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174 of 178 people found the following review helpful
on July 13, 2013
I HATE doing dishes. It's probably my least favorite chore, and two years in an apartment without a dishwasher was torture. I finally caved and decided to buy one. The only kind within my budget and size restrictions was a countertop dishwasher, and after a little research I chose this one. I bought it over a year ago, and wanted to wait a while before reviewing to see how well it held up over time. The short story is that I absolutely love it, and really have no complaints. Here are some details:
-Setup was fairly simple, but I did have to have my brother lift it onto the counter (I'm not very strong). Otherwise, putting the few pieces together was a snap.
-I was concerned about taking the attachment on and off the faucet, but it is extremely easy and only takes a second.
-My water comes out very hot in my apartment, so I've never had an issue but I would make sure the water is hot for use.
-The booklet/manual that comes with the dishwasher is actually very helpful, and I use it quite a bit.
-If you overload or load things right next to each other, sometimes dishes will not get fully clean. However, this is true with any dishwasher. I have found that you can get creative with what you put in and how. Don't be afraid to experiment.
-I have washed everything from tupperware to heavy pots and pans with success.
-If you let food dry on dishes, it may not come off if you just put it in without presoaking/scrubbing. If you put dishes in immediately and just scrape excess food off before hand, they get squeaky clean. No pre-scrubbing needed.
-It's never broken down.
-Easy to clean.
-It runs quietly, and beeps when it's finished.
-TURN OFF THE FAUCET BEFORE DETACHING THE HOSE. May seem like common sense, but common sense hasn't stopped me from being sprayed in the face a couple times...
-The setting I generally use takes about an hour and a half to finish.

Honestly, I have said numerous times this dishwasher was the best $250 I ever spent in my life. I use it all the time, and it makes my life so much easier.
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on October 23, 2011
I love my new countertop dishwasher. I've been using it for more than a week. No more dirty dishes on the counter waiting to be washed in addition to no more dish washing!
Here are some things to know:
1. It's heavy and comes in a big box. You may need someone to help you with it.
2. Run the water until it gets hot before attaching the dishwasher hose.
3. Follow the diagrams for loading the basket. If your dishes don't face toward the center of the dishwasher, they won't get cleaned.
4. There's absolutely no information about the manufacturer in the manual. There's no way to contact them.
5. There's absolutely no information about ordering parts in the manual. Guess you're out of luck if you need a replacement part.
Comment 4 and 5 resulted in a four-star review.
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on April 22, 2011
I just bought this dishwasher and was thrilled at how quickly it arrived. I purchased it on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday! Tracking was a breeze. Once I unpacked the unit, I was surprised at how light it was.

It came with all the parts to install it to my sink's faucet, though it did take me a few minutes to discover the plastic hookup actually had the faucet adaptor inside it. Once I pulled the metal faucet adapter out and screwed it onto my sink's faucet - I was ready to go. I hooked up all the tubes - be careful not to over tighten them, but get them tight! I plugged the unit in and turned on the water. No leaks so I put a few dishes in and started the washer last night.

The unit is surprisingly quiet (for a dishwasher) and it takes awhile for the load to run. Once the load was finished I just open the door to let everything dry out. Tonight will be my second try with the dishwasher. So far everything is good, no leaks. I set the unit up on a kitchen cart with wheels so I can just move it to the sink when I'm ready to use it.
The silver color is nice and the door design is very simple. No buttons to press before you can open the door or close it. Just a simple pull or push to shut it. When the unit is powered, opening or closing the door results in a beep.

This is an energy star efficient washer, so I'm hoping it saves me on time and water (hand washing dishes tends to take me more water than this unit uses).

I will try and edit or add another review once I've had the unit a little longer.
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71 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2011
Update Oct 2014 - I've had this for almost three years now and it still works great. I just bought this cart to sit it on which is a VAST and sturdy improvement over what I had been using, I would highly recommend it. Each shelf holds 266 pounds. TRINITY EcoStorage 3-Tier NSF Chrome Cart.

Update - April 2012 and it still is working great. Once you figure out how to load it and what works it becomes really easy, I wouldn't trade it !

I think if you have had a problem with the dishes getting clean you first want to check your water hardness and rinse agent. Also you need to make sure you run your water and it is HOT before you attach the hoses to start the dishes. If you don't have the hoses attached tight enough or properly, it's going to leak. Every time I plug it in, I always give the hoses a glance just in case, since I am moving it back and forth. Also I have to drain the hoses into a bowl after each wash. I lift the hose high in the air and even more water flows into the bowl I use for that purpose.
Quick facts -

- It's packed really well, it will take you more than a few minutes to get it out of all the packing.

-I have this on a cart that is 19x27.5 . It fits great with about 5 inches left on the end, and an inch in the front. Make sure it is a sturdy kitchen cart I would recommend. It would not fit under my cabinets, I needed one more inch.

