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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 8, 2012
Everyone has different experiences, but the Flash N Go worked great for me, for the most part.

Firstly, I am a little annoyed that I just bought it last month and it just dropped $50 in price, but what can ya do? If someone were willing to give me my $50 back, even with the one issue I have with the product, I would up it to 5 stars. = )

Other than that, I am quite pleased with the purchase.

Also, I would like to state that I did go ahead and purchase IPL approved safety glasses. The cheap $7 ones for green/blue laser lights are not the appropriate kind. I found a bunch of mixed information. But, here is the conclusion I came to. Silk'N states you don't need safety glasses. However, after the first use, I noticed that the unit lights up an already lit room. That made me nervous. The wavelength the Flash & Go uses (475-1200nm) is similar to other Silk'N AND other IPL/HPL products that a study from Australia shows DO NEED safety glasses. Here is the link to that study. [...]
Glasses that are specifically approved for IPL use run around $70-$120. I found a pair on a well known auction site that starts with an "E" for around $30. I don't know if you will be able to find the same thing, since the seller probably barely broke even on my purchase. However, do some research. $120 is a small price to pay to save your eyesite later in life. And, even with the glasses, this is still WAY cheaper than professional hair removal services. The ones I purchased were the Phillips LS-IPLB-206.

Basically, you point and shoot the thing. Not hard to do, with a little yoga-like flexibility. Like everyone else, I went right up to the highest level, except in my bikini area, where I still use level 4. I have had it 1 month and done 2 treatments, 2 weeks apart, as is recommended in the instruction booklet. As time goes on, you do them less and less. I also want to state that I have had many sessions with various types of professional laser hair removal treatments in my underarms, bikini, and legs - all with mixed results.

The cartridges - I am treating my full legs (from 3 inches above the knees), my underarms, my bikini, my chin, upper lip, and happy trail. I am 5'4" and 140 lbs to give you an idea of surface area. I was able to complete a full treatment on all areas once and all of the smaller areas plus 1/2 of one leg (so I missed my right leg and 1/2 of my left leg) on a second pass with one cartridge. I tried to guestimate and I feel that around 1000 flashes might have been a pretty accurate number. I personally think the cartridge could do more than 1000 flashes, but they limit it because they want to sell more cartridges. But, who knows. Maybe it does wear out quickly after that 1000 flash mark.

On my legs - it worked GREAT. No, that is an understatement. It worked AWESOME. I actually didn't even have to shave once between my first and second treatments. I have not had that type of result with any of the professional treatments I have done so far. I was impressed and felt the price was immediately justified even if the thing didn't work anywhere else.

On my bikini/happy trail - It doesn't work fully, but does work as well as professional treatments. Perhaps with more treatments, it will work even better, but I haven't gotten to that stage yet. There is a reduction in hair, and the hair still there is finer/thinner. That's good news for me, because I used to be a Wookie - you know, Italian women and the hair thing. = ) Keep in mind that I only use level 4 on this area.

On my underarms - This is the area it works the least for me. It still works, but the results aren't quite as dramatic. However, I have also had professional treatments here and they have worked even less. My armpit hair is apparently incredibly stubborn. In this region on my body, any improvements is a big deal to me. So, once again, I am happy. My goal is to be able to shave my armpits and make it look like I did actually shave them. Up until now, the roots are so dark that even after shaving, there is still a residual shadow. I doubt complete hair loss in the cards for me, but we'll see.

On my face/chin - the hairs here are finer and lighter. However, they didn't start that heavy or dark, so I am not sure how much better they can get. Once again, for the price, any improvement will make me happy.

