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I am editing my review to deal with the latest version of this product. My earlier review, below, was for a previous version. I also received a review sample in return for an unbiased review.

This is a USB 3.0 port multiplier, or "hub." It is passive design, meaning it isn't externally powered and so shares available power, which comes from your PC/laptop, among the four ports. USB 3.0 provides a total of about 0.75 Amps. This makes the hub best used with passive or low power devices. It's fine for a small webcam, separately powered USB audio, separately powered hard drives, USB sticks, etc. It's not really for things like DVD burners that rely on USB power. This is entirely typical for such hubs.

Like its predecessor, it's lightweight, sleek, and relatively small, but not so small that the ports are crowded together. There's no problem with trying to get USB cables to fit. Like the earlier version, all the ports are on the front of the hub. This is a major convenience and avoids having wires go every which-way. Unlike the earlier version, the ports are angled down slightly rather than up slightly. This make the unit a little smaller but it was definitely more convenient to have the ports angled up.

The other difference is in the connecting cable supplied with the unit. The big improvement is that the supplied cable is long enough and really solid and substantial.

But all in all, despite a couple of design changes, there is no reason to deviate from my 5-star rating. There is a lot of value and convenience in this hub. I prefer it for use in a fixed position, with a desktop PC, but it's very portable and can go in your laptop case with ease.


I'm not sure why this is branded as a "Mac" product because it's a USB hub that will work with a Mac or PC running either Windows or Linux. Hardly any surprises there ... maybe because it has a nice appearance?

This is a 4-port USB hub, powered by the host. You use it as you would expect ... as a port multiplier; plug it into any USB 2.0 port and you end up with four ports instead of one; but you don't end up with four times the charging/running power, you end up with typically 1/4 the power per port. Not an issue if you use these things as intended, with power passive devices such as a mouse, keyboard, thumb drive, etc. Maybe not the best if you want to use a big external hard drive.

But there's nothing new in all this; all passive USB hubs work this way. So why choose (or not choose) this one?

What I like about it is that it's rugged (aluminum case) but still lightweight. What is really good about the design, though, is that it sits flat and exposes the four ports in front and on a slight upward angle (see the product photos on the product page). This makes it *really* easy to access especially if you plug it into a front port on your desktop computer (or just about any port on a laptop). All the cables will exit in the same direction and you won't have the kind of tangle you sometimes get with the really tiny hubs that have ports on all sides.

There are plastic 4-port hubs that are a little smaller and a little lighter, but really not a lot of difference, so if you want a portable hub to throw in your briefcase or backpack, this one will work fine. Be careful with the cable lead, of course, and this will last you a long time.

In the end I decided to use it with my desktop, because of the aforementioned manner in which it sits flat and is easy to access. But I might just get another one for my briefcase and ditch the flimsy plastic unit I carry now.

Disclaimer: I received a sample for review, but I write unbiased and uninfluenced reviews.
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If you're looking for a perfect USB hub to match your Mac, this is a great product! While it does not support USB 3.0, it still works well. A lot of people don't have a 3.0 device so it's not a huge deal anyway.

I purchased this to supplement the 2 USB ports on my macbook pro. I always want to have my iPhone cable, iPod shuffle cable, external drive, and occasionally a flash drive attached to my computer. Before a hub, this was not possible.

As far as design goes, it's identical to apple accessories like the keyboard and trackpad with it's brushed aluminum design. I love that it DOES NOT have a LED indicating that it is on. These lights drive me crazy because in the dark, I find them to be too bright.

The bottom is covered with a nice rubber which prevents it from slipping around. Overall this is a great product that i would definitely recommend
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on December 5, 2013
Does what it's supposed to to. Angle of jacks is kind of awkward, cables all stick up in the air. I should have thought it through a bit more, since I was hoping to alleviate some clutter with this thing, but with the cables all sticking up the clutter is still there. Also doesn't weigh much, so it rarely wants to sit flat when stuff is plugged into it.

It does make it a lot easier to plug all my desktop peripherals into my laptop in one maneuver, which is the main reason I got it, so that's a success. Also seems to be good quality and closely matches the whole apple aesthetic.
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When unpacking this well packaged new gadget the first thing that is noticeable in a good way is how stylish it is. Sleek aluminum case with a non-skid rubber base to keep it stable and a 9 ½” cable that allows freedom for where the unit is placed makes it as fashionable as Apple products in general.

