Customer Reviews: SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with DVD, 10 Presser Feet, Metal Frame, and More
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Style Name: 7258 with 100 Stitches & Programmable Needle|Change
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on December 2, 2010
The only negative thing I can say about this machine is this: It's so much better than my Singer Esteem II that I'm wondering just how much better an even more expensive Singer would have been. Now that I've realized how much fun a better-than-basic machine can be, I'm starting to covet the machines that will do even fancier stitches and do letters.

With that said, I didn't really need to spend more than I did on this machine. So, I'm perfectly happy!

1. The instruction manual is incredibly detailed. My basic Singer Esteem covered many features so briefly that I really didn't know what I was doing. The Stylist manual even goes so far as to explain many of the included 100 stitches. The machine is pretty self-explanatory to get setup if you've sewed before. But it's nice that any questions you have are probably in the manual and won't require a long Google search.

2. It sews VERY smoothly. And it's so much quieter than my old machine.

3. The option to have the needle stop up or down might not seem like a big deal - but it's SO convenient once you get used to it. I love it!

4. The slider to control the speed of the machine without the foot pedal also gives some speed control when the foot pedal is attached. Although my daughter is too young to sew now, I imagine that being able to limit the foot pedal's speed for a beginner will be a great plus. And when piecing together long strips of fabric, in particular, the ability to sew without the foot pedal attached is a nice luxury. I was afraid it would be scary and hard to stop. But the Start/Stop button is located in a very convenient place, making it easy to stop the machine with your finger that's feeding the fabric through.

5. The stitches are really pretty. To bring back up my old Singer Esteem II - it had some extra stitches that looked quite awful and I wondered why anyone would ever use them. I kind of expected that with this model too, but since I sew mostly children's clothing, it didn't matter a lot to me if anything but standard stitches worked. But I have been very pleasantly surprised. I've already found myself embellishing some items with the pretty choices.

6. Can you believe how many presser feet are included with this machine? Really, that alone is what sold me on it. I compared with other machines that offered all the other features except for the feet, and some were even more money. I'd never gotten to use a ruffler foot before this. No more sewing a long stitch and pulling to create my ruffle - the machine does it for me! I've been experimenting with the embroidery foot. They're all awesome.

7. The ONLY problem I've had with the machine is this: When I have the needle in the setting to end "down", and I stop and need to remove my fabric, and I turn the wheel to move the needle, the thread gets too tight (upper thread) and breaks as I pull my fabric out. I've found that the simple solution is to turn the need to the "up" position, do a quick backstitch, and the thread pulls with no problem.

8. I've had zero problems with the bobbin so far. It is super easy to load. It hasn't jammed (which my old machine did all the stinking time!). And, while the plastic cover over the bobbin compartment originally concerned me because of durability questions, I'm really liking being able to see how much bobbin thread I have left. In my old, front loading bobbin machine, I was always surprised to run out of bobbin thread....often after having sewn a very long time without it (a big pain). Now I can keep an easy eye on it without having to unthread it.

So that's it. I love this machine. If you can afford a much more expensive machine, like $500+, then get it. But if you're looking in the $190-$300 range, this one seems to be one of the best. And if you're just starting sewing, skip the $100 machines and just go straight for this model. It's affordable, and makes sewing seem easier because the machine just does what it should.
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on December 27, 2011
I researched for a long time before making my decision, learning about drop-in bobbins and zipper foots... but of all the reviews I read none of them told me the things I needed to read as a first-time buyer. I'll try my best to do that here:

1. Set up is simple straight out of the box, you plug in the power and the pedal. You turn on the power. Done... Threading time.

2. The instruction manual has three different languages all on the same page, so threading your machine and learning its functions the first time will be a little frustrating. I really suggest watching the included DVD, even though it's not model specific, it does provide a lot of helpful information.

3. The variable speed has proven to be very useful as a first time sewer. I was afraid of pressing the pedal and having the fabric zoom uncontrollably through my inexperienced fingers. However, the lowest speed allows you time to see and understand how the fabric moves through the machine.

