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on May 20, 2008
I wanted to write this review to help others know more about this product because when I was looking around I was kind of in the dark. I ordered 3: the purple extra heavy, blue heavy, and red medium. I've worked out a lot off and on in the past with actual weights, and I'm always moving around, so this was just what I was looking for. Of course, how tall you are will make a difference, as taller people will have more tension in the bands when they are being stretched (if you're standing, of course, which is a lot of exercises). I'm 5'10", and unfortuantely my purpose in working out is to build muscle, as I'm kind of on the skinny side. The purple band isn't for "extremely fit" people, but it does offer a good amount of resistance. Here's a general guideline of what I found, based on my previous experience with weights:

If I double the purple band (grab both handles at once) and do one arm rows on a chair, depending on where you step on it, you can get a good 40-50 lbs resistance.
If you have one foot on the blue heavy band standing up, and doing curls, it's about 15-20 lbs each hand.
If you step on the red medium tube about 6-8 inches from the handle and do one arm extensions over your head, it's about 15 lbs

Again, these bands are very variable. You can increase the amount of tension by stepping closer to the handles, and by holding two bands at once, holding both handles at once, etc.

I would even recommend the green I think or the smaller ones for exercises such as lateral raises and for the rotator cuff, as stepping with one foot on the red tube while standing up, and raising both shoulders outwards provides a good 10-15 lbs.

Chest exercises are kind of awkward with this, my door frame is super weak so I don't use the door attachment but I tried what was in the instruction manual and am sticking to pushups.

Also it is great for developing stability, it's a lot harder to keep a stable motion with a cord than with an actual weight.

All in all, I would highly, highly recommend this, but if you're already benching 150+, this is probably just going to keep you toned, but you could probably build the smaller muscles. Also depends on how many handles you can grab at once or how good your grip is if you grab the actual cord.
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on June 30, 2006
This product is amazing. I recently did 5 weeks of bootcamp and we used these resistance tubes every time for biceps, chest, back and shoulders. Its amazing how effective these are and all the time you are just using your body weight. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you want. I had to get them. The green one was a little too light for me and the blue one is a little too tight for a beginner woman. Best part is you can take this lightweight exercise gear anywhere you want and have a good muscle toning workout. Think you can google up the different exercises you can do with these. Plus for the price, it is so cheap, you dont even need to think twice.
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on July 8, 2009
SPRI ES501R Xertube Resistance Band with Door Attachment and Exercise Charts (Red, Medium)SPRI ES502R Xertube Resistance Band with Door Attachment and Exercise Charts (Blue, Heavy)SPRI ES503R Xertube Resistance Band with Door Attachment and Exercise Charts (Purple, Very Heavy)

Although I haven't found much wrong with the band itself (beside the fact that the resistance is lighter than I had expected), the term "door attachment" is somewhat misleading. What you're given is a strap; on one side, there is a loop to pull the band through, and one the other, is what I can only really describe as a small nub.

It makes sense that for such a low price, one shouldn't expect something that actually firmly attaches to the door, so I do not fault them for what it is, but, a word of caution: absolutely make sure that the door closes completely, and cannot be pulled open without twisting the handle.

I used my band probably ten times, and when I decided that I needed to move further back to create more resistance while doing pull-up simulation exercises (lateral pull-downs), I was shocked to watch the door open and see the band and door attachment flying toward me.

Yes, the door attachment hit me right below my neck AND square in the kisser; the band hit me in the chest. After crying like a little girl and icing my swollen lips and the definite outline of the band on my chest, I realized it wasn't that bad (I was mostly shocked), but it really could have been, had it hit me in the eye, etc.

