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on February 7, 2010
So I bought this remote with the intent of only using it's IR receiver and programming my Harmony one to control Windows 7 Media Center 64 bit. I found out, however, that the remote isn't in logitech's remote database, and also doesn't seem to use the generic microsoft codes that most remotes use. I therefore had to manually "teach" the harmony my remote's codes in RAW format. The problem with this is that this method caused significant lag and delay that I couldn't fix with inter-device and inter-key delays/repeats in Logitech's manual setup. After an afternoon on the phone with logitech level 2 support, I was finally able to remove the lag/delay and get my remote functioning properly. If one is planning on using this remote and included IR receiver together as intended, I would definitely recommend it. It works very well with WMC, and I haven't found anything wrong with it. It is quick and responsive, and all commands work properly. I'm mainly writing this review for others who were contemplating this purchase for the IR receiver to be used with their Harmony/universal remote. The lag/delay issue can be overcome, but it's going to take a call to logitech level 2 support to correct. For those who are buying this with the intent on using the remote and supplied IR receiver with WMC, I would whole-heartedly recommend it.
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on June 2, 2012
I was confused by this remote because none of the instructions on the MythTV or XBMC pages for a MCE remote would work. As others have mentioned, the IR receiver identifies itself as a keyboard for most of the keys and as a mouse for the big center button and two mouse keys.

After searching for about a day, I stumbled across the information that this remote is actually a Ortek Technology VRC-1100. There are instructions on both the MythTV and XBMC wiki pages on the correct setup. Once you have done this, you will find the remote works well and has nice range. For the money, once you get past this roadblock it's not bad.
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on November 28, 2009
This remote connects easily and works well for Windows Media Center. However, I bought this for use with XBMC only to discover that this is not truly a "remote"; It simulates keyboard presses instead, which means that an advanced remote config program such as EventGhost cannot be used as it does not identify almost all of the buttons on the remote. This is dissapointing because It cannot be remapped to work for a custom program (ie controlling winamp, itunes, XBMC, etc). If you are buying this for purely Windows Media Center, than go for it. It's a great deal. If you want something more out of your remote, then look elsewhere.
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on July 7, 2009
Bought this to replace my aging ATI Remote Wonder. Needed something that would work on XP MCE 2005 and Vista, as I have to keep a version of XP on my computer for work. I have triple booted XP MCE 2005/Vista Home Prem/Win7(RC) on my machine and this baby works with all of them. No installation disc needed. Also Works with PowerDVD 7 & 8. Mouse control is a little slow but I don't use it much. Works from anywhere in my room, even if it's not pointed at the IR receiver! Buying a second (and maybe a third for backup) for my HTPC. Best price of all the MCE remotes too!
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on May 1, 2010
This item is as good as the reviewers say - I was impressed with the ease of installation (took less than a minute on my Acer Revo Win 7 model), and the hot buttons worked well with Media Center. I just installed the unit today, so I'm still working through it; but, my initial thoughts are very positive. The price was something that also appealed to me - no reason to spend more when this baby has so many features! Speaking of features, I'm really excited about using the mouse which is installed in the middle of the remote, along with left-and right-click buttons. Overall, this was a good buy and would recommend it with the configuration mentioned.

UPDATE: 10/25/2010
Since my initial review, I have come to appreciate this unit even more. I just built a HTPC with Windows 7 64-bit, and was not happy with the Hauppauge remote for the dual tuner 1850. In desperation, I decided to move the remote from my Acer downstairs to this unit and I can tell you that is clearly the best remote I've ever used. It plugged into a non-generic build of WMC7 with no problems. I also like it because it's much simpler for my wife to use than the Harmonys. I could see her and others getting frustrated at the size of the Harmony and the functions you have to perform to switch between remotes. The mouse and left/right click buttons are excellent, and the hot buttons really simplify the Media Center experience. Nearly all the buttons you will need (minus TV power and input selection) are included, and the mouse is a terrific edition. Once you get used to it, you can perform very simple functions like moving and selecting links.

I am so happy with the unit that I just bought another one for the Acer! I cannot think of a better remote than this one - for the price, there is simply no comparision!!
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on February 26, 2011
I purchased this remote as a cheap test essentially. I just recently set up a nettop htpc (zotac mag), windows 7, and xbmc. Out of the box this cheapo remote had most buttons already working a-ok for xbmc without doing anything but plugging in the IR receiver (windows 7 automatically picked up the drivers). The direction keys, play/pause/ff/etc all worked great. And working batteries are included.

I used a batch file available here [...] to set up that green start button to fire up xbmc instead of ms media center since that wasn't working. One or two keys I adjusted with keyboard.xml (a quick google for that and xbmc should point you in the right direction) and it is working flawlessly. I can power up my nettop from sleep, open up xbmc, use it, shut down xbmc, and send the nettop back to sleep without touching anything but this remote and my minimal adjustments discussed above.

Doesn't really get any better than that...

