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Size: ElongatedColor: Cotton WhiteChange
Price:$1,125.75+ Free shipping
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723 of 727 people found the following review helpful
on August 6, 2009
I got the Toto washlet S300 a few weeks ago. I spent a little over $1100 on the toilet, and another $500 or so to get a three prong GFCI grounded outlet installed next to my toilet and to get the Toto installed. It's a lot of money for someone like me. I spent weeks researching bidet-type toilet seats, and wished that I had more information than I could get over the Internet. That's why I'm writing this review. I apologize for how long this is... I'm just trying to be as thorough as possible, so you can be as educated as possible about it, before spending that much money for yourself.

The first time I saw the toilet, I was disappointed by how cheap-looking and flimsy the lid appeared to be. I thought that a toilet seat that cost that much shouldn't *look* cheap. However, now that I've gotten used to it, I actually like the lid. I wouldn't sit on it for fear of warping it, but it's actually very comfortable to lean back on, during extended visits. And I like the fact that when you want to put the seat down, it closes slowly and doesn't slam.


Rear: This is one direct stream of water, and it's very powerful. Even when I turn the water pressure down quite a bit, it still feels a bit like a laser beam. It's so powerful, it feels like my toilet is trying to give me an enema.

Rear (soft): This is my favorite. It's like a shower for your butt.

Front: This is also a shower, but it's very soft (even turned all the way up). I practically have to sit on the lid in order to get it pointed in the right direction. This model of bidet toilet seat only has one wand. I wish it had 2 wands instead (who wants to think of their butt germs getting sprayed on their girlie bits?)

Dry: Warm air blows on you, but it doesn't really get you dry. I still use toilet tissue to get dry. I guess if I sat there for 5 minutes it *might* get me dry... not that I've ever tested it, since I just don't have that kind of patience.

Oscillating: Pushing this will cause the wand to move in a forward/backward spraying motion. It doesn't move very much. Since I always use it, I wish that it would automatically assume I want it on Oscillating, so I don't have to press it every time.

Pulsating: Pushing this will cause the water to slowly go from soft pressure to normal pressure. (It's so slow that I'm not really even sure why this is a feature.)

Position: This will allow you to point the wand more forward or backward, but the most forward position is not much different from the furthest back position.

Pressure and heat buttons are fairly self explanatory.

Pros: Ahhh... the joys of a warm toilet seat! And soft closing lid, so no more slamming. It cleans the wand between every use, so it's always clean. I use less toilet tissue, although I still use a couple of wads to dry myself. And the tissue is clean, so I know the bidet works. The water is warm and comfortable, no matter how long I have it on.

Cons: It only has one wand, the "dry" function blows too softly to get you dry, and I have to scoot alllllll the way to the very back of the toilet seat to get the wand to hit anything but the crack of my butt, (even when the wand position is set all the way to "forward"). And apparently the space between my girlie bits and back parts are further away than it's designed for, since the "front" button only hits the area between the two (which means scooting even further back!)

I won't ever be without a bidet type toilet seat again. I never had a second of buyer's remorse after buying this item.

I hope this was helpful.

****UPDATE: I have had the toilet for several months now. I have to say that I am STILL thrilled with it. It's definitely one of the best things I've ever spent money on. There are just a couple of things that I forgot to mention in my original review.

One thing I forgot to mention is the deodorizer. This little fan is amazing. You can turn this feature off, but why would you? You can completely throw away the air fresheners you keep on the back of the toilet, because you will never need them again. This is a wonderful feature when you have guests... they never need to know what you're doing in there. The sound of the fan is not loud enough to be annoying... it's just loud enough to camouflage any unfortunate noises that might occur. It comes on as soon as you sit down, and automatically turns off about a minute after you get off.

The other thing I forgot to mention was cleaning the toilet. The instructions say not to use harsh products around it, because it will mess up the mechanisms. So I've just been using regular dawn hand/dish soap, which seems to work fine. The plastic of the seat is supposedly made up of an anti-bacterial material that kills germs, which is pretty cool.

I posted a picture of how it looks, with the seat up. (Please ignore the dirty floor, I have a dog that likes to run around in the mud, and then lay down beside the toilet to cool off.) The reason I posted the picture is so that you could see that it over-hangs the rim of the toilet a bit, so it's kind of tricky to clean under that. However, you can press two levers (one on each side, at the back), to completely remove the seat, and wash everything down.

