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on April 2, 2013
I had high hopes for this product, even with the negative reviews it already had. I downloaded it on my nexus 10 and connected it via USB to my computer, only to have the display so slow that it wasn't useable, even for something that didn't update very often like my microsoft lync client. I would stay away from this software.
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on February 17, 2014
I was not sure I want to get this app because of mixed reviews. I went ahead anyway. I downloaded iDisplay Desktop first on my Lenovo T400 first and then started iDisplay on Tablet. They found each other through WiFi right away.
I'm a keyboard player and looking into using VST sounds from my computer during live performances. I need to travel light.
I moved Kontakt 5 (VST player) from laptop screen over to tablet. I can zoom in and change to different instruments with my fingers. I want to read music charts from my laptop and change keyboard sounds from tablet. If this works, I don't have to bring 2 laptops with me.
I also purchased cable to connect the 2 together incase I cannot access WiFi or WiFi signals are weak and slow.
I believe the key is one should use main stream computer and tablets. I used to have a nameless cheap tablet, I could not get anything to work -- very frustrating.
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on October 22, 2013
I bought this to use by USB connection. It claimed to work on windows 7.
Well, it works on Windows 7 32 bit via USB but not Windows 7 64 bit by USB.
It does work on Windows 7 64 bit via WiFi. That doesn't work for my purpose.
It is very slow via WiFi, that may be affected WiFi strength.
This is a good app if it fits your needs. USB connection on W7 32bit is fast, impressive!
WiFi lags in response to mouse input so much as to be of limited use.

Update to this review:
It seems that my laptop is windows 7 64bit and it does work on the usb connection.
My windows 7 64bit gaming computer does not work on usb. I'll have to keep studying this one because I don't know why.
I need the speed of the usb connection on my gaming computer.
So the first review information is incorrect about IDisplay not working via usb. It worked fine on one computer not on the other.
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on October 27, 2015
This is a really good idea, and it did not cause my computer, nor my tablet, to melt. So one star for being a good idea and not a fire hazard. But so far I have been unable to get it to work. However, this may be because my laptop is Win10, and they only specifically have a Windows 8 version in a "beta" form. I thought probably that would work. Apparently not. Also possibly complicating things, the two tablets I've tried it on are a Kindle Fire and an old HP running Cyanogen. So the connecting hardware may be a little on the fringes. It appears that somebody somewhere has managed to find a combination that does work, but alas that somebody is not me.

I tried both over WiFi and USB (my preference) and no luck. In WiFi mode, it identified my laptop, but wouldn't actually connect. In USB mode, it was less clear what was going on. I thought about testing on my Win7 desktop, but I don't really have a use for it there.

So the $200 stand-alone solution for an extra travel monitor seems to be the way to go. I guess maybe it was worth the money to determine that.
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on October 18, 2014
My devices: Kindle Fire HD and Windows 8.1 64bit running on a notebook.
- Help offered on the owner site is something like this: 'try to restart your computer', etc (amusing).
I have tried to do the following beyond the professional 'help' offered by the owner:
- switcing my firewall off:
- installing the iDisplay desktop version for Win 7 and running it in compatibility mode on my Win 8.1;
It did not work no matter what I have tried.
Finally I need to mention the sorrowfull fact that buying downloadable software from Amazon is not really recommended either. You may never know what you get, and obviously untested products (I'm not supposed to call it rubbish, so I do not call it rubbish) might be found, and if I have undersood correctly, downloadable software is not refundable. The more you spend on downloads, the more you risk. Be cautious.

I have to add some new info to my own review. I have switched from an SMC router to a TP-Link one and all of a sudden my Win 8 notebook was now able to connect to my Kindle Fire wirelessly without any difficulties. Both of the routers (SMC and TP-Link) are set to b/g/n mixed wireless mode and to the same wireless security settings (WPA2), so I have no idea why iDisplay refuses to work with one brand of router whilst working smoothly with another one, which is set basically to the same technical parameters. C'est la vie. In brief iDisplay now works for me, a bit sluggishly, but works. Nevertheless I think it is not the best idea to sell a software like this. Possibly it is unproperly tested.
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on April 6, 2013
Amazon should give refund to people who have purchased this application.
I could not get this app to work at all with my kindle fire, and when I got it to work with my Android phone I could not get full functionality of the app with Windows 8.
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on January 27, 2012
I bought this thing because I wanted to connect my smartphone wired to my computer to use as a third monitor for notifications. As far as I know, you cannot connect this to a mac via usb, it only works with wifi and tends to freeze after awhile. I have a tablet and hope it works better on that but I'm not counting on it. And obviously you can't watch video on the devices, but static text is fine.
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on June 7, 2016
Earlier review: Doesn't work on Amazon Fire. Keeps crashing. Wasted 5+ bucks.
Updated Review: Works fine. Had trouble making it work on my Android with MacBook EI Capitan. After trying a lots of things...finally this small tweak worked--- TURNING OFF " AUTO CONFIGURATION FOR OPTIMAL SPEED/QUALITY"
A little sluggish but works fine. I give it 3.5.
review image
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on July 20, 2011
I picked this up because I wanted a separate mini-toolbar for all the windows in programs like photoshop and GIMP. I also wanted a small window where I could glance at incoming emails without switching tasks. iDisplay works like a charm! The refresh rate is pretty slow (maybe 10fps), but it's perfect for my needs. I also like how you can interact with your desktop through the touchscreen - I use my tablet as a color palette and I can switch colors with my finger.

My setup is a Windows 7 Laptop and a Creative ZiiO with Android 2.2. I'm not sure if the software works with Android 3.0. It does work when I have a second monitor plugged in.

I consider it a $5 portable secondary display - very handy to have and works great as long as you're okay with a 10 fps refresh rate.
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on November 14, 2012
Several MAJOR problems:

1) Must bypass Firewall entirely, even with exceptions. Huge security risk.

2) Any time you rotate the second (display) device, all devices reset display. This is extraordinarily obnoxious when using an iPhone.

3) iPhone doesn't have any display settings, so it's impossible to maximize windows to fit.


5) Clicking and turning simulated analog rotary controls doesn't work, making it useless for music production software.
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