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on November 19, 2006
I have the Skil 3400A bench saw (you can often pick these up used for next to nothing on Craigslist); I use it for outside work, onsite work, and when I don't want to make sawdust with the Delta/Incra table that is my main workshop cutter ...especially when I'm cutting crap wood that is NOT going to touch my Delta/Incra tablesaw. The 3400A's got to weigh less than 20 lbs; even my dainty wife can tote it. Sure bench saws in general are noisy and *obviously* less precise than even a contractor saw, but you can save on mulch, and the labor spreading it, by sawing in the garden!

I saw the 80092 on Amazon (I was actually searching for an inexpensive miter saw stand, and stumbled across this), and as the price was right (from Skil Reconditioned), and LESS than a fourth the price of the competition, I ordered it.

The quality of the unit is high ...very, very high. The parts fit, and fit well. It was packed well (with minor shipping abuse, more later). Assembly was easy, and tuning (to the table, and the blade and fence) was both easy and minimal and intuitive. You can be setup and making dust within an hour out-of-box (give it two hours, if you're the klutzy type who drops stuff, or you're an anal retentive type who's wouldn't dream of setup with using a dial indicator ...I mean, on a bench saw?! - that's just nuts, dude).

The table isn't limited to the Skils (and it will fit all models of those); the 80092 will also fit Bosch, Delta, Dewalt, Hitachi and Makita benchtop models (several of these are direct bolt-ons, some you have to do some drilling for, but Skil includes an additional manual with full-size drilling templates to make it pretty much a no-brainer); I'd guess you could make almost anything fit (except the Ridgid - and why you'd want to try mounting that excellent onsite saw, I've no idea - and the new Dewalt 645, because of it's "exterior frame" design).

The folding design is different than the Rousseau uses, and nothing like the Trojan (both of which I've only studied photos of, so YMMV). The leg bracing design is better than the Rossy, and would be almost impossible to accidentally have collapse: 3/4" sheet [weight] isn't going to be a problem, and there's both an audible and a visible lock-in procedure for the leg braces.

The stand and table (with fence) is probably around 45 pounds: with the bench saw removed (and it comes off in less than a minute), it's easily tote-able don't need wheels (supposedly, there's a wheel kit for this, but I've not been able to locate it).

The adapter that fits the bench saw stays bolted to the bench saw (its a drop-in design with two-studs per side that drop into slots in the stand: easy put-in and lift-out), but it's an unobtrusive design, isn't in the way, and won't hinder you in any fashion from using your bench saw without the table (though for most usage scenarios, there's no way you'd even consider this: this table makes the little bench saws MUCH MUCH more usable, and accurate).

The extension table itself is fully wrapped in some kind of coating/covering; I'm guessing the board material is MDF. (It seems durable enough, but you might want to contact glue a sheet of galvanized flashing over it if you're the prissy type.) It's wood-screwed in to the cross-members - 4 screws per side - and this is the only criticism of the unit that I have: I'd have preferred to bolt the thing on for the long run. The wood screws hold it on, and there's enough of 'em, but I can't see them lasting. You *can* easily improve them by taking the board back off, and squirting a few drops of cyanoacrylite super-glue in the holes prior to reassembly (this is an old trick from my radio-control modeling days).

You get increased rip capacity (of course: there's the right-side table extension). The extension table alone makes the Skil (and the Rousseau and Trojan) better than the majority of the "stand-only" designs of most manufacturers (like the Dewalt, Makita and Craftsman stands), even the folding ones.

Now, what wasn't apparent when I placed the order (I was really looking for an easier way to tote my very light 3400A around), was the fence. Omigawd. It's a T-square clamp design, and looks like a little Biesy. Rock. Solid. The thing is worth more than the saw, and makes the "folding" aspect of the table less of the focus than the table as a platform for the improved fence. You don't use the stock bench saw fence (well, while the bench saw is dropped into the table); you won't miss it one bit. The fence makes the bench saw a joy to use, and a minor revelation as to what a bench saw is capable of: it becomes a tool in its own right. (Yeah: a cabinet saw isn't a circular saw after all, and in the same way a bench saw really comes into its own with this fence system.)

Like all Biesemeyer's, deflection is minimal. The square profile is a stout piece of sheet metal tubing and welds, and there are two holes pre-drilled to make attachment of jigs, etc. easy. Lock-down is firm (indeed, immovable). Outfeed rip (without sides), is an astonishing 25 inches (the 24 inches listed by Skil is overly conservative). The T slides smoothly on nylon pads, as does the end on a larger nylon/plastic pad; grabbing the fence end and bracing against the table, you can only very slightly (less than 1/32nd) move the fence. The fence is just a joy (and again - like the Rossy and the Trojan systems - is the real reason to lust after this piece of equipment).