Anyway, sorry that I made a very long review even longer. I just wanted ya'll to know that I'm still happy with this purchase. (Although I'm kind of mad to see how much cheaper it is now, than it was when I bought it!!!)***
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148 of 152 people found the following review helpful
on April 24, 2010
I have wanted one of these Washlets since I visited Japan in 2001 and stayed in a hotel where all the toilets were equipped with this device. I must say I was a little apprehensive at first, but a warm seat, cleaning your bottom without repeated wiping and chafing, and a deodorizer and dryer was an awesome idea!

Then I needed to wait to 1. Buy the house 2. Remodel the bathroom (with dedicated GFCI outlet installed for this purpose!) 3. Convince everyone that I REALLY WANTED THIS WASHLET for my 40th Birthday, which is next Tuesday, the 27th.

I got a really great price through from Buy [...], it was less than $700 delivered, which was the best price I could find anywhere. I installed the Washlet shortly after it arrived. It was easy to do..the only thing is to make sure the alignment of the two anchor bolts is where you want the seat to be situated...not too far forward, or it will look weird over the lip of your toilet (I installed it on a TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet)

Since I have just started to use it, here are my initial thoughts:

1. The warm seat is very inviting and comfortable, and can be set to turn on and off by an Auto timer that "learns" your habits or a set timer for 3/6/9 hours every day at the same time (like when you go to bed). This saves energy by turning off the heater when it's not needed. If you sit down and use the Washlet during this Energy Saver Cycle, it immediately powers up and warms the seat in about 3 minutes.

2. The warm spray is very powerful and adjustable. I can get clean and feel refreshed in very little time. The softer setting is like a shower, but for heavy duty "cleaning", the regular rear setting is very effective. It's best to take your time and relax while the washlet is doing it's job; don't rush it, or you will be negating its benefits.

3. The dryer doesn't work very quickly. It's great if you're reading the paper or a book and would like to relax after you've done your business and don't mind waiting. But if you're in a hurry, let it run for a minute and just pat your bottom dry.

4. The deodorizer not only masks the sounds but nearly all the odors. It is a great feature to have, and well worth the step up from the lower models. No need for artificial smelling sprays or other crude ways to mask odors any more.

Don't let the stigma of this product keep you from purchasing it. Yes, it is an expensive addition to your toilet, but if you have "problems" back there, or your wife would like a bidet, here is the best compromise I have ever seen.

I'm glad I got to "test drive" it while I was in Japan 9 years ago. Nearly every well established hotel (and most homes too!) have Washlets. It's just Americans and their issues with talking about going to the bathroom and the fact that it's about twice the price here in the USA than in Japan. Oh yes, the product is actually MADE IN JAPAN...and has the markings to prove it!

Update, I had a party this 1st weekend in May for my 40th Birthday...and EVERYONE who came had to see the Washlet! I activated the Wand Cleaning button on the remote to show guests how the Wand works, and was greated with some very surprised looks! Some people totally didn't get it, others thought it was an amazing, wonderful product that leaves you fresh and clean. I just couldn't believe the big draw of the party was my WASHLET and not the guy having the birthday!

Meanwhile, the experience has been wonderful. No issues with operation, it just takes some experience to learn the proper amount of water pressure, wand position, and time to get everything cleaned. It's true if you run the dryer, the deodorizer function is negated, so it's best to not hit the dryer until you are thoroughly clean and any offensive odors are neutralized. I've gotten so spoiled that I dread having to "do my business" in another bathroom!

So what are you waiting for? If you have the issues, you should make the purchase. Just have that GFCI outlet installed near your toilet (the power cord is less than 3 ft). You don't need to change your water line or do any sort of plumbing. All that is needed to connect your toilet to the Washlet is included and can be easily assembled by most anyone with basic mechanical abilities.

Update, January 2013. I have had the Washlet for nearly 3 years now and it is still working just as it did when new. A couple of suggestions for best performance: Clean the filter for the deodorizer MONTHLY or sooner since dust and dirt clogs the screen and minimizes the effect. This is easily done by removing the seat, turning it on its side, and taking out the filter. Brush it with an old toothbrush and run it under warm water and dry it before replacing. While you have the seat off, clean under, around and inside the areas you can't get when it's on the toilet. Mold can accumulate around the washer wand, so moisten a cotton swab with water (not harsh chemicals!) and clean around there. When you are on vacation or away for a long time, save on your bills by turning off the washlet with the master switch on the side. My uncle read this review and purchased the same washlet and loves it it's become a family thing! When I remodel my daughter's bathroom, she has requested a washlet to be installed on her toilet...I told her to save her pennies NOW as the price has gone up slightly since 2010. If you want the best, this is it....I still go into withdrawl symptoms (psychologically and physically) when I travel and am without my washlet!!
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39 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2010

- Great purchase. Life changing for the better.
- Easy to use and install
- Overall seems well designed and is very effective functionally
- The air freshener works great and has no scents at all

- The dryer doesn't work. To properly dry you'd need a unit like the Dyson Airblade for your rear.
- The lid is flimsy. It folds from convex to concave when you sit on it.
- Noisy for a master bathroom if using in the middle of the night. Probably ok with bathroom door closed.


