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on December 16, 2009
I bought this so I could play streaming Netflix movies through my laptop on my LCD TV. Device worked perfectly right out of the box. Here are the connection steps: 1. Connect laptop "VGA out" to device "VGA in" using included cable. 2. Connect device's power cable to USB port of laptop. 3. Connect device to LCD TV using included S-Video cable. 4. Turn on TV and laptop. 5. Use TV remote to select appropriate S-Video input port. 6. Set laptop to send video out through VGA. I had it working in about 10 minutes, playing a streaming Netflix movie through my laptop onto the TV. Picture quality was better than I expected, almost as good as the picture from the cable box. Device comes with a composite video cable also, so you have a choice of either S-Video or composite video (yellow RCA plug) connection to your TV. Overall, I'm very happy with ease of setup and picture quality. (My setup: Compaq Presario CQ60 laptop with Vista, and Westinghouse 26" LCD TV, connected via this converter.)
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on September 8, 2009
This converter does what it says....Lets you watch anything on your pc monitor on your tv also. The picture is amazing. I think the picture on my tv looks better than the picture on my pc monitor (which is digital from an HDMI source). I'm running the converter from the analog source on my pc then s-video to the tv which plugs into my Video 1 input. It does not go to the monitor. I just got a black screen on the tv until I went into the NVidia properties and set up the tv as a clone and had to play with the PAL/NTSC switches to make the picture look right.
I am very happy with this product. I expected to get something that worked but didn't look so great and I was fairly shocked at how nice it looks.
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on January 4, 2010
I got this for use with a Samsung NC-20 netbook. I expected it to be primitive, that it might require some tweaking to get to work passably. But it worked amazingly well right from the start. It exceeded my expectations.

I was impressed that it did up to 1280x1024 resolution. Prior to buying it, I thought it only did up to 1024x768. The Amazon description isn't accurate. On the box, it actually says 1280x1024.

I like the horizontal and vertical scroll switches as well. That lets you position things on your screen properly. And the zoom feature helps you read text better.

And best of all, no software to install. No drivers to get. It works right out of the box.

You just have to know how to enable your VGA output on your laptop, that's all. That shouldn't be too hard. Just google it or go to your control panel's "display" properties section.

So far I've watched several movies and sporting events through this over my laptop. And they look like regular TV. No pixelation. It's much better than watching them on the laptop screen.

Of course it is a lower resolution than your regular computer screen. So don't expect to see your icons and computer text very clearly. They will all appear somewhat fuzzy. Which is why the zoom feature of the device comes in handy every now and then. But I still wouldn't recommend it for web surfing (unless you increase your text and icon sizes). Just use it for video playing.

The only issue that came up was at the very beginning. When I turned it on for the first time, it resulted in a scrolling, jittery display. But I quickly figured out that it was preset to PAL TV instead of NTSC TV, so I solved that by toggling the two DIP switches on the side of the device. That took me all of 20 seconds to realize and do. Once I did, it was working perfectly.

And I do mean perfectly. No jitters. No snow. No ghost images. Just a solid screen.

I looked at other devices of this type as well. Many of them do the same thing. But I remember reading the comments for one of them, and someone said that their device overheated to the point where you couldn't even touch it. Well, not with this device. This device is completely cold to the touch. It uses USB for the power (which is very minimal power), so it couldn't overheat even if it wanted to.

Oh, speaking of power. You might want to buy a "wall outlet to USB power converter" for this if you're using it with your laptop. That way, you can use a wall socket instead of your laptop for the power. It's not a huge power drain, but I figure you can save your battery this way.

Another thing you might want to buy along with this is an audio "Y" splitter cable. The cable has a stereo 3.5mm male plug to two RCA male plugs (one for left and one for right audio). That lets you connect your laptop's audio to a TV in case you don't want to hear audio through your laptop.

Great purchase! Now I can use the laptop as a portable DVR. Highly recommended.
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on June 25, 2010
I am a student that just finished my freshman year of college. While at school, I filled my 1 tb hard drive with movies and T.V. shows that I could watch over the summer. This converter was just what I needed to send my movies from my laptop to my older 32" t.v. set.

Pros: Great value! Easy to hook up and use right out of the box. Movies look great on the t.v, its no HD, but that's to be expected with an older television and composite video.

Cons: Don't expect to be able to read text on the desktop or on websites without some difficulty. If the resolution of your pc is turned all the way down, you can mildly read the screen, but since I watch movies, this was not an issue.

