Customer Reviews: SPIGEN SGP SGP09550 Steinheil Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 2 - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Ultra Crystal
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on October 31, 2012
I've been using this screen protector for my beloved Galaxy note 2 for a couple days now and have been quite satisfied. Although the note 2 has gorilla glass which is very durable, I wanted to add an extra layer of protection since I don't want to take any risks when using the s pen. Just take your time with the install, the only time bubbles will be a problem is if dust gets in between the screen and screen protector (use some tape to get the dust out).

-EXTREMELY clear, you can't even tell that's it's on!!!
-reusable, so you can reapply it if any bubbles are present.
-seems like its durable enough so that the s pen wont scratch the protector.
-creates a nice level of friction so that the s pen d9esnt feel like its sliding around on the screen protector.

-THE only reason I didnt give this a 5 star rating is because this screen protector is a finger print MAGNET! It attracts more fiber prints than the original screen. So when I'm at home I wipe it with a microfiber cloth whenever I get the chance.

That's it! Overall a wonderful high quality product. I would definately recommend it. Hope this review helped!

*********Update 12/16/12***************
So, its been well over a month and im still very satisfied with the screen protector! it does have a few minor scratches from using the S pen, however, its nothing major and something that will happen naturally over time.
I probably wont have to switch to the 2nd screen protector for a long time.
Just thought i'd give you guys a quick update!
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on December 10, 2012
I used to be a Zagg fanboy, only buying InvisibleShield for my products.
When I heard that the SPen was having issues on the Galaxy Note 2 with the shields on, I was immediately worried I would have to settle on lower quality protection.

As recommended on the XDA-Developers forums, I purchased this SGP protection and received the product in a very timely manner. I was shocked that it came with two protectors and little stickers that were to remove any dust that might happen to land on the protectors during installation. These are really awesome and make installation really easy to prevent airbubbles.

Installation itself was straightforward, and I was able to redo the installation several times because I kept misaligning the protector. You can't do this with other products like Zagg because they stretch and become useless. So that was a major plus in my book.

With it installed and no airbubbles, I was shocked at how smooth the screen felt under my finger and with the Spen. It felt a ~little~ different, but not in a terrible way. And it looks beautiful, can't tell there is a protector on it! After two weeks of usage, its held up really well.

The only downside of the SGP is that it smudges and has tons of fingerprint attraction. Constantly wiping the screen down. But it's a really small price to pay for the quality you get here.
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on November 19, 2012
This is a very highly rated screen protector, and it does look good. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to put on correctly. I used both in the pack and gave up and ripped them up and threw them out.

If you want to spend $16 and give yourself a couple hours of solid frustration, buy this -- buy two and double your fun. If you think this is going on without bubbles and ending up looking like a cobblestone road you're sadly mistaken.

The instructions are LOUSY -- it doesn't tell you if Front means towards you or towards the front of the phone. Even if you luck out and get it the right way, it won't line up properly unless you have a micrometer built into your eyeballs.

You were warned.

UPDATE (11/26/2012)

Shortly after I wrote the above, Spigen contracted me through this review channel. I sent them a lengthy e-mail about the installation process. They offered to send me a new packet of screen protectors -- and they arrived almost IMMEDIATELY. I am impressed.

HOWEVER, the instructions on the packet are still minimal and vague and their website contains nothing additional to what is on the packet. I would think the website would have a detailed video of how to install it with tips and tricks to do it correctly the first time. No such luck, and they didn't indicate in their e-mails if they would.

So, I will wait for my next trip to Asia and have one of the guys in a mobile phone store install it for me. They've done it in the past and they do a fantastic and quick job because they install 20-30 a day and have a dust-free booth to work in.

I just upgraded this from three stars to four stars because of the excellent customer service and the fact that somebody there is actually monitoring these reviews. Getting the flipping thing on the phone, though, is an entirely different matter.
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on January 26, 2013
Am a long time Zagg user for Asus Transformer Prime, HTC EVO 4g, Thunderbolt, and tried it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Do not buy a Zagg for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2... S-pen will trash it.

After buying this directly from Spigen (no price difference) I found that the recommended (by Spigen) works best.