I would recommend a backup usb keyboard/mouse and a primary wireless keyboard/trackball combo for general usage of the htpc - though this remote can easily move the mouse and click for occasional stuff. And amazon prime and a great price make this a wonderful value.

Highly recommended!
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on January 6, 2010
I bought this remote for my HTPC setup. Most of my media comes from online streaming like Hulu so a mouse was the most important component. I tried "Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse for PC" by HDE found in but the mouse didn't cut it.

Obviously I love the mouse. I agree with the everyone for the fact that the mouse's sensitivity is a little weak. When you first start, it's a little hard, but as you press, the mouse moves faster. This is a little annoying, but by adjusting the sensitivity and week's usage, you get used to it and you will be able to handle the mouse like a pro. The left and right mouse keys are in great location and work well too. The best part is the mouse moves in all directions like a circular wheel, which makes moving VERY easy.

The distance is pretty good. I have about 15 ft of distance between my couch and the receiver, and it works great. It does not however work through items. So my coffee table obstructs it, but it's something you get used to. The receiver has a little light on it that blinks everytime you press on it. I moved my received down, essentially out of sight, and it still works well with no hiccups.

The buttons feel good and everything works perfectly. My only complaint is the fact that it is non programmable. Almost 60% of the remote is useless to me. I barely use any of the buttons, and barely any of them work with my media program of choice, Boxee. I really wish you could program the buttons to do something else, but oh well, nothing's perfect. For the price, I guess you can't complain.

Installation was a breeze. Windows 7 does everything for you so no problems there.

I've noticed some people complaining that the sleep button doesn't wake up the PC, I think that's stupid. The button works like a program. It triggers the sleep mode, you can't expect it to wake up the PC. My PC is in a fancy case so the On/Off button is very easily reachable.

What I also like about the remote is that it looks good. Friends are amazed to see my funky setup and like the sleek, stylish remote.

All in all, this is a recommended remote.
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on April 23, 2014
Fire TV uses bluetooth remote and has no IR receiver built-in. This kit allows you to control the Fire TV with Logitech Harmony remotes based on IR. Most features have equivalent buttons and can be mapped to Harmony. Just be sure to limit or eliminate the Harmony options to 'repeat' IR commands X times - it will default to some absurd number like 4 repeats so that hitting 'up' for example makes your Fire TV respond as if you hit the 'up' button 4-5 times in quick succession.

If you're using this for Fire TV and Harmony remotes then obviously you can throw the MCE remote in a drawer once you're setup. All you really need is the USB IR Receiver.
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on August 26, 2013
This product is the VCR-1100, which includes an IR receiver. The VCR-1000 is only the remote itself. The IR receiver may work with some other devices, Logitec Harmony I believe...

Windows 7 works very well. All drivers are included with windows. You don't need (nor is there) a setup disk. Media Center is fully supported.

A few keys are not hooked up to anything when the desktop is active, but there is a nice free package LM Remote KeyMap which knows about the remote and can handle any key reassignments you want to make.

This remote is both a HID (mouse/keyboard special function keys) and keyboard (normal keys). Some buttons generate key presses, others generate mouse actions. LM Gestation KeyMap tray icon has a live review window that will show you what Windows will see for each remote key. (Melloware will show the HID traffic but not the simulated keyboard presses).

While I haven't run other media center replacements or Linux programs, all which I've researched say that they also understand the Hama and/or have a plug-in that will support it.

Update: Technical Note:

These are the keyboard key-presses simulated by buttons on the remote. Some key names, like "Browser Home" do not appear on the standard 101/102 board, but are found on the fancy keyboards with extra buttons for "Media Center" support.

WWW -- BrowserHome
Sleep -- Power
My Tv -- LeftShift+LeftCtrl+T
My Music -- leftCtrl+M
My Pictures -- leftCtrl+I
My Videos -- leftCtrl+E
Record TV -- leftCtrl+O
Guide -- leftCtrl+G
Live TV -- leftCtrl+T
DVD Menu -- leftShift+leftCtrl+M
Play -- PlayPause
Pause -- PlayPause
Reverse -- leftShift+leftCtrl+B
Forward -- leftShift+leftCtrl+F
Pre-track -- MediaPrevTrack
Next track -- MediaNextTrack
Stop -- Stop
Record -- leftCtrl+R
Back -- Back
Info -- Info
Left -- Left arrow
Up -- Up arrow
Right -- Right arrow
Down -- Down arrow
OK -- Enter
Start -- leftWindows+leftAlt+Return
Close -- leftAlt+F4
Clear -- Esc
Enter -- Enter

Note the two duplicate key pairings -- "OK" / "Enter", and "Start" / "Pause".

In particular, Start/Pause must be implemented as a toggle so "Pause" cannot be implemented as 'freeze' if running and 'frame advance' if frozen, like some devices operate.
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on August 14, 2010
Using with a Logitech Harmony One and W7/WMC and works great. The exact device setup is in the Harmony One under "ORtek" model number "VRC-1100". Note that no where in the documentation or packaging for this unit is the manufacturer name provided.
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