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on May 31, 2012
Halleluiah, I can finally get to sleep! I live in a very densely populated area of Los Angeles, with lots of apartments and condos right on top of one another. There's always noise from conversations, loud TV's, crying babies, barking dogs... you name it. During the summer months it's even worse because people open their windows and the sound carries even more. The Nomad downs out the noise and replaces it with pleasant sounds that help me to get to sleep. With the Nomad, I can even leave my window open a bit for ventilation (I used to close my window because of the noise but I would wake up all through the night because I was hot and sweaty). I like the fact that I can use batteries if I want to and take the Nomad on the road with me. The sound is great and it also has an external mini-jack that I can plug my ipod into so I can use the Nomad as an external speaker. It's a great little sound machine and I've already recommended it to a couple of my friends!
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on August 9, 2012
Ok, I gotta admit I was pretty skeptical about this product, but consistent sleep hadn't been coming easily for well over two years. I was given one of the Sound+Sleep Nomad units as a gift from a friend... might as well give it a test, right? I'm not the kind of guy who'd consider dropping Ambien or other drug every night, so we plugged it in the first evening after it arrived. I fully expected to unplug the unit after a week or two of unchanged sleep and make up some excuse to my friend, thanking him for the gift, but also explaining that my insomnia was far more chronic than any little sound box could alleviate. My wife and I were in for a surprise.
What we discovered was that the Nomad really improved our sleep and the results were quick to achieve and to actually verify. The Nomad has lot's of features that we haven't used yet, like the adaptive sound mode or the ability to connect I-Pod players and have your favorite music segue into the sleep audio. I know there's one feature we will use in the future - the battery power portability. We won't take a chance on traveling without carrying our Nomad with us.
As I recall, the manual for the Nomad stated that most people find that simple white noise or basic ocean sounds are the most common and successful selections. My wife and I have always liked staying at the beach, so we selected the ocean sounds to start with. At first, we had the Nomad set at the second highest level of complexity (the richness of content adds more variety of sounds) and fairly loud volume... frankly, it was way too much. Within 20 minutes, I had gotten up twice and reset the Nomad to a much lower volumes and the lowered the level of richness, then back to bed and -surprise- a full 7 hours of sleep for both of us. Something that was a rare occurrence for us.
Honestly, not every night was as perfect as the first, but at the end of one week, we both agreed there was something about this sleep therapy approach that was working for us. After two weeks with the Nomad, we gradually increased the volume very slightly and added one level of richness (more randomized ocean waves and occasional seagull sounds) and continued to sleep better than we had in years. Being the skeptic that I am, I turned off the Nomad for one night and our sleep was not quite as good. Leaving the unit off for a second night in a row and we had a familiar rough night of tossing, turning and fretting about how to solve all of the world's problems. The Nomad is back to stay.
All in all, the unit is very compact, well made and the design looks pretty sweet, too! I'm thinking that maybe, when the winter rains come, we'll switch over to the rainstorm sound and see if creating a more even pattern of rain makes sense. However, there's nothing wrong with another night at the beach. This is a good product that worked well for us.
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on June 1, 2013
This unit has a lot of sound options and the sound it produces is good, and it does help lull one into a sleep.

Of their product offerings I purchased the nomad because I thought I might like to take it with me when I travel. After I bought the unit I thought to myself, why didn't they add an alarm clock to it? It would certainly make the unit more useful and would only add a few cents to the production cost. Considering the substantial price of the unit, it would certainly add perceived value.

One feature we do not use is the adaptive technology. In fact, I would say it's the worst feature of the product. If someone slams a door, the unit ratchets up its volume.... after the sound happens. It actually makes it worse. If a rooster crows or neighbors yell (which are longer lasting sound events) the unit doesn't detect it. The absolute worst part of the adaptive technology is that sometimes the unit will detect its own noise and increase its volume trying to cover itself up, then it gets stuck in an infinite loop. After the third night waking up to the unit blasting at full volume trying to mask its own sounds, we turned the adaptive feature off and have never turned it on again.

