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Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer
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on September 25, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have never used a steamer before, and I found this device surprisingly easy to use. The instructions were straight forward and the device assembled in a matter of minutes. I was impressed with how sturdy it appears to be. With this device you get a steamer, a stand, hanger, and manual.

To give the steamer a complete workout I steamed 3 items. The first was an old suit of my fathers. After filling the steamer's reservoir I waited the required 45 seconds and went at it. I am not a professional drycleaner, so it took a while to figure it out. A slow steady stroke is best. I also found it useful to put a tea towel over my other hand in case I got a bit too close to it with the steamer since... Yowch, you CAN burn yourself if you aren't careful and steam is hot.

I found the stand really was able to hold the suit well, and the steamer was able to tackle the job of my father's ancient suit nicely, straightening it.

Next came my sister's cotton blazer. It was wrinkled, so I ran the steamer over the lapel area and down the backside and the steamer did a nice job.

Final test: the curtains. Our curtains had been in storage and and after we hung them, there were a few unseemly folds. So I put the steamer on a stand, and steamed away. It took out the wrinkles nicely, and I didn't even have to take them down! (I did have to place the steamer on a stand, since the steamer didn't quite have enough reach to reach the valance).

Verdict: The steamer really works, and is easy for beginner's to use. It was versatile across different types of fabrics and produced results right away.


* There is a slight NEW smell when the device is running. It smells a bit like burning plastic.
* Hose isn't long enough if you're going to do things like valances
* Awkward to store
* Must use carefully to avoid steaming yourself

* Easy to setup
* Sturdy
* Works quickly
* Short 'warmup' time
* Effective
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Frankly, I was surprised this tiny steamer performs as well as it does.

Ordinarily, I use a $200 Rowenta steam generator (similar to this Rowenta DG8030 Expert Steam Generator) to "iron" our clothes, and I wondered how well the SteamFast could compare. I'm happy to say, quite favorably. It actually has a few features that recommend it over the Rowenta, not the least of which is PRICE. Other benefits are convenience and warm-up time. When I use the Rowenta model, I have to use (and set up) an ironing board, dragging it from one end of the house to the other. It also takes about 5-7 minutes to warm up and start generating steam.

The SteamFast, on the other hand, is self-contained; no ironing board is needed. Steaming is done simply by hanging garments on the steamer itself. It also heats up and is ready to use, just as the instructions say, in just 45 SECONDS. Super fast--I was really surprised! I also like its tiny footprint for storage; the telescoping pole can be retracted quickly, the hanger "folds in half" for storage, and the whole unit is lightweight and easy to handle (it even has wheels).

Here are a couple of tips I've used to get the best performance out of the SteamFast:
1. Use distilled water.
2. Hang the garment, then start steaming at the BOTTOM and work your way upward. Starting at the bottom lets steam start penetrating and softening the whole garment as soon as you start steaming. Stop periodically to smooth out wrinkles with your hand (this greatly speeds the process).
3. I'm sure the manufacturer doesn't recommend this, but I've found it quicker and easier to simply steam garments on their own hangers (I have plastic-coated hangers--metal would be a bad idea, because of the rusting/staining issue). If you choose to do this, you have to be REALLY careful to not burn yourself with rising steam.
4. I've found the steamer works best by NOT using the brush attachment on the steamer head. Pay attention to the angle you hold the steamer head at; you'll quickly learn what angle works best for each type of fabric.

All in all, this steamer does a good job and is an improvement (in my opinion) over a standard iron. You will, however, have to steam both the front and back of garments to get a suitable finish.

My favorite features are the incredibly fast warm-up time and the fact that it has such a small footprint that it could even be used in a utility room. The cord is relatively short, so you'll need to work within about 6 feet of a power outlet.

I've found that I like to use my SteamFast most for individual loads of laundry. I can go from dryer to steamer to closet in no time, rather than accumulating a worthy stack of ironables, like I used to do with the Rowenta, and then spend a couple of hours steaming. In other words, this little unit makes it easy to steam your clothes during your regular laundering process.