4. My husband hovered over my shoulder during my research days incessantly questioning whether this or that model would handle denim. I have not had a chance to sew actual denim but the machine handled 6 layers of cotton fabric - it groaned and struggled slightly but soldiered through it. I feel confident saying that with the proper needle, this machine would handle it fine.

5. The throat plate does have measurements engraved on it so you can line up your fabric for the seam allowance, however, I wish the bobbin cover also had the markings on it. I have to crane forward to see the measurements and my unfamiliar hands end up pulling the fabric sideways.

6. Automatic threader... ingenious! I didn't read my instruction manually thoroughly the first time (too excited!) and I was trying to thread the needle manually. Stop! Auto-thread! :)

All-in-all, coming from someone who had never sewn anything a day in her life and made an apron and a pillow within hours of getting the machine; this is perfection! A wonderful first-time machine and I doubt there will be many occasions where I'd need anything more substantial. I am very, very happy with this purchase!
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on September 13, 2010
I cannot say enough about this machine, it is one of the best ones I have ever used, I have a $1000 Necchi and this one blows that one to bits. It is so smooth and Singer customer service, the best out there. They have almost every Singer sewing machine manual on their website available for a free download. Only Brother is another one to do that. I will not consider another brand because of their great staff. Do not hesitate to buy a Singer and this particular model is just wonderful. If, this is a comeback product for Singer, they are on the right track because sewing is coming back big time. People are sick of cheap clothes, and want quality. You can make your own custom outfits in no time with the new patterns out there. Give it a try!!!!!! You will not be sorry.
I am only disappointed that it does not have a lever to lower the feed dogs, you get a plastic plate to cover them, which can jump. I fixed that by using painters tape to hold it down and then it does not jump. Always make sure that you use the right size needle, ie. denim should be at least a #14 or #16, plus use a product called hump jumper or a jean a ma jig that lets you sew right over a heavy seam flawlessly. I also use a Brother SA 176 J foot that has a button on the side to hold the foot flat and it will do the same thing for heavy seams. It is a snap on foot and works fine with the Singer, most snap ons are universal. I have taught sewing for over 20 years, been sewing for over 50 years and am always looking for tools to make things easier.
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on December 19, 2011
I recently purchased this sewing machine because I got tired of having to go to my mom's to use hers. She has an old Singer machine (she wasn't sure of the model because she bought it from a school who was replacing all of theirs years ago) and I just loved it. It was straightforward to use and I could operate it without many hitches. I wanted to find a machine that was comparable to this old one. I'm not an expert sewer, so I didn't need anything extravagant; however, I do know enough of what I'm doing that I did want something that had some neat features.

This one was not as good as the old one - it was MUCH better! It is so easy to use. Threading the machine is a breeze; all the directions are printed on the actual machine. Winding a bobbin is a cinch. I love that there is a built-in thread cutter. Changing stitch patterns is super easy, and you can see an example of what the stitch will look like easily because it is printed right below the keypad. There are a couple of features I really didn't think I would care too much about, but I have ended up loving--the speed control feature, and the needle position feature. The speed control allows you to go as fast or slow as you want. You can set the speed to slow when you have a lot of intricate work to go through and the machine won't "take off" on you because you've pushed the pedal down too far. The needle position feature was also great. With a simple push of a button, the needle will stop in the "down" position so you don't pull material out of line with where you want to be sewing. My husband walked by while I was working on something the other night and said, "Wow that thing is really quiet, aren't they usually a lot louder??" - the machine is SO quiet, and I love that.

The only problem I have with the machine, and thus the 4-star rating (if I could have given it a 4 1/2 star I totally would have), is that it doesn't sew thick material very well. I was making a pair of sweat pants, and when I tried sewing down the waistband, it locked up and beeped. It was pretty dang thick though, and I really don't plan on sewing anything like that very often, so it's not a huge deal for me.

All in all, this is a fantastic machine. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a high quality machine that's simple to use.