Last, but not least, I want to give a warning. If you use something to mark out grids on certain areas, PLEASE do NOT use anything with dark color. I VERY LIGHTLY marked my legs with a pen - not in a full grid, but just with one evenly spaced row of dots. I tried to avoid the actual pen marks, but the IPL targets dark things, so it left a residual. I was scared that it wouldn't go away and I would be left with equally spaced marks up and down my legs FOREVER. I put on some vitamin E and it went away in a couple days. I saw a review where one girl used white eyeliner. That is probably a better solution. Anything other than pure white is a bad idea, though. Just FYI.
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on January 15, 2013
I'll update this review over time, but here are my current thoughts on it. I've been receiving professional laser hair removal periodically for the last 5 or so years. I had some hormonal regrowth after having a baby and had to basically start over. Now I've zapped the same areas at least a dozen times overall in the doctor's office. My remaining hair is pretty stubborn and my aesthetician says it might just take double the amount of time to remove as is average, plus annual upkeep to make sure it stays gone, as hair wants to regrow and mine is particularly determined. I'm hoping that doing it at home will save money and time (that I have to make the appointments, drive out there, get the treatment, drive know the drill).

Compared to professional laser hair removal, this thing is virtually painless. I accidentally zapped my tattoo once and WOWEE that hurt like the devil and for probably an hour after at aleast - but normal zaps are barely felt on full power (and I have fair, sensitive skin). Very very tender bits like the tender edges of armpits or nether regions that have never seen the light of day can really hurt but it's brief and there are really only a couple places on my entire body where I can say it was painful. Which is compared to every zap with a professional machine. ;)

To use the machine, you first start by shaving the areas you want to treat. You plug in the machine and hear a soft fan start once you turn it on. They instruct you to test it on your skin first, waiting an hour to ensure there's no reaction, then use the power level most appropriate for you. Then you place the unit on your skin, wait for the light to illuminate showing your skin tone is acceptable and it's ready to go, and pull the trigger. Slide the unit half an inch to a 'fresh' spot while counting to 4 (they do give you a light notification when it's ready to go again, but that can be hard to see depending on where you're zapping), and pull the trigger again. Count to 4, sliding the unit, pull the trigger. Repeat. You do need to be systematic as you zap so you pay attention to what area you've zapped and what you haven't to ensure you're covering all the hairy bits.

I have done my full body (which for me is lip/chin, underarms, bikini zone outside of the swimsuit line, and full legs) twice so far on one cartridge, so I have no idea what's going on with the person who used 7 cartridges for one session. Perhaps their machine is faulty and is showing the cartridge needs to be replaced when it does not? The whole process is tedious because the light zone is pretty small, and it takes about 4 seconds to charge up again between pulses. It takes about an hour for me to do my whole body carefully. I'm also a petite person so there's probably less of me to zap than some people.

After the first session, I did notice about 40% of my hair fall out about 10-14 days later. That's the same timeframe as professional removal, except with professional I get 100% fall out. That tells me that this is effective at damaging the follicle, but not as effective as a professional machine (which, duh, right?). The instructions do explicitly say it can take a very long time to achieve full results (18+ months) but that's ok with me, if I'm doing it for mostly a one time cost plus occasional cartridge replacement) in the privacy of my home. Plus I can do my maintenance annually without a 1k+ (if I were to do my whole body) annual professional laser appointment expense.

Yes, the hair will grow back after it falls out within the few weeks after treatment. Then you do it again. And again. And again. Over time you damage the follicle to the point that it slows growth, puts out a finer hair, and then after time, stops growing a hair at all. But your follicles will try to repair themselves and grow the hair back, so be prepared that you might need to do some regular upkeep. Still better than shaving every couple days all summer, I say!

