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on January 20, 2009
This punch is made from heavy steel and creates the best holes of the several different kinds I have used previously for leatherworking. The different sizes screw in to the handle and are a bit of a pain to screw in and out when changing. Luckily, I have one size that I use for most everything so I don't have to change it often. I use this mostly for horse tack that is made out of very heavy leather. A considerable amount of force must be applied to punch through this heavy leather. This is typical for all leather punches except for the kind of punch that you strike with a mallet, which can only be used on items that can be laid flat. Overall a great punch for the money!!!
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on December 17, 2007
this punches the leather, but it takes alot of force to push it through. i am using on 1/8" thick.
it came slathered in grease and took an hour to get clean. its really heavy and felt confident that it would last, but the punches are fairly dull, and my wrist hurt terribly after about 5 punches. im not happy with it, but out of the 3 i purchsed, its the one that actually goes through the leather.
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on May 28, 2009
I got this through Amazon because of the good reviews. I bought this so i could use it to punch holes for my belt. However, i am a bit disappointed after receiving this product. here is why:

Presentation (poor)
1) The item was shipped and enclosed by a plain white box. No instruction and no claim of ownership from anyone or any company.
2) The item was oily and it looked used when i took it out of the box. Upon closer inspection, the craftmanship is not good (sharp edges, handle pattern differs one side to another). I spent 2 mintues with Clorax wipes just to clean it up.
3) I tried to switch to a smaller punch bit on this tool. Well, it took me another 10 minutes because all of bits were already rusted somewhat and i had to use a wrench + WD40 to remove the bits and clean the rust.

Usability (average)
4) Like i said, i bought this to punch a hold on my leather belt. Well, it didn't punch all of the way through the 1st time around. I had to use extra force the 2nd time around and still didn't completely do the job. Not sure if i did it wrong or the tool just wasn't sharp enough.

This tool is simply no "Professional" according to my experience. Hope my review here would help others who are looking at this tool.
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on March 8, 2007
Heavy weight punch with most commonly used punches. Punches store nicely in handle. Punched several holes in my leather belts and worked with ease .If you prefer removeable punches rather than a rotating wheel then buy this one. After researching the same punch with other companies this was the best price.
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on March 19, 2009
I purchased this punch, because from the picture it looked like it was really well built. After receiving the tool, I can confirm that it is built like a tank, but functions about as well as a one legged mule. The punches are very difficult to remove from their stations. The tool and punches were full of grit and grime. It is almost impossible to get the punches to center up on the brass base. They don't contact the base evenly when compressed. And lastly, it takes tremendous effort to punch a hole in even the lightest leather. According to other reviewers, they think a lot of their punch. Maybe I got a dud, because I would NOT recommend this tool to anyone.
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on January 8, 2012
When you open the box, especially if you've dealt with some of the standard ones with the rotary cutting dies you think "huh, kind of a cheesy box, but the tool is a nice, heavy cast piece... wow!" Arg... how can something that gives a nice feel of heft and durability end up an utter piece of junk?

Mine came with the largest cutter installed, and it cut OK, but that was the last of the positive comments.

I couldn't get the cutter unscrewed to try a different size, turned out that the threads on it were all munged and cross-threaded... well at least it was the threads on the cutter and not on the tool, the rest of the cutters all threaded in fine. Well, sure, but not one had the threads cut straight on them, as you threaded every single one in you could see the cutting end wobble back and forth, NONE of them lined up with the brass anvil at all... none of them made proper contact with the anvil to make a complete cut or even did it in the same place. If maybe they were all off by the same amount you could make them work by threading them all so the cutter lined up with the same place on the anvil, but no 2 were alike. I have no idea how you're supposed to use this thing with any real success. I even considered "well, they started with a nice casting, maybe I can make it work" but really there was no way to do it well.

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on October 5, 2008
The cutting tube of this tool is well aligned with the brass cutting-anvil on the other side of the punch, and it gives no indication of drifting or wobbling like so many of the light weight ones end up doing.
At 18.6 oz,I don't find the weight excessive, but rather reassuring, it was also not excessively oily. My only complaint about the handle is that as the jaws come together, the last ~3/8" gets really tight, meaning that functionally the jaw is only 1 1/4" deep unless your leather is Very thin. This could be fixed at home with a file, but I am a bit irritated.
The cutting tubes are adequate, but I find I have to punch from both sides of a piece or do a lot of twisting to get the hole all the way through. "Hot poker through butter" is not how I would describe it. Adequate.
Because these are screw-in bits, other bits can be purchased and screwed in, if you find the right size. The threading is standard for punches but the overall length of the cutting tubes is one inch, which is not the same as [TANDY-LEATHER-MINI-PUNCH-SET-w-CHANGEABLE-TUBES|this punch set], so be sure to check the length before you buy any replacement cutting tubes.
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on July 28, 2010
The punch, at first glance appeared to be well constructed. However on further inspection, it was noted that the punches did not line up perpendicular to the anvil. This made it virtually impossible to punch a clean hole. On punch did not appear to be sharpened and I could only make an impression in the leather with it. I later purchased a "General" rotary head punch which worked quite well. I would seem that a more careful set-up during the machining and sharpening process would make this an excellent leather punch
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on December 20, 2008
I got this for punching holes in leather belts. Works just fine. Wide range of
hole diameters. IMO, sharp enough when new.

If you want to pick some nits, the quality of the casting is fairly crude, and
I suspect that the cutting tools won't stay sharp all that long. So, I take issue
with the "professional" term in the title. But, for occasional home use, it is excellent.
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on December 9, 2010
I had a pair of these, the other style, with the wheel you turn to select the size. Used mainly for belts, dog collars (both sizing and rivet holes for name tags and the like) and the old one did fine for me for those uses.

Of course, when we moved, this was but one of many items to be lost. So I'm on Amazon looking for a replacement, and I'm reading the reviews, and they are scaring me away from the style I used to have! Maybe quality has gone down badly in the years since I first bought my pair? I dunno - so I looked at all the models in a reasonable price range and went for this pair.

First, for those that say they are too hard to use? I dunno, granted, I am punching 1-10 holes at a time, maybe 1-2 times a month? Am 49 yrs old with stiff hands and these are a dream~! Even on doubled and sewn dog collars, just uses a gentle twisting motion as you squeeze and you're done~!

These ARE a great pair, and I would buy them again (but suspect most of the others would do the job for me as well)

High quality, heavy, durable - all are words that come to mind when holding and using these - and for those complaining about the oil? Good steel *can* rust - so, the maker coated them with a bit of oil as no one will know if they will be sold a week after being made, or a year - make sense?

The really cheapie ones are chromed 'pot' metal - no need (or care) about rust in packaging.
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