Customer Reviews: SANOXY Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad
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Size: iPad 2/3/4|Color: Silver|Change
Price:$12.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on March 22, 2011
When I bought this keyboard, I knew I was getting a generic Apple knock-off, that wasn't as high-quality as a genuine Apple product. It was also a lot cheaper.

And that's just what I needed. I specifically bought this keyboard so I could type on my iPhone while I'm in the car. I needed one that was just the bare basics -- as small as it could be while still standard-spaced keys. I also didn't want to pay too much, since I'd only use it every so often when we go on road-trips. I have a Rocketfish Bluetooth keyboard which I do most of my heavy-duty typing on, though it's a bit of a beast as far as size goes, so having something this portable is awesome.


-- Slim, Sleek design -- exactly as pictured, nice and concise.
-- Quiet keys indeed -- almost exactly like my ASUS laptop keys. Quiet and smooth.
-- Long battery life -- haven't tested it yet, but the seller reports 3 months continuous use.
-- Relatively solid construction -- it doesn't feel flimsy, at all. Definitely not aluminum, but it's not like I'm going to be storing my jewelry in it or riding it down the street.
-- Price -- Half as much -shipped- as the Apple keyboard's -list price-.
-- Functional Hot Keys! -- They definitely work! Though, I can't quite figure out what the flower is supposed to do... So perhaps that one doesn't work -- it just makes the screen go black.


-- All plastic -- Unlike the Apple keyboard, there's no anodized aluminum frame here.
-- Unfunctional Hot key? -- the aforementioned flower... maybe it's an iPad thing.
-- Connect button -- It's a bit hard to press, and if I didn't have long nails, I think I'd have to get something to push it with.
-- Bit slow -- There is a slight delay between 'waking' the keyboard and it typing again, and it seems to go to sleep after not too long. However, this may be an iPhone software sort of thing, rather than specific to the keyboard.

It's always important to do your research. Are you getting an Apple-quality keyboard for $30? No. But, you are getting a tidy little keyboard, that looks very sleek, types very smooth, and didn't break the bank. As long as you don't go dropping it, the plastic construction isn't going to be a problem. And hey, if you do? You can probably get another one, and still come out cheaper than the Apple. X) We'll see how long the silver paint lasts, though...

On the flip side, if you're going for longevity, power use, dedicated desktop keyboard, etc... it's probably best to make the investment.

Hopefully, this helped you be a little more informed so, like me, you can find exactly what you were looking for. X) <3
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on April 26, 2012
I recently purchased this keyboard in hopes of using it with my first generation iPad. I didn't feel like spending $60 for another Bluetooth Keyboard (my girlfriend has the official Apple keyboard). This keyboard is a decent enough alternative to the high priced Apple keyboard but does have a few hickups.

Firstly the keyboard is not made out of the junk most reviewers would lead you to believe. Sure it's made out of plastic but it's just as sturdy as the original. It doesn't have a brushed metal top but is made from relatively sturdy plastics all the same. I had the mistaken impression that the keyboard would be filmsy: it's not. I have absolutely no qualms with the construction of the keyboard: you're actually getting a seemingly well made keyboard for $16.

Also other reviews point to buttons that don't work. This is misleading. The original Apple Bluetooth was designed for desktop Macs as well as iPads therefore some of those keyboard functions don't work: this keyboard's functions work well and solely for the iPad. The keyboard, while it does work for other Bluetooth devices, caters to iPads for all generations (I've tested this on my iPad and my girlfriend's brand new iPad).

Past reviewers state how the "connect" button in the back is hard to push in. It's not. It isn't really "depressed" which leaves it easy to tap. The "on/off" switch behind it is as easy to activate as turning the keyboad over and sliding it to the side. Also note that I'v never needed to actually hit the "connect" button. The keyboard's Bluetooth capabilities function well: pairing is always automatic in every device I've used with the keyboard.

My biggest complaint is that if you type fast - I type over 100 wpm - you'll notice a slight lag. This lag, although slight, is extremely annoying. You may find yourself hitting backspace a lot to go back and ensure an extra character is where you need it. This flaw may make you want to stay clear of the keyboard but other more forgiving reviewers may accept this as a neccessary evil ($16 compared to $60? I'm still debating whether it's worth it).

Look. You're paying for a knockoff. The "on/off" switch is in the back, white on white, there's a notable lag when typing fast and for those that like the cool feel of metal, there's none of that. But if you need a cheap Bluetooth keyboard that works and won't let you down, pick this up. 3/5 -- all lag, no complaints other than that -- if you're like me you'll probably keep it but rate it the same for the exact same reason.

Note: I'm not "vertified" as having purchased the product because I used my family account to do so.
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on December 21, 2011
When I ordered this keyboard, I kept my expectations low based on the comments from customers on similar products. It arrived 3 days early (which was surprising) then I followed the instructions to connect it to my iPad and I was typing in mere seconds. The keys are responsive and comfortable to use. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a better typing option over the pop-up keyboard on the screen.
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on August 18, 2011
I ordered this to use when doing email on my IPAD. I am not big on the touch screen keyboard for email. I selected this based on some other customer reviews after I had ordered and tried 2 different flexible keyboards I thought would be great that I was not satisfied with. This keyboard has all the apple function keys, and works flawlessly so far (2 months). It works every time you turn it back on- sync's automatically every time. I also just had chance to compare it to the actual Apple version, and this one looks almost exactly the same. The Apple keyboard has a real metal surface, and I cooler battery housing molded into the design, but it is also over 2 times the cost. The keys are exactly the same.
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on April 25, 2011
Just got this today and thought I would share my impressions. First of all, it came FAST. I ordered on Saturday (holiday weekend) and it came USPS Monday afternoon. I also have a Yoobao brown leather case and a SmartCover.