First off, I would buy this bidet seat again (and in fact, I may for the other bathroom). Having this kind of hygiene, especially before bed at night, is a big health benefit.

If you're ever in a hurry and gotta do a #2, these washlets are gems.

I also like using it before going in our hot tub to keep it that much cleaner. Ever since I heard my hot tub man refer to the scum in the tub feeding on "bather waste" (a term I find equally gross and hilarious at the same time) I've been more conscientious about being clean prior to using it.

Coming from a guy who has wrenched on a lot of things for a long time, the S300 is a fairly sophisticated device and Toto did an excellent job with their template, mounting, and installation instructions. Beware though that this is in the neighborhood of a 1200 watt appliance (the C110 is less than 1/2 that). This doesn't mean that it will be less energy efficient (in fact it's more efficient than the lesser models) but it does mean that it draws a lot of power when it needs it. If you don't have a dedicated circuit for this bidet seat and your lights (in particular) are on the same circuit, they will dim a great deal when you operate it. Our bathroom was undersupplied with power so I opted to run an additional circuit dedicated for the S300. Prior it was a real light show.

The dryer on these units *does not work*. Don't bother considering this as a feature if it is part of the justification of your buying decision. I would guess a good 15 minute stay would be required to dry off with the underpowered blower this unit has with it.

Be sure to flip up the cover on the remote and find all the settings in there.

The rear washer is hard on the body. The soft rear washer and, with futility, the dryer are all I really use.

The unit is structurally sound but it does feel somewhat flimsy / cheap. I don't mind it being plastic but they should use a heavier mold.

The LID ON THIS UNIT IS ESPECIALLY FLIMSY. If you sit on it, it will bow and deflect under your weight (unless you weigh less than 50 lbs). This is a substantial detractor if you're accustomed to sitting on the lid of your toilet for dressing, etc. I don't like the big warning sticker that seems permanent under to lid that talks about not using harsh chemicals. It's lengthy, big red lettering is very ugly asethetically. Combine this with not being able to sit on the lid and you have two unattractive options: 1) leave it down but don't sit on it or 2) leave it up and look at the big warning label that looks like it should be on the wall of a hospital or around a public pool or something.

Finally, the air freshener works very well.
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27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2010
Women absolutely love these things so I won't bother with reiterating all the niceties that you read about in other reviews. What I will do is discuss it from a mans perspective.
Toto thought of everything and put it into a well designed integrated product. It does it all. The remote control is very intuitive and easy to use. Well worth the money, especially at the Amazon price. I spent about a half hour reading the installation instructions one evening and installed it the next day. It took just over an hour to hook up including mounting the remote on the wall. Of course installing a wall outlet to power it was a mini project on its own. I elected to dedicate a circuit for it and used a GFCI outlet. The power cord feeds from the left side and is short at 3 feet and I put the wall outlet on the right side of the toilet. It just reached so be careful with your decision to place the outlet. An inch more to the right would have sent me to swearing. Before you buy, download the fit chart specs from Toto to make sure you get the right configuration for your existing toilet - that is - round or elongated design. We got the round seat. As an average size guy, I find the round seat a bit tight front to back - I fit in ok, but don't have much wiggle room if you know what I mean. I would highly recommend getting the elongated Washlet - even if it means replacing the toilet with one with an elongated bowl. Also, pay attention to the specifications regarding the distance of the seat mounting bolts to the tank - this is a critical dimension.
One other point - the height of the toilet - we have an ADA compliant 16.5" height toilet which is a bit higher than standard. When you add the Washlet, it lifts you up about another inch or so, so it feels just a bit tall for a toilet, but we are getting used to it.
Toto figured out how to handle the bathroom oder events. It uses a deoderizer and also pulls the toilet air through a special filter with a small quiet fan. This is very effective at handling stinky situations. You won't have to bother with spray deoderizer, candles or ceiling fans anymore. The remote has a button to turn this process off or on depending on whether your visit needs it or not.
On a final note - as I mentioned - our lady guests love this thing. They always come out of the bathroom grinning and wanting one for themselves. The men, on the other hand are less enthusiastic about it and will generally not run it through the functions while using it as a guest and usually see it as a waste of money. When I saw how much my wife enjoyed it, I immediately set out researching it and soon bought one. We are both very happy with it.
Update - been in use for a few years now. We still love it and are glad we bought it.
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on March 11, 2012
We just installed this washlet. Thought I'd add my two cents for what its worth. The warmed seat is heaven to me. We live in an enormous old Victorian mansion in the east that would cost a fortune to heat to a comfortable temperature all over, and I've noticed that over the winter I often put off going to the bathroom for trying to avoid freezing my bum. This toasty warm seat solves this annoying problem, and although a freezing house may not be something most people face, I thought It was worth mentioning.

