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on January 11, 2012
I bought this washlet to replace an older washlet from a company that no longer sells in the USA. I had lived in Japan for awhile and got spoiled using them, so I have some things to compare.

(1) comfort: the seat is a nice shape, but if you are very wide your right leg might hit the controls. On my previous washlet, the controls were lower than the seat and caused no interference.
(2) water spray: the standard spray seems a bit sharp (almost like a water pic), but does a good job. There is a soft wash for those with "problems" down there. The adjustable position feature is nice, and something my old model lacked.
(3) heated seat - works well, but I haven't tried the eco feature yet, as I want a warm toliet in case I need to use it at 2am sometime.
(4) no air dryer - my old model had a built-in air dryer, but I never used it so I don't miss it.
(5) no air filter - my old model had a charcoal filter to vent the nasty smells. I actually like not having it, as it was annoying to have a fan running anytime I was sitting on the toliet.
(6) water tank size - I was worried, since my old model had a huge tank on the side under the controls. This one seems to spray warm water as long as the old could - more than long enough to clean yourself.
(7) installation - very easy, once you have an electric outlet near the toliet (most people will need an electrician to do this - I put in the outlet during a tear-down remodel.)
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on May 21, 2013
I've been using Toilet seat Bidet's for over 30 years and these have indeed come a long way. I've never understood how in our modern day society we can walk away with a paper wipe. That's just one step from a blade of grass that may have been used 50 thousand years ago.

Get with it all you wipers! Wipe, wash then wipe dry is what 21 century human should be doing. It is just so much healthier and hygienic..

I love this model TOTO as it does not have the blower. I've had blower type units before and find them to be an undesirable option just adding cost and complexity. I hope that the non blower option will continue to be available.

I highly recommend this unit as it is also so easy to install. Took me 30 minutes from the time I opened the box to get it installed.
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on October 25, 2011
There are many types of TOTO Washlet, but I chose this SW502#01 B100 for the price, and I am 100% confident that I made the right choice. The installation was easy. The operation is also easy. I feel very clean everyday. The more expensive types come with a remote control, but why do you even need a remote for this? I am very happy with my Washlet.
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on October 2, 2012
No problem with any hardware installation all parts correct all you need to do is unscrew the 5/8" tube from bottom of toilet tank, screw on supplied fitting and attach 2 hoses to fitting, and plug in. No need to turn off house water supply or unscrew any fittings from wall. Fantastic 5 star product, the only disappointment was it reduced my elongated bowl size down to that of a standard bowl size opening. Butt washer is fantastic. Doesnt have air-blowdry, but it is not needed I think, here you save a few hundred dollars over the models that have a remote switch and a blow dryer. A+++Thanks TOTO
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on November 7, 2011
I bought the Washlet about 3 years ago. It is like having a toilet and bidet in one. Very reliable and very effective. Absolutely one of the best purchases I have ever made. I cannot say enough good things about this product. If I ever buy another toilet I will positively get the Toto with the built-in Washlet.
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on October 14, 2013
After doing extensive research on the many different options and brands, I decided on the Toto B100 because it includes everything I wanted without the extras that cost so much that I didn't really want anyway. At first, I bought a small cheap bio bidet elite 3 just to see if it seemed like the investment was going to be worth it and if the warm water and so on was necessary. I was not impressed with the quality of the Bio Bidet (missing installation parts), which is why I went with Toto, and the cold water was tolerable, but I thought for post-pardum, the warm water and a few more fine tuned cleaning options were worth the investment (the warm seat is really nice, but not a must for me). Currently I am 9 months pregnant with twins and I tell you this thing has saved my butt (groan). Now everyone in the house wants to use it too. The seat is warm, the water is warm, and there are plenty of sprayer options including one I call the pain scraper. Guaranteed to clean any mess and take some skin with it if you turn it up too high. It was easy to instal, though you do need a plug near-by. Overall, I am very happy with it
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on December 12, 2011
If you want bidet seat, simply pick this one.
It is compact, easy to install, reasonable price and working well.

I have two washlets, the old one is more than 4 years old but, it is still working well.
ToTo washlet is a best choise I think.

Good luck!!!
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on June 4, 2013
Where have you been all my life. This Bidet is the S*** It works amazingly well. I can't believe that Americans would rather pretend that toilet paper actually cleans their butts, then to look into something civilized like a bidet. Step your game up america, clean your butts.
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on November 20, 2012
Excellent product!

Before I knew what to expect, the first installation was a little challenging. The included rubber washer was too small for the attachment between the water supply and TOTO's T valve, and it caused a big leak whenever I turned on the water. A large rubber washer was able to solve that problem.

The connection to the toilet tank also leaked slightly until I used teflon tape on the threads. The original connection was plastic-to-plastic and didn't need any tape, but the new plastic-to-metal connection apparently needs it.

So, depending on your setup, you may need a rubber washer variety pack and teflon tape along with this product.

Please consider using the Yes or No buttons to let me know whether or not you found this review helpful. Your feedback is very much appreciated: it helps me write better reviews, which in turn helps others get the information they're looking for.
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on April 21, 2015
I first discovered Toto Washlets a few years ago traveling in the Pacific region while staying at a delightful resort on Palau. It was an S300 model. Given that I was traveling and solid waste experiences tend to become a bit messier, I tried the Washlet and was pleasantly surprised by the "experience". When we remodeled the master bath at home, I installed an S300 and again my wife and I have enjoyed having it available. Just several months ago we were again traveling, in Indonesia, and I discovered the Toto EcoWasher which does not require an electrical plug. Unfortunately that model is not sold in the US or Canada. I had hoped to put one in another of our bathrooms, so went looking at the current Washlet styles. The B100 is the simplest of the models (and the cheapest). You lose the remote control, deodorizer and dryer functions, which I didn't feel were critical. And you halve the price.

The B100 (elongated seat) installs easily and works flawlessly. All of the controls are mounted as part of the Washlet and just to your right as you sit. They are clearly labeled and easy to operate. The only caution I would make is that for those with a broad "seat", be aware the control arm is only 1 inch to the right of the seat and rises about 1 inch above the height of the seat. For some that may be a problem. Also the seat is about 1/2 inch shorter front-to-rear than the E300, but fits properly on the Toto elongated toilets and I did not find that a problem.

For those who want a bidet function, those who have variable stool consistency, and for those aging individuals who are looking for a quick, hygienic "clean-up" method, this Washlet or the S300 are highly recommended. NOTE: you do need an electrical outlet near the toilet.
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