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on February 22, 2012
I own CW-X, 2XU, and Skins tights - which fit the best? Skins - hands down. Why? I'm a dude and appreciate a gusset. CW-X - no gusset, just a nice little seam that threatens to saw you in half. 2XU - a faux gusset - nothing more than just an outline of a gusset. The Skins have a true gusset that hold your bits and pieces in place. Another thing I like about the skins is the waist band. Its wide and doesn't have a draw string. I think if you get the right size then you don't need a draw string to help keep things up. The last thing I really like about them is that they have a shorter drop than the 2XUs. I guess I have a lower waist than what the 2XUs were designed for. The Skins fall right at my hips.

I started to use compression/recovery after I read the many articles about the benefits. I'm not sure about the science but I do know that after a hard day of tri-training that I feel fresher after sleeping in these. I've also used them for flights to Europe. They can be a tad warm on a 14 hour flight, but knowing that they are helping me against DVT is worth it.

I'm 5'8" and got the small/regular. I probably should have gotten the small/short. I bet the small/shorts would line up better in the knees.
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on May 2, 2013
I recently did a comparison of recovery type tights. I believe that a big part of it is how the tights fit you, and everyone fits differently, but here are my thoughts.

Skins Men's RY400 - My winner. They provide great compression - snug, but not uncomfortable. They fit very well and are very comfortable, the best of all I've tried. I like that they are thin so if I wear them under my pants, I won't sweat too much. So, thin + good compression + good comfort = my favorite compression tights.

CW-X Men's Perform X Tights - My runner up favorite. They provide good compression and the compression seems to be in the right spots. They fit nicely, though they are a little thick, I would be very happy with this one.

Zoot Sports Men's Ultra 2.0 CRX Tights - I really liked these, they have the best compression and the compression seems to be the best targeted as well - tight where you need it and not tight where you don't (knees). Having said that, they are not the most comfortable to wear walking around under your pants and they are very very thick, almost like medical type tights. I think this would be a big problem in summer. So if the thickness doesn't bother you and you don't really plan to use them under any pants to walk around, I think they are really great for sitting around the house for recovery.

2XU Men's Compression Tights - ok, but a little hard to pull over my feet because of the small foot opening. Nothing spectacular on the compression, but seemed to fit ok and although not my favorite, I believe they would work.

Orca Men's Killa Kompression Tights - I really wanted to like these, because my tri suit is Orca, but they just were not so comfortable, not so great with compression, and really really hard to get on my legs because the foot opening is so small.

UPDATE: Having worn the Skins tights for a few months now, I am very happy with them! After a hard workout I wear them to sleep and the next morning I feel much better. They really do work!
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on June 8, 2014
After researching sizing charts I still managed to order the wrong size tights. Im 5'8(174cm)and about 74kg, small/med build i really thought the med/small would fit but not so. Small would have been about right. Anyway I still wear them and they still offer a small amount of compression providing minimal relief to my legs after exercise. Best to try these things on as there are so many variables in body shapes, sizes etc. The sizing charts are more of a guide but cannot guarrantee a perfect fit, well at least that's been my experience(4stars).
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on June 19, 2012
I went out on a limb and ordered these along with a long sleeve top at the same time. I have never tried "recovery" clothing before, but figured it was worth a shot... and I have to say... they are expensive, but they DO WORK! I felt a little better about the cost after coming to this conclusion.

In short, I am using these after heavy leg days at the gym. After a workout I will shower and wear these overnight and into the next day. As a side note, they are very comfortable to sleep in and create a cooling sensation (as opposed to making you hot). I find that they help reduce soreness and shorten the recovery process from 4-5 days to 2-3 days.

I am 6'4'' and 215-220 lbs. I ordered a LL and was very happy to see that the fit was perfect! They weren't too short, too tight, or too loose.
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on October 17, 2013
The short: There's a noticeable difference in endurance and energy during workouts and competition, and recovery is much quicker with these on post activity.
Size: Medium (Slightly long for my legs, still love em)
Stats: 5'8" 175lbs
Activities used in: Crossfit, Ice Hockey

I primarily bought these for recovery from crossfit workouts and hockey games, and did notice a difference in recovery time with that use. One day I decided to give them a go during a hockey game and noticed a tremendous difference in performance with them on, going the full game with no real fatigue or lactic acid build up, even during longer shifts I could still make a good breakaway when the opportunity arose. If you play a sport that's a lot of leg, I definitely recommend these for the pre, post, and during.