Another thing I thought I could add is in response to few remarks that almost turned me off this particular model - that the wand nowhere near reached the frontal regions of other female reviewers. I was expecting to have to scoot back for the spray to reach the right spot on me too, however there was no need. It was bang on first time, and I didn't even have the wand set to the most forward position. Mid way is fine for reaching as far forward as I require, so obviously our anatomies really do vary quite a bit. For reference, I'm fairly average height at 5'4, and slim/average build at 120. Perhaps it makes a difference that I got the round seat vs the popular elongated. Maybe the round seat gives less real estate to position oneself on. Anyway it was a nice surprise to feel the warm jets of water in the correct locations. I would say it's a pleasant sensation. Just as enjoyable for males alike, particularly as they are more *ahem* hairy than most of us women and a good hosing is probably in order.

The only improvement I could wish for, and I am in agreement with other reviewers here, is with the dryer. If you haven't got too much bush downstairs it does a fine job of drying you off well enough, however I felt it could have a bit more heat to it. I may have to fiddle with the settings more.

All in all I find the s300 to be an elegant design, and I think I will now have many years of a very happy bottom ahead (or should that be behind) of me.
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59 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2008
Do not waste your money on any other brand of washlet.
Toto has perfected hiney hygiene. This Toto model has all of the features that you need. The 400 model has two additional features than the 300 model auto-flushing, and auto-lid open/close.
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30 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on February 12, 2011
This toilet seat is awesome. I would recommend this to anyone! It is kind of an odd thing to have purchased, and not something you'd tell just anyone about. But if you think about it, if you got poop on your hand you certainly would not just wipe it off with dry tissue! But more than the sanitary perks of this item, I appreciate the comfort and soothing aspects of the Washlet. I had cancer with radiation several years ago that left me with what I call "radiation syndrome"; extremely over-active intestines, which flares up every so often, resulting in a very raw, sore bottom. I have suffered with this problem for several years. For Christmas my husband and kids gave me a Toto Washlet. I thought I died and went to heaven!! After a week we decided to buy another one for our other bathroom!! Total decadence!! Happy! Happy! Happy! :)
My friend recently had cancer with chemo and radiation. She was telling me how often she uses the bathroom; sometimes 15-20 times a day. Her story sounded SOOO familiar!! I don't have an extra $600+ sitting in an account, but I HAD to get her a Toto Washlet too! I felt her pain. When it arrived at her house she called and said she couldn't accept it. It was too expensive. I told her to hook it up and if she didn't want it after using it for a week, then I would return it. Guess what? She LOVES it! She even printed out information about the Toto Washlet to take to her doctor so he can let his patients know there is something out there that can make life a little easier to deal with cancer and radiation!!
Just do it! You will not regret buying a Toto Washlet!
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on August 26, 2010
We were introduced to washlets while visiting Japan, and recently got one for our home. It quickly became so popular with our family that we got a second unit shortly afterward! A lot has been said about these wonderful devices, so I'll try not to repeat what's in other reviews, and offer my perspective instead. Now that we're used to washlet, I can't imagine going back to the old ways!

* It takes some minor changes to get the most out of the washlet. One has to adjust seating posture, scooting a bit farther back than usual. One may also have to shift side to side a bit, to get the most benefit from cleaning action. It's well worth making these easy adjustments -- the reward is a hygienic & hands-free clean!

* This thing is very useful for kids. Toto really should market it as a kid-friendly device. Kids were not interested at first, but they tried it and within a couple of days, they became huge fans! They love the hands-free clean, and for parents it's great knowing that kids are always being well cleaned (kids aren't always very good at using toilet paper....). It's very easy to use the big buttons, and they can hold the wireless remote in their little hands.

