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on April 4, 2013
S4i 2
The sound on these are pretty good. The eartips suction to your ears
very well so they stay in. Bass is great but they lack highs...highly.
Lol. One major flaw with these is specifically if you're using them as
an ear set for your phone. The remote and mic are right where the
wires do the y split so when I held a conversation with someone on the
phone it was hard for them to hear me because the mic was so far away
from where your mouth is. Overall though, they are not worth the
retail price of $99 but if you can find them for a cheaper price
they're pretty good.

Love these. Absolutely love the sound you get out of them right out of
the box. The bass is great but not as deep as the s4i 2s but aren't
necessarily a bad thing. I also own the SL150 and I think this is a
theme that they have: they sound good with EVERY genre. I wouldn't say
balanced because they are hyped up quite a bit just like beats by dr
dre but lets just say the clarity is amazing. Sound stage much spacier
than the s4i 2s. The build quality is very solid as well. Perfect for
using them as an ear piece on your phone. The mic and remote is
positioned right under or to the side of your face. Only things i
suggest is getting a different set of ear tips. The ones included are
huge (even the small ones) and fall out quite easily. Overall though,
this is the best bang for your buck and are my favorite in eat style

Basically the big brother of the SL49s. To keep it simple lets just
say this. They're the SL49s but with much heavier bass and more
noticeable highs. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what
you like. I personally like the sound of these more than the SL49s but
even with different ear tips these tend to fall out my ears because
they are significantly bigger and heavier than the SL49s. If you can
get these to stay in your ears, I highly recommend these.

Can't go wrong with either of these 3 but my Overall Personal Ranking:

1. SL49
2. SL99
3. S4i 2

Having owning all 4, along with the bose mie2i (my wife owns them) and
the apple earpods I can help anybody whose looking in the market. Let
me know if you have any questions!
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on November 14, 2011
Ok i am a 17 year old, i love listing to music and am very hard on ear buds, i run with em, bike with em and sleep with em, and i listen to everything from AreoSmith to Alabama to a little classical, and the build on these ear buds is amazing. the audio quality is about 3x better the Boise ear buds (i have used them, trust me these are much better)and to be honest if I had the chance to do it over again i would. Hope this helped and happy Jamming :D
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on November 11, 2011
i've been looking for a really good pair of headphones with an in-line mic and volume/track control and i stumbled upon these headphones while on deployment in south korea. i wanted to get them as soon as i tested them out but i decided to do a little more research. so after reading the specs on these bad boys i went ahead and made my purchase. i am currently deployed and got my product in less than two weeks, amazing. now for the headpones themselves. the cable is that flat tangle free design and the cable is just a bit thicker than the beats by dre which i believe make the souls more durable. the build quality is excellent. the in-line controls are awesome. the buttons for the vol/track control are sepearted. much easier to use and less frustrating than others out there. what i hate about other headphones is that the in-line vol/track control are all in one plastic strip so sometimes instead of skipping a track like i want, the vol would go up or down. great design on souls in-line controls. sound quality on these babys are amazing. everything is crisp, clear and hard. best headphones ive ever bought and the best thing really is you get all this for an amazing price. get them. trust me.
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on December 22, 2013
These were the second pair of SOUL by Ludacris headphones that I purchased a few weeks ago. Around the middle of December 2013 was when i received this pair in particular. The first pair i purchased were the SL300BW's and they were phenomenal. Therefore, I saw these headphones and decided to try them out for such an astounding price. Fitting, sound quality/noise cancellation portability, and overall quality are all of the aspects that will be looked at in this review.

First of all, they arrive in a sleek box that has a picture of Ludacris on it. The box was easy to take handle and all you had to do was take it out. After i took it out of the box, I decided to plug them in my IPhone 5. However, due to the type of case I have, it was tough to maneuver the headphone jack to fit inside of the port. This negative aspect was one bad, but did not interfere with the overall experience of using the headphones. I would not suggest using these headphones with too thick of a case for your device. After they were plugged in and ready to go, I put them in my ears to see how they fit. They come with three different types of ear pieces that you can use to fit the size of your ear. The medium size fit the best for me. When I had them in, the noise cancellation kicks in right away and makes a huge difference of isolating you from most sound surrounding you. The medium size ear buds, however kept falling out of my ears and did NOT stay in as well as the Bose IE2 in ear headphones I own, which rarely ever fall out of my ears (no matter what size). These headphones after about 30 minutes hurt your ears as well. These negative aspects about comfort led to a 3/5 star review for comfort.

The next aspect looked at is about sound quality. The sound quality of these headphones were great. The bass is strong and loud. The range of sound that these headphones go from is extremely wide, and easy to find the sound you like. "Ultra Dynamic" is a perfect way to describe these headphones, just like they say in the title. The isolation adds to the fact that the sound quality is so great. However, the not so great comfort adds to the fact that a full sound quality experience cannot be depicted. A 5/5 star review for sound quality would be the perfect rating.

The portability of these headphones is tremendous. It comes with a hard case that the headphones easily fit into. The case is around 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall and includes a velcro pocket for the different sizes of ear buds. This case is far more protective and more portable (smaller and sleeker) than the Bose IE2 headphone case. The non-tangle cord is very handy so you never have the hassle of untangling the headphones like with the Apple Earpods. Portability will be considered a strong 5/5 and truly wonderful.

The final aspect looked at is overall quality of these headphones. They are manufactured very well and are not wearing away too easily, which is a very positive aspect. They do not seem to be headphones that could break too easily and are overall great. This quality lead to a 5/5 for this aspect of the headphones.