All in all, so far my opinion is that it's decent. I wish the treatment area were bigger, or you could go faster (4 seconds feels like forever half an hour into treatment). I wish it was more powerful so more of my hair fell out after treatment and stayed gone longer between treatments. I would be fine with more discomfort if it were more effective. I'm hopefully that the technology will improve over time and we'll laugh at how ridiculous this machine is 5 years from now. But for now, for what it is, it's pretty decent and I'd buy it again. Here's hoping I feel the same way a year from now!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 21, 2012
I got one area of my body that I want to get rid of the hair so badly for a very long time, I tried everything and wasted so much money , home laser , electrolysis, No-No and all the things that are expensive and never works !!! I even do removed hair professional and it does not worked .. all I got is swellings and bad reactions and that is , so when I saw good reviews about the Flash&Go I was thinking to myself let do it for the LAST TIME ever ... and I did .. after 1 week I still not see new hair coming above the skin as it is usual after shaving .. but I guess the next faze will show up shortly and ready to be destroyed also !
I used the device on the max power as on low I did not feel anything what mean the heat did not enter the hair shaft as there is a nerve , how more pain how better it works, I noticed more sensation in area with more hair.. on the max power it worked with little tears formed in my eyes when I shot my upper lip as it is sensitive area for me but without any side effects after and peace for already 1 week .. it smell as burned hair and I saw some smoke coming when the hair was flashed by the flash, it take a big area at once so you are done very quickly , I out ice after and then 1 hour later I was fine as before .. the pain was like someone hit you with elastic rubber band so not as much pain as laser or the horrible electrolysis , if the hair does not return back in couple of months I will post new update and let you know, as the summer is over I am ready for the special treatment in the winter times so I would be ready and worries free in the spring-summer next year ...I hope at last this time
I wasted money and time with no-no last year it transfer the heat via hair also and I was thinking it worked but that was not the device that worked but the cream they add to it it slow down the hair grow but if you stopped after 1 week everything started to grow back .. but I guess many of us have the same stories with devices that don;t do what they promise and actually are scams .. well Flash&Go is FDA approved what mean there was clinical study done for this device and should works .. I will give it a time and we see in 2-3 months from now how successive this device is in hair removing ... TO BE CONTINUED

I did not expected to see the results that fast, after the first usage , I see bald patches like a tiger what mean the hair from the first session was affected and fall off .. i am still very much excited about this product , as you know hair growing in cycles but if this going to be this way I may be free from all unwanted hair in couple of months for sure but I will keep you updated , the only side effect I saw was little swallowed circles around the affected hair for day or 2 but now it is cleared as the hair also vanished , i remember using white cloth next day and having a lot of little hair on that .. make sure you shave closer before the session it is important, to long hair will not transfer enough heat into the skin and hair shafts reducing the effect, i see the product got cheaper ... well at last it worked for the full price so no hard feelings ..

October / 11/2012

wow wow wow , I did not expected this happen , for the first time in my live I am free of the upper lip hair for 1 week without epilation or waxing they just fall off !!! and no sign of anything else ,it may be the first growing faze that is destroyed
expecting there would be something back as well with the second faze but at last I am free for now , the other areas of my hairy places reducing slower like arm pit hair as they are much stronger and need more time but the progress is fantastic , and trust me I spend so much money on all new innovations that never worked so for me it is a blessing , as I mentioned before I don't have any reaction other as little warm and little red for a while after ..and not as bad as laser , as I tried everything and my skin could not take it , and walking outside looking like after a ring fight was not what I wont pay for .. so my dear people .. this product don't lie !!!!! and how it will get with the rest of my hairy areas I will keep you updated in the next weeks but I am still so excited about already as there is finally progress, if this going this way I may be free of unwanted hair for the early summer and I am sure I will, I ordered also extra head flash lamps for the legs and arms ,I don't have to much to destroy as my legs are mostly free from this issue but sometimes I spot a hair or 2 in a moment I really wish it was not there .. so I am ready to flash it away ! and you should do the same .. just give it a time and not expect wonders over night , if you feel little sting it mean it work, if you don't then it don't affected you hair at all so push the flash level on the max you can handle for faster result . If your skin is dry it work better so not do it direct after washing your face from cosmetics , allow it to dry well without anything added for best performance and comfort

November /28/2012

Just letting you know that the work is in progress , hair reduction around 65% already in some places they never returned , it take now little longer as before as the hair need to be in active faze to get distroy by the flash correctly, but I am so happy already that the most important visual areas are clear .
I will update you in January again , I am expecting another 20% of reduction to the time , and something telling me I would be hairless for the early summer already !! grab your chance as it really work and did not expected to see the results in 3 months at all so maybe be really good product and trust me I would spend double if I knew it works so good . Forget about vaniqa and other stuff this is a real DEAL !