-When you first get it out of the box and before you start doing the dishes on a regular basis the drain hoses will be less pliable, just make sure that the connections on the back are tight before you turn the water on and you will be good to go. The second time I used it some water sprayed out because we had been moving the hoses to drain the extra water.

-You do have to change your faucet head. (!!!!!!) ( They supply the one you need ! ) If you've already had a portable dishwasher you already know this. A cheapy faucet in general is probably the only way you will be making the new connection fit easily. It just screws on to your faucet head fairly easily if you have a regular plain old faucet. We actually had to take out the faucet we had before for a cheaper version, but that was worth it not to do dishes by hand and being that we didn't want to tear out cabinets and pay someone to install a built in.

- Read the placement chart for the dishes. Big plates go up front and they should fit fine. I do cups on the side, bowls along the back along with small plates where I can fit them.

- The water usage is listed as liters on the cycle chart in the manual, not gallons. A normal wash will use about 3.5 gallons of water, or 13.6 liters.

When we first got it and my husband looked inside he asked "do you like this ?" with a note of pessimism. And I was unsure at first because it was smaller.

I've gone from a full size portable to this size after the first one broke fairly quickly.

This size works well for a family of 4. Sometimes I do 2-3 loads a day. It depends of what I've cooked. Usually it's 1-2.

It might be small, but it cleans the dishes well.

Cycle info -

You can do a regular load of lightly soiled dishes with milk and juice residue, crumbs and ketchup, in 50 minutes on the light cycle that doesn't have a dry time. It's called speed and it is 30 minutes less than light, it just doesn't take 30 minutes to dry the dishes. So a lot of times, that will work for me. When you open the the door a lot of steam escapes and they get dry quickly enough on their own. The normal cycle has 3 pre rinses, and 1 wash cycle, and 2 rinses. The speed cycle has 2 pre-rinses and 1 wash cycle and 1 rinse.

I've used all kinds of detergent and they all work well. I am using a powder at the moment.

And also, I think it is common sense that you have to be careful that the spatula or other objects don't obstruct the spinning arm below the basket. It could maybe use a few more well placed built in metal tines if I could think of any improvements.

I bought a square trade warranty after my last issue with a portable, not sure that I will need it, but you can search for the appliance one for the 250-300 dollar coverage.
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28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on November 4, 2012
When I bought this unit for my wife and I it was to make life a little simpler. BUt I have found problems with the
unit that cause concern. They are not kidding when they say careful loading is required. It seems that the rack is
set to low and if you put in a full load of dishes the spin tube catches on the rack. My guess is it is det to low
in the first place. Now I have another problem. The drain line has started spraing water out of the back of wsher.
I took apart the connection and found that the tube going into connection had cracked. The weird part is that it
cracked around the end that seals it to the connection. Needless to say I am not happy with this thing. Now I have to
find a replacement drain hose. The instruction manual gives no indication of where to get parts. Nor is there an address
or anything where we can send inquires.
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20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on August 5, 2014
I am a bachelor living in a small two bedroom apartment by myself but I regularly have guests over. For the last nine years I've frequently had my tiny sink overwhelmed with toppling over piles of dirty dishes from having company and all too often it would take a few days, working an hour or more each day to get them cleaned by hand.

I've worn out countess scrubbers and sponges over the years and worse yet, the dishes weren't even getting cleaned very well. It got to the point I actually dreaded the dish cleaning aftermath of having friends over for meals so much I wouldn't invite them as often.

This was the solution I wish I had known about all along. It does an excellent job of washing for me. I have hard water here and with the right rinse agent and detergent tweaks this unit cleans spotless.

Some tips not in other reviews:

Tip 1

If you don't want to hook this to your faucet you don't have to. My apartment is unusual in that there's a laundry washer hook up in the corner of my kitchen. I have a single unit laundry washer/dryer there. This dishwasher fits perfectly on top of that. So instead of using the cheesy faucet device I instead elected to hook the unit directly to the water mains for the washer through a splitter. This involves taking the inlet hose to your local hardware store and asking them to adapt it to a garden hose type connection. You may need to cut off the small end that screws into the faucet adapter to do this. (I had to) If you do, cut it off with enough hose behind it so that you can splice it back together if you ever decide to use the faucet adapter. (Or just buy a new hose for that purpose) While at the hardware store you'll also need a garden hose type connection splitter so that the laundry washer and the dish washer can share the same connection. The laundry washer water hookup stays on and pressurized all the time so make sure you use teflon tape on every connection. The drain hose is just sent to the same drain the laundry washer uses, usually there's no need to screw the connector into anything, you just shove the end of the hose into the drain pipe.