I'm sure I sound like an idiot, but heed my warning. I thought my door was securely closed, but boy did I learn the hard way.
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on January 30, 2012
This supposedly extra heavy band snapped right out of the handle while I was doing a set of Chest Press ,injuring my pectoral muscle in the process. Further, when I emailed the Customer Service Department of the supplier to complain and to get advice as to how to get the tube back in the handle, (in case I go temporarily insane and decide to use these bands aqgain) I received no response
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on January 17, 2012
I got this to replace my wife's p90X blue band I had poached for my own use and was getting frayed and scary. I pulled this new band out, stepped on it, and gave it a solid pull. I hear a "snap" and my foot explodes in pain. The black rubber widened bit had squeezed right through the silver metal grommet and snapped down into my foot. It hurt like hell but amazingly didn't cause any real damage. Luckily, it was my foot, not my face. Suffice it to say it was both very surprising and unpleasant, and has added the fear of band-snappage to my workouts. Why did it happen? The rubber widened bit (the thing in charge of keeping the handle attached to the band)is quite compressible, even between my fingers. Getting it to squeeze through the grommet is only a matter of pulling hard enough to stretch out the rubber bit enough to get through. A proper design would be an anchor (to the handle) that is stronger than the band itself- ie, the band will snap before the handle attachment fails. This is how most products are designed, to make sure that there is no weak link that could fail before the rest of the product. I'd like to think I'm in shape, but I was certainly in zero danger of snapping the band itself when the attachment failed. Contrast this unpleasant experience with the p90x band (the irrationally expensive B-LINES series). I honked the heck out of these on all kinds of nasty surfaces including concrete, and eventually one of the handles started to break apart and the band itself got frayed. Notably, the anchor piece (inserted into the band) is noncompressible hard plastic. I'll be ponying up the ransom for a new B-LINES band, but I'm still a little jittery around bands in general after this incident. I suppose the SPRI's would be fine if you don't plan to pull hard on them...but isn't that sort of the point? I've posted this under both the deluxe and standard versions (I had the "deluxe" version, and I suppose if the handle had come smashing into my face I might've appreciated the foam covering).
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I've worked out at home for years, but only recently have I begun incorporating exercise bands into my strength training. I've had a few flat-type bands that have wound up getting worn and snapped over time, so I wanted to invest in a higher-quality band. Happily, this SPRI tubing perfectly fit the bill WITHOUT breaking the band! This is a very sturdy, very versatile little piece of exercise equipment. You can use it to replace weights in your usual workouts, which allows you to work your muscles in some new and unique ways (refer to the included exercise chart for ideas). When at home, you can actually use the tubing WITH your weights to add greater resistance throughout the entire muscle movement, OR you can pack your tubing with you when traveling--so light and convenient! Finally, the included door attachment is easy to use and allows you to perform an even greater variety of exercises. I wasn't sure which strength tubing to purchase, but I am an intermediate to advanced exerciser, and the medium (red) is perfect for me, as it is easy to adjust for either more or less resistance when needed. Highly recommended!
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on December 10, 2007
This band is perfect for those of you who do some recreational resistance or weight training and also travel regularly. If you do a significant amount of muscle training at high weight or resistance, this will not offer much challenge to you. You should be aware before buying this, it is NOT a replacement for going to the gym. I wish it offered more resistance, but it doesn't. You're not going to open the package and find a magical rubber band that somehow gives you 200 pounds of resistance without you tearing your door off it's hinges. No, I'm afraid that fantasy product doesn't exist. This is a fine item for keeping you active if you get bored while watching TV. If you need something to use in a hotel room this is ideal for it's small luggage footprint as well as it's ease of use.

There are a large assortment of exercises that can be done with this band with or without using a door. You can curl it by standing on it and pulling upward, shrug it, do lunges with it, do rows with it (door needed for that one) and simulate pull ups (also needing a door for this one) to a reasonable degree. You can also adjust your own resistance on some exercises that require you to stand on the band by widening your stance. It's a very logical and simple product to use.

I don't recommend the purple band to those new to resistance training. There are other colors representing other weight simulations that you should probably consider, although the pricing is so cheap you can probably get a couple and work your way through them if you really wanted to do that.

A WARNING: Read the directions before you use this. For example, you may be tempted to close the strap for door use into the top part of the door, this is incorrect and could damage your door. You close the strap into the door near a hinge (definitely not near the knob). While this band does not offer much resistance, I strongly suggest wearing shoes when using your feet to provide tension as having it snap back into your face would probably not be a pleasant experience.

To revisit: It's not a gym replacement so don't pretend it is and then be disappointed when you buy it, that's just illogical. It's highly portable. It's highly diverse. It offers decent resistance for recreational or travel use when unable to use a gym or home exercise equipment. It could snap back dangerously if used in ways contrary to those spelled out plainly in the instructions.
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on October 26, 2011
Liked 'em while they lasted, but I've had two break on me, with occasional, careful use. In use, you put a lot of tension on the bands. I don't want to get whacked by the snap-back when the break happens, and I won't spend any more money on these bands. I think they're dangerous. I'll find a different way to do resistance workouts.
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on January 27, 2010
The handle tore apart from the band after 10 - 20 uses. The metal grommet that connects the band to the handle had a sharp edge that sawed through the handle in no time. The sharp grommet was then catapulted directly at me under the tension of the band.
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on May 5, 2010
First, this ES503R Very Heavy band is as far from heavy as I could only imagine. The only people who will find it "very heavy" are children. I have used this band for about a months when I started seeing cracks. One month later and it is ripped-off, completely useless. I have already ordered new bands from Lifeline USA TNT since buying another from SPRI seems like waste of money.
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