Sizing: Like I said earlier, the medium size are a bit long for my 5'8" 175lb frame, but still do the job, and I will be purchasing the medium "short" size for a second set.

I primarily bought these for recovery from crossfit style workouts and hockey games and
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on February 2, 2011
Love the skins RY 400. I find them more comfortable then the skins sport-- which I have been using for a few months now. I do find the compression to be tight, but not as tight as my 2xu elite. Both tights fit me well, however I feel that the skins are more comfortable to wear-- which means I can, and do wear them longer and more often then the 2xu.

Both tights are good and do what they are designed for. I highly recommend the Skins.
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on October 23, 2013
These are a great Tights. The gusset is top notch, keeps my junk cool. I have not tried to run in these but I did some plyometrics to test them out and they were comfortable. All in all, solid.
Here's the bad news guys. As great as these are, they're not tight enough to succeed in returning blood and lymph fluid in any significant way. I think they great and comfortable for running and they might even help support when you have very very minor injuries. However, I prescribed compression stockings etc for my patients and to be functional, these tights would need to be much tighter. Source: I am a family medicine resident and a certified personal trainer.
Overall though, these are very well made. At the least, this is great for cold weather running.
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on October 8, 2015
This is an incredibly comfortable pair of recovery tights. In fact, they're so comfortable that I feel like I'm committing a sin simply by wearing them. Ilove the light weight and feel of them on my skin, as they practically feel as if I'm walking around naked. But that's where the praise ends. Recovery tights should provide more compression on targeted muscle groups than the compression tights you wear during your exercise routine. These tights simply don't. In fact, the material tends to sag down my legs during the day while the waist band stays in place. That's a sure sign that they need to be tighter. MUCH TIGHTER for that matter. I find myself having to pull them up over and over again to keep the knee section over my knee and not sagged down onto the top of my calves. If they were providing the correct amount of compression, that wouldn't be an issue. And that's with the size SMALL SHORT. The waist band however, is a perfect fit which is an improvement over the waistband on their A400 compression tights, which is WAY, WAY TOO TIGHT. I won't by the SKINS Recovery Tights again unless they double down on the amount of compression they offer.
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on November 28, 2013
Have you ever done a heavy leg workout, and then suffered the following 4 days because of it? Every time you try sitting, you feel pain, and after just walking up 1 flight of stairs, your legs burn like hell? If so, I highly recommend that you buy these pants. I bought these last year after pulling my hamstring during a flag football game 3 days after doing a leg workout. I was unable to play in the next 2 games. Thankfully, that will never be a problem again. I put these tights on immediately after I finish my post-workout shower, and will wear them for the remainder of the day and throughout the night. They are very comfortable, and I am noticeably less sore the next several days. I love these pants because I am not punished after getting in a good leg workout!
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on January 23, 2014
OK so I'm a little bit of a compression nerd and in race season have about every inch of my body (head aside), compressed with something. It started just with socks a couple of years ago, but then the addiction grew. I have mostly worn compression socks during and after workouts because I felt (but wasn't completely sure) that they aided in endurance events and for recovery, and socks like the CEP ones actually helped stabilize my Achilles a little which reduced the pain from tendinosis.

With the socks and a previous pair of SKINS I had I was never sure whether they really helped, but then last year I got these recovery tights during the run-up to a marathon and wore them after every long run. They help. The long runs (15+ miles) used to make my legs hurt a lot, so much so that doing fast training a couple of days later would be very uncomfortable. But when I put these recovery thights on, the next day I would hardly have any muscle pain. I must say that you do need to wear them for a couple of hours to get any effect. I would typically put them on after showering and keep them on for the rest of the day (and often overnight). I was worried they would be too warm during the summer, but bizarely they actually feel cool on the legs, and they have ventilating mesh fabric where it's needed.

Since I figured that a pair of these cost just as much as an hour of massage therapy, I meanwhile bought a second pair because in the long run that's cheaper. I would highly recommend them, even if you're not into the entire compression thingie.
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