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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2011
I have a fairly large cat, so perhaps it's my fault for not taking note of the product's size better (although in the description all it mentions is height, not its length or width and the shipping dimensions could always be wrong) but this cat scratcher is way too small for my cat. He's an adult longhair domestic (with some Maine Coone traits) and he barely fits on top of it while standing.

Also, he doesn't seem to have any desire to scratch it. I'm going to look into returning it, but given its price it probably isn't economical to.

For anyone else considering this, it's 17 inches long and 6.5 inches wide.
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on May 15, 2012
I have three adult cats ranging from 7-15 pounds and aged from 1-19 years old. None of the three are interested in this fish scratchy pad. I even added catnip and they were not interested. This scratcher DOES NOT come with catnip. Even my smallest cat cannot get inside or crawl through the opening so it is pretty useless. None have even tried to get on top of the scratcher. I believe that is due to the awkward shape. These scratchers are sometimes manufactured more for the buyer than the cat. The colorful fish is adorable. Although the printed green is just a thin layer of colored paper not even card stock thickness. On one side is a 2" x 2" white sticker with the UPC code. This is unsightly and takes away from the looks of the fish design. I tried to remove it but it is stuck like glue. Trying to remove it just pulls off the green color. All in all, this is a bust. I have tried to get the cats to play on it by coaxing them with their favorite toys. They will have no part of it. I will say that I believe when they were kittens they might have used it because they could have fit through the opening.
UPDATE: I had one day that one of my younger cats seemed interested. He scratched a few times and then was done. After over a month there is still not a bit of interest in this fish.
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on October 30, 2011
I've had this in use for several weeks and my cats love it! They scratch all the surfaces, crawl through it, and even lift it with their back paws. My four year old cat had a bad habit of scratching furniture. When I recently bought new living room furniture, I knew I had to take major action. This is one of three new scratchers I added to their collection, and at this time, this one is the favorite. It serves its purpose and I recommend it.
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on March 21, 2012
I got this cat scratcher for my two new cats and they seem to be using it. I like it because I think it is cute, and my cats are using it. I'm not sure why the hole is there. It is much too small for any cat except a kitten sized one to hide inside. I will probably not be getting this again, simply due to how small it is.

As other reviewers mentioned the scratcher does not have a base so the catnip falls onto the floor underneath it. However the catnip was apparently very good, as my cat attacked the catnip bag right away when I pulled it out and chewed a hole in it. That is the first time he has ever been that enthusiastic about catnip before, I wish I knew where I could get some more of it! My two new kitties don't seem to need the help of catnip to use this as it has slid around on the floor, away from where catnip was originally applied. We have smooth wood floors, but I think carpet might provide enough friction to keep it in place, depending on how enthusiastic your cat is.

I couldn't recommend this for cats over five pounds. I think it would be good for kittens, or very small adult cats, especially with the little hole in the center.
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on March 22, 2012
Since I got four similar items, I might copy and paste a lot of this review so bear with me. Allow me to begin by stating that my cats, a Manx and a black and white mixed breed, have NEVER used as scratch post. I've tried everything under the sun. Well our kitties run inside and outside so, they do get to scratch on trees, etc., and on the couch (until we run them off) when need be. I got this whale and 3 other deals and they have both scratched on ALL of them. At first, my cats were leery about going through the whale. But, after I got to playing with them using those "fishing pole" toys, I was able to coax them through but this took some time. It's really a fun toy and scratch post. The cats sit on it and everything. The price was great and I really can't say anything negative about it. I think some folks mentioned that this whale moves about due to the light-weight but, that's fine as it just keeps them on the go. It's not like the whale flies all over the room or anything but it doesn't stay totally planted, of course, due to the weight. Plus, it's a cute little guy and looks good in any location. I really recommend this for those who have had no luck with any other scratch posts. I began by giving the cats little treats when they'd scratch on the toys and that helped too. Hope this convinces anyone who is undecided to go for it!
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on July 18, 2012
My little jerk cat who scratches the furniture and everything else and who generally loves all cardboard scratching posts has mixed feelings about this scratcher. I think it's partly because it's a little wobbly, so when she sits on it it doesn't stay steady for a good scratch. I should note that the little jerk cat is not very big (maybe 7 pounds?) so a bigger cat may not have this problem. Anyway, I cut it in half and now have two semi-useless cat scratchers that she sometimes uses. Mostly to bat her toys under.
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on April 9, 2013
I have two cats both have been trained to scratch corrugated cardboard scratching surfaces instead of furniture. I mention the corrugated because we have friends where the cats will scratch and chew on any piece of cardboard, ours have been trained to leave the boxes alone and only scratch the waffle like surfaces of of the scratchers that are designed for cats to exercise on as well as sharpen claws and remove the portions of the claw that is supposed to shed.

