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on March 19, 2008
So season Four is probably my least favorite season but it's still Sabrina so it's amazing compared to half the stuff they call entertainment.

Reasons Why This Season Let Me Down:
-Brad the witch Hunter
-No Libby
-No Valerie

Reasons Why This Season Didn't Suck:
-Sabrina's antics
-The aunts branching off in new directions
-And of course the reason the show is completely worth every dime:
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on March 31, 2008
I have a seventeen year old who LOVES Sabrina, she got the first two seasons during the holiday and watched them both within a week. I had pre-ordered the 3rd season and when we got it, she opened it and watched it right away. I have already pre-ordered the 4th season.

I don't know about everyone out there, but I would rather have her watching Sabrina than Gossip Girl, or the other teen show on NIK that I cant think of right now. She has her whole life to meet someone and fall in love, why expose herself to the pressures that those teens face.

If I had a tween who is interested in television, I would reccomend Sabrina to any parent. She is pretty wholesome and each show deals with issues we have all faced at one time or another. Its good wholesome entertainment for your daughter
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on April 21, 2008
I am THIRTY years old, so I sorta "grew up" with Sabrina and I can tell you, I have probably seen each episode about a 100 times and they never get old! EVER! Melissa Joan Hart is just about the cutest and funniest chick around and I love every other character on the show as well! I own the first three seasons too and I just pre-ordered season four and I can't wait to get it! I swear, i'll be watchin' this show even when i'm 90! (Even if it does drive my husband crazy ha ha,..but really, he watches it with me sometimes, and I think he kinda likes it too but he'd just NEVER admit it! Ha ha!)

Btw, I totally agree with the person who said, the fourth season is when it started to be: "not as great" cuz there was no Libby, no Valerie (OR Jenny,) and I was NEVER a big fan of Josh either, he was just ANNOYING, but Salem is still awesome, and so are the rest of em' (especially Harvey,) and Sabrina of course,...goes without saying!

So I strongly recommend anyone who is a Sabrina fan to buy this! Even if you're not a Sabrina fan, it and you WILL be! This show is TIMELESS and it will always be a classic!

PS: And let's all congratulate Melissa Joan Hart on the birth of her second son Braydon, and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (it was last Friday, April 18th!) She's just as adorable as ever!...Toldja I was a hardcore
Sabrina fan! Be sure to buy season 4! (And Amazon has the best price!)
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HALL OF FAMEon September 17, 2009
The fourth season--the last of the highschool years--of SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH disappointed fans in many ways, mostly concerning the departures of much-loved cast members Lindsay Sloane (who'd played goofy best friend Valerie for two years) and Jenna Leigh Green (Sabrina's arch-enemy Libby). In their place was China Shavers as Dreama, an apprentice witch and new Westbridge High classmate whom Sabrina must take under her wing. Another strange plot-twist which proved unpopular with fans was the arrival of Brad (Jon Huertas), Harvey's new best friend, who's revealed to be a witch-hunter intent on unmasking Sabrina.

Despite it's flaws, the fourth season still serves up lots of memorable storylines largely thanks to the ever-adorable Melissa Joan Hart--Sabrina well and truly grows up this year, and her relationship with Harvey (Nate Richert) goes through some particularly rocky stages, mostly thanks to a new guy on the scene, Josh (David Lascher), whom Sabrina harbours a strong crush on. Also back are Sab's hilarious aunts Hilda and Zelda (Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick), sarcastic Principal Kraft (Martin Mull) and faithful, wisecracking feline Salem (voiced by Nick Bakay).


"No Place Like Home" - Devastated that Valerie has moved away to Alaska with her family, Sabrina decides to live with her father (Doug Sheehan) in his swanky Paris pad. Guest starring Britney Spears. This episode was intended as a tie-in to Melissa Joan Hart's movie "Drive Me Crazy" which had a Britney Spears soundtrack.

"Dream a Little Dreama Me" - Sabrina takes on apprentice witch Dreama, and becomes suspicious of Harvey's new friend Brad. Hilda decides to spice up her life and buys an old clock shop.

"Jealousy" - Sabrina, literally, starts turning into a green-eyed monster when she notices how much time Harvey is spending with Brad.

"Little Orphan Hilda" - When Sabrina's grandmother (guest star Shirley Jones) drops by for a visit, it sets the stage for long-buried family secrets to be revealed.

"Spoiled Rotten" - Sabrina's new Other Realm credit card sets into motion a frenzied buying spree...

"The Phantom Menace" - Sabrina's job at the coffee-house could be over before it begins, when she's left in charge on Halloween, the very night that zombies descend...

"Prelude to a Kiss" - Harbouring a none-too-subtle crush on her boss, Josh (David Lascher), Sabrina explores her feelings by trying to date both Josh and Harvey...

"Aging Not So Gracefully" - Sabrina resorts to drastic measures when Josh explains she's too young for him; and Salem stalks Paula Abdul.

"Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry" - Reeling from the aftermath of their shocking break-up, Sabrina tries to use Hilda's Lost in Time clock to apologise to Harvey.

"Ice Station Sabrina" - A ski vacation sounds like the perfect escape for newly-reunited Harvey and Sabrina - until Brad decides to tag along...

"Salem and Juliette" - Salem falls for a drop-dead gorgeous feline, and Sabrina suspects Mr Kraft of stealing.

"Sabrina Nipping At Your Nose" - Sabrina must spend the holidays with Mr Kraft when she upsets Mother Nature...

