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on April 9, 2010
I had compared lots of similar HDTVs with different brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, etc... Then, I found out Vizio provided the best price and more functions than other brand name TVs; therefore, I decided to go for Vizio SV472XVT. Personally, this is my first HDTV, and I loved it very much. Everything is great about this TV, but there are few things I would like to point out.

1. I tried to use this TV as a big screen for my Macbook Pro. I followed the instruction on TV menu and connected this TV with a mini-display/HDMI cable on HDMI 3 port and Y-split audio cable for sound, and it didn't work. In the beginning, I thought I might have problems with my new cables and my Macbook Pro; so, I called Apple to have my computer and cable checked out at Apple store. Then, everything worked fine there. After that, I called Vizio about this problem, and they couldn't figure out what's wrong with it (I spent more than hours on total 3 calls with them. The good thing is Vizio customer service was very patient and nice with me.) The only thing they could recommend was to use the VGA(RBG as on Vizio) cable instead of HDMI cable. So, I tried that, and it worked fine... I just felt sad that I couldn't use the HDMI to get better images from my computer. I went to my friend's house to test the computer on a Sony TV, and didn't have this problem. So, the only thing I could think of is the TV HDMI is not compatible with Macbook Pro. However, it could only happen on my computer or TV. I do recommend to bring your Macbook Pro to test it out before you buy it if it is an important issue to you as to me. (By the way, the HDMI 3 port I tested with my PS3 was fine.)

2. The TV has lots of small applications to access certain websites, but there is no browser, which means you can't go anywhere as you wanted. Before I got this TV, I used PS3 to view and browse internet on TV. When I noticed the internet capability on this TV, I was expecting it might have the same function as PS3. Well, apparently, I was wrong. I read lots of reviews before I went for this TV, and I didn't see anyone mentioned about this point... So, I just want to point this out... I also checked with Vizio about the browser issue, and they don't have a plan to develop one just yet... However, it might happen in the future... I just don't know how long do I need to wait for that to happen. ^_^

3. The model #SV472XVT is very confusing with another model #XVT472SV that doesn't have internet capability. I ordered SV472XVT from Amazon, and they delivered the wrong model. So, I had to place another order to replace the wrong model because Amazon couldn't make a change on the first order. I waited for around 3 weeks for this TV to arrive from the first day I ordered. Also, Amazon forgot to notice the shipper to swap the wrong TV for me. The huge TV box was siting with me for another 5 days, and I am still waiting a refund from Amazon due to late return. So, it will be better to double check with the shipper or Amazon that you are getting a correct model before it happened to your order too.

Basically, I wanted to give a 4.5 rating to this TV, but there is no such option available. So, I decided to give a 4-star rating. I do hope the HDMI 3 issue can be solved, and I am still waiting Vizio's feed back. If the problem was solved, I will update my review here again.
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on March 12, 2010
I've had my Vizio SV472XVT TV for around 2 months so far (I bought it directly from Vizio in a special deal they had pre-release). I can't say enough good things about it.

First, the LED backlit screen produces an excellent picture. I would go so far as to say it's on PAR with any Samsung or Sony that I've seen. Blu-ray movies and PS3 games look perfect.

The collection of "widgets" is amazing. Netflix Streaming, Amazon-on-Demand, Vudu, Pandora, Rhapsody, Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Flickr, various Yahoo widgets, the list goes on. Some games like Sudoku and Texas Hold'em, which are neat, but would be better if you could watch TV while playing them. They have even added widgets since I bought the TV. That was actually an unusual experience seeing my TV doing an automatic firmwear update. My TV is connected to the internet through my wireless G router and a cable internet connection and streaming video quality is excellent. I've taken to watching a lot of Netflix HD streaming (there's a good amount of TV shows that stream in HD. The movie selection isn't as great), but I've also watched streamed HD video from Amazon on Demand and Vudu (HDX on Vudu which is 1080p). I haven't had a single video quality problem streaming from any of these sources.

