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23 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2011
I've used various password keepers for the last 10-20 years, from early Palm devices to Windows Mobile to Blackberry to Android. Among them have been FlexWallet, SPB Wallet, eWallet, Secret (an OLD Palm app which I think is even still available today), and I've dabbled with the free KeePass. Suffice it to say I've been around the block with password keepers for some time now.

That said, I'm currently an SBSH Safewallet user, and I have to say I can't be happier. This is the single best wallet / password management program available for any platform, and I don't see myself changing up anytime soon. Basically the way this (and others) program works is that you remember a single master password to unlock your wallet. The wallet then decrypts and you have full access to your list of passwords, pin numbers, credit card numbers, combination lock info, security codes, pass phrases, bra sizes, etc... whatever info you want to keep secret, Safewallet can handle.

Safewallet isn't open source, and cannot be vetted by the general public. However, the folks at SBSH are experts with encryption and integrating it into their software development efforts. I trust them to keep my data safe. The encryption itself is AES 256 bit, which is the best generally available security available at the time of this review. The US gov't considers it safe for all levels of protection up through top secret. Just be sure to pick a memorable, but secure master password. I.e. letters, numbers, symbols, upper/lower case, etc. Your master password database is only as secure as your master password, so don't pick "s3cr3t" as your password.

The interface is simply wonderful. It's clean, it's fast, it's very easy to navigate and search. You can store any secret info you want from simple passwords or logons, to combinations, to lists, to anything. Safewallet has a powerful template system so that you can design your "cards" as they're called to look anyway you want them to. Store anything as simple as a single generic password to as complicated as a local network with passcodes, domain info, connection protocols, and more. Plus, the info you designate as secret or private can be made to show in just asterisks (e.g. *********), so you can copy and paste passwords into website fields without ever even looking at them. Their interface is nothing but a pleasure to work in after prior experience with eWallet, Flexwallet, KeePass, etc. SPB Wallet is similar, but I still prefer Safewallet's clean, straightforward interface above all others. They also have an outstanding and flexible password generator that gives you completely random passwords of letters, numbers, symbols as you specify, in any length you would like. While you can't generally remember a 15 digit randomized password, for most uses where you're just copying and pasting from Safewallet anyway, you can't beat the security of that level of difficult password.

The good folks at SBSH are constantly working on their stable of software. In the most recent version of Safewallet, it's compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian. They are the first to come out with a fully operational Android client. That is, eWallet did come up with a wallet "viewer" for Android first, but it was a view-only system. Safewallet has full edit and create functions for all platforms, including Android. When working with a wallet program, you need access to your passwords from anywhere and everywhere. You are typically in and out of secure systems all the time, from your Amazon password to credit card info, to pins at the ATM, to your wife's ring size when you're at the jewelry store. Whether you use a PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet, or whatever, you can access your passwords. They also have importing tools for other types of wallet programs, if you currently use a competitor product. Plus, synchronization is top notch (see next).

The most recent version of Safewallet did something very, very smart. It offers full sync through Dropbox. If you're unfamiliar with Dropbox, it's basically cloud storage that syncs files between computers, mobile phones, etc. Think of having a "Dropbox" folder on your work computer, home computer, kid's computer, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc. Everything you put into that folder is synchronized among all the different computers you use Dropbox on... and the secure Dropbox cloud storage. You even have access to some past versions of your files, in case you accidentally delete or change something. Safewallet can store your encrypted password databases in Dropbox, so your secret info is available from any device you have. Your secure data is always encrypted on the device before it ever gets sync'd with Dropbox, so you never have to worry about your data being "out there" or in any way insecure. Dropbox is free, by the way. You get 2 gigs of free space, and get more for new referrals up to several more gigs of storage space. There are also some high capacity paid options, but really 2 gigs is all you could generally need, especially for something like Safewallet files. By the way, if you don't currently use Dropbox, but would like to, check it out. If you sign up, would you be so good as to do so through my referral link ([...]) so I can get some extra space (pretty please... =)? I know... I'm shameless.