(There are also a couple of holes pre-drilled through the rear of the stand that make attaching an outfeed table easier. Skil doesn't appear to offer such a beast might be able to make the Rossy fit pretty easily: but I bought a four foot plastic folder at Home Depot for under forty dollars and easily modified it to fit the Skil. You can too ...and you should, just for the safety increase alone.)

Okay. Enough of the glowing stuff. So ...what's the bad (other than the wood screws previously mentioned)? Mine came with a bent brace (from shipping). That's it.

I highly recommend the Skil table; its actually a superior design to almost everything out there (certainly everything in the under-$200 range), and especially when cost is factored in. Buy it. You won't regret it.
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on May 29, 2008
I've owned a couple of small inexpensive 10" table saws for ten years or more, using them mainly on job sites.
Although portable, they've been far from ideal. The steel bases they rest on are heavy and pain to transport, even with the saw detached. The saw's table is quite small so it's only useful for ripping certain sizes of lumber and trim material, no plywood. The short fence sometimes makes precision difficult.

It seems that the SKIL company listened to complaints like mine and decided to address those problems with this excellent portable table.
It's very sturdy and has a well engineered folding leg system which locks together tightly.
My aluminum frame Delta saw drops right in and locks down with four hand tightened nuts. The first time the saw is set up, it's easily adjusted to make it's table flush with the SKIL table. Aligning the blade with the SKIL table's fence is also quite simple.
The SKIL table is much wider than the little 10" table, a full 48". The fence is also much longer, 28". The fence is easy to move and it's clamp works very well.

The only thing needed to make this saw/table combination perfect for cutting plywood on job sites single-handed is an outfeed table. I plan to build a pair of saw horses to the correct height for that purpose, making a better work bench in the process.

I'm very pleased with the SKIL portable table. It's turned an inexpensive 10" saw (with a new quality blade) into a portable cabinet maker's tool.

Note: Be prepared to spend an hour or more assembling and setting up this table, as it arrives in the box. It requires some time to decipher the instructions and identify the parts but it's not difficult and easily worth the time. After the initial set-up, it's very simple to break down, fold up and move.
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on September 18, 2011
I just purchased the Skil 80092 table saw stand last month. Everything arrived as indicated - everything in proper packaging and in new condition. Assembly instructions are clear and in proper sequence. Once assembled, and brackets attached to my old Makita 2708 (required drilling four holes in the side of the Makita from template provided with the stand), the table saw easily dropped into the frame of the stand and attached with four screws. Adjustability is easy to get saw square with stand rails, and to align fence with saw blade. As others have mentioned, the fence is a real steal with this product. The supplied adhesive measurement tape is easy to install and the fence measurement marker is also adjustable, allowing you to compensate for different thickness blades you may install on your saw, keeping measurement accurate to the tape. Aside from everything mentioned above, the main asset of this product is its stability. It stands rock solid - far better than other expensive stands I have seen - and attributable to the all-steel construction (and weight). There are two adjustable feet on the front of the table (one on each side) making stabilizing the stand quick and easy. Two holes are also drilled in the rear rail to allow easy attachment of any type of table extension you may wish to add, which stays clear of the rear fence glide. The fence has two holes through which you can attach sacrificial fences or other attachments should you decide to convert the right side of the table to a router table as shown in the pictures on the Amazon product page. Buy one while they last!
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on December 27, 2014
This thing is a godsend. Mounted my old ryobi 10", 13amp, small tablesaw to it, and now it's like having a contractor-type saw.
The fence is the most impressive thing about this stand. As another commenter put it, "it's like a mini Biesy" T-style fence.
I got the wheels option for it too. You need them to move this thing around. I also installed a dust bag under the TS, so all the dust drops into it, and it collapses when you fold the thing up, so you never have to take the dust bag off, except to empty it.
GREAT item (which as of this review, sadly might not be available any longer.)
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on November 11, 2012
Ok... so i'm a beginner wood worker. I went to home deep-oh and bought the cheapest table saw they had... on a scale of 1 to 10, i'm thinking this guy rates a 1. However, with this table stand installed i think i've increased its rating from the 1 to about a 3 or 4.... so, if you think this stand will bring you to a professional table saw level, keep thinking. All totaled it cost me around $100 and the original saw cost around the same amount. Yes i believe it doubled the quality of the original saw, but double 1 is still 2.... not a 10.. This stand is a great product for what it does but don't go into purchasing it thinking that if you rub it a genie will pop out. I got one, i rubbed it... no genie.

