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on March 15, 2010
I received my jewelry cabinet quickly and in excellent shape. The product was well-packaged and had no damage during shipment.

I find this cabinet well-constructed and made of quality materials. I can hang necklaces of varying lengths, mount rings in the velvet bars, and hang earrings in the multiple slots.

I give this cabinet a "4" instead of a "5" for the following reasons: I'm a little hesitant to hang post earrings in the cabinet for fear they will drop out. I don't find it particularly convenient to hang bracelets with certain kinds of clasps. The cabinet takes two strong people to mount on the wall; of course, it is also a plus that the cabinet is heavy and well-constructed.

For ease of mounting, I recommend these steps:
1)Roll out a piece of wrapping paper larger than the cabinet and turn it to the back side. Place the cabinet on top of the paper.
2) Trace the outline of the cabinet on the paper with a pencil or pen.
3) Remove the cabinet from the paper and cut out the outline of the cabinet.
4) Turn the cabinet to the back side and lay flat down. Be careful not to put pressure on the mirror.
5) Place the wrapping paper on top of the cabinet, being careful to match the edges exactly.
6) Punch holes through the wrapping paper where the mounting screws go.
7) Tape the wrapping paper template to the wall where you want to hang your cabinet. You now know exactly where the cabinet will be on the wall, and you can put your screws where the holes are in your wrapping paper template. Draw on the wall exactly where your screws need to be, or make starter holes if walls are plaster. Don't forget to put a small piece of tape on the wall to keep plaster from shattering.
8) Check to see that your top screw holes are level.
9) Have a second person so that one can hold the cabinet up (35 lbs.) and the other can put the screws in the wall.
10) Enjoy your new cabinet!
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on March 19, 2010
This is a wonderful piece to store jewelry especially if you don't have a lot of space or want to keep things more out of sight. The mirror feature makes it functional all the time.

However that being said the mounting screws and anchors are a joke. I would have given it 5 stars except for this issue. There are 3 screws and anchors and the company says to mount into a stud. At best you would get one screw in a stud and the anchors do not hold the weight for the other two screws. We ended up getting some heavy duty anchors and using them and it hung just fine. The idea is great, but they should have thought of how much weight was going on the wall and found a better mounting system!
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on December 28, 2011
The only reason this product does not get 5 stars is because of the wall mounting hardware and instructions. The unit weights about 30 lbs and it's mounted by 3 screws in a triangle pattern. 3 SCREWS! This irritated me initially but I thought that they've sold more than one so this must work... WRONG! It took me forever to mark the wall with the screw pattern since the diagram in the instructions is wrong and hard to follow. There are two screws in the top of the unit and one in the bottom. The two screws in the top are 9.7" apart and the one at the bottom is 44.2" down and in the middle of the top two. Who uses 9.7" and 44.2" as a measurement! Apparently the Chinese since this is where the unit was manufactured. Anyways, after measuring, re-measuring, drinking a beer, re-re-measuring and marking, I drilled the pilot holes for the drywall anchors that are not worth the ink I put on wall to mark their location. Also, the screws that come with the unit are about 2" long and have very fine thread. That gives you about 1-1/8" of grip in the one stud you can anchor to, which I also feel is inadequate. I held the unit on the wall and my wife put in the screws. As I began to let go of the unit, the two screws that were not in a stud (in the crappy wall anchors) immediately got pulled out of the wall. So I used the industrial drywall anchor kit at home that I used to securely mount the unit on the wall and I also replaced the stud anchored screw with a 3" drywall screw and it seems to be holding up so far. We did remove the door latch though because it does take some strength to pull the door open. The door is heavy enough, and if you mount it level, that the latch is not necessary.

All in all this is a great looking, sturdy and heavy wall mounted jewelry box. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind spending a few extra bucks on an industrial drywall mounting kit. If you have enough forethought, I would definitely recommend adding some additional blocking inside the wall so you can use it as intended. Something I'll probably be doing very soon.
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on February 15, 2011
First let me say that I've been wanting some type of jewelry armoire for years... the last time I had anything to organize my jewelry, it had a pirouetting ballerina music box in it (I was about three years old). So, part of my enthusiasm for this product is a reflection of how desperately in need I was for a jewelry storage solution.