Keep in mind that if you are trying to train your cat to scratch something other than furniture and other things you want to keep off limits, training is needed, such as you showing them that you want to scratch and mark the surface (umm yep that means you have to play with it and scratch it even at times your cat seems totally uninterested), using catnip, using a spray deterrent to keep them off the surfaces you want off limits, and playing on those surfaces which means using feather toys, lures, laser toys or other cat interesting toys on the surface you want them to scratch.

I have the flat plain scratching boxes placed strategically by furniture and other items that my cats my be interested in marking and scratching. Still sometimes it is nice to provide them with something that is fun as well as functional. I have a cardboard scratcher that acts also as a lounger which both cats love to scratch and recline on (will need to replace soon as the scratch divots are getting too deep, have purchased an alligator shaped lounger and scratcher and will review that soon). I have also used a few shaped scratchers some work, some just get ignored.

I saw the Fish shaped cardboard scratcher as a gold box deal for a good price and decided to try it out. It arrived promptly and I pulled it out and put a little of the included catnip on it. Some of the catnip fell to the carpet but most non-traditional (plain cardboard scratching pieces in a long rectangular boxes) surfaces have the problem with catnip falling through the cardboard to the floor and a little catnip in the carpet is not a big deal, I have two cats I have a good vacuum (interestingly I have to vacuum the vacuum of at fur because the cats love to rub up against the vacuum, not sure if that is because they smell their own fur or catnip or just love the vacuum).

With the fish I did what I usually do with a new scratch toy I played with it with my cat scratching in and showing that this was an acceptable surface to scratch (don't think crazy cat lady spending hours, think busy mom with about three minutes). My cats took to playing with their new fish. The scratched on top and in the middle then figured out how to flip it over. So now the new game is the cats flip the fish onto its back and we flip it back over.

It is fun and interesting for my cats, they scratch and play which is a good thing. This was a good purchase great for scratching, exercising and having a bit of fun with.

If you do have a larger cat this might not be big enough, but for the price I would try putting some catnip on top so your cat is attracted to scratching on the top and putting some treats in the center so your cat has to work on getting a treat out from the middle as well as scratching the top, also flip it over since the entire bottom area is also scratchable.
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on December 7, 2012
I was hoping for a toy they could expel some energy on while I'm away from home. They took to this 3 seconds after I set it down but other than the occasional 2 minute scratch session they really aren't interested. It's heavy duty and made to withstand a beating! I'm happy with my purchase I just wish my kitties were more into it! Came with quite a bit of cat nip.
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on June 24, 2013
My seem to love this item, they are always scratching on it and somethings even sleeping on it. I by quite a bit of cat products and this one seems to be well made. The one thing I would change is to make it larger.

I recommend this product!
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on March 24, 2013
Our cats love cardboard scratchers, so when we went to replace the one they've completely destroyed (the X-shaped "hammock"/post) we decided to try this one too. The cats love it, they've ripped big holes all over it already, and one of them likes to bat at things through the hole in the middle while the other sits on top. It doesn't provide a bed the way the x-shaped one does, but the cats seem to prefer it for sharpening their claws (they also chew it where the catnip was). Only real issue is that they pulled off the green fish print on either side almost immediately. Our cats are a little destructive, and I think a regular cat might not be so quick to deface the fish, but it'll still probably come off and make the fish not so cute. You may just need to hide it before guests come over as it looks a bit of a mess, but the cats still love it, so it does its job!
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