But the major advantage (including of course the affordable price) is the ease of installation (truly a plug and play system, no special software required) that adds 4 additional USB 2.0 ports to your computer. You don’t appreciate this convenience until rearranging your desk (or wherever you decide to place this hub) and find that the additional USB ports allowing you to connect USB devices such as digital cameras, phones, external hard drives, flash drives, and printers conveniently close to your computer without adding to the paraphernalia of your work space: it is very compact.

The requirements for this little hub are Mac OS 9.1 & higher, Windows 98SE /ME /2000 /XP /Vista /7/8, and Linux 2.4 or above. It is safe, portable (small enough to lips into your briefcase to use at the office), and is protected by a shielded cable. It is definitely up to Sabrent standards – which happen to be very high! Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, November 13

I received a free copy of this item for an honest review.
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The following are samples received from the manufacturer for testing purposes.

1) Review for 4 port aluminum USB hub.
This is labelled a product for Apple devices because of it's aluminum design and white cable but because USBs are universal and they can work just as well for PCs.
Pros: Looks very nice. Small and doesn't take up much space. Decent price.
Tested all 4 ports and have no problems. The short cord means it's convenient to carry around, you don't have a long cord that you need to wrap around. Aluminum finish matches silver Apple devices and looks cool.
Overall, a nice 2.0 USB port. Works well, looks good!

2) Review for 4 Port Portable USB 3.0 Hub with Power Switch
This is a 4 port 3.0 USB that is backwards compatible back to USB 1.
Pros: Inexpensive, has on/off switch and LED light so you know it's powered. This hub boasts a 5Gbps with 3.0 protocol so it's fast. It's solid and sturdy.
Cons: None that I can see at the moment. I tested all 4 ports and they work as tested. No problems with transfers.
Summary: Works well, good price!
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NOTE: This review is for the "Premium Apple Style" USB hub.

I don't expect a USB hub to be a glamorous accessory, just a functional device that gets the job done. But this "Apple-style" USB 2.0 hub does have a more stylish appearance than the typical box-shaped hub. Despite the "Apple style" label, it's a USB hub, and it worked fine with my laptop PC running Windows 8. I plugged in enough USB drives and card readers to fill the four ports, and everything worked perfectly.

At 3.5"x1.5"x0.85", this is a compact hub that would be fine for desktop use or for traveling. The bottom has a rubberized material which helps to keep the hub in place. The aluminum case is very sturdy and won't break if things land on top of it in a travel bag or backpack. Overall, this is an impressive-looking accessory for adding USB ports to your computer.

A product sample was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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on January 10, 2014
Works perfectly. I am powering/connecting: iPod dock, Focusrite Audio Interface, Canon Scanner & Android Phone all off of this hub connected to my macbook pro. Works flawlessly. Actually looks like an Apple made product!
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on October 22, 2014
Two USB Cables are Better Than One!

Nowadays, we're always finding new ways on how to charge and keep charge our devices in the most efficient way possible. There's a ton of ways for you to charge your devices, but not every way is the most efficient way. Sabrent understands that you care about your devices as well as saving money. That's why I'm proud to share with you the 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82)

What's in the box?

Sabrent 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82)

Where does the Sabrent-8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) exceed?

As you can see right away Sabrent has slightly changed what they include in their product boxes. Usually, there's the product itself along with additional paperwork. In this case, I noticed that Sabrent only included the 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) with no additional paperwork. That's great! Why? Simple, it shows you that Sabrent is becoming more eco-friendly and even saving money in the short run.

The cost of paperwork for any unit of product (i.e. 100 Sabrent 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) will begin to add quickly; in the efforts to lower that cost they removed the paperwork all together. They're not only benefiting from it theirselves, but the world is as well. We live in a generation that Start Guides, Quick Start Guides, User Manuals, and Manuals aren't as popular as they were back in the day (if I may say so myself). Matter of fact, a large majority of people leave the paperwork inside the box and never read it. That's a waste of money and resources.

Sabrent has thought this through to the fullest and made a compromise. Rather including paperwork inside the product box they included it on the box itself. Smart, right? They already include key specifications and features on the sides and front of the box, so they're using the back of the box to include any additional information.

Short Description
All Features
System Requirements
Simple Instructions
Product Image

It's a smart move for Sabrent and I really will like to acknowledge them for making a successful effort for becoming more eco-friendly.

