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by Helipal

STORM Drone 4 Flying Platform

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We love aerial filming, but of course Helipal is no professional filming agency, we just do it fo... See more product details

Gear Up for 2016

Product Features

  • Use it for fun, use it for work - presenting the All New Storm Drone 4TM We did some upgrades over the successful Storm Drone FF, like upgrading the firmware, changed to Carbon Propellers and new motors.
  • We upgraded to 3K Carbon Fiber propellers!! FREE OF CHARGE! Storm Drone is an upgraded and evolved version of the previous Storm Drone FF, we upgraded the 9" plastic propeller to 8" Carbon Fiber propeller, this gives better stability. The biggest change is that we no longer use spinner to secure the props (9 grams lighter!!), instead we used the Two Hole mounting method, the motor is specially made with Two Holes to secure the prop, this allow players to change props much more easier and don't need to spend so much time on balancing.
  • Storm Drone 4 is 100% Assembled and Tested Storm Drone FF used to be dis-assembled to easier transportation, now we changed the packaging, the Drone no longer in pieces, it came 100% Ready to Fly out of box! Remember, Storm Drone 4 is not just a equipment, it's made for FUN!! Without payload, the Storm Drone 4 is very fast and agile. Take her high in the air and push hard on the throttle, do some sharp turns and sprinting, it gives you an experience which helicopters can never give you. It's all about "Balancing" In here I mean finding the correct combination of Motors and Rotors. We could make a drone to have high payload but less agility, or we could make a fast drone with low payload capability. We found the sweet spot of between this two extreme, the Storm Drone 4 can carry reasonable payload (200-250g) and still able to fight wind, by using high speed motor and rotor combination, we used 9" x 4.7" rotors, 10A ESC and 1100kv motor, this gives longest flight time and the best correction rate for each rotor, that's the secret to fight wind and high speed movement. Balancing is an ART, a time consuming ART We literally balanced every rotors for you. As we mentioned on the above, each rotor needs to be trimmed and balanced before putting onto the motor, and not just putting it on, but "Dead Center". There is no trick but good old "Patience", our technicians spin them one by one and do it slowly, this gives the best result. For those who played RC planes before, you will know it is time consuming, Helipal does it for you! What makes a Quadcopter a quadcopter - the FF Gyro board (V1.2 Black Color) It has a industrial grade micro 6-Axis Gyro (Three axis sensor, Three accelerometer), extremely sensitive, able to pick up slightest movement, it constantly monitoring all three axis which makes the Storm Drone 4 very stable. Helipal recommend Storm Drone 4 + GOPRO® Hero 3 Camera Storm Drone 4 provides a compact and Zero vibration flying platform, GOPRO

Product Details

Product Description

We love aerial filming, but of course Helipal is no professional filming agency, we just do it for fun. At first we want to develop a Quadcopter which is stable enough to fly around and do some relaxing flying, during our development we keep pushing the limit like eliminating the vibration and increasing stability, one day we found that we have "gone too far" and accidentally created something which is much better than original, with such performance it is capable for serious aerial filming! The Storm Drone 4 is able to carry a GOPRO® camera for 6-7 minutes of flight time, this is amazing considering how small the Storm Drone 4 is and still having good agility, this is totally beyond our expectation. When we saw the video taken by GOPRO®.... "Wow"... it's like watching on TV, we couldn't believe it was taken with this Storm Drone - "It took that image?!?!" the stability is off the scale, the GOPRO® Hero 2 camera running at 120fps filtered out all the high frequency vibration, the image is crystal clear. So anyone who wants to have the best result, Storm Drone 4 and GOPRO® camera are best buddies, you will not believe how well they are when working together. The Storm Drone 4 has very well finishing, for some of you don't know when Motor meets a Rotor Propeller, they need to be installed "Dead Center" and they need to be well balanced and adjusted before flying, although they may look the same to you, but even 0.1g or 0.1mm off-center will make a huge vibration when spinning in high speed, the solution is simple - "Patience". We have a bunch of technical guys balancing each rotors for you to minimize the vibrations, this is no trick but hard labor work, this takes "LOTS" of time to get to perfection, Helipal does it for you!

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