Overall, these headphones deserve a strong 4/5 review. The only thing holding them back from a 5 star review would be if comfort was fixed. Comfort is an extremely important role in headphones, because it the basis for other aspects of the headphones such as sound quality (which as I stated, is limited due to a lack of comfort). I would recommend these headphones to people of all ages who use electronic products and listen to music. Overall, a great pair of headphones. The amazing price is has here on amazon, adds to the fact of why they are very good.
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on December 22, 2013
I saw these earphones were only $15, so I had to pick them up. Regard all the negative reviews because these earphones are amazing. The sound quality is great; I love these earphones. The music that I like to listen his hiphop/rap and the sound quality is perfect. I had to switch out the earbuds with a smaller pair that they provide for you. The wire of the earphones themselves are thick, the earphones will be able to take a beating. The soul SL49 earphones have some weight to them when holding. A traveling case is provided for your convenience. The longest I had the earphones in my ear was 3 hours. They stay in my ears the whole time. Overall I think these headphones were worth the $15 dollars.

As always if I will update my review if these headphones break.
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on February 9, 2012
These are the most musical sounding in-ear phones I've tried under $200, and the only ones I've tried with a naturally balanced frequency response. They work well with the Sony Walkman E4xx series players, generating natural warm bass without having to use a headphone amp. They are perfect for use at a desk or for travel while you are seated, however, the durable cords that will help these last a long time also do tend to pull these out of your ears if you are exercising. I recommend these over the more expensive SL99's (see my comparative review there).

What you won't get with these is the level of detail that you can get with armature type in-ear phones. A guitar riff played by a very fast player such as Orianthi will sound very musical but the individual note pluck and fingerwork won't be as clear cut. But the single armature phones I've tried (up to the Phonak Audeo 121's, about $170) all lacked low frequencies so much, even with equalization, as to make music sound unnatural and lacking emotive content compared to the SL49's.

Reality check: Do you really need in-ear phones? If you move around much on your job, exercising, or doing housework, in-ear phones may be your only choice, but getting good sound out of something as small as an in-ear phone is MUCH more expensive than from an over-the ears headset. The Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Portable Headphones with Volume Control, lightweight, comfortable, and under $20, is better musically overall than any of the in-ears sets mentioned above.

The SL49's are a good choice for folks who want to upgrade from 'included' earphones and need in-ear phones for use while seated.

EDIT 3/16/12: Since this review I've tried the MeElectronics A151s MEElectronics A151-BK Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Black) and definately have to give them the nod if you have a headphone amplifier with bass boost. If not, read the reviews of both units before deciding.

EDIT 11/29/12: Right bud stopped working after 10 months. Use was gentle at office desk only at relatively low volume. I cannot recommend any phone over $10 that fails in less than a year from adult desk use only.
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on August 5, 2013
For reference I Have Klipsch S2i, Klipsch S4i, and the Beats Studio headphones,

I recently forgot my Klipsch S2i headphones in my glovebox, the Arizona heat did something to the rubber on the cord and basically ruined them. I replaced them with a set of S4i's and on a whim I also picked up the SL49's as a backup. I primarily use these while on my Motorcycle, open face half helmet.

The SL49's have a slightly more rich sound with a deeper base than the s4's if they are inserted in my ear perfectly. Unfortunately while on my cycle they do not stay in place as well as the s4's. Also even when in place they do not block out the outside sound as well as the S4i's.
For the motorcycle the S4is are the clear winner. If I am at home or in the car I would opt for the SL49's, because of the richer sound.
Pro's - sound quality, cord
Cons - Fit and noise isolation

Of course everyone's ears are different and you may experience a different fit than me.
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on May 4, 2012
I didn't have a problem at first. One ear stopped working one month later. It wasn't heavily used at all. It was still under warranty so that's not a big deal. I shipped it back for 5 dollars. The returned one (whether new or fixed) was fine for a week and then the sound started breaking up on both sides. I don't want to ship it back for another 5 dollars. If I have to ship it for 5 dollars every a month or so, I might as well just buy another one. I'm going to try logitech. Disappointed by the quality control.
I had to reduce it to 1 star because today it officially DEAD AGAIN. This is already the second one. I don't know if this one is refurbished or brand new. Two paris died within a year. Come on!!!!!!!
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on February 27, 2014
I will rate these headphones four stars, but that is due to the inexpensive 20 dollar price tag and the sound quality when these do work. I bought these for my daughter as a stocking stuffer this christmas as she loves music and goes through headphones like water. She already has a pair of Soul by Ludacris ear covering headphones and loved them so I bought these expecting the same quality. I was disappointed in the quality as they left ear bud went out in just 2 weeks after Christmas. I had read another review on Amazon were this had happened to them as well. I was upset, but was glad I had read a review preparing me for the issue. I returned to Souls headquarters and in 3 weeks received another pair. So far so good and I will update this review if they last or if they go bad again. My daughter and I like the look of these headphones and the sound quality, but the longevity of these are in question. DO NOT BUY if you want an android device to work with the included chord controls... These controls are soley for Apple Devices. My daughter has ipods and an iphone so it was a great buy for here items. Just a little F.Y.I
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on March 10, 2014
I purchased these headphones based on other reviews and comments on how these are better than beats for the money.

The box that is comes in is huge and makes the product look like a premium. The earplug end and wires look high quality so I can give it up for that.

Me, average music listener. Enjoy Everything from Heavy Metal to Hardcore Rap. LOVE BASS and DRUMS.

Personal opinion on sound quality:
Highs and Mid-range sound good though I am not a pro so your ears might like something different

I was not as impressed with the sound as I had high expectations. I have purchased lower quality headphones (SKULL CANDY and MOJO) both of which I felt the bass quality sounds better (deeper and harder hitting). I can say though that the bass on these do sound cleaner but that is all I can about them. Bottom line, I like them.. Are they worth $15-$20 over the skull candy or MOJO? Nah.. not really..

Device I used these headphones on: SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 and iPhone 5.
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