and one more tip, if you shave a day before it works better . to close shaving may not be a good idea as flashing, next day after shaving it sting more what mean more hair are affected , as it should do nothing on no hairy skin area, also after shaving the skin is irritated so flashing it after is not recommended , telling you from my own experiences


after 6 months I used 2 of Removal Cartridge , I have like 10% left of the hair , it was like 1 month where I did not had anything then little bit returned again but after last session they stopped growing and we see if I target them all , I believe around 1-2 months I should be free of them all, they do not bother me anymore, the hair that come back are really fine already , I am running now Cartridge number 3 , it cost me total as 1 and half laser session so still very cheap with better results , since laser did not worked for me at all due to skin reaction this was my last chance and I am glad it is working for me .
I saw some comments that are not very positive but trust me after 30 days you will see not much , I use it for last 6 months and now only 1 to max 2 times per months to have peace with shaving , my unwanted facial hair was gone in the first 2 months , I have maybe 10 hair left under my arms that pop up every 2-4 weeks so that is success , I did not expected this result in 6 months and as I said before I would be ready for the summer and it seems like I will be 100% , you need to give it time and stick to the routine and timing as it is important , if you past the growing faze it will not works . It will take longer time on a very course hair and with the time they will get tinnier , now when I use the flash i see smoke coming , before it melted the hair sort off , so how finer the hair how faster the result , that why the hair under arms and bikini line are the last that will go at last in my case .

April /21/2013

I just drop in with update , after the last review and 2 sessions , for the first time I am hairless .. it take me 6 month .. for the last week I don;t see any hair growing yet , I hope it will last long , but just want to let you know that I got the goal , I will post you updated if anything change and how long it stay this way

July /24/2013

I did not updated you for the couple of months as there was nothing to tell , it was 3 whole hairless months , I noticed 5 hairs this morning and flashed it straight away but I assume that are the last one , after almost 11 months it destroyed all hair that I want to get rid off , I used 3 cartridges in total the extra cost of $30 since the 2 others was included with the device , this was the best $300 I ever spend , my skin is soft without any discolorations or scars and I used this device on the max 5 setting what sometimes was painful especially on the upper lip but nothing compared to other method I tortured myself for years spending fortune on it without any effect , beside the side effects .
this device is working 100 % , the question left over is only how long it will keep the hair from coming back ? but from what I see it will be not fast , in my early update I told you that I want to be hairless for the summer , and I was without a doubt , everything you need to keep the flashing pattern . not overdoing it and follow exactly the instruction , I tried to flash more often as recommended but it did not affect anything , one only thing that worked better was flashing 2 times the same area .


Hairless days .. nothing returned since last time I posted .. it working

This is my last update as not much left to say about other than thank you for the great device that really worked , truly I wish I had it years ago !

.. Happy flashing ! :)
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on March 20, 2013
I saw this mentioned on the Marie show on Hallmark and was intrigued by it. They mentioned that Kim Kardashian uses it. I've never used a hair removal product like this or had hair removed professionally. I prefer this type of thing at home.

~What Is It?
This is not a laser light, it is pulse emitted light. It is for permanent hair removal. My husband is a scientist & has worked with lights and lasers for many years, so I naturally a wanted scientific opinion. He did some research on it and read through the FDA application and patent information. He said is it similar to a very old fashioned camera, where you see a bright light and a popping noise. He explained that on the FDA application that it claims that the light hits the hair and follicle and basically starts to kill it. The hair will die, dissolve and the root will stop producing more hair. He can see a false claim a mile away with anything related to science. So I was glad to hear him say that it's not a false product and probably could work. After purchasing it was so true how bright the light is and the pop noise. Ya, but does it actually work?

~Does it Work?:
It does work, but how quick and well depends on a lot of factors. First of all, I'm happy to say that this is a great product for those of us with dark hair. Most other products work well for fine light hair like No!No!, but this technology only works for dark hair. We have gone through Round 1 and there is substantial hair loss in a few areas, and a little bit in other areas. The manual says you can to do 4 rounds, two weeks apart. Then 4 rounds a month apart, then whatever needed afterwards.