Since the description doesn't provide them, here are the dimensions. It's about 9 3/4" wide x 7 3/4" high and 1 1/4" thick (at its thickest point, where the cover doubles over). It doesn't add a whole lot of weight to the iPad 2 and weighs about the same as a hardcover book of the same size. The material is not genuine leather (didn't expect it at this price) but it looks o.k. and the stitching is even.

The iPad 2 is a tad loose in the holder and a flap comes over the top to hold it in. It doesn't seem like it would be that secure but I've held it upside down and shaken it a little and the iPad stayed put, so I guess it will be o.k. All of the switches and connectors are exposed correctly (including the rear camera) but the speaker is partially covered. Surprisingly, the sound is still acceptable.

The keyboard is the usual bluetooth keyboard with rubbery keys with an acceptable amount of feel. Not too bad, all things considered. After all, I'm not going to write a novel on this thing. Function keys along the top allow you to change the brightness, volume, and provide media controls. Another button acts like the "Home" switch on the iPad; another opens and closes the on-screen keyboard. The keyboard has all of the usual keys which function as expected (although there is no right-side shift key; this didn't bother me but I know some users find the lack of a right-hand shift key annoying). To give you an idea of the size of the keyboard: the letter keys are about 1/2" square, and the entire keyboard is about 9" x 4".

Connecting via bluetooth is fairly easy; turn on the bluetooth radio on the iPad, then a message box opens up with a four-digit code to type on the keyboard. After that the iPad generally had no problem finding the keyboard to connect (it takes a few seconds). The switch to turn the keyboard on and off is extremely small, and if you don't have fingernails you may need to use a pen or metal stylus to switch it. I experimented letting the iPad go to sleep, turning off the keyboard, and waiting a while, then turning everything back on. The iPad "remembered" the keyboard and reconnected in a few seconds. Incidentally, hitting a key will "wake" the iPad.

There are a couple of issues that will require some extended usage before I know how to evaluate them. I'm concerned about wear on the flaps being constantly folded back and forth. Right now what I'm guessing is polyurethene "leather" looks fine but I don't know how well it will wear over time.

At this point though I have nothing to complain about. Assuming reasonable durability this case/keyboard is a great value. I plan to use this case primarily in situations where I know that I will need to do a lot of typing; most of the time my iPad will be wearing the Yoobao case. If anything interesting crops up later I will amend this review.

EDIT 4/26/11: I noticed that this unit is now longer shipped by Amazon, that the price has gone up $2 and that shipping is now charged ($5.99) so effectively the price has increased by $8.
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on September 27, 2011
I have been using a Zaggmate keyboard with my iPad 1 for about 9 months. It was OK; but, I didn't like the metal or the rim around the keys. I actually prefer some type of material just to make the iPad less slippery in my hand. This case is great. The iPad fits well, the case looks good, its functional and comfortable to use either on a table or when holding like a book. The keypad paired with my iPad with no problems and, for me, its fine. Smaller keys don't bother me even though my hands are large - but, I don't do a lot of typing and I certainly don't do speed typing. This was just what I was looking for.
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on May 1, 2011
This is a great design and nicely manufactured product, very high quality
However ...BUYER BEWARE...this is definitely not an iPad2 accessory. This product is specifically for iPad1. Your iPad 2 will NOT fit in this case
Clearly a case of misleading advertising
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on August 30, 2012
I am a junior in highschool, and our school recently invested in getting us all ipads. since we all got iPads we are supposed to be using them for taking notes and such so I figured I should get myself a case with a keyboard. Well I ordered this case because it was the only purple case with a keyboard I could find, and I've been using it for three days, and whenever I try to type the keys don't register the pressure, or they put the letter there multiple times. it is very annoying and inconvenient. I also had the entire top row of letters stop working at one point. I suggest investing in a case that doesn't have a silicone keyboard if you plan on using it often. I don't suggest buying this case.
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on December 21, 2011
I needed a case for my new iPad and this seemed to be perfect. Leather is good quality and the bluetooth keyboard was so easy to set up (less than 2 minutes) So far so good. Very happy with the purchase, great value.
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on August 4, 2011
So I ordered this item thinking it would help out with taking notes in class. I received the item on a Thursday, took it with me to class and used it, carried it to work with me on Friday, to my parent's house on Saturday and by Sunday ten keys on the right hand side of the keyboard no longer worked.

Setting up the Bluetooth was simple. Using the keyboard was simple.

The product is not so good. It did not get wet, dropped, or mishandled in anyway, yet stopped working after 4 days. I sent this back for a full refund.

I would not recommend purchase of this item.

Side note, I did not notice the review when I purchased, but this is NOT for an I-PAD 2. It will cover your camera at times as it is too large.
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