That said, I am absolutely in love with this wall-mounted jewelry armoire. I have amassed a decent number of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets over the years, and this armoire (surprisingly) holds just about all of them. Before I bought this, I kept my jewelry in various drawers with dividers. No matter how careful I was to keep necklaces separate, they became tangled almost instantly. I've broken necklaces because of this. So, it was a joy to see all my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings so very neatly hanging in a way that they can't possibly become tangled, and I can instantly see and pull out the one I want. The double hook section is great for sets that belong together.

A surprising benefit: A lot of the stray earrings I had that I thought had lost their match years ago, I discovered I still had both! In the process of organizing my jewelry, I also found three necklaces I thought I had lost, including my wedding-day pearls. I feel like I've won new jewelry! Of course, as I said, this would happen no matter what kind of jewelry armoire you use, but still, that has made it worth every penny already.

The armoire has far more ring storage than I could possibly ever use (I only have four rings, and I'm usually wearing two or three of them), so I use the ring storage area for smaller earrings. It works perfectly, but you have to make sure you push them securely in so they won't fall out.

By far, the most wonderful thing about this armoire is that it basically takes up no space at all. I put mine in my master closet behind the door, which was wasted space anyway (and now I have the bonus of a full-length mirror in the master closet!). This is the ideal piece for anyone with limited space. I actually have a fairly large bedroom and closet, but I still like the compactness of it.

When I write reviews, even overwhelmingly positive ones, I like to list any drawbacks... but with this armoire, I honestly can't think of any. The one thing that put me off initially was that the oak finish has a bit of faux distressing, including some random dark marks. When I first opened the box, I thought, "UGH"... but now that it's on the wall, it looks a lot better than I thought it would. I would probably buy it in cherry if I were buying it again. The oak goes well with my closet shelving, though, so I'm happy with it.

If you have a huge jewelry collection (e.g. hundreds of necklaces), this probably won't be enough storage for you. But if you have a normal-sized collection, this is the perfect amount of storage.

One tip for installing if you don't have someone who can hold it up while you drill the screws into the wall: I installed this by myself using a couple of large boxes. I stacked the boxes on the floor where I planned to install it, and set the armoire on top. The boxes held it perfectly still while I drilled it into place.

As other reviewers noted, the wall anchors that come with it are flimsy. I keep a supply of heavy-duty metal anchors from Home Depot because I never use the flimsy plastic anchors that come with things like this. I don't consider that a drawback, but be aware that you'll want to spend a dollar or two on heavy-duty anchors.

Bottom line: This is a fantastic, perfectly-sized, well-crafted way to storage all your jewelry. I've had mine for about a week now, and I find myself going into the closet, opening it, and just *staring* at it (what can I say, it's fun to see things well organized! LOL). I wish I'd had this years ago!
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on January 20, 2015
I took out an old wall heater and had a nice big hole to fix. Instead I mounted this in the existing hole, patched and a little trim and VIOLA! It's a great cabinet and my wife is thrilled with it. She did say she wishes it had more hooks but I think I can fix that on my own. Some of the other similar products have a few more solid drawers to store things but the dimensions didn't work to mount between studs. Build quality is pretty good too and the mirror has a protective back on it. I expect this will last a very long time!
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on January 25, 2015
This is a great little piece of furniture. I am always a little nervous buying something like this online as I prefer see/feel touch/open/close something like this to make sure we like the color, the finish, the solid feel, quality construction and the hardware. I looked at a number of products and sites and settled on this one. We preferred the Warm Brown Walnut.
This is a nicely made jewelry cabinet. The corners are mitered and perfectly aligned. The back is rabbeted in and also nicely aligned. The fit of the door, the finish are all professionally done. This piece is very solid. The door has 3 hinges and they are each adjustable. There is ample room for many pieces of jewelry. The inside is finished with hooks and hangers galore with a velvet backing that is dark and blends nicely with the wood finish, lending an elegant look. One of the reviewers say this is "appears to be high quality particle board...", it is not. It is real wood on the frame. You can tell by inspecting the dado cut for the locking mechanism in the side piece and under the hinges.
I have to say I used my own hardware instead of the supplied. I keep a box of 50 lb and 75 lb EZ Anchors around and used the 75 lb anchors with slightly longer screws. As this is going to be used daily and with the mirrored door out, I have more confidence the weight will be held securely with this better anchors. One of the reviewers say this is "appears to be particle board, it is not. It is real wood.
There are some different configurations for placing jewelry in the various cabinets out there. Guys, you may need your wife's help with selection. Some have more little boxes, some with more hooks. This one has more hooks.
The price is right, it is well packed and arrived without damage. If you not sure which to get-just pull the trigger on this one. You will not be disappointed.
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on March 1, 2012
The jewelry case is heavier and better made than I thought, even after reading the reviews. I love it.