To give you an idea, the manual has a chart on the percentage statistics of permanent hair loss:
Black Hair 8-10 sessions:
70% on legs, 60% on arms, 70% on bikini line, 65% on underarm
Light Brown to Brown Hair 10-12 sessions:
60% on legs, 50% on arms, 60% on bikini line, 55% on underarm

~Skin Tone:
Tha manual says that if your skin is too dark, it won't work. This is because it needs to see the contrast of light skin vs. dark hair to work. If you've tanned recently you're not supposed to use it for safety reasons either. I was concerned about buying it, since I have olive toned skin and wasn't sure, but I figured if Kim Kardashian could use it I could too. My skin is a little lighter than hers. There was no problem for me when trying to use it. It's specifically not for African American skin.

Interesting enough, hair should not be plucked or waxed ahead of time, it must be shaved instead, cleaned & then dried. So you'll have to wait awhile to use until hair grows back if you've waxed or plucked, since the flash has to actually hit the hair below the skins for it to work.

This process really can take some time to do if you're going to it right. I found that doing one small area or about a six inch square block a day worked best, especially with all the prep tips I use as mentioned below. Plus I wanted to limit my exposure to the flash on my eyes per day. This worked out, since you need to wait two weeks in between sessions anyway.

~The Flash:
I have to say that hearing and seeing it the first few times unnerved me. It's a kind of loud pop sound and the light is extremely white and bright, then bright red comes through a millisecond later since it's reflected through your skin. It does take some time to get used to. That doesn't even cover the mini slap and heat you can feel. It's not bad compared to other hair removal methods, but I've yelled out 'Ouch' a few times even on level 1. There are 5 levels and there's a process described in the manual of how you have to figure out by skin area how much you can handle and if your skin can handle it. I noticed tougher skin like legs seem to handle higher levels better.

~When to use it:
You have to keep the treated area out of the sun or use sunblock every hour your in the sun during treatment time and for a month after the FINAL treatment (which can be months later). So Fall is the best time to start using it. If the area is always clothed, then it's no problem.

The manual says you can use in on the lower part of your face, Sephora says you can't use it at all on your face. The issue for me had to do with eye protection more than the area it was used on. I used sunglasses and closed my eyes and my eyes still hurt for an hour afterward, so I think I may use a black night mask with sunglasses and eyes closed next time.

~ Safety:
You need to make sure your eyes are protected with every flash. Eye safety is barely mentioned in the manual. My husband calculated that it's apprx. 3x's the sun's power on your skin and eyes. It really is important to wear good sunglasses. Push up your sunglasses to see better when you're changing spots, make sure the product is in place, then slide the sunglasses back down over your eyes, close your eyes, turn your face away, then push the trigger.


-Tip 1:
The area of each flash is pretty small, that can be difficult for large areas, but wonderful for small areas. It says not to overlap or underlap - ya kinda hard to tell. If you press the machine hard into your skin it's designed to make a little rectangle mark that can help you figure out where you're applying. However that is not nearly enough help as far as I am concerned - so I have a tip to help out:

Step 1: Purchase a thin skin colored lip liner or eye liner that you twist up to reveal more. I got one at Target made by a company called Pixi or it's also sold on Amazon. I read another review that someone used a dark eye liner pencil and it temporarily tattooed the marks in....eek!

Step 2: Use a sewing measuring tape. They are like a fabric and twist and roll up as needed. This happens to be the same height as the flash area, the width is 1.25".

Step 3: Place the measuring tape along your skin and mark the rectangle application size with dots at the edges. Mark the rows with numbers at the edge where you won't be flashing. I did about 4-8 rows this ways. The liner is also good to cover over moles, birthmarks, etc. since they shouldn't be flashed for safety reasons. This liner was a tremendous help and kept me from accidentally missing or repeating areas or overlapping. There can be a little underlapping, but you can change it from vertical to horizontal on the next round.

