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on August 25, 2010
I have been waiting for this book ever since I finished reading Found and Sent, and Sabotaged is definitely the best of the three that have come out so far. The story focuses a lot on the Roanoke colony, so I had to do a little bit of background research to fully understand the story and what was going on. Andrea, the girl that Jonah and Katherine have been asked to rescue, is now, by far, my favorite characters in the entire series. The story gets a lot more complex in the third book, with so many different problems with time happening at the same time, but I found it to be a great book overall. A definite must-read if you've read Found and Sent.
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on December 29, 2010
I started out reading the Shadow Children series and was hooked! Margaret Peterson Haddix became my favorite author! In class, we began the Missing series Book 1, Found. I knew I would love these too! I bought the next book in the series, Sent and read that book in days; I was hooked. When I found the third book in the series, Sabatoged, I was so excited! I bought it and read it in just two days! I could not put it down.
If you like history and mystery, this book is perfect for you. Jonah and Katherine must help Andrea (actually Virginia Dare, Roanoake) fix time. After meeting Indians and her grandfather, John White, Margaret Peterson Haddix gives and alternate ending to what could have to happened to the Roanaoke Colony after John White left to Europe for supplies. She ends with a cliff hanger leading to her next book (hopefully) which left me on the edge of my seat. This book uses true facts about what history has recorded but also gives other "facts" that aren't true but makes you think "that could have happened." I would reccomend this book to everyone who has ever read one of Margaret Peterson Haddix's books or anyone loking for a good book. I truly loved this book!
-Nicki B. Mason, Ohio
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on September 27, 2010
SABOTAGED: The Missing, Book 3
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9781416954248
Ages 8-12
384 pages

Thirteen-year-old Jonah Skidmore feels like an average kid, complete with an intelligent but slightly annoying younger sister named Katherine, a mom and dad who constantly reassure their children that they are special and well loved, and a quiet home in the suburbs of Ohio. The fact that Jonah is adopted has never been a big deal for him, maybe because his parents have always been so open and reassuring about it. To Jonah, life feels normal. But then he receives a letter with six simple words, "YOU ARE ONE OF THE MISSING," and his life flips upside down and way out of control.

After some investigating, Jonah and Katherine discover an amazing secret: Jonah is part of a group of kids who have been stolen out of time. J.B., a time officer, has rounded up the 36 children and is determined to set history straight by sending them back to "when" they belong. The siblings agree to help the others realign time, signing up for the most incredible adventures of their lives.

Jonah and Katherine are about ready to set off for their second mission through time. But unlike the first one, when they jumped in unexpectedly and ended up in 1483 completely unprepared, this time they get a debriefing first. This mission involves Andrea, who is really Virginia Dare, the first European born in the New World. She, like the other kidnapped children, was stolen out of time, and home for her is the Lost Colony of Roanoke in the late 16th century. History doesn't know much about her, but Jonah and Katherine --- and Andrea herself --- are about to learn a lot more.

Unfortunately, something goes terribly wrong. A secret conspirator, who calls himself Second Chance, gets involved. As the kids zip back through time, the Elucidator, an important tool for time travelers, is lost. They do arrive in the abandoned Roanoke Colony, but they don't know when, and they have no way to communicate with J.B. They are completely on their own.

Jonah, Katherine and Andrea do find two of the ghostly tracers on the island, reminders of the way time is supposed to have gone, so they follow them hoping to learn something. What they find is a shipwrecked sailor drowning in the sea. Jonah and Andrea dive in to help, rescuing someone whom they later find out to be Andrea's grandfather. But they still can't find Andrea's tracer, they don't know what exactly they need to fix, and they can't communicate with J.B. However, Second Chance finds ways to communicate with them, and our heroes learn that he doesn't just want to fix time --- he wants to change time. And these changes will send out ripples through time that could cause unimaginable damage to the history of the entire world.

