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on August 4, 2014
I'll be super honest. The reviews from others that gave sandmarc 4 stars or less is on point. Here's why. When I received my pole I was super stoked!! I thought this thing was solid. Best quality ever. However, when I attached my gopro it was a tad loose. Loose where it'll fall forward or backwards depending what you're doing (ie. water sports). It sucked cuz now I have to put paint tape inbetween the mount where the gopro & the pole connects. It helped for the most part but I have to tighten the hell out of it! Long story short, through ware & tear of super tightening... The mount finally broke. I've super glued it & it worked fine just as long you don't connect the gopro. I thought about twisting the mount off from the pole but it wouldn't budge. So before I try to force the mount off, I've emailed sandmarc to inquire if they have replacement parts or if they can help me fix the issue. I sent them a picture & a video of what part of the mount was broken. This is where SANDMARC should have 10 stars instead of 5. Right after sending them an email, I received a reply just like that within 10 minutes!! Here's the break down of why they should receive 10+ stars. We've communicated via email. Apparently, I have the old telescoping pole. The defective mount was a glue on & they did not have a replacement. They told to me that they're sending me a brand new telescoping pole & for me to send back the old one. I did have to pay for the shipping & handling for them to receive the old one but, I'm getting a new one!! 3 days later, I got my new & improved solid telescoping pole with a twist off mount. This mount is more solid because this one isn't loose at all compared to the defective mount. The pole is still the same. SOLID! A couple of days later, they've emailed me to see if I got the new pole. Like so, the customer service that I've received this year was the best so far. The transaction went smoothly with no headaches whatsoever!! It's crazy, this pole is a lot cheaper than all the glamorized big branded name poles. Its durability of this pole is up to par if not better than it's competitors. Why would you want to pay more just because of a brand name? Save your money & still get the same quality as the big branded names poles. Buy SANDMARC products. FYI I'm not an employee if sandmarc. I'm Just spreading the good news experience! Any issues.... Contact them before complaining!!!!
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on May 29, 2014
Its OK but the tripod mount on the top of pole does not fit snug into the go pro waterproof case that came with my hero 3+ Black edition. so no matter how hard you tighten it, the camera will have a little wiggle which will cause a shake in your videos. Its a shame because other than this the pole seems to be high quality. If the tripod mount fit snug this would be a five star product all day. I have tried to remove the tripod mount figuring I will replace the tripod mount with a go pro tripod mount but it will not come and seems to be permanent which is actually a great thing assuming it held the camera tight.
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on October 22, 2014
Such a great product! I do a lot of paddleboarding and love the fact that while this pole is compact and short enough to fit in my backpack, it also can also extend out long enough to get my entire board in photos. I am rough on my stuff, and this pole has held up to my hiking, paddling, and swimming adventures. The Sandmarc team has also been great-- super quick response time and stand-up professionalism. I'm sold on their line and can't wait to see what else I can do with their products.
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on April 25, 2014
I attached some test footage of the latest hike with the Sandmarc Pole just so you can see what it looks like in action with no edits. I did not stabilize any of the footage so you can get the raw feel for how awesome it is.

I love the quick twist snaps to hold the pole in place. They are quick and easy and do not slip or move at all when locked in. I also love that is comes with the GoPro Tripod head permanently mounted on the top and the tightener so you do not have to buy extra accessories or use up ones you already own. It is really high quality and super light!

I cannot say enough great things about it! It is a quality GoPro accessories for a great price. I have used many others like it and they always fail in the field while shooting. I run my own videography and photography company and recommend this product to anyone with a GoPro!

