 2013 - Since May ive used the drive as cache to speed up my main drive on my Asus motherboard. (ASUS SSD Caching avoided teh pain of reinstalling windows )
Finally found time to install windows 7 fresh on the refurbished Samsung 830 and boot from it - that worked for a month and now windows is locking up. No errors, no event log entries, just lockup. Samsung software see no problem. I now wish I had never wasted the $500 on this drive. Samsung support basically does NOT support at all - If YOU think there is a problem - you pay to ship the drive to them - they test it - if they agree they send you another refurb - if they disagree they send back your drive ... Wont make the mistake of buying Samsung again
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on September 24, 2012
I wanted to speed up my 2011 MacBook Pro with an SSD drive. Got this bare drive at a reasonable price. I ordered a separate universal cable kit to attach the drive to my MBP via USB for cloning the original drive. After formatting with the Mac Disk Utility, I Used Carbon Copy Clone, cloned the original drive over to the SSD. Then booted up the MBP on the USB attached SSD to verify it functioned OK (Power up+Option key).

Next step was to open the MBP, remove the original drive and DVD drive. I had purchased a HHD caddy on Amazon that fit the original 500GB drive and that kit moved it perfectly to the DVD spot. Then installed the SSD where the HHD was. Put the back cover on and turned on the MBP. Now I needed to go into Setup and point the new SSD as the boot disk under Startup. Rebooted and it came up fine on the SSD. Then downloaded Trim Enabler app and executed it and with a reboot and Trim is now enabled under the System Info. I also had to go into disk info and allow R+W on the users for both drives.

Now the good part. The machine boots in less than 10 seconds. Word or XL will launch in under a second. Photoshop CS5 launches in 2 seconds! Black Magic speed tests the write speed at 400Mbps and read speed at over 500Mbps (actually pegs the meter) while the old 500GB original drive speed tests at a barely 70Mbps read and write.

Now the bad part: my iMac seems dirt slow compared to my MBP!
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