The bluetooth remote is a bit of a love/hate relationship though.
The Loves:
1. Having a full qwerty keyboard is awesome, especially while searching through the widgets, or posting to twitter or facebook through the TV.
2. The bluetooth connectivity is great. I don't have to point it at the TV to change the volume or turn it on. It unfortunately still needs to be pointed at the cable box. That's something I can live with.
3. It was very easy to setup.

The Hates:
1. I was hoping a bluetooth remote to be able to communicate with my PS3, unfortunately I'm still using a PS3 controller when watching blu-rays.
2. It's just not very comfortable. It's square and there was no thought to ergonomics. And the shiny finish is a fingerprint magnet.
3. It doesn't have all the buttons that I would like from my cable remote. Page Up/Down and Day +- are the main ones. The absence of Page Up/Down can be a drag and at times leaves me reaching for the cable remote, the Day +- isn't as much of a loss.

All-in-all, it was absolutely worth the price and I would buy it again. Although, I would consider the 55-inch as well.
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I received this item around the last week of March 2010 and decided to postpone submitting my comments about this HDTV until my excitement wore off. The verdict........ Very GOOD!

Let's start w/ the packaging. Vizo, I think has the coolest packaging I've seen to date. The box the TV came in is so colorful plus it advertises all the cool neat features you will find on the HDTV that's inside. There is also these (4) neat little plastic clips on the base of the box that you simply squeeze and pull out. This allows the end user to lift the outer carton up and off the base of the carton to reveal the foam protected TV that's covered in clear plastic. Now that's what I call making an impressive introduction!

To be honest the TV styling is very bland and the silver piece is kinda cheesy. I would have loved to have seen this TV with the Vizio "Java" styled bezel but in a solid black color instead of the brown (Now that would have been SWEEEEET).

The setup went very smooth, however the picture on this HDTV out the box was cranked too high for my taste. Trying to adjust the settings on my own was a real challenge with so many options that the picture settings allows. I just finally ended up going online to [...] and punched in a great starter picture setting. The setting gave my TV picture that beautiful image "Pop" after some personal tweaking of course.

The remote was not very comfortable to hold unless I was typing on the Qwerty keypad. The keypad is responsive, even though the buttons are a bit stiff, but it's new so I'm sure over time they will soften somewhat. The bluetooth signal is very strong and the Apps fuction works very well. The video / movie streaming via VUDU was very good with minimal buffering using AT&T Elite DSL service.

Ok.. Let me break this review down into Pro's and Cons.


Brilliant packaging! A well thought out and consumer friendly packaging that's second to none that I've seen. It makes shipping TV's like these so much easier and safer for both retailer and consumer.

Simple set up. The TV pretty much walked me through setting up the cable connection and WiFi internet.

The remote control is responsive most of the time and the Blue-tooth works well with this TV. I can't comment on how well it works with other devices because I only used it on the Vizio TV exclusively.

The Vizio Apps is why I purchased this HDTV and they performed wonderfully. Once you've streamed movies wireless via Netflix and Vudu you will not want to watch rentals any other way (except in Blue Ray). Nice job Vizio! Side note: Vudu has more HD and HDX movies than Netflix.

There's plenty of picture settings (can be a bit overwhelming from some).
Picture is bright crisp, clear and almost flawless once the picture settings are set just right.

The built in HD tuner pulled in so many of HD & SD channels! I'm just running basic cable to the back of the TV without a box. I was really surprised that no one mentioned in their review how receptive the Vizio tuners are. Really impressive!

The TV sound is acceptable and much better than most this size, but it's no home theater either.

Price and value! You can't beat the amount of features you get on this TV for the price's unmatched period. !

Now the Cons:

The TV styling is bland and cheesy. (The "Java" bezel should have been used for this TV, but in a solid black or solid gray color)

The remote is very chunky and does not feel comfortable unless you're typing on the Qwerty keypad.