We like the unit, and it's effective at producing white and soothing natural sounds, but the adaptive technology is worthless and pushes the price of the unit too high. I would rather not have the dysfunctional adaptive sound option and would rather see an alarm clock option that gently wakes a person with a slowly ascending increase in soothing sounds.
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on October 5, 2012
We have one of the larger Sound & Sleep Sound Machines, and are very pleased. I purchased the Nomad, and all was good for two months. It suddenly stopped working. If I press the on button, the lights go on for about 5 seconds, and then go blank. No sound.
Maybe this happened because we had a power failure while it was plugged in; but not on.
I am updating this review after having a great experience with the vendor. The Representative emailed me the instructions on how to fix the unit....but the steps did not change the outcome. We both believe the power failure may have done it in. So, he sent me a brand new unit. Great support!!!!
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on May 13, 2012
I'm not a world traveler. What I mean is, when I get to a strange place either on business or rest, I just can't settle in and a full nights sleep is often elusive. Unfamiliar places have that effect on me. So a friend told me that he had a Sound + Sleep for home and he and his wife love it. Because of the restrictions and extra cost of luggage these days I didn't think I could sacrifice the precious cargo space for the full size home sound machine. NOMAD hit the market and it is perfect for me! Throw it in the carry on, and not only does it put me in such restful sleep in a strange hotel, but I can also plug my smart phone into the Audio connection and listen to my music on the road. The sound quality that is delivered from this compact machine is in a word "unbelievable". You have to hear it for yourself, but it is amazing sound from such a small box.

I highly recommend the NOMAD for travel far, or just to the back yard for restful sounds or your favorite tunes.

PS. I then bought the Sound + Sleep for my nightstand at home.

[edited to fix a word]
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on July 8, 2013
I have always had problems sleeping and can't stand to sleep without a hum of some kind...the louder the better! The options on this machine are amazing and the sound quality it the best I have ever slept with! I had to call customer service with the company and I can tell you that he treated me like he knew me! They are fantastic!!! If you are looking for a good sound conditioner that doesn't have that fake sound of small tracks of sound replaying over and over look no further, just get it ordered and ENJOY!!!
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on August 1, 2013
I love the deep white noise but the plug into the side broke off into the machine and now its rattling around and we can not use the plug in :( sad because it was one of my fav's until it broke and now its an expensive piece of nothing.
Update: I contacted Sound+Sleep and they shipped me a new machine since it was to late to return to Amazon. Great customer service.
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on June 12, 2013
I have 3 of the ASTI Sound machines, two full size (one at home, one at parents home where I stay often) and have recently bought the NOMAD travel version. They really do mask out all but the very loudest sounds (including thunder storms) which would otherwise wake you up. The adaptive bit means that as an extraneous sound arises the background sound the machine produces gets louder to mask it out --- and it has a very fast response time.

My guess is that its not so much that you couldn't hear the extraneous sound if you were awake but that the familiar sound which lulls you to sleep, continues to be so dominant by rising in volume, that you subconsciously perceive everything is as it should be so the "the wake up and run" response does not get triggered. Whatever the mechanism, it works, the dumpster truck at 7am no longer wakes me up - ditto the A/C unit/next room door etc. in a hotel with the Nomad. The alarm clock however still does its job.
The Nomad is marginally lower quality sound but barely, and much more convenient for travel. Both styles are well built, elegant with attention to design detail. I have had the first one for several years now, the second one failed after a few months but what matters most is that there was a fast and no hassle replacement from ASTI when I called. That counts a lot with me in a company - the only person who never made a mistake is the person who never did anything, its what you do about it that is important. The replacement unit must be about 3 years old now.

The Nomad has been flawless for over a year and is well traveled already.

Everybody is different, and you can only really judge for yourself by trying one but I have no hesitation in recommending these things. I think this is the only Amazon review I have ever bothered to write which tells you something. Good stuff deserves a pat on the back - hope this help.
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on August 17, 2013
What a fantastic little noise machine! I've been fighting the "cargo planes throttling down right over the house as they approach the freaking airport at 3:00 am" blues for a couple of years, ever since some schmuck somewhere decided that night landings were a GREAT way to bump up productivity, without any consideration for the thousands of people they were waking up every 20 minutes. I could get by when it was just one or two flights a night, but they run all night now. Earplugs just don't cut it. Noise cancelling powered headphones do work, but you wake up soaked with sweat.