-Tip 2:
The other tip is for when the flash won't go off. Some areas may have a dark crevice next to it, like in between toes which the sensor picks up darkness & won't flash. So all you need to do is place some white fabric over the crevice area and tape it on, be sure not to cover the actual flash zone. The other reason the flash won't go off is if it doesn't quite see the skin tone - this happens periodically just because the angle you are holding it, so you just need to tip it down a little bit, so that the sensor sees your skin better and it will work fine.

-Tip 3:
I noticed that once I marked the area by pressing the machine a little hard into the skin, if I pulled it back a little so that it was barely touching the skin, the mini slap didn't seem as strong.

Overall, I'm impressed and I'm loving this product. I can't wait to see further results over the coming months.

Session 2: Areas that I saw substantial decline in hair growth after the 1st session, stayed the same. The other areas that less hair loss with the first session, I can now see an increasing loss after session 2. Somewhere around 20% hair loss.

We went through 4 sessions now. I've seen two areas with little to no hair growth - yay! Other areas are about 50% decrease in hair growth. One area, I didn't seem to notice hardly any difference, that may be due to the fact that it was previously plucked, so that hair shaft is just growing in the next round.
Overall, we noticed that the remaining hair is the same thickness, however it is growing out about much slower.
The purchase has definitely been worth it for us, even if it's not perfect in every area.

It's been a year and I'm very impressed with the results. I do a touchup once a month. Although I waited to try legs below the knee until the Fall, but couldn't handle the pain of the flash. I have no idea why this area hurt so much, when other more sensitive areas were fine - so I never did do lower legs. I'm really grateful for this product, it's been great - I never thought I could get permanent hair removal at home.
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on April 12, 2015
I bought the one that comes with the extended life cartridge. The one that brings 120.000 flashes. I got it directly from silkn and I'm very happy with the results. I didn't want to waste an extensive amount of time doing my whole leg without knowing for sure it will work for me so I did one small area in my leg. See pictures (First picture was after 2 treatments and second after 4.) After 2 treatments I could already see results, less hair growing back. I did not follow the 2 week sheduling they recommend, instead I did treatments every week and had no problems at all. I will be doing the rest of my legs now. I also used it in my big toe so I wouldn't need to shave it again and after 3 treatments there was barely any hair growing back.
Some people complain about the bright flash and that it bothers to the eye. I just get it ready and look away right before applying the flash.
It might not work for everyone but it did for me. I have fairly white skin and dark hair. I will be trying it on thicker hair like the bikini area and see how it goes, I'm sure it will take longer.
review image review image
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on February 22, 2016
*****Picture is armpit after 2 treatments & 10 days without shaving*****
I purchased the Flash N Go at the beginning of January 2016. Had always wanted to get laser hair removal but prices were so high that I gave up on the idea. I stumbled across the Flash N Go at a retail store and did some "research" (reading reviews online). I thought that if this machine actually works, it would be worth 10 times the retail price. The reviews were very mixed, so I almost passed this up. Then I figured I would just go for it. I had Christmas money to spend and the retailer I bought from has a great return policy.