All (3) USB ports are disabled. That's unacceptable and could be a deal breaker until it is resolved. I would have liked one USB to have been functional, but all three is just terrible.

The Vizio logo is always on. Stand-by color is orange (off mode). Power on color is bright white (On mode). There's no setting to turn the logo light off. It's my understanding that this is common on all Vizio sets but the end user should have a way to turn it off if they want to.

TV locked up a few times requiring me to unplug it from the wall and reboot. This happened while cycling through the TV menu settings twice and while watching a TV show once on cable.

The TV also makes a subtle clicking / popping sound 20 to 30 seconds after it has been powered off. I don't no why nor have I contacted Vizio to find out why. Like I said it's very subtle not annoying.

There was also a problem with the TV remembering custom settings after changing channels or turning the TV off and on. That problem seems to have subsided now (possibly via automatic firmware update).

The confusing model numbers. I made a mistake and ordered the Tru-LED model without Vizio Apps by mistake because of the similarity of the model numbers. Fortunately, I was able to catch my mistake in time before the incorrect TV had shipped out to me.


I would recommend this TV for the price. I believe this TV could serve as a new beginning (if you will) for the Vizio brand, but only time and reliability will tell. I truly hope Vizio embraces this opportunity to push forward and produce quality HDTV products that can garner a new respect for the Vizio brand. Let's hope so!
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on May 11, 2010
This is, without exception, the best TV I have ever owned. My wife and I looked at a bevy of other sets with heady brand names and reputations and this one had not only an exceptional picture (black blacks and vivid colors), more importantly it had a price point $500 less than the others. In addition, the online capabilities, firmware update capabilities, and applications/widgets helped seal the deal (e.g., netflix, pandora, facebook), plus it has a textable keyboard in the remote. Very cool.

When we got it home, I synced the set to our Netflix account and turned on "The Octagon." OMG!!! It didn't even look real!!! I can't describe it!!! Somehow the technology took a grainy cheesy 80's movie and made it almost seem 3D. It was crisp and clear and almost like watching an episode of "Days of our Lives" only with Chuck Norris and some ninjas. I have watched that movie nearly 100 times and never seen it like this, and that was with a shaky Qwest Internet connection. JUST AMAZING!!!!

When we watched a bluray later that night, my wife actually said that the clarity took away from the movie. It wasn't grainy and gritty enough for her. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!! She thought it was so good that she complained that it took away from the movie. In her opinion, the picture was so clean and clear and bright that she thought that the actors needed to act better as they no longer could rely on the set and lighting to save their poor acting skills.

In closing, buy this TV today. If you think you can't afford it, steal the money to buy this TV today. It is truly an amazing set at an unequaled value.
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on July 13, 2010
Bought this unit from Sams club. I couldn't post my review below on Samsclub, because the website said the review contained profanity.
Not sure what it is :-)

As many other reviewers have posted, this TV gives the most bang for the buck in the above 40" LED backlit TV sets.
1. Setup (by the wizard on first power on) was real easy
2. Excellent picture quality viewing not only bluray movies, but also upconverted (1080p) DVDs. I would daresay the picture quality was more or less equivalent to comparable and much more expensive Samsung or Sony TVs.
3. Deep black and no blooming (or atleast I couldnt notice it).
4. Internet Apps is a cool plus. But with most devices trying add the most common of the apps, this should not be a major criterion for your purchase decision.
5. Firmware upgrade happened a few hours after the first power-on
6. Bluetooth remote with Qwerty keyboard (That's very unique for this TV and really helpful too)
7. Connects with laptop/PC via HDMI or VGA.
8. Comes with an attached stand
9. Sound quality seems nice too.
10. Netflix streaming was unbelievable. High quality with no interruption at all.