This is a great value for its price; recommended!
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on December 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
AS usual received item fast from Amazon. This is my first foray into steaming product other than using the good old fashion iron. I just couldn't imagine spending over $50 for some fancy-smansy iron that still require alot of work and time. So when this item came up on Amazon's Lightening Deal I quickly went and started researching this product. It took awhile but found out that the 510 is the newer model but even at original price it was cheaper than the 407 model, but I was concern with the quality because it didn't get as many reviews as the previous model.

Well needless to say, all the reviews was dead-on..... Wrong/Right! I love this machine! Even with the thought that there might be a defect with it, all I could think is "how quickly can I get a replacement?" Now, it's not a wonder machine. There are some things that could be improve upon, but to me they were acceptable quirks.

1. It takes the wrinkles out.
2. It takes the wrinkles out... Wait I already said that didn't I?
3. On deliates and knits -- the wrinkles came out easily and fast.
4. Blouses with fancy layers and designs, the wrinkles were much easier and quicker to remove. My daughter has this shirt that had three layers, and I would have to iron each layer in order to get it neat looking. With the steamer, less than 5 minutes (prob shorter) the wrinkles was out. The stupid bows, beads, and accents no longer became an issue. Un-ironed nooks and crannies -- look out!
5. I can re-wear my outfits. The steaming refreshes it, so now if my clothes are lightly worn I don't have to throw it in the wash again. Thereby saving me time and laundry cost.
6. The humidity from the steamer was actually quite beneficial if you think about it. ;-)

Quirks (not major CONS... Yet)
1. The hanger isnt strong -- Oh well, I just put my shirt on a regular hanger and steam with it on (plastic ones, I did kind of forgot and used metal ones... Oh well). All this did was get my shirt quicker onto a hanger saving me an extra step.
2. The flimsy feel or lack of stability -- I don't know what others were doing, but even though I'm of the female gender, I wasn't exactly full of grace and gentleness. I just figure out that hey, if the item is too heavy I do have another hand that can support the weight temporarily.
3. The hanger doesn't swivel -- now I do agree it would have been nice if it did, but on the other hand I would consider the longevity of said swivel and it's durability. Besides all it did again was save me another step. I was putting it on the hanger that came with, then I would have to take it off and put it on it's regular hanger ... It got to be a bother after awhile for me.
4. I thought item was defective. Turns out there was a drainage plug (duh!) I didnt notice (ok, I actually didn't read the manual) that was not tightened, therefore unit was leaking. So READ BOOKLET FIRST!

Now if there's anything else you need to know read everyone's reviews. I noticed the common theme was about the stability and the type of fabric you wanted unwrinkled. Anything clothing made with a high concentration of cotton WILL NOT look "crisp" when applied. It will look more like it came out freshly from the dryer look. I have shirt with 97% cotton and whatever... It took the wrinkles out but did not give the crisp look like ironing does.

However, polyester, rayons, blends, knits, twill, and sheers came out awesome! I don't know what else it will work on... But it'll be fun to find out later! All I can say, for about $39 it was well worth the splurge!