After using for almost 2 months, I am already seeing results - especially the arms, armpits and legs. Bikini area hair seems more stubborn but I notice a slight difference. I couldn't go more than a day without shaving my armpits before. After just 2 treatments (plus an extra couple of zaps between treatments) and 10 days of not shaving, I couldn't believe the results. There were some hairs still present but 80-90% less. I wish I had a before picture of my armpits from just a day or 2 without shaving but i don't think I'd post it anyway!
I just ordered the refill cartridge with "lifetime" of flashes yesterday from Amazon.
To get results, you need to have the right skin type/hair color and a lot of patience. I found its easier to stay on track when you space it out (armpits,arms one day and bikini, legs another day). The legs are very time consuming especially if you treat upper and lower legs. Since its a lot of area to cover, it's easy to lose track on the legs. Try using the indentation lines from the machine as a guide. It's easy to skip areas or overlap areas. I'd rather over treat than under treat (which is probably how I ran through my first cartridge so quickly).
I have fair skin and light brown/thick hair. I have quite a few moles on my body but haven't had any issues. It's best to do this during the winter without a tan. Pretty sure I will be hair free without the need for razors by the summer!
review image
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on March 23, 2015
If you have to contact Silk’n’s customer service. I purchased a Flash and Go from them around ten months ago, and after it broke in January (two months ago), I attempted to email the company using the form on their website. I waited a few days, and received no answer. So I filled out the form again, and again received no answer. Using all of my strong-wording abilities, I expressed my extreme dissatisfaction with their lack of response, and finally received an answer.
A single email, asking which repair lights were showing on my device. After my response, there was again… No answer.
So, being the clever cookie that I am, I decided to contact them a different way. I called the number on their website and actually got a hold of a *live* person! This woman informed me that the cartridge on my product had simply run out of charges (despite supposedly holding something around 120k) and that I should send it back for them to trade out with a new one.
I did, and after about a week and a half of shipping back and forth, I received the new cartridge, which worked just fine. For one day. Then a different set of repair lights started flashing, and I got to call customer service again.
This time, I was told that my entire Flash and Go was kaput, and that I would need to go through the lovely shipping process a second time. Despite how annoyed I was, I sent back everything I had (including the new cartridge), and waited nearly two weeks for the new Flash and Go to arrive.
Except a new Flash and Go didn’t arrive. Instead, I got a single cartridge, like the one I had just included in my shipment back to them. By that point, I had their customer service center on speed dial, so I called them up and told them that I hadn’t received a replacement Flash and Go (or anything close to it, for that matter). And thus, the kicker: after I had explained my situation, the representative threatened to charge my credit card for the unasked-for cartridge unless I sent it back to them within a day. Thankfully, she agreed to transfer me to management.
The woman I spoke to there either had no concept of what an ‘authorized’ credit card purchase is, or chose to dismiss it, claiming that failure to send the cartridge back as soon as I could constituted authorization (spoiler alert: it doesn’t). I almost laughed at their behavior, since I’d just spent nearly two months dealing with their customer service and shipping various products back and forth; now they were concerned with urgency?!
So, long story short, I’ve spent nearly two months dealing with Silk’n’s customer service clowns, and my final review is that—while the product itself is fine—their ability to handle defects and complaints is so terrible that you will undoubtedly want to steer clear of this product (unless you’re fine with throwing $200-300 down the drain when it breaks).
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on September 25, 2013
I wanted to just suggest to people that you inform yourself on hair growth. There is no reason to do treatments more than once every six weeks regardless of what they tell you to do. Using it more than that is wasting the bulbs. You want to hit the correct growth cycles. If you stop using a permanent hair removal system for an extend period of time then it is just like starting over.
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on March 3, 2013
I got this as a gift from my husband last December, so far I have not notice any difference and its March already. I will be waiting for couple more months to really see if it works. The device, seem to over heat and I have to keep on unplugging it or just use it for a very short period of time.

October2013 Its not even a year yet, and this item does not work anymore. I tried to call the customer service, but it let you wait for so long. I cant even get a replacement or get my warranty. So far, very dissapointed.
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on November 22, 2015
So I used this device about 5 times on my arms and legs and I was seeing results, the hair was growing in thinner and in patches. So the time comes to purchase a refill cartridge, so I do. After one use of the device with this refill cartridge , I have 30 burn marks on my left leg alone (less on my right ).They didn't appear until the day after I used the device, and they were very dark. I thought it would just go away but after a few days with no fading I began to worry and became very angry at what this device had done. I called to return the flash n go after about a week and a half with the marks still dark. I had to send pictures of these marks and didn't receive my refund until about a month later. After about a month of applying palmers fade cream religiously the dark marks were gone, but unfortunately they left behind faint white marks that are still visible 2 months later. Multiple scars left on my legs isn't worth any permanent hair removal system in my opinion and I would not recommend this device to anyone . (Excuse the furry calf I was afraid to shave!)
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