1. Sometimes remote hangs for a few seconds to minutes, when accessing Internet apps. Restarting the TV helps. (This could be a problem with my router as well).
2. All USB ports are disabled. Not sure when or if at all they would be enabled.
3. A bit too thick for a LED backlit TV.
4. Less number of options for Picture settings
5. Netflix app can access only the instant queue
6. Most of the Internet apps are pretty much useless. I for myself use just Netflix, Pandora and weather updates. Not sure why integrating a generic browser is that difficult for device manufacturers.

Overall, if you want to save a few 100 bucks and dont fancy brand names this is one hell of a TV (at least thats what it looks like after a months use).

P.S: The TV with the box didnt fit in my full size car (Camry LE 2005). I had to get help from a Sams employee to take the TV out and put it in my car without the outer cover.
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on April 25, 2010
This is the most TV you are going to get for the money. This is replacing an older Sony 40" LCD TV and what a difference! I had watched AVATAR Blu-Ray version on my Sony and then bought this TV. To say there was a hugh improvement would not come close to describing it. I was totaly blown away by the picture, such detail, it almost looked 3D. Setup was easy and unlike my Sony this TV's remote actually controls all my components, a big plus I was not expecting! So for those of you wondering if there is a difference with 240HZ, the answer is oh ya, a hugh one!!!
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on July 30, 2010
First, let me tell you what happen. VIZIO is a new company to the TV world, so parts are hard to find for the TV in case it goes out. Second, when you buy ANY TV, buy the longest, BEST Warranty you can with it. It will save you a lot of money on repairs, and save you from a BIG HEADACHE!!

I bought a 42in LCD VIZIO two years ago, didn't use it excessively, I played my PS3, and X-box360 on it, but mostly I play PC games. I didn't have any kind of Cable or Satellite TV on it. I only played games and watched Blu-Ray movies though my PS3 on it. So what happened? The main board shorted on the TV, and fried my PS3 HDMI port. So, I have a dead TV, and a HDMI port on my PS3 screwed up. I don't blame the the TV for my PS3, things happen to electronics. My PS3 is at Sony being fixed for a flat fee (Includes shipping and repair), but my TV is dead in the water with no support from VIZIO. None!! I called and all that they do is give you a number to a TV repair company from California. You call them, and they send someone out form a store they contract out in your area for 85 dollars to tell you, what you already know. It needs fixing. So my TV was going to cost 348 dollars to repair the Main Board alone, just to determine if anything else was wrong with it. So I have a dead TV on my table, waiting for me to buy a main board for it, to see if there is anything else wrong with it. What happened? I should have bought a extended warranty, and stay away from VIZIO.

So, here I am. I know own this TV (I know, I didn't learn did I :-), but with a FIVE YEAR full coverage warranty from DELL. I know DELL warranties, in my opinion it's the best warranty you can buy for anything from their website. I have a laptop that's four years old, and they repaired it every time without question, even after being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. So If your going to buy a TV, BUY a WARRANTY that includes it all, It's extra money, may be $300 extra, but for five years of worry free operation, and a guarantee it will be replaced if it breaks (If you don't do something dumb to it that caused it to break), it saves you from worrying about your new purchase. The lesson from this? No matter what brand you buy, pay the extra money for a warranty, and VIZIO's support SUCKS!!

OK, I will now review the TV.

First, I was reluctant to by another VIZIO. But the DELL Guy told me for the price I was wanting to spend, this TV was the best (He also told me his friend has the same TV, and he himself saw how good it was). He was right, compared to a Sony or any TV with the same Technology. This TV Stands on it's own with Picture, Sound, and Internet Connectivity.

Picture-LED. It's Sharp, crisp, and the depth of color is outstanding. The black is really black, and the whites are really white. The smooth motion takes some getting used too, but once your use to it, it really does enhance the picture quality. If you have a blu-ray player, throw in Avatar, or Planet Earth, it looks simply amazing. Almost as if your really there. Compared to the old Vizio, It's a 60% picture improvement from the LCD Vizio I once had (42" LCD HDTV MODEL NUMBER: VW42LFHDTV10A). I think this TV throws out a picture that rivals the 4 pixel TV's that Sharp makes. Yet, I am only comparing from what I see on floor models. Needless to say this Picture will blow you away without question. It's so smooth, and bright, and sharp, I don't think your eyes can see anything sharper.