UPDATE: today is March 29, 2013. The steamer is still working fine. I don't put in the distill water I'm suppose to, but its still handling the lack of care on my part like a good trooper. Still happy with the purchase just for the fact alone that it helps out so much in taking wrinkles out of women's delicate clothing or just because of the type of fabric most women's clothing are now madeout of.
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VINE VOICEon August 27, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Nobody NEEDS a SteamFast, but it makes dressing neatly a lot easier. "Iron" is a 4-letter word in my house; I do not buy clothes that require ironing, and I cannot remember the last time I put up the ironing board. But I do not like the rumpled look, and the SteamFast seemed like a product that might take out wrinkles "on the fly" from clothes that were too wrinkled to wear. In addition, I had recently hung some curtains that had creases that did not hang out. For the most part the Steamfast met my expectations and was ALMOST fun to use!
My initial reservations turned out to be unfounded. Assembly went well, which seems to be rarer and rarer on new gadgets these days. Most of it is fairly intuitive, and the instructions were pretty clear. The SteamFast looked big on the Amazon site, but its wand telescopes nicely so that it can be stored conveniently without disassembly.
It is thoughtfully designed. There is a cord wrap to make storage easier. There is a (fairly large)hanger supplied for garments and hooks that let you use your own hanger. The hanger that is supplied is removable but is stationary when attached. Using your own hanger is nice for small people or when your clothing is on a specialized hanger like a pants hanger. There is also a brush that removes lint, loose threads, and the like. I discovered it worked very well on pet hair, BUT the user MUST resist the temptation to clean the brush while the unit is operating. Ouch! That burned!
So how did it work? It was easy to fill and began spewing steam quickly. I tried it on a cotton t-shirt that was wrinkled from being carelessly folded into a drawer and cotton shorts that stayed in the dryer too long. It worked very well and made both garments smooth and wearable. Using the SteamFast on the shorts was a bit awkward while they were on the hanger, because it was difficult to get to the inner side of the legs, but it was doable.
The draperies were somewhat less successful. My draperies are a fairly heavy damask, and the wrinkles did not completely disappear without prolonged steaming. Worse, the hose is not long enough for the steam nozzle to reach far up the draperies, and at 12.5 pounds the SteamFast is too heavy for a small person to hold comfortably for long. For draperies, the appliance will work best for lighter fabrics and a big, strong user.
My bottom line is that this is a handy gadget that I can keep ready to make an outfit look presentable. You can store it with the water in it, so using it just requires pulling up the wand, plugging it in, and turning it on. I would especially appreciate it for dry-cleanable items that often get sent out because they are wrinkled from wearing them rather than because they are dirty.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I first tried this with a pair of chinos that had been sitting folded in pile in my room for a while. (I hate ironing so much that I try not to buy clothes that require it.)

The steaming function worked pretty well. The steamer heats up pretty fast. It didn't get the really deep wrinkles out or make everything perfectly flat, but it did a decent job on my chinos. I think it would work better with those items that scare me with a real iron -- rayon stuff, silk, etc.

However, the folding hangar on it is relatively flimsy. I don't think it could hold anything of any real weight -- my chinos were pushing it.

But, this does make me rethink my personal prohibition about buying clothes that require ironing -- at least the lightweight stuff.
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on July 15, 2011
I just bought this a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to try it! Here's the rundown after having it for a few weeks:

- It heats up pretty fast, maybe a minute?
- Easy to put together.
- Easy to refill water tank.
- Does a decent job steaming clothes for the size of the steamer.
- Comes with it's own stable hanger.

- Still doesn't get out wrinkles completely in heavily wrinkled and heavier weight fabrics (like khakis).
- The hanger is kind of large. Fits my husbands shirts fine since he has mostly L and XL size shirts, but I feel like I have to stretch my shirts/sweaters a little to get it on the hanger. For pants, I just hang a pants hanger (one with two clips) from the other hanger, otherwise, I'm not sure how you'd hang a pair of pants to steam it?
- Sometimes if I've been using it a long time and while I'm steaming, drops of hot water/collected steam flick back on to me. Be careful!

Overall, I'm happy with it. It's easier and quicker to use than my iron. I read another review where someone had said they wish there were more options, like a "Hold" button, and I would definitely agree with it! But, I got it for a good price, so I can't complain about the limited functionality.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Wow, what a handy little guy. Ok I have been trying out my new `toy". I have to admit, I switched to permanent press some time ago. But as we know, there still remains a few wrinkles, especially if you don't get the shirts out of the dryer and onto a hanger asap.

So, I took a number of them and used the nifty little steam wand on them while they hung on the handy hanger attachment. And Viola! Lovely.

I wear a lot of sport coats and blazers. Dry cleaning is expensive and a annoyance. So I used the wand to freshen up my Harris Tweed coat and my tropical wool blazer, and they came out very nice indeed. There ya go- $20 bucks saved.

Add to that the fact that this little guy can be used to steam disinfect, and now I wonder how I lived without one of these for so long!

Easy to assemble, a cinch to use. Oh, BTW- use distilled or filtered water- hard water will gum things up, they say.
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VINE VOICEon October 19, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a great product to keep clothes fresher longer and to take the wrinkles out of clothes I have left in my dryer overnight. For someone who hates ironing this product is a must.