I agree with the other reviews that the anchors that come with it don't seem to be sufficient for the weight so I used some extra anchors I had in the tool box. It seems very secure even though I did not drill any additional holes in the case as some other reviewers have have done and I did not put the anchors into studs, just drywall. The case is heavy and definately takes 2 people to put up. We should have used a power tool to reduce the tired arms holding the case up while the other one put the screws in, but the battery way dead and I was too anxious to put the case up to wait for it to charge. :)

I picked this case because it has plenty of space for long and/or bulky necklaces and hook earings. The case did not disappoint. This is not a good case if you are looking to store a lot of post earrings. Another review had said somthing about putting their post earings in the earig slots. Out of curiosity I tried that but it made really nervous. It is really easy to knock them out of the little slot, but hook earings seem secure. I think the only decent choice would be to toss them in the removable tray at the bottom of the case, but I find that kinda low. I keep all my post earings in my old small jewlry box on my dresser, which I find to be a better height.

The case interior had a very strong, very industrial smell when it arrived. I put a couple shot glasses in teh bottom with baking soda in them in the bottom of the case and the smell was mostly gone after a couple days.
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on November 11, 2015
I gave this product 4 stars because it has finally gotten my jewelry that was in several small boxes into one nice place that also is a mirror, but for the jewelry organization design and having to put wood on my wall to feel comfy hanging, I'd give it 3 stars. It came in good condition except the one middle necklace hanger was not attached. I happen to have more stud backed earrings than the hook kind, and this jewelry box has no place to hang these.
As many mentioned before in other reviews, the piece is heavy and comes with 3 small screws with anchors that didn't line up with any wall studs. My hubby installed wood brackets so we know it's secure. I'll hang some hooks on the wood so I can hang scarves, etc. Since it has no place to put earrings with stud backs, I modified mine with a heavy gauze ribbon that I purchased in Michaels and hung on two of the necklace hooks. (see pics). I can now hang them with ease as well as my pins.

I would love if this had more of the shelf type storage for those odds and ends. All in all, I'm happy with this purchase.
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on November 7, 2010
I highly recommend this jewelry cabinet. I was looking for somewhere to store my jewelry to keep it all organized and keep it from getting all tangled up. This cabinet was perfect. I didn't want to take up a lot of space in my bedroom and this cabinet is very thin and I took down my existing full length mirror and put this up in it's place. It is great because you can see all your jewelry at one glance. This was perfect for me. The only complaints I have is the hardware that comes with the cabinet was not really sturdy enough, so my husband drilled additional holes and screwed in extra hole in the middle and bottom to make sure it hit a wall stud. It is a heavy cabinet. Also, he door does not open wide, it only opens 90 degrees, so you have be careful about where you hang it, that you have plenty of room on the right hand side. Also, you'll want to hang it in a well lit area so you can see everything when you open up the cabinet. I use a "clip" light on a bookshelf beside the cabinet so I can light it up to see everything.
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on August 1, 2008
This jewelry cabinet exceeded my expectations. It is well-constructed and quite a sturdy piece. It comes with two screws and those plastic wall anchors. It's heavy and will require 2 people to hang it, so if you're not mounting it in a wall stud, then I'd recommend using a sturdier wall anchor made of metal to ensure your purchase doesn't end up on the floor.

Even though I was aware that it was 48" tall, it was taller than I expected when I saw it in person. It's not too big, just bigger than I had imagined. The inside is lined with felt and is well-done. The cabinet locks if you desire to lock it. The mirror is nicely beveled. It holds many necklaces, rings, dangle earrings, and has a divided tray that sits in the bottom for small earrings and such. Overall, the jewelry cabinet is well-made and sturdy. I was definitely pleased with the purchase.

You won't be disappointed.
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