Connectivity: I am going to include everything on this, Internet, and ports. First, it has enough HDMI Ports (3), and other Ports to hook up everything you can dream of. It even comes with an Optical Out for your Home Theater system. I have my X-box360, Soon I will have my PS3, and even a Computer hooked up to my Vizio. It all looks good in full 1080P. If you have a Computer than can hook up though HDMI, it's best to do so. It easier, than hooking it up though the VGA, but the VGA is there if you need it. Internet Aps, are cool on the TV. Checking the Weather is cool, and Streaming movies is cool. I have my TV hooked up though the wireless networked (Can hook it up with a Ethernet Cord), and I steamed a full HD movie without any problems (I have ComCast Digital Cable, there Extreme package for 85 a month, Indianapolis Region). Depending on your connection it might be different, but the wireless function works well.

Sound: Not bad for the TV it self. Sound is stereo quality from the TV Speakers. I suggest you hook it up though the optical cable to your home theater system. But, if your going to just use the TV Speakers, you get sound that's not bad.

A GOOD Warranty is important for ALL new High Definition TVS!! They are not as reliable as your hold CRT TV's. :-( It's just the sad truth. The new TV's will not last you for 30 years like the old ones of yesterday. I still have my TV I got when I was 10 years old to ply my old Nintendo on. It still works without a problem. lol. I just wish the new TV's would last like that, but they will not. Save yourself the Heartache, and buy the best warranties money can buy for your new purchase of ANY BRAND of HighDef TV's.

Vizio is a new company, and I believe they will grow in reliability, and brand power. I think that Vizio is here to stay and will become a power player in the TV market. They just need to upgrade their Tech Support, and realize people will be willing to pay for a TV Repair if the price of the Repair does not cost as much as the TV did.


I bought a main board for my old 42 vizio tv, and fixed it myself. It works again, I got the main board on ebay. If you know anything about computers, than fixing the new HD TV's are a snap!! I was suprised how easy the fix was, it simply building a computer. Nothing like the old CRT's where you might kill yourself if you don't know what your doing.
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on March 19, 2010
This is my second flat panel TV. I had a Samsung plasma before, I loved that TV. However this VIZIO is great. Picture is sharp. I love the remote, this remote really replaced all my other remote. I think Vizio did a great job on the software side of this TV. Internet streaming features are great. But I think more video capable widgets needed to be added to the Internet app selections, specially you tube should be the first in the list. On screen TV picture control selection could be better, bottom of the TV design is bulky, personally I like piano finish all the way around. Overall this is an excellent TV for the price and features and for sure for the picture quality.You will be blown away. VIZIO used to be a moderate quality TV maker, at least on my mind before, but with this purchase I changed my mind, they are as supreme as Sony or Samsung.
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on April 18, 2010
Great LED TV. This VIZIO TV rivals the best SAMSUNG TV... I did a lot of research. It actually has more capability to similar priced SAMSUNGs when looking at internet connectivity and applications.

The delivery process was also simple and well executed. This was the only hesitation I had with buying off of AMAZON. The delivery team called and scheduled my delivery 2 days prior. When they arrived they unpacked the TV, hooked up power, and checked for picture and sound. They then offered to take and dispose of the packaging. Overall, a very well run delivery process.
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on December 12, 2010
I love this TV. I probably spent 40+ hours over 6 months (while I saved the $$) researching TVs and their varying stats (dont put any stock in contrast ratio, just trust me) to decide what to buy. At every stage of my research, this TV was the front runner for best quality to dollar ratio in the above 40 inch category.