UPDATE: I have used my machine so much over the past couple of months, and I still havent had a single problem with it! I still stand by my review that this is an AWESOME little machine!
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on June 13, 2013
I got this sewing machine for mother's day this year. I haven't sewn since I was a child and I was a little nervous so I watched the ready, set, sew! DVD first. Immediately after I was done with that, I wound a bobbin and threaded the machine. Both were very easy to do! I have already made two dresses for my two year old and some pillowcases for a friend! This is the perfect machine from a beginner. It is fool proof!
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on May 5, 2013
Some background on me....I'm a sewing machine hoarder! I probably own 20+ working machines of all ages and brands. I have machines from a 1901 working Singer treadle to two Featherweights to several (i.e., over 5) modern computerized sewing machines, so I know my way around a sewing machine and know the importance of a machine that is easy to use.

I teach sewing to a small group of 9-11 year old girls who have very little or no experience with a sewing machine, and i've purchased 8 (so far!) of these machines through Every single machine arrives in perfect condition and runs beautifully!

This machine is very user friendly, and I have the girls up and running in no time at all! That's very important to a new sew-er because if there are problems with the machine, they will become frustrated right at the start and then could find sewing a chore instead of something fun. No such problem with this machine! My girls especially love the decorative stitches and how easy it is to switch from one to another with the computerized stitch choice panel. This machine has opened the door to my girls' creativity and is building the foundation for a life-long love of sewing and maybe even a way to add to their income in a few years as they sell what they make. They've been making gifts for people from the very beginning. I've even told them that they can sew their wedding dresses with this machine some day!

Another reason I initially chose this machine is the Singer 25 year warranty, something that you don't see in lower-priced sewing machines. But in the year and a half that I've been buying them and my girls have been putting their machines through their paces, I've never had one issue with any of the 8 that we have!

I HIGHLY recommend this machine! I'd give it 10 stars if I could! If anyone gets this machine and has problems with it, then it's most likely a fluke and should be returned. Or it could be something as simple as incorrect threading or bobbin winding. There is one part of the threading that takes a bit to learn, getting the thread in the correct place on the wire guide and how to lay the thread for the needle threader. A little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature. if anyone has problems with their Singer 7256, before you return it, feel free to email me and i'll see if i can talk you through the threading!

Happy sewing!

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on December 28, 2014
I purchased the 7258 as a gift for my daughter in December.

I was putting the machine through it's paces with 5 pairs of denim jeans which I was hemming. I hemmed 4 pairs without issue. However, on the 5th pair of jeans, I received a pin prick near my thumb which drew blood. At first i thought that I must of stabbed myself on the many sharp parts near the eye of needle (I was threading the needle at the time). Fair enough, I continued with caution as this was a machine that was new to me.

Then it happened again. I received a much larger cut, 1/4" which again drew blood and was very similar to a very deep paper cut. Then I saw what was causing the cuts to my hand. It seems that the thread cutting guard broke (see attached pictures) exposing the razor blade. The piece of plastic which covers the blade can easily be broken. I had used the thread cutting features a few times and while using it I thought it was a nice feature. But it is poorly implemented. I'm not sure what caused the guard to break but the machine was not moved nor anything fell or touched the machine. I suspect the fabric got caught on it and snapped it. The plastic is thin and brittle so a thicker fabric could easily get snagged and break the plastic...and you wouldn't know it.

I would consider this a safety issue and a huge design flaw. It can cause bodily injury if you are unaware the guard broke off. Since you have to access the presser foot lever from behind the machine and fiddle with fabric back there, you can easily put a nice long gash on your arm or hand that may require stitches if you brush up on the exposed blade.

If you have this thread cutting tool, please remove it before you or someone using the machine gets hurt.

Removing the blade is easy to do and all that is required is a philips head screwdriver (the one that looks like a.. + ).

Please refer to your owners manual for instructions on how to remove the cover. Once the cover is off, there is one screw that holds the cutter in place. Remove the screw, remove the blade and toss it in the trash!

The machine itself is nice however, I can only give it one star due to the poor design of the thread cutter.