Simply put the Pole nothing less than amazing! Thanks Sandmarc!
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on September 4, 2014
I don't usually take the time to write reviews on products I bought however with the recent customer service from sandmarc definately deserved some recognition. I purchased this pole because of it's color and the overall design of the locking/ extension. It felt solid and well built once I got my hands on it, and it's unfortunate that i to have the same issues that others have, regarding the tripod mount breaking into pieces. With how the Gopro camera is designed to take footage of extreme sports in extreme condition I believed this pole is well built overall with the exception of that specific part "tripod mount" it seem that the quality of the plastic is subpar to that of the original "Gopro made tripod mount".. So why still mark it 5 star you ask? Well no doubt about it I was unhappy when it broke, i could've potentially lost my Gopro and all the footage.. But Luckily I've learned from the past, this is not the first time that I had a broken Mounts even the original GOPRO mount have failed me in the past that's why I have a safety loop and a small lanyard attached to the housing and the other end is zip tied and taped around the actual pole.
To get back to the point of why I marked it 5 star its because once I notified the sandmarc team about the issue, they promptly replied whitin minutes and a few days later I received the replacement aluminum tripod mount on the mail.. Its not about the free replacement that got them the 5 star its about the prompt response as well as listening to the customer and willing to make changes to their product to make it better.. Unlike other companies that will find anyway to deny your complaint about their product, And somehow make it seem like it's the costumer a fault. Third party Gopro accessories is rapidly growing day by day, its demanding due to the extreme condition these product is exposed to, and I do understand that there's no perfect product out there, it's difficult to get a good balance making it affordable yet bullet proof, but it's good to know that a company like sandmarc is willing to stand behind their product and will continue to improve and provide products to consumer... Great customer service and good product as well.. Keep it up guys...
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on July 12, 2014
I bought this pole a few weeks ago to take with me scuba diving off Key West (Joe’s Tug) in Florida. Relatively, speaking the price seemed reasonable; unfortunately, I found that the mount was not suitable for my GoPro Hero 3+. My GoPro camera wiggled in the mount and I ended up breaking the mount on the pole while trying to tighten it. I’ve included an image at:

I ended up using duct tape to try and hold my GoPro in place.
To sum up the key features of this pole:

• The pole itself seems solid
• Extension joints held the pole in place very well and felt nice

• Mount not correctly sized and broke
• Hand grip felt a little cheap
• Extension joints felt stiff after saltwater use
Overall, this had the potential to be a good GoPro pole, but having the mount break was a little disappointing as it made the pole useless.
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on September 2, 2014
I will start off by saying this is the first product review I have ever written for Amazon. I'll be honest, I'm a lazy guy and simply don't take the time to do so. After reading some of the negative reviews here, I felt compelled and almost obligated after receiving great service from sandmarc customer service. I got my pole before it was even offered on amazon prime, they shipped it the same day I ordered and I got it next day..awesome. When I unboxed the pole, I messed around with it for 5-10 minutes in my house and noticed some cosmetic damage. I emailed sandmarc customer service explaining the damage and told them I don't know if I had caused it or if it had come like that. The rep that I spoke to said they would send me out a replacement. Since I was going out of town that weekend and wanted to bring the pole, they allowed me hang onto the pole and ship it back when I got back even though they were mailing me the replacement that day.
About the pole itself...I picked this pole over some of the more popular brands because of the build quality. The twist lock mechanisms used to lock each segment are very similar to the ones used in my $600 Gitzo carbon fiber tripod. You turn them 1/4 turn one way to unlock them then turn it 1/4 turn back to lock it. One of the high up reviews on this product say you need to be careful while extending the segments because if you pull it out all the way, the pole will just fall out...let's use our brains here guys. If you completely unscrew the locking twists then yes, the pole will disconnect form the rest of the unit...what did you expect to happen. I just tested it and counted that it requires a full 7 turns of the locking mechanism to fully loosen it, I'm not sure why you would want to turn it 7 times. The segments are quick locking, 1/4 turn in each direction and you're good to go. Don't waste your time sitting there unscrewing the entire pole then acting like it's some sort of manufacture defect that it came apart.
There are a lot of negative reviews about the tripod mount on top. From the responses that sandmarc has made in the reviews it looks like they have since gotten a new tripod adapter. Either way, I can't say much about it. I had an official GoPro tripod mount sitting around so right of the bat I put that on. I use this pole very frequently in the ocean so as some extra security I used some waterproof glue and completely glued on the tripod mount. Someone said that the pole floats in water. It does not.
Care...If you take care of your things, they will last longer and take care of you. After using it in the ocean, you will be able to feel grit as you unlock/lock and extend your pole. This is where I really love the locking mechanisms. You know how we talked about how you can disconnect the segments if you unscrew the locks 7 rounds? I do this on purpose after every beach outing. Do this with caution and I take no responsibility if you can't figure out how to put it back together again but I like to completely disassemble the segments and rinse off all of the sand and salt water that gets stuck inside. If you decide to do this yourself, pay attention to how the 2 clear plastic tabs are seated and how they line up with the other pole segment that you'll need to put it back into.
I am extremely happy with my pole and overall like it more than the very popular gopole reach and sp pole that both my friends own. There are only 3 things that sandmarc can do to make this an absolutely perfect pole.
1. The rubber handle of the pole is absolutely adequate but if you've ever felt the one on the gopole reach, it puts this to shame. The handle on the gopole is 10x more grippy. (this is super nitpicky)
2. Once again the lanyard on the pole is adequate but something like 550 paracord would be more solid and confidence inspiring. I can't imagine it would cost much extra either. The lanyard currently is made of what I would describe as a shoelace.
3. It seems like this issue has already been resolved but many have had problems with the tripod mount at the top. I have noticed that sandmarc now offers a "metal edition" that includes an aluminum tripod mount and thumb screw. How about offering this upgrade to existing customers at a discount provided that they show proof of purchase. It is currently $10 more for the metal edition so $5-7.50 would be a nice gesture. Also very nitpicky but a matching black aluminum tripod mount instead of silver would match the pole much nicer.
Hopefully this long essay helps someone out and wasn't a waste of time.
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on August 1, 2015
(8/3/2015) Just received the Sandmarc pole today, love the product. I bought this after extensive research and I'm looking forward to use it when I go hiking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and diving at Hawaii.