* Electrical: As others have pointed out this unit requires an electrical outlet very near toilet, something that most North American homes don't have. Wanting to know how many Amps this thing actually uses I took some measurements using a Kill-A-Watt P3 meter: Startup - about 10.8 Amps for a few seconds; Deodorizer - about 0.1 Amp; Seat heater + deodorizer - about 0.48 Amp; Cleansing with water heater - 8.45 Amps to 10.5 Amps; Dryer - about 1.85 Amps. All these at 122V line voltage. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Toto recommends a grounded outlet on a dedicated 15 Amp circuit. Based on my measurements, I decided to share a 20 Amp circuit to avoid the cost of running a new circuit, leaving about 9 Amps for other devices when washlet is running cleansing cycle (a minute or two), and 15 Amps+ at other times. I DON'T recommend you do this though, unless you have the required electrical expertise & tools and know the condition of your wiring.

* Deodorizer: This is a non-obvious feature, and is perhaps the most amazing part of the washlet S300! It's like magic -- captures foul-smelling air at the 'source' via small fan, removes odors, and releases smell-free air back into bathroom. It really works (gets rid of smells better than an exhaust fan), and doesn't require much, if any, maintenance! Being a skeptic I didn't believe these claims and assumed this must be some sort of activated charcoal filter -- similar to those in canister respirator masks, they require frequent replacement. I was wrong, it turns out Toto has invented an entirely new method to chemically remove the odor-causing substances using a catalyst, and have built this catalytic converter into washlet. They've filed US & European patents on this technology:[...]

If you're interested in how it works and have a chemistry background, the patent is worth reading. Now I can't be sure that this amazing piece of technology is exactly what's in the S300, but it sure sounds similar.

* Installation: Once you have an outlet nearby it's easy. Suggestion: Washlet connects to the existing water inlet of your toilet's fill valve; this is usually plastic and sometimes the weak treads are stripped (note the washlet itself has metal treads of excellent quality). It's a good idea to replace fill valve when installing washlet. Also a good idea to replace toilet flapper (these things wear out over time).

* Washlet is big & thick especially the back part near toilet tank, it needs space for all those features. Took us some time to get used to having a large item where there used to be a thin toilet seat. Purely a looks issue, though.

Overall this is an amazing product, worth every cent of its price and the effort needed to install it!
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on January 30, 2011
Last year, I decided to treat myself for my birthday and ordered my Toto from Amazon. The price was great compared to other vendors and two day shipping was available. I had been seeing this product on many shows on TV and, although I had never used one, I decided to give it a try. One of the reasons, quite honestly, is because of having issues with toilet tissues. As we get older, it seems one behind gets more...well...sensitive is the nicest way to say it. So, a little hesitant about the cost (just under $700), I ordered it.

My best friend had decided to come visit all the way from Missouri for my birthday. When the Toto arrived (and it arrived only two days after ordering), she and my granddaughter thought that I had lost my mind. We installed it...with a little trouble since the toilet valve on my cheap contractor toilet would not accept the Toto valve. I made a call to the service center, ran to my local hardware and got a different water valve for the inside of the toilet. Then all went well. I had the GFCI installed on the left side of the toilet when I had the house built a few months before...the builder thought that I was a little odd with this electrical wasn't an issue.

I have to admit, the first couple of times, you have to get used to it. It is different. But by day two, I knew that I would have a hard time living without my Toto. As other posters have commented, the dryer is almost a moot point. But the other features are great. My granddaughter has decided that the money was well spent because if she has to take care of me when I get older, this will make trips to the toilet much easier for both of us!

My friend went back home and within 24 hours was calling to say that she was having Toto withdrawal and was on the hunt for one that would fit her budget. I thought that was funny...until the weekend that my Toto quit working. Panic ensued! The call center was closed! I would have to wait until MONDAY to call them. It was a terrible two days. How could I be so attached to a toilet seat?

On Monday, the call center representative was very nice and told me to power it off, unplug it, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in. I was so happy when it came back on that I asked him to marry me. He laughed and said it wasn't was probably just a power surge and that he had done nothing special. He has NO IDEA!

In my opinion, it is a great investment, has lots of options, keeps me feeling much cleaner than just using toilet paper, and made those sensitivity problems go away. It was worth EVERY PENNY. I highly recommend the Toto Washlet S300.
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on December 31, 2008
i have been using this bidet for two weeks now and i wonder how i have lived without it. the bidet is very high quality and made very well even the mounting screws for the remote are stainless steel. i was debating on the brondell 700 or this Toto 300 and i am very happy i spent the extra money to buy the name brand. Toto is the number one bidet sold in japan. i will never live without a bidet again.
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