Please watch yourselves!
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on September 3, 2010
I was looking for a new sewing machine after leaving my Kenmore machine with my parents for my Mom to use.

I have had/used Kenmore brands in the past with no issues, so I started out searching for the next Kenmore. During my search the Singer stylist caught my attention. When comparing it to the Kenmore I was considering, it seems to offer a lot more stitch options than a Kenmore for the better price. So decided to give the Singer a try.

First impressions. It's quiet machine, it's small but sturdy. It does the stitches really well and so happy I don't have to worry about adjusting the tension control any more. I love the number of stitch options it offers and gives me the ability to be more creative.

It was very easy to start using, and the booklet has really good explanation to get you started.

The only set back I have so far is the foot press control. It's not as responsive/sensitive as the Kenmore I had before but its just something I will have to get used to.

Would be nice if it came with a solid cover instead of a plastic one.

Overall I would recommend it to anyone that is a starter or intermediate sewer.
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on February 27, 2015
I've been sewing for about 40 years. I also sold sewing machines at a local sewing repair shop. This is a nice machine, I was able to thread machine and select stitches without help of instructions or DVD, for someone who has experience using sewing machines it's very easy to operate. For someone new to sewing machines, keep in mind, it takes time & patience to learn the functions of any sewing machine, so I would recommend this machine for any beginner, it's just that easy to learn on. Don't get discouraged or feel its to technical, take one step at a time, most problems with machines, such as threads breaking, machine jamming etc.etc. is due to tension adjustments, improper threading, incorrect bobbin or winding or incorrect needle for fabric. Once you gain experience on the machines operation thru trial and error you'll find this machine is quite nice for the money. One other nice feature for those who have back issues or difficulty with pain in their legs that using a foot petal is difficult, this machine can be operated without the foot pedal. It has a start/stop button on face a machine. ( of 3/26/16 I'm still in love with this machine. I use it all the time and never had a issue. Great machine).
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on August 21, 2012
**This is the review of a complete novice, so you must keep in mind I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.**

This machine came today, and let me tell you I was ecstatic when (after an hour of figuring out how to fill a bobbin and thread the machine) I successfully sewed a line!! Taking this into consideration, I find this machine pretty good for beginners. The sewing chart is insanely easy to use. I pressed a few buttons, changed some numbers, sewed some zigzag pattern into the material and I was grinning ear to ear. Very impressed with myself! That's how much of a novice I am!! If you're a pro, we'd obviously have completely different takes on things.

Also, I inherited my grandmother's 1960 something Kenmore Sears machine, and it didn't work. I know times have changed, but in researching a new machine I found everything to be made of cheap plastic. I really prefer the oldschool metal machines. If you're a pro and you well know that machines don't come like this anymore, then maybe you'd give it 5 stars. I also have a major problem with the extremely cheap plastic spool holder that doesn't even hold up my spool. My grandmother's machine had beautiful strong metal spool holders. I looked into a few Brother machines and they had plastic cheap spool holders too. Maybe this is the standard today. So disappointing, in my opinion. But alas, that's why I give it 4. That, plus the reason the table extension was listed on the Quick Set Up Instructions and it doesn't actually get included in the box. Aaaand the directions really stink for someone that has absolutely no idea what they're doing.

Great for beginners, but I am bothered by the feel of the cheap plastic. There was a plastic foot even! (was foot the right word?? ha)

Love the stitches and the comfort of the Singer name.

PS. I would love love LOVE to know by any of you if this machine is capable of sewing a patch onto thin fabric. Will the machine break if I try to sew through a thick patch onto a pair of scrubs? By what specs can I look at on my machine to know what can and can't be sewed? I did one by hand and it was too hard.


Umm. YEA. After being forewarned by these ladies at Joann Fabrics that most machines can't do patches, I tried anyway and was blown away. I did five patches for my brother, and fixed another thicker one that was glued on months ago. I am such a novice at this, yet I find it extremely rewarding that I successfully used this machine to sew on patches. I'm amazed. I did use a 100/16, but it didnt break. So impressed. (equal parts myself and this machine)
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