Overall: Great product for the price. I checked a lot of converter reviews, and this one seemed to be the best! There is no need to bey an expensive $80-$90 converter, THIS ONE WORKS GREAT! Hope this review helps in your decision. :)
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on November 28, 2009
I bought this a week ago and it showed up today. I have connected it to my Windows Media Center PC and the picture on the TV is great, I can't really tell the difference from when I had the cable hooked up directly to the TV. You can also hook up a computer monitor at the same time. The clarity of the desktop and web browser/links are better than I expected when viewed on the TV. A couple of things I learned when setting this up that you will want to be aware of (the manual is not the greatest): 1) Make sure the two "dip" switches are in the correct position, you will probably need them in the "down" position, not where they are out of the box, you can do this with the unit on - 2)If the TV screen is flickering or showing a 2nd "ghosting" image, try changing the display settings of the computer to some lower resolution, this should fix it. Keep in mind that if the screen of the TV is not fully utilized, changing the monitor resolution on the PC will affect this and should be able to fix it. For the money, this product works very well. This is a plug and play device, no computer drivers are needed.
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on September 22, 2009
Like the guy from previous reviews just said, if you want this to work you need to adjust the PAL / NTSC switches according to your country, it takes a while at the beginning but once you configure it works like a charm. Great product for the price.
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on October 5, 2013
I ordered a Lake converter a few weeks ago but received a Fosmon brand instead. I rated the service from the shipper as inferior because I did not receive the converter I ordered. As for the converter I received, it did not perform as described. Since the Fosmon converter I received was substituted for the Lake converter I ordered from the Amazon store shipper, SF Planet, I conclude that it is considered equivalent to the Lake converter. I was no longer able to find a Fosmon converter at Amazon, so reviewed the Lake converter instead. From my experience with low-end priced converters, one does seem to be about like another. That review was therefore justified for Lake as well as for Fosmon. Do I now know why the converter I received did not perform as described? The converter either sent out a loud background hum or vivid alternating light and dark colored bands scrolling up the TV screen when the audio was disconnected. I never did fix this problem and returned the converter for a refund. Instead, I replaced the converter with a Sabrent brand from another supplier besides Amazon, partly because Amazon was not listing this brand then. It does have some in stock now. The Sabrent converter behaved identically to the Fosmon, which indicated that the problem lay with my system. Following up this suspicion, and remembering that background hums can result from ground loops forming from defective connections, I refreshed my knowledge by doing some Net research. With facts there obtained, I hooked up another computer and TV to my converter without any unnecessary connections. This arrangement worked well without ANY hums or scrolling bands. One webpage I found mentioned a common ground loop problem from TV programming cable connections forming circuits with grounded power input cords. I went back to my old system, reconnected the converter, and disconnected the channel programming cable from the TV. The problems stopped there too. Not wanting to keep this cable disconnected, I tried connecting my problem computer through a polarized two conductor power cord instead of the three conductor grounded cord I was using. The problems did NOT return when I reconnected the TV cable to the TV. QED. Looks like my problems with the Sabrent converter did NOT lie in a product defect. Whether the Fosmon (AKA Lake) problems could have been corrected this way too, I can't say for sure, but it looks probable.
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on January 18, 2010
This unit comes with a telegraphic paper sheet in the box with an image labelling the ports. There is no labelling on the product itself which causes confusion about the two VGA ports (which is input and which the output?) and the two small sliders that one might almost miss, that permit selection between PAL and NTSC, and between S-video and another setting which is named NO (whatever this means). This gap is filled in by the paper sheet SO DON'T LOSE IT, EVER! Also, the output VGA port is on the same panel as the RCA and S-video outputs which an intuitive guess should get correct.

The unit doesn't work well if connected to a computer that is running - you might need to connect the unit to your computer and then (re)boot. The unit is USB powered and the relevant cable is included. When your computer is turned on, it will also power up the unit.

Of the two small sliders on the side, push the left-side slider down for NTSC (in the USA). Set the right-side slider down for S-video or up for output through the RCA composite port (yellow).

TVs are very low-resolution screens though they might be physically much bigger than monitors. For older TVs analog (RCA composite) inputs only (yellow connector) set your computer display resolution to 640x480 and the picture will then fit in the TV screen.

There is no audio through connection - you will have to use 1/8"-to-RCA stereo audio cables to connect the computer's headphone-out to the TV's audio in.

The instructions that come along with the unit are very poor and customer service through phone requires a fee. These are definitely attributes that make me unhappy but I have the unit working now and am satisfied with its performance.
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on March 21, 2010
I didn't even know there was a product that would allow you to connect your pc to a TV so was thrilled when I saw this. I don't have cable yet and we have been watching a lot of Netflix downloadable movies and I always wished that there was a way to watch it on our much bigger LCD screen tv in the living room instead of on the laptop. This product does that! I literally just plugged it in and it worked as advertised! I didn't have to adjust any settings on the computer's control panel or anything(and thank goodness as I'm not too technical). I used the yellow video connector instead of the s-video because I knew which line on my tv to use to get it to take the information from this connector. I could easily do a presentation using this as the tv showed EXACTLY what was on my laptop monitor. The item is so small like the size of a large cell phone so I couldn't believe it would work as well as it did. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it. I was considering buying a more expensive PS3 or XBox 360 in order to be able to watch Netflix movies on my tv and this is a fantastic....much cheaper alternative!
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on April 15, 2012
If you want to hook your computer/laptop to an analog TV this is what you want. You will need something to hook up your audio similar to a "Belkin Y Audio Cable" ([...]) from your headphone jack unless you plan to use your own computer/laptop speakers. For a digital TV you will need something like the "Component video (YPbPr)/VGA To HDMI Converter With Auto Up-scale" ([...]) or you won't be happy with the picture quality. It will probably give you acceptable picture quality but it won't be digital quality. For an analog TV you can't beat the quality of this product.

I chose this because of the various options it gives you for picture placement and settings. I found setting my display setting to 800x600 gave me the best picture on my TV. Don't be afraid to change your settings around to find out what works best for you. This works perfect for everything from Netflix to HBO GO, right on down to your computer DVD drive. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am.
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