I purchased the "ULTRA CRYSTAL" why? mostly cause it's thicker than the other one Spigen recommended.

It's inexpensive enough that you don't have to rely on Zagg's warranty... and it's easy enough to install that you don't need to have some "Geek" at Best Buy do it for you.

A must get!
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on November 6, 2012
Depending on how good you were with arts and crafts as a youngster or how steady your wrists are, will determine how well you can put the screen protector on your phone. Nevertheless, this screen protector is great, just as described, Ultra Crystal. Unless you look at it from and angle or in certain light you can't tell there is a screen protector on the device.

Now the only thing that drives me crazy, in all honesty, is how this thing attracts fingerprints. Its a tad ridiculous.
Other than that, this thing is awesome, comes with 2 and everything you expect from an quality product. Spigen got this out to me really really quick, I applaud them for that, they truly are a model company. I hope to buy from them again.
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on November 15, 2012
I like all the gadgets that come along with its package. Especially the dust removal sticker, makes life easier.

The protector itself, is nowhere close to the best that I ever used. Because I suck at doing this, I was looking for a bubble free and hard thick protector. Since it is advertised as so, I thought I might like it.

But things turned out to a disappointment. It is NOT thick, Not so hard and it's easy to get bubbles with this one too. Despite that I finally made it, it was not easy. I would like it to be thicker, in that way it eliminates bubbles but bad for capacitive screens (maybe). Anyway, nothing is perfect and I didn't expect that.

So what was the surprise? I put my fingers on and swap, it was not comfortable because I can feel a lot of resistance going on. Then it reminded me that the S-Pen is supposed to be rubberized so I take out my S-Pen. WOW, perfect writing experience! The S-pen's tip doesn't work with the original surface because you don't feel like writing when it's so slippery. But with this protector, some resistance is added to that experience which to me is spot on!

Bottom line, I would recommend this to the people who like to write on this protector since it's so awesome. However, if you don't care about that, probably just go with the cheaper ones. I really don't see this very expensive ($15) screen protector can do more than those cheaper ones. So it's okay, three stars.
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on December 3, 2012
Usually these screen protectors are very good, but the one I got today turned out to be very bad. It made the s-pen jump all over the place and then seem like it was stuck to the screen. It did this to my finger as well. I messaged the company because I have never had this issue with any of their products in the past and they are sending me a replacement. It isn't the same one... but the oleophobic one. We will see how much better/worse that one does.
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on May 24, 2013
I've never had any luck with screen protectors - They have always been cheaply made, yadda yadda,.. Decided to go with this one because it cost a little more than the 99 cent ones.. I hit the jackpot, Shipping was fast, and it came with 2 screen protectors..
Read a bunch of installation processes. heres what i did, and it worked like a champ - Very happy i didnt mess up.. Went on PERFECT, no BUBBLES!!
Ran a hot shower in my smaller bathroom, cleaned up the sink area where i would be installing it.. Took a nice screen cleaner wipe (from walmart) cleaned the crap out of the phone (phone turned off so no one calls and disrupts) turned off the shower, took off my shirt(so no dog hairs or dirt fell off) and followed the directions. Started at the top,. peeled it back 3/4's way, lined it up and proceeded to install it till the bottom.. pushed out the 3 small bubbles that where there. Went on like a champ - loves it..
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on November 3, 2012
The product arrived quickly. I had doubts that I would need the Dust Removal Sticker but when I realized that ANY specs of dust cause bubbles. The Dust Removal Sticker worked great. I recommend the "shower method" which is turning the hot water on in your restroom and creating lots of steam. Which, of course, greatly reduces the amount of airborne lint, dust, etc. Once I was finished with the install I was highly pleased with the results. The screen protector is truly "crystal clear". Bottom line- very high quality product.
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on November 17, 2012
I had the note 1 and used multiple different screen protectors ending up with Ghost Armor; it was okay but I had to have it replaced every 2 months and that is a pain. I wish I would have known about this product back then. This screen protector is by far the best, most clear, smoothest screen protector I have ever used and since it has a hard surface it does not screw with the s-pen input like Zagg and Ghost Armor did. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would.
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