Sabrent success doesn't stop at the product box, that's just the first impression. Brilliant! The 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) is what you're truly here for, so I won't waste anymore of your time.

The HB-MC82 features a unique design in which there's two USB 2.0 cables that are needed to be plugged directly into your computer. Sabrent has designed this product this way in order to avoid including a power adapter which nobody really like since it requires a wall port to be powered on and become usable. That's a flaw, well con, that many of us average consumers highly dislike. Luckily, Sabrent has gone the extra mile and found a solution to this pain the butt. They produced the HB-MC82 to feature two USB cables in which one cable will strictly be used for powering the hub while the other cable is used for transferring data between the hub and the computer.

This isn't a first time that I have seen this type of design, but I only have seen it done with keyboards and mice. It's great to see that USB hubs are capable of such wonders. In my testing, I have found that I was able to successfully use the USB hub to its full extent without any major issues. The USB ports are USB 2.0, so nothing special, but I do appreciate that they're lined up to a position in which it's easy to access quickly. For example, plugging in and removing a thumb drive at ease. The profile is low to the surface and represents the icon appearance of Apple devices (i.e. Mac's, iMac's, iPhones, etc.).

This is truly a great quality product features a superb build quality which is thanks to the aluminum body which is cold to the touch removing the chance of the USB hub overheating within a desk drawer or enclosure.

Sabrent isn't the type of company that likes to flash their brand name all over their product, so the fact that their brand name along with the model number is on the bottom earns them even more respect from us. Also, they're great with including rubber feet on their products, such as this one. I placed it on my desk (i.e. Cherry Wood) and had a hard time forcing it to be moved, so that's actually a good thing since I rather keep it in one spot rather than having it slip around and scratch my desk!

As far as transfer speeds are concerned there's nothing special to look for. I was able to transfer documents from my external USB storage devices to my computer in decent speed even with this hub only support USB 2.0 connectivity.

Where does the Sabrent-8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) lack?

The HB-MC82 is a fantastic product with it share of disappointment. I wish it featured USB 3.0 ports or at least two (2x) USB 3.0 ports within the hub. I understand that it will require additional power which should be no problem with it's two USB cable design. Otherwise, that's the only con and recommendation I have for it. Great job, Sabrent!

How does the Sabrent-8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) fit in my life?

Personally, I don't use the HB-MC82 a great amount since I don't have a ton of USB devices connecting to my computer. But, when I do video and audio recording it comes in handy since much of my hardware is USB-powered. Ah, did I mention that I tested this with a Windows 8.1 PC? It's designed for Mac, but like always Sabrent does their best and make it compatible on Windows and Linux. No problems from my end.

Why should you purchase this for yourself?

It's a beautiful designed USB hub that includes more than enough USB ports along with a durable body that will last you for years to come. The price range isn't high which makes it an idea product for any home/work office.
review image review image review image review image
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon December 6, 2013
I needed this hub and knew it before I got it as a sample item. That's because I have an iMac and it has only four USB ports.

At any given time, I'll want three USB thumb drives connected. I like to keep them connected and not have to manage a lot of plugging/unplugging. Yet I also need to have my scanner always connected and my backup drive. Plus I charge all kinds of devices off my iMac.

This hub is nice aluminum and looks great. I use it for the USB thumb drives and love it. That way, I don't have to keep going behind my iMac to plug/unplug things all the time.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 15, 2013
Well if so, you might wanna skip this one and go for a USB 3.0 hub instead. But if you're so uncool as to have last year's model, then stick around.

In appearance, this hub from Sabrent could sit right next to any Mac and look right at home. The built quality is very good, colors matched well. The ports are really tight, so tight I was at first concerned I'd break something. But once I got things in and out a few times, it was easier. They are still tight enough though that I can twirl it in the air by the USB device plugged to it and it won't get disconnected. Wiggle testing (plug in USB device, wiggle it about, watch for device to stop being recognized by computer) was good to go. Plugging it into a USB compliance test jig (access to such being a benefit of my day job), the unit performs well within the USB 2.0 specification. Now, it's not a powered hub, but it was able to handle a full load of flash drives and SSDs without an issue, so unless you're planning on something more power hungry, it's not something to worry yourself over.

*Disclosure: I was contacted by Sabrent and given a sample of this product specifically for the purpose of reviewing it.*
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