Oddly enough, if I fell asleep with the TV on, I would sleep through the night, despite the plane noises. I did some research and learned that the sleeping mind craves auditory input, and it tends to latch on to whatever it hears. But if it has a constant source of background noise, it tends to cancel the noise out. So the steady talk from the TV let me sleep, but the sudden change in pitch when the planes throttled down in an otherwise quiet night woke me up in a snap.

So I started researching noise generators. I'd heard of "White Noise", but was surprised to learn that there are actually several different noise palettes....white, pink and brown. (There is a site where you can listen to the three different color noises and get an idea of the differences.

This little machine was the only one that had multiple background noise options listed, so I gave it a shot. Sure enough, it gives all three noise palettes, white, pink and brown. The deep, rich brown background noise cancelled out all sound of those cursed planes until I switched it off in the morning, only to find that a plane was throttling down at that very moment, and I hadn't heard it at all!

Big, big, win!

This machine comes with several features that aren't going to be of any use to me. The "Adaptive Noise Compensation" is a bit too slow to would probably work better if you were fighting a gradually increasing, steady, sound volume instead of one that popped over for just a second or two and then dropped as rapidly.

There are several "Sound Stories" included, with nice background levels of sounds for things like Ocean, Waterfall, Rain, and Meadow. And the unit has the ability to adapt those stories with a Richness button, which adds little extras like random frogs or foghorns to the sound. Not for me....we do our best to STOP frogs and crickets from chirping at night, but some folks might prefer it. It's still a cool feature.

I tested the plug-in audio cable with my 6th gen iPod nano, and it "sort-of" works, particularly with the Power Boost, so if you wanted to use it as an external speaker, you could spend the time trying to figure out how to make that happen. (There aren't a whole lot of instructions on how to use it as an external speaker.) I kept hearing the "info" descriptions for every song that was playing, over the top of the song. Turning that off on the iPod only worked for that one song, and the unit kept trying to cycle through the Playlists. Bumping it in any way caused loud static and more cycling. So it's not something you want to use as your primary iPod speaker, but in a pinch....maybe. With some experimenting.

That's it....I'd definitely recommend this as a noise generator. And I will soon be testing it against the "Sharper Image EC-B150 Sound Soother" which has a nice Fireside palette that sounds brown. (The winner stays in the bedroom, the loser goes into the luggage for when we travel. Hotel rooms are the bottom-most depths of the pits of Hell.)

Update: Yeah you definitely want to go with this one rather than the Sharper Image model. It (the Sharper Image one) sounds much tinnier. (And there is even one sound scape called "Road" that sounds just like the freaking airplane noise that I'm trying to mask! None of the sound scapes mask the airplane noise completely, unlike the Nomad machine, even at top volume. Not good! But......if you want to WAKE the dead, try the SI "Foghorn" sound scape. That one might work as an alarm, but I can't imagine anyone using it to go to sleep! The Sharper Image model does have a clock radio with alarm though, so if you are using it primarily for that, it might work for you.
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on August 30, 2012
Just days before our trip to Europe our old machine died and my wife and I were desperate. I quickly looked at some in stores, but most sounded really bad. Then I searched online and decided to take a chance with the Nomad based on some of the reviews. After ordering it I contacted the company and explained we were leaving in a few days and...well the bottom line is they immediately packed the unit and we had it 2 days later.

The sound is really great. Some of the units I heard in stores sounded OK, but I never heard anything as good as this unit. Honest. It has a depth and a reality to real sounds in nature that is amazing, and the sounds seem to fill the room as opposed to coming out of a little box. The sounds don't have those obviously digitally-made electronic sounds. There are no repeating sound loops that for someone like myself with mild ADHD would be distracting and keep me awake. The adjustments allow you to hear a straight sound, or add elements like birds or a foghorn with the ocean track.

It looks great, and they have a great customer support department. I highly recommend it.

Just a quick anecdote about the optional foghorn effect. Our preferred sound is the ocean. My wife woke up the first morning and said she dreamt about hearing a foghorn during the night and that she must have been dreaming about being aboard the cruise ship we were leaving for the day. I felt compelled to tell her the truth.
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