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on October 20, 2012
I have used monopods for decades for both still imaging and video so my expectations were high given the other reviews. Although I have several carbon fiber tripods, this is my first carbon monopod. Likely like you, the GItzo was also under consideration, but the price is astronomical.

My expectation was that this would be much like one leg of my carbon tripods. It is so much more!

First, it is light. Second, it is the perfect size. Third, and this is the best, the rings that loosen or tighten the legs turn independent of the legs meaning that the leg sections, although round, do not rotate. The rings spin easily and regardless of whether the leg section above or below is tight or loose. That little aforementioned piece of magic means you can grab any ring and loosen it to adjust the height. You can also open and close the monopod in any leg section order. You can also open and close the legs in any order from any point in the sections.

I opted to add the Manfrotto 234 Monopod Tilt Head but pulled the round Sirui deck off the top of the monopod and mounted the 234 directly to the tubes. Some poo-poo an adjustment head on a monopod, but those folks must live in a two dimensional world. My environment is 3-D and involves ups and downs and rather than leaning the monopod back and forth, I keep it perpendicular to sea level and let the head make the necessary adjustment. The quick release is also important given that I am often switching between the mono and the tripod, or mono and freehand.

The monopod is plenty strong to hold my D300 with battery grip and a 400mm f/3.5! That's a 6.2 pound lens. There is some slight wobble in at the smallest leg junction with 9 lbs of gear five five stories above, but this is a monopod so it really does not matter.

So look no further. This mono rocks. If you need the Gitzo name, then I cannot help you. But given what else is out there in the world of monopods, for less than $200, this is the one to get. In fact, if you are going to put your mono thorough some rough times, then perhaps you don't want to bash up a Gucci, er... Gitzo since the name is half the price as this Sirui proves.
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on August 26, 2012
Like many folks out there, my first monopod was the Manfrotto 680B. It is a well made and stout platform for your camera/lens combo. It is also large, heavy, noisey and the leg lever locks like to get snagged on stuff. This Sirui P-326 is just as stout, but it folds down much smaller, extends a little longer, weighs alot less and is just as quick to deploy. Two of my four tripods (yes, I have a problem) are Gitzos, and likely any future pod purchases will be as well. I don't,however, use a monopod often enough to justify the cost of a Gitzo. Perhaps because I was spoiled by the Gitzos, I have never liked the Manfrotto pod, and so usually left it behind. It just feels like a club in my hand. If your photographing grizzlies in Alaska, that may be a good thing. But for the rest of us, not so much. Anyway, the bottom line is that this Sirui is smaller, lighter, quieter and more streamlined WITH my mono head attached to it than the Manfrotto is with no head attached. This, for me, easily justifies the thirty dollar difference in price. And, oh by the way, it comes with a compass...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 30, 2013
The Sirui P-326 is a handsome stick with impeccable workmanship, quality materials and smooth moving parts. Amazon's product images on don't do it justice. And it's perfect for travel and hiking: at .88 LB (400g) and 15 inches retracted, it easily fits in a carry-on, messenger bag or daypack.

I was concerned six leg locks would be a hassle but a few seconds of twisting and it's fully extended. I have small hands but can twist three open at once! The rubber twist rings are smooth turning and easy on the hands.

This is a solid stick: no flex, slipping or play in the leg sections. I don't have gear near the 22LB rating, but it has no problem supporting my EOS 6D and EF 300 4L USM. I'm 5'8' and, when fully extended, the P-326 is too tall with DSLR attached, so I leave the smallest section retracted.

For surfing and track sports I use a small quick release clamp so I can quickly mount/dismount my camera. The SUNWAYFOTO Discal Clamp DDY-58 DDY58 ARCA Compatible is a nice match for the P-326, being the same color and diameter as the monopod disk (58mm). It appears integral to the design. The reversible 1/4 to 3/8 mounting stud and disk with built-in nut wrench make for fast switching between direct camera mounting and a head or clamp.

While on vacation, my wife demands constant "selfies" so I use a small ball head, the SUNWAYFOTO FB-28i Mini Tripod Ball Head Arca Compatible. The P-326/FB-28i combo is light enough to hoist her Canon SL1 and kit zoom 5 feet above our heads and take in plenty of background scenery with our smiling mugs nestled in the corner. Plus, the ball head is great for shooting in museum and churches.

The Sirui comes with a hand-strap, tiny compass and aluminum keychain carabiner. The strap threads into an aluminum retainer beneath the disk and is easy to change, remove or upgrade. If you use the carabiner I recommend upgrading to a stainless steel locking model so you don't lose the P-326 on a trail or sidewalk. For city trekking I use a MAGLITE ASXD036 Plain Leather Belt Holder for D-Cell Flashlight, Black flashlight holster: loose enough to quickly draw or holster, more stable on my leg than a carabiner and holds securely as long as I don't do handstands. At $5 it's a bargain, especially compared to the bulky Gitzo GC5330 Series 1-5 Monopod Holster selling for $40. My wife informed me a monopod on my belt looks nerdy but it sure is handy.

The P-326 is the best stick I've ever owned and highly recommended!
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on April 3, 2012
I hesitated a bit before purchasing this; I was afraid the 6-section monopod would take too long to expand to full height than a pod with fewer sections. It's actually very fast to expand, you can twist all the fasteners at once with one hand motion.

I really like the design of the reversible mounting screw. It works well to switch from direct camera mounting to ball-head mounting.