The pole seem to be well made and I can see why it has received so many good reviews, the only issue I have is mine came with a defected strap button (don't know what else to call it, see picture). I will be contacting Sandmarc and hopefully they can send me a replacement strap ( hopefully it's easy to take the handle off and just replace it).

UPDATE (8/3/2015) The SANDMARC team works at lightning speed. I send them an email this morning regarding my issue with the strap button and in the afternoon I received an email from them stating that my replacement strap is on its way!!! YAY!!! I'll definitely recommend their product.

UPDATE (8/5/2015) Received my replacement pole this morning!!! WOW!!! That was faster than I expected. I'm happy with their product and service.
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 The Sandmarc Telescoping Pole has quite a few things going for it including the quality of the design, the way it locks into place and holds without any issue, and some of the safety elements. It notes being a "selfie stick" in the product description provided, but if this is a selfie stick, it is the selfie stick that lords over all other selfie sticks. I say that because it is thicker than most other devices and that increases durability, plus it extends well and does not thin while doing so. This is nice because you do not have to worry about the upper portions weakening as it extends and giving out somewhere just out-of-reach.

Speaking of extension, what you essentially have here is a 17" device that can be extended to 40", so you have quite a bit of reach with it. That is a lot of height or depth to control by hand, and you can control it through the easily-gripped handle and the adjustable wrist strap. What's more, it locks safely and securely, so you do not have to worry about holding it skyward or sticking it underwater, wiping out, and finding your pole lost or destroyed. I like the method it uses for locking, too, because the locks are secured in place and twisted/released when you want to compress it, so you do not have to worry about this giving way immediately or over time.

Please note this has been tested for around two weeks, and was taken out with a Dazzne P2 to test how well it worked. I have been nothing but pleased by this, and think anyone wanting quality could benefit from the Sandmarc.
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on August 22, 2014
The part where the camera is placed broke on the first day I use it, which forced me to buy the aluminum subsittute, SANDMARC ARE made products of very bad quality.
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