First off, the picture quality is great. It is a full array LED backlit TV (also known as local or smart dimming) as opposed to an Edge lit LED TV. It means exactly what is sounds like. Edge lit is only backlit around the edge of the TV while full array is backlit behind the entire screen, in banks of LEDs that will independently adjust the amount of light they put out many times per second based on what is on that particular part of the screen. The result is much sharper contrast as well as a thicker TV. The super slim LED TVs (anything under 2 inches) are almost invariably Edge lit, so the contrast is not as good as if it were full array (marginally so, but IMHO it was worth the extra 2 inches it protrudes from the wall mount for a better picture). It performs very well, even when other lights are on/shining on the screen, you can only see the reflected light on the screen if that spot of the screen is black. With quite a few picture setting options (even the factory preset options can be adjusted and saved) that are quite well set up straight out of the box. I typically use the "Game" setting for any darker or fast paced features. Other factory presets besides Game are Standard, Vivid, Football, Baseball, Golf, Basketball, Movie, and Custom (I may be missing one or two) and once again you can tweak all of them and save your settings (and there are quite a bit of settings to tweak, nice for the geek in me). It is a 240hz SPS (which means that 240hz is done via software, not actually 240hz), so basically it is an enhanced 120hz to my understanding, but I viewed it side by side w a true 240hz Samsung in the store and could not see a differance (was watching football, btw). The sound is very acceptable, I never take it above 36 (and then only rarely) on the 100 scale on the volume meter. I do wish it had some audio options, like a basic EQ settings or even a few presets for speech, music, etc. Considering how many picture options there are I am surprised they left this out.

Now for the cons (and these are ALL minor, really I am streching here). First off, there are 3 usb ports on the side of the TV. as of the time of this review, they are only to insert a usb drive to install updates. For me this is useless since the TV updates off of my wireless network. I have to assume this will change with another update, as why put 3 ports if it is only meant to be for updates, in that case you would only need one. Same with the bluetooth functionality, it only recognizes the remote at this time, hopefully that will change, too. [+UPDATE: 1/11/2011 - there is a new app "VIZIO media" that seems is to read media from the usb ports, and the bluetooth functionality now supports other (limited) devices+] The styling of the TV is nice, but my only qualm is the lighted VIZIO logo on the front under the screen. Its white when on and orange when off. It is a minor complaint, but the logo is a bit distracting when all other lights are off, so I put a 3 inch strip of electrical tape over it, problem solved (and unnoticable unless pointed out). The apps are great and growing, but I do miss YouTube (even with the Yahoo! video and WebVideo apps that still get most of the viral stuff) and Hulu, but I am sure Hulu might compete too much with the Amazon VOD app (which is really great, good HD quality)[+UPDATE 1/10/2011 - there is now a huluPLUS app = $7.99/month and per the website "Stream episodes instantly in HD (720p) to your connected TV, Blu-ray player, gaming console, set-top box, iPad, iPhone, and other devices" and includes a 1 week free trial...+]. The remote is a bit clunky and there is no dedicated button for closed captioning (and while I am on the subject, there is no CC option to have CC on while muted, which I used to use often), and the QWERTY keyboard is a little unneccesary since even when you need to search for something, the auto populate gets it within a few keystrokes. It is still very cool for the "OOOOOH!" factor when guests come over, and I dont use facebook or twitter so maybe its more useful there, still you wont be pounding out any dissertations on this thing, but that should be obvious. UPDATE 1/24/11 - I just programmed the remote for my upconverting DVD player - it works great, but now the "menu" button is for the DVD menu, and there is no way to access to TV menu in DVD mode (to adjust picture settings/size). Kind of a big deal... EXCEPT THAT +NEW UPDATE+ I forgot about the (seemingly) redundant access to the VIZIO menu thru the VIA button, full VIZIO menu accessibility is available even with the remote programmed to another device.

I have had the TV for a little over a month now, and am VERY satisfied, VIZIO does not skimp on the quality of their products and it shows. Ill update the review if I find any other flaws or good stuff.
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