It is extremely light weight, has good height, and folds up very small. A great travelers monopod!
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on August 28, 2015
There is very little that one can say about a Monopod, so I will keep this brief. I really had no need for another Monopod, and have never spent $100 bucks on one. But as a professional photographer of many years I have tried many products.I recently tried the SIRUI K 20 ball head. I fell in love! I kept the K 20 for my Dollica Monopod, and ordered the K 30 ball head for my tripod. They (K 30 & K 20 ball heads) are nothing but "Precision Sweet"!

I was so impressed with this product line, that I went ahead and ordered the P-326. I have a slight back problem, so I carry a monopod with me at all times as more of a walking stick. I also ride a MT. Bike daily and use bungecords to secure my gear to the frame of my bike. Since this Monopod has a 15" retracted size it appealed to me. When it arrived I was really impressed with all aspects of it. In another review I read where it was "QUIET". And unlike other Monopods I have had, it dose not "rattle" when you are walking with it. A good thing! It is extremely light weight, and very strong. I have put a lot of my own body weight (not abusing it) on it and it has never slipped or collapsed as some others I've had. It is quick to extend to the height I want and locks into position with very little tightening of the twist locks.

Side Note: I always put a round rubber protector (Like the ones you put on the bottom of a typical walking cane) on the bottom of my Monopods (available at any hardware store) to preserve the factory installed shoe since I use this all the time, and remove it if I have the need to extent the Stainless Steel point for icy or slippery conditions. Just a bit of advice!

Like the SIRUI Ball Heads, this is without a doubt a professional piece of gear, and I believe it is one of the highest quality photo related gear I have ever used. I recommend this product line very, very highly.
Thanks, Shooter Boone.
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on May 22, 2013
The SIRUI P-326 is a strong, lightweight, sturdy monopod that can double as a walking stick in challenging terrain (or, collapsed, a billy club in a bad situation). To use it effectively, you will need to attach one of the swiveling or tilting heads that are designed to go between tripods/monopods and DSLR cameras. In use, this monopod provides solid support for camera use, and can be adjusted for a wide range of different heights. It also fits very nicely into luggage, including some carry-ons, and is far easier to travel with than any tripod I have seen. The only negative about this product is that it takes longer to adjust the height than it would for a similar product with lever-based snap-and-extend sections. With this, you have to twist far enough, extend, then twist back, which can take a few seconds per section until you get a lot of practice with this tool. Overall, a good value and a fine tool.
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on November 17, 2013
Item is great for taking on a trips locally or afar. It is light and easy to carry. I use it for both my camera and my video camera. I matched this up with a Manfrotto 234RC Monopod Head Quick Release. I bought this for the flexibility it provides me vs. a normal tripod. Tripods takes time to set up, which is fine when taking serious pictures...but when I'm on the move and just want to stop for a quick second to take a picture, it does the job of keeping me pretty steady. Not as steady as a tripod but again, its philosophy of use. Took it to Disneyland, took lots of pictures that came out great. Also latched this to my video camera. Great for when trying to record a show vs. trying to hold camcorder in your hands for 10+ minutes.
Also it was great as peoples heads were in front of my view so I just raised the monopod up a little and more back of the head shots.
It was very easy to expand and collapse the monopod. Mere seconds and when I was not using it at all, I just stuck it in my backpack. Very light and compact. Good monopod for the price

There are much more expensive ones out here...but this fits the bill...just a monopod.
Buying a tripod is another story.

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on May 1, 2014
I used it only one time so far, so my rating might change later on. The Sirui is very light, and sturdy. Even when fully extended it is very sturdy. I extended to the maximum length and put lots of pressure. While applying pressure I wiggled it around and it didn't bow/bend that much. The individual section slide out very smoothly. The top section locking nut was binding, so I took it apart and inspected it. The threading was slightly damaged, but not a big deal. Be very CAREFUL when putting it back together, because putting back the wrong way will binds up the section. The base has a retractable spike. A very nice and useful feature when using it on carpet or grass.

Pros: Very light
Very sturdy
retractable spike

con: Threaded knob to release each section instead of the "quick release" mechanism.
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on May 30, 2013
I have an aluminium Gitzo 4 section monopod that is OK but a little on the "thin" but heavy side. The Sirui monopod, just out of the box, looks, feels and inspires more confidence than my old Gitzo ever did. I like the light weight, ease of leg release, looks and just general feel of quality that this monopod has. It also has a really nice feeling fat, non slip, grip.

Most people use monopods as a midpoint between using a tripod and hand holding, usually when using longer lenes. I use one for three purposes. First for using a fisheye lenes in darker enviroments where the tripod leg(s) would get in the picture - here I lean the monopod slightly forward, secondly to raise the camera for high in the air shots using W/A lenes, and lastly for sticking a GoPro video camera on the end and filming from head height of say a small dog by holding the monopod upside down and walking alongside the dog. The GoPro allows one to invert the image (when the camera is held upside down) so it shows the video the right way up. Clever uh. Also being so light the Sirui will hang from a belt or back pack and not get in the way, leaving your hands free. I would recommend the Sirui Graphite Monopod to any photographer. I can see no reason to need to spend more on a monopod unless you are much over 6ft tall.
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on October 3, 2013
I'm glad I bought it. I've used it at three even shoots. I've used to elevate a flash, with triggers, to get unusual angles on my shots and to gain an extra stop or two, by keeping my hand steady. So far it hasn't fallen apart.
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