Margaret Peterson Haddix continues to amaze and entertain with her stories of mind-boggling adventure. She approaches the dilemmas of time travel with courage and vivid imagination, taking pieces of history and weaving them into compelling mysteries. The storyline moves fast with plenty of action and ambiguity to tempt one's curiosity, with a bit of romance and humor to lighten the load. Jonah and Katherine are likable and believable, and Haddix writes with an open and welcoming style that invites readers to come along with them on their emotional journeys. She ends the book with a major cliffhanger, leaving her fans to drool for the next installment of The Missing.

--- Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman
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on November 24, 2012
My 5th grade daughter has been hooked on this series. Books 2 and 3 are considered historical fiction and she used them towards her reading credits at school. They have sparked a deeper level of thinking and she is always coming to us with questions about the situations. Great Series!!
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on March 20, 2014
TRACERS! EV-ERY-WHERE!All but the one they need: Virginia Dare. Jonah and Katherine are shot back in time. This time to fix Virginia Dare. But sabotage and trickery leave the four travelers-Jonah, Katherine, Andrea/Virginia Dare, and Dare, the dog-stranded in the wrong time. And the worst part is that a new strange mystery man called Second is manipulating them. Can the group save time when they don't know what time? Or will Second ruin time before their very eyes?
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on January 4, 2015
i love this book. its amazing and it has so much action and mystery. i dont love this book just because one of the characters is also named andrea but because of its suspencion and its efficiency.
i have read all the other customer reviews and im sorry 2 say that i disagree with most of them. i think it is the best book evr and no mattre how confusing it may b i would still put it on my read. over.and.over. book list but well evry one is unique.also ppl have no need 2 b mean to my favorite author margaret peterson she has really good ideas though they r not always appreciated.

just wanted to saay that if you havent read this book yet then u r missing 1 of historys best books. youll miss a gold mine if u dont read it and really its not that expensive.

forever enjoy reading
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on June 6, 2011
Imagine that you are an adopted child, and you find out that you are actually the first baby ever born in America because you were sent forward in time. You are from the mysterious missing colony of Roanoke. This is what happens to one of the characters in this riveting novel. It is about three children who are sent back in time to return one girl to her rightful place as Virginia Dare. They lose contact with the man who sent them there and have to fend for themselves, while solving the mystery of Roanoke and finding Virginia Dare. This book includes time travel, mysteries, enemies, betrayals, and also includes a hint of history. This book was pretty enjoyable, but left me with a few unanswered questions. I hope that Haddix is writing another book for this series, because I have loved all three books. I would recommend this book if you have enjoyed Haddix's other books, such as Double Identity. This is truly an enjoyable story, and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys science fiction books. AP
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on November 23, 2013
I love the new covers for this series. It is so much more appealing, especially to the younger crowd.

This book starts just where the first two left off. Jonah and Katherine are helping another lost 'baby'. This one is Andrea and she is a teen with a chip on her shoulder who doesn't want to be saved. Their job is to restore Andrea to history. Andrea is apparently the historical lost child Virginia dare, one of the most fascinating stories/mysteries of history. Andrea is resistant until she meets her grandfather, Captain John White. Will an accident rip her grandfather from her life just when she found him? Jonah is distrustful of everyone around him. He doesn't know or or what to believe. He often can't even trust what he sees. The problem is that Jonah and Katherine don't exactly know what to do or how to do it. And, one mistake could be disastrous for history--so disastrous, it might cause them to cease to exist.

Roanoke Island and the mystery surrounding the disappearance, is one of my favorite stories. So much so that I have even traveled there to see it. Naturally, I was excited to read what might have happened. And, Haddix never disappoints. You cannot read these books out of order and it is helpful if you know something about the history depicted in each one.
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on July 9, 2014
There are like, what, eight books now? Who the heck was Jonah?! I stopped reading these after book five. I just went UGH!!!!!!!! Tell us who Jonah was Margaret!!!!!!!! I'm tired of waiting for u to tell me.
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on April 23, 2015
I love this series about time travel. There is a lot of history in it of course and it teaches about what happened and what could have happened if thing had been different. The characters are young and inexperienced, but work hard to choose the right thing and learn and grow from all that they experience. This is a great series to read or listen to with your family.
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