Tip 2

You can hook this unit up to the cold water side of the mains (or with cold water from your faucet) if you want to. I noticed that many reviews here say to turn the faucet on to hot and run it for a while before hooking up the dishwasher. I ended up reading that after I had already permanently hooked the unit to the cold water spout. However, I also noticed that in the manual each cleaning cycle has a listed running temperature. The only way that could be so regulated is if the unit heats the water by itself, and it does. Even though only cold water is hooked up the dishes are still steaming at the end of a cycle (with no drying selected), so you don't have to have hot water at all for the unit to clean hot.

Tip 3

The silverware basket can be unsnapped in half.
I find I don't usually have enough silverware for a full basket. If you look closely at the basket you will see theres two separate cages that snap in place on the handle. If you remove one of these cages you can recover a nice chunk of space in the dishwasher to use for other stuff. You can also relocate the silverware basket to a less congested spot at your convenience. This trick made the difference between being able to wash a big pan of mine or not.

Altogether I couldn't ask for a better dishwasher. As a single guy in an apartment its like it was made just for me. Life is easier. Now I've recovered all those hours I would've spent slaving at the sink to do the things I'd much rather be doing, like writing long Amazon reviews! :)
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29 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on February 19, 2014
This washer is great, it does exactly what it advertises. it comes with a quick disconnect for your faucet so its easy to go from sink to washer. also the quick disconnect has a button on it that lets you get water from the sink while its on. when I set this up i did it incorrectly and had a leaky and bent hose, the washer recognized that it was not draining correctly and started beeping angrily that it couldn't pump water out. It looks nice, very sleek. and so far it has washed my dishes very well. no more piled up dishes!
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on March 21, 2013
I ordered this dishwasher based on other reviews. I was a little worried that a small dishwasher with one arm wouldn't do that great of a job. Having owned a chinese washing machine that attached to the sink, I was also worried about water leaks.

As it turns out, neither of those were issues. This dishwasher did a great job cleaning up week old dishes that had been sitting in my sink, and the combined faucet/drain (pictures on the supentown web site) means that you don't have to worry about water going everywhere as long as it's been installed properly. The faucet adapter also has an aerator, so you don't have to take it off to make the water come out evenly when you aren't using the dishwasher.

If I had any quibble, it would be that it uses more space than I'd like, but I can't imagine them making it any smaller and still fitting full sized plates. It's easy to detach from the sink, so I can probably stow it away when it's not in use.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2015
I absolutely love this dishwasher. I bought it and I have had it for about 2 weeks....MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE!!! I did not and unfortunately it did not fit under my apartments countertop. BUT we ended up buying a rolling cart which worked out better so it saves counter space. I just assumed it would fit. It cleans amazing and yes our big plates have to be put in on an angle. But hey it beats hand washing dishes. And it uses a lot less water than doing dishes by hand. The only thing to remember don't put plates caked with food. Rinse quick otherwise it could clog the drain. I am so happy with my purchase and my brother will be buying one for his apartment real soon!
review image review image
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on August 10, 2015
I did not purchase this on Amazon but think it's amazing!

I've lived in my house almost 10 years and haven't had a dishwasher, I bought this a few months ago and loved it from the very beginning.

Be careful when you are connecting the hoses to the back of the dishwasher, the nuts are plastic, I accidentally over tightened the nut on the outlet hose and ended up cracking it. After a quick trip to the hardware store to buy a replacement hose I was mostly back in business (the replacement hose does not fit on the quick connect but I just lay the hose in the sink drain). SPT does sell replacement hoses but I had waited so long to have a dishwasher at my house I couldn't wait even a day for a replacement hose LOL.

The dishwasher ran great for a couple weeks then I ran it one night and it quit draining, I could hear the pump running but no water was coming out. It finally quit and started beeping and wouldn't quit. I talked to my uncle that can fix anything and he told me to hook a water line up to the outlet hose and run water backup through it. One of the pieces in my replacement hose kit allowed me to hook the outlet hose up to my garden hose. I turned the hose on just a little bit and it made a weird gurgly noise and then a big squirt, as it turns out somehow a sneaky avocado stem had gotten past the filter (I don't think I had it installed right at one point) and had lodged itself in the pump. Ever since I ran water back up through the dishwasher it has worked perfectly and I plan on doing this as a preventative step every month or so.

I live alone and run this every 2-3 days. It definitely saves me water. I was curious exactly how much water it used so I plugged the sink one time and it filled the sink but it still had a little ways before the sink was going to be overflowing. I can use 3 times that much water doing the amount of dishes this dishwasher can hold so that made me even more happy with my dishwasher.

I purchased a rolling cart to keep this dishwasher on so it did not take up my limited counter space and added a large hook to the side to hold the hoses up to keep them from leaking on my floor when I'm not using it.
review image review image review image
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