Having said that... here is what it does do. If you have a very cheap or crappy table saw, this stand WILL make it passable. The best part of the stand is the fence. Even though it is a good fence and better than the one that comes with the original Ryobi, it is NOT a great fence. It will work and you can probably improve it if you desire. Another good thing about the stand is that it is foldable, thus more portable. Therefore, it is possible to stuff this on a truck if you are a mobile contractor or something. There are wheels that you can buy separately that make this stand more versatile as far as mobility is concerned. Thirdly, more work area is a plus on this stand. You are basically expanding the right side of your table saw making it possible to work more easily with longer wood, like sheets of mdf or whatnot. Easier to cross cut long stock. Lastly, expandability. I havent really worked with the stand much as of yet but it appears as though i would have an easier time adding sleds, jigs and outfeed extensions to the stand than i would have had working with the original cheapo table saw.

Those are the pluses as i see them. Now the negatives.. Number 1... No longer manufactured. You are going to have to work to get this item in good condition because they aren't making any more. Number 2 Beware the condition when you receive it. Mine came beat up and one leg was missing a vital locking stud. Number 3 It is not "square". I noticed as i was putting it together that laying it on the floor upside down it would not lay flat on the floor... I believe the metal is slightly twisted. Not alot, but it is. Considering the condition of the box when it arrived, it is my belief that it was either tossed around extremely harshly by the shipper, or the seller mistreated the item in storage. (probably got run over by a forklift or something heavy.) The metal twist can be compensated for a bit with all the various adjustment knobs that come with the stand but i believe you will never be able to get this "perfectly" alligned.

All in all... IT is a good product. It is worth the approx $100 if you own a cheap saw. I would recommend it to a friend but i would caution them on the things i mentioned above.

I'm going to try and upload photo's of my stand to amazon.

Update - 11/24/2012

MHS bent over backwards when they learned i was not satisfied with the original stand. They shipped me another stand at no cost to me. Although the second box was more beat up and damaged than the first, the stand was not twisted or missing any parts like the first shipment. The only damage was cosmetic, and doesnt interfere with the functionality at all. Both shipments had the plastic end caps of the metal stand broken or crushed. I have to give MHS an A+ for service as they have been very attentive and extremely helpful. After numerous emails back and forth with them regarding the shipment i am of the conclusion that the damage was caused in shipment (UPS). My thought is that even though this is a large item, it needs to be re-boxed with some additional padding in order to ship it without damage. My new stand works wonderfully and MHS is a vendor i would most definitely do business with again and again.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on April 8, 2014
love this table. price is great. would buy again
exactly what I needed it for.

I added wool table top over the hole area.
I converted this to use as my Reloading table and attached my Hornady progressive press to it.
it is well made has a some what small footprint.
I needed a table for the reloading press and did not want to have a large wood table.

I also ordered the wheels attachment. and now my reloading table is mobile.
Folds up easily and easy to transport.
thinking about getting another one and using it for my Dewalt miter-saw.
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on April 3, 2012
I bought this table because I wanted something portable and big. I don't have the space to leave it up all the time, so this was a great fit. The table was easy to setup and is very sturdy. The rail holds pretty well, you just have to fully engage the lever. It took me awhile to figure that out. If you don't, the rail can pop up. I might try to adapt this table for use with other tools as well, not sure yet.
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on August 15, 2011
I've been doing more and more field work lately, and needed a good, accurate and mobile table saw, since my shop saw is too heavy and cumbersome to take with me. I shopped around and seriously considered getting a new Dewalt or Bosch mobile unit, but I didn't want to spend $500. So I ordered this Skil 80092 model with the wheel kit, and I went down to my local pawn shop and purchased a used Bosch 4100 jobsite saw for $100. I now have a powerful, accurate and reliable mobile unit thats a dream to work with. I had to cut part of the lower base off the Bosch to get it to fit, however it didn't matter to me because the saw is going to stay in the saw stand. The wheel kit makes my new field unit very mobile. The Skil saw stand is built very well and it's solid. I have no problems ripping large pieces of plywood or anything else I throw at it. The side table, which is made of MDF with a laminent, is smooth. I made a dado cutout for my Bosch router, and now I have a great field saw/router table. The fence system for the Skil is better than anything else on the market right now (for this class saw). The locking handle is the perfect length, and when it's locked down, it doesnt wander.

If you're looking for a good, accurate jobsite setup, get this stand and put a good jobsite saw in it. You won't be dissappointed.
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on April 28, 2010
The fence is worth the price of the table. As good as any table saw I've used.
Stable and very portable. I bought the wheel kit and this is a great addition.

I installed a router with quick clamps on the wood insert and now have a router table with that same great fence.
I have to give credit for this idea from a forum.

With shipping, the price was more than the skil tablesaw I put in ($79 on sale), but it gives me a table big enough for panel cutting and handling larger stock.

It's gonna make those summer deck and fence projects so much easier.

Good service and shipping from the seller also.
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on October 22, 2010
This saw table is rock solid, easy to set up and WOW the fence is great. Adding the optional wheel kit allows the table to stand on end when folded for space savings when stored. The whole setup is very beefy, well built.
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