It's not free. I'll state that now, and you can certainly see that by this program link. Programs like KeePass are free and open source. KeePass is ok, but really the interface is nowhere near as clean as Safewallet. Plus you don't have the flexibility you have in Safewallet to customize the look and feel of your data cards to exactly how you want to see them. Yet, even as a paid program, Safewallet is an outstanding value. The mobile app is only a few dollars. The computer version of the app is around $15 if I remember correctly. Very reasonable for such an essential "killer app" in my book. Plus, if you compare it with programs like eWallet, you get more for your money, better platform support, and plus I'm not a fan of the eWallet interface. Nope, Safewallet is the best, and the few dollars they ask are well worth it.

I said this already, but Safewallet is my "killer app" that I use on multiple computers and digital devices. I have maybe 400 records in my own wallet... everything from web page passwords to financial data to my wireless network info to... well anything. After going through several other similar programs, I believe I've made my final stop with Safewallet. I encourage you to give it a try... I hope you will be as pleased as I am with it.
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on November 18, 2011
Review Update 12/1/2011
Reducing rating from 4 stars to 3.

Have found an additional, major annoyance - when attempting to copy passwords the app will copy the value from the adjacent field, whatever that value is, instead of copying the password. It took a couple of times of having an account locked for submitting the wrong password to force me to figure it out. Turns out that for some (but not all) password records the app would copy the field value from the field just before my password. It happens on records where I've added custom fields, and it only happens on the Android version of the app. I'm using the app on a Kindle Fire, so that may be part of the problem too.

Seems the developer maintains an active presence on Facebook. I'll try to find a solution through that venue and will update this review with the success or lack thereof.

I began using this app on my Blackberry Bold, then found the PC companion software. It made it very easy to manage my passwords on my PC and synch them to my BB phone. Safewallet for Android also allows you to easily synch between PC application and Android device. While this app works very well as a stand-alone product, the ability to manage passwords from your PC and distribute the most up-to-date version to multiple platforms is a terrific benefit, and is, in my mind, what sets this product apart from other password management tools.

Pros -

You can create password records for different types of uses - credit cards, web sites, personal documents like Passport, Driver's License, etc.
The app gives you a lot of fields to build a password record, plus the ability to add more.
You can enter your own password, or let the app generate one for you.
It's quite easy to copy the PW from SafeWallet and paste it into the appropriate field in the target app.
Amazingly simple and easy to synch between the desktop app and the Android app. You're offered the choice between USB or WiFi. I tried USB at first, and even though the app reported success, it did'nt create my wallet. I tried WiFi, and my PC wallet was successfully transferred to my Android tablet. Think it's very possible it was user error that caused the USB synch to fail, and not due to software issues.
Update process has been good. SBSH has been good about announcing updates and making them available to registered users.