I wear suits often at work so I used to make frequent runs to the dry cleaners. This is a great product to make a slightly worn suit look like it just came from the dry cleaners. It is especially great on suit jackets that are wrinkled after a long day at work. It is also a great way to make a suit that has not been worn in a while, and has been carelessly hung in a closet, look like it has just come from the drycleaners.

I also use this when I forget to take shirts or slacks out of the clothes dryer at night. Rather than running the dryer again, or taking out my iron, I use the fabric steamer instead.

Jackets take longer to steam than shirts or slacks but I have found the process pretty quick on everything. I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of steam produced by this product.

The steamer is easy to put together. Once assembled it takes up less space than I thought. You can use regular tap water for the steamer but if you come from an area like mine that has hard water you should use Steamfast Lemon Acid to break up the mineral build up caused by the hard water. The other option is buying distilled water.

In this economy the less trips to the drycleaners the better and this helps keep clothes wrinkle free and fresh. Plus, if you are like me and you hate ironing, this is a great product.
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on August 23, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a good basic little fabric steamer that gets the job done.

-It was easy and quick to assemble.
-It heats up quickly. It only takes about a minute for the steam to start.
-It comes with hanger that folds down when not in use. It has wheels so it is easy to move around.
-Comes with a removable brush.

-The hanger that is provided is really wide. It works well for men's clothing, but when I hung one of my blouses (women's size medium) on it the hanger was way too big and went way past the shoulders of the blouse, distorting the fabric in that area. (If you look at the green shirt in the product images you will see what I mean. The distortion is not very pronounced in that picture though because it looks like it is a knit fabric that stretches. My blouse was a woven fabric that did not stretch so the distortion was more pronounced.) I had to use my own hanger and I hung it up right behind the provided hanger, but this caused my blouse to hang lower. I found this a bit annoying, but it worked.
-The other annoying thing about the provided hanger is that you can only hang a shirt (button-up/collared shirt) in one direction. This is not a problem when you are steaming the back of the shirt, but when you turn it around to steam the front, the collar gets caught up behind the top of the hanger and the shirt bunches up there.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is my second Steamfast steamer. I replaced my previous Steamfast SF-407 steamer with this unit due to this unit being cheaper at the time. My original SF-407 was a great unit but died after about 2 years of use. It would produce about one minute of steam and then shut itself off. I don't blame Steamfast for this, as I did not follow their recommendations (I'd always leave it full of water for weeks at a time, etc). Truth be told, I loved the SF-407, and was very happy to purchase another Steamfast for my next steamer.

I chose the SF-510 due to it being a lower price. It's basically the same thing, but the 510 has a nice exterior cord wrap to keep the cord in place, and comes with a different steaming head and an attached hanger. Have to say, I'm honestly not thrilled about the 510. It's still does a decent job steaming my clothing, but it's no where near as good as our previous 407. First of all, the general setup at the top of the pole on the SF-510 is a lot poorer than on the SF-407. The built-in hanger is pretty useless. It does an OK job of holding clothing there, but I find it much easier to put my clothing on my own hanger, that way when I steam one side, I can quickly spin it around and steam the back. Can't do that with the built in hanger. Luckily, it's very easily removable, so I have just stopped using it entirely. But then the other problem, the hooks to use your own hangers are on the sides of the top of the pole, rather than facing straight front to back. This means you have to awkwardly twist the hose to steam, and then it's a little tougher to put back in the steam head holder when you are switching from one garment to the next.

Also, the SF-510 gives me a lot more water on my clothing when I steam. Not perfect steam like on my own unit. My SF-510 is either spitting out too much water, or not heating quite hot enough. Either way, its a little annoying if I need to quickly steam something to wear, and the end result is a soaked garment. This was never a problem on my older SF-407.

So, I'm almost already looking forward to a time down the road when my SF-510 breaks down and I can either buy another SF-407, or try one of those Jiffy units that everyone raves about. Overall, 3 out of 5's good, but not great, and much better options in the price range exist.
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