Cons -

There are a couple of bugs I've found in the Android app that cause it to crash. Looking at the Safewallet Desktop Companion page under Settings causes it to stop, and it does it consistently. How annoying is it that a fatal crash happens in SETTINGS? You'd expect that section of code to be stable as a rock. Had one other crash, but wasn't able to make it happen a second time.
The biggest drawback to this app is the manufacturer's support. They make it very difficult to find any information on their web site, and are WAY less than good about supporting their apps or responding to questions. My attempts to get support or information were met with silence. These folks really need to work on supporting their product better. I would have rated 5 stars, but dinged the app a star for POOR manufacturer support. It's a good app, and a good suite of apps, but buyer beware if you run into problems you likely won't get much help from the developer.
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on March 22, 2011
I've been using PDA/Phone wallet programs for a few years. (First with Windows Mobile, and now with Android.)
I Like to keep my personal and financial information and various web/net passwords saved in a single and secure program which syncs between my PC and my EVO 4G.
SafeWallet works great! I had been using another company's product, but since they haven't produced an Android version, I needed a solution. SafeWallet was able to "read" my other wallet file--I still needed my password for the wallet for this to be possible--and this allowed for a painless migration. The additional option of DropBox sync really makes it convenient!
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on May 19, 2014
Not only did the program not work, but there is no support behind it. I could sign in just fine on my mobile device, but couldn't sign in from my desktop. I sent two separate tickets for support and both were rejected for server error. Do not trust this program.
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on December 26, 2012
I purchased this password sotrage manager for my Kindle Fire, I liked the way it looked and it is quick and easy to store your passwords so noone can access them. The manager is protected by a master password that should be different than any of your others but something you will never forget. I was pleasantly surprised that there is also a program you can but to add this to your PC, laptop or any other device. It is an additional cost, but worth it to me. As you are on the internet and going into any of your accounts it asks you if you would like to store the password. Less work than entering them all separetly. It also keeps the sites URL.
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on February 1, 2012
I had very high hopes for SafeWallet having been impressed with some great apps from SBSH, both from my old Windows Mobile days and current Android offerings like PhoneWeaver and CallWeaver. But I was deeply disappointed when I discovered it is missing key features that many other products include. My first issue is with a lack of configuration options. If you go away from the app it makes you login again when you return. Other apps have an option to set how long before the wallet locks again but SafeWallet's option is just "a while." Second, once you create a folder or card you cannot move or copy it. That can be very frustrating when you try to organize your cards or if you've customized a card it would be nice to be able to copy and reuse it. And finally, when you do customize a card by deleting/adding fields you can't move them up or down within the card. Custom fields have to stay at the bottom. The sad fact is that other "password wallets" give you more freedom and offer the same or better level of encryption and syncing features. I guess I just expected a lot more from SBSH.

To make things worse I bought it on Amazon where there is no free trial version and no refund period, so I paid $3.99 to be disappointed. I've contacted SBSH asking for my money back but I don't expect to get it. If I do I'll come back and add another star, and if they make improvements to the app I'll continue to update my review. Hopefully one day I can come back and give it 5 stars, but until then I'll be going with another wallet solution on Android.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 19, 2014
SafeWallet has gone offline! Noboby knows whether our passwords are safe in their servers, do not trust them. Check their Facebook page.
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on May 1, 2014
I have used a number of password managers over the years. Before SW I used Spb Wallet which allowed total sync with my Windows phones. On changing to Win Phone 7 (then 8) this longer works. I found SW will accept Spb data - good. So I downloaded v 2. something which sync ONE WAY only with the phone using Dropbox. Better than nothing. Then I change computers and perhaps foolishly downloaded current v 3.0.7 which did read my previous data. However it won't recognise my previous password so I had to create a new account using a different email address etc. This doesn't sync with my phone. I can't reload the old version. Any attempt to contact Safewallet via their website comes up with "A server error has occurred. if this repeats please contact support. and stay calm! :-). But it has been like this for two months or more. Tried KeePass and hated it. Now what?
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on March 18, 2012
I loved this app up until version 1.20 was released on the Android Market (now Google Play Market for some reason), but NOT on the Amazon Market. This makes me very reluctant to purchase any more apps for my Android from the Amazon store. I contacted SBSH about the issue, and they have provided a couple of solutions that have yet to work simply because I did NOT purchase the app from the Android Marketplace. I'm hoping that the next solution provided will solve my problem. The solution will most likely be an unlock key so that I can download it for free from the Android Market since I have already paid for it from the Amazon App Store.

In short, I would think twice about purchasing ANY app from the Amazon App Store that is also available directly on the Android Market, since apparently both stores are not supported equally.
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on April 9, 2013
Was slightly confusing to set up. Wanted to have Safewallets on both my Android device and also my Windows PC. The web site does not offer great directions and the tech support forums were not initially very helpful. Had to finally contact Tech Support to learn how to coordinate setting up both devices and then syncing them. But once this was out of the way, I found the interface easy to use and the syncing function is working effortlessly.
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