"Now You See Her, Now You Don't" - Sabrina's new diet works wonders...until she literally disappears...

"Super Hero" - Hilda's spell to realise Mr Kraft's childhood dream takes on unexpected heights...

"Love in Bloom" - Valentine's Day becomes particularly sticky when an anonymous card from Josh threatens to break up Harvey and Sabrina yet again.

"Welcome Back, Duke" - When one of Salem's former accomplices (special guest star Dick Van Dyke) completes his sentence and comes to stay at the Spellman house, he causes nothing but trouble for Sabrina.

"Salem's Daughter" - Salem's daughter Annabelle (Victoria Jackson) announces her wedding at which Sabrina is to be the maid of honour, but Harvey suspects Sabrina of wanting to walk down the aisle instead!

"Dreama, the Mouse" - Dreama accidentally performs magic in front of Brad, and, just as predicted, she is turned into a mouse.

"The Wild, Wild Witch" - A magic spell sends Sabrina back in time as the sheriff of a wild west town.

"She's Baaack!" - Bratty cousin Amanda (Emily Hart) is back in town to cause more nightmares for Sabrina.

"The Four Faces of Sabrina" - Sabrina splits into four when she cannot decide which college invitation to accept.

"The End of an Era" - Harvey and Josh compete in a deadly obstacle course to win Sabrina's heart.
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on July 17, 2010
Many fans of the Sabrina series note this as the season where things started to go downhill. There are still some good episodes, great jokes, and of course we still have the principal cast members (Sabrina, Salem, Zelda and Hilda). However, this is also when a lot of the supporting characters from previous years dropped off the map, and I think their importance to the show was really underestimated. For instance, Libby and Valerie did not return after season 3. Sabrina's final year at high school is somewhat lackluster without her arch rival present. The excuse for Libby's absence was very weak (Libby is shipped off to boarding school, which doesn't make much sense). Valerie moves away, and at first Sabrina struggles with losing her best friend, but midway into the season Valerie is forgotten and not mentioned again. They did attempt to replace Valerie with a goofy witch-apprentice character (Dreama) who did not go over well with most fans. By the end of the season, they clearly realized that she was not catching on and her role became smaller and smaller.

It is obvious ABC was not very invested in the show anymore, as the quality of writing for the show seemed to wane a little in this season (hence the fact that ABC dropped the show at the end of season 4). Also introduced this season was the character Josh, who I personally didn't care for. He was just so plain and ordinary. I'm not sure how they expected the audience to feel torn for Sabrina when she was trying to chose between Harvey and Josh, because for most people the choice was blatantly obvious: Harvey! Also returning from previous seasons are Mr. Kraft and Mrs. Quick (Martin Mull and Mary Gross, two fabulous comedic actors), although it should be noted that this is the final season these characters are seen.

I bought this mainly just because I wanted to have all of Sabrina's high school years in my collection (1-4). But in my opinion the show really went downhill with this season, and seasons 5-7 are worse. The college years aren't very appealing to me, personally. That being said, many people did like season 4 and the seasons that followed, but I would suggest watching them on TV first before you decide to buy. They show reruns on ABC family and Teen Nick all the time.

Season 4 Pros and Cons:

Pros: Most of the principal cast is still in tact (Sabrina, Salem, Zelda, Hilda, Harvey, Mr. Kraft); there are some funny jokes and a few select episodes that are "classic" Sabrina ("The Wild Wild Witch" is my favorite), there are some new locations (namely a coffee shop where Sabrina works and hangs out in), some nice guest appearances (Dick Van Dyke plays Duke, Salem's former minion), and cool special effects.

Cons: Libby and Valerie are gone, a lot of the episodes are kind of "blah", Josh is introduced and he is quite a yawn, less emphasis on Sabrina's school life and more emphasis on her love life and future (college decisions), more shameless attempts to showcase Melissa Joan Hart's little sister, who plays Amanda. Basically every time this character appears it's a backdoor pilot, trying to get her her own spinoff or something. Also there is Brad, Harvey's best friend who is a witch hunter. Very annoying character who served little purpose.

In short, it's definitely not my favorite season (the 3rd one is probably the best, but seasons 1 and 2 are awesome as well!), but it does conclude Sabrina's last year of high school, and her final year on ABC. If you really like the show, you should be able to get something out of it, but I wouldn't waste your money when there are reruns on TV all the time.
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on June 19, 2008
I just finished watching all 3 discs in this set and I have to say that I was slightly disappointed. I had to adjust my TV to watch disc 1 (it was a bit too bright). I was also bothered that they changed the music during the zombie scene in The Phantom Menace and Mr. Kraft's montage in Super Hero. Even so it is still Sabrina and if I can overlook the Josh character I can overlook these minor problems.
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on September 8, 2008
IN seasons 1-3 Sabrina is just a regular teen,but then, in season 4, Sabrina's growing up.She is smarter and prettier. Most people say the show starts to go a little downhill starting at season 4,because the show changed some. But it's just that's Sabrina's growing up.

P.S. They should make a movie about how Harvey and Sabrina are doing after Sabrina took Harvey instead of Erin Jacobs.
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on May 31, 2008
I remember the first episode of sabrina the teenage witch that i ever watched on television, and i was only 8 or 9. Since that moment i was hooked! I am now almost 19 and still watch the re-runs on television. I was so excited when i found out that they were starting to release the seasons on dvd! I have since become a collector of Sabrina, and some of my other favorite tv shows. I must agree that the fourth season isn't as great as other seasons but is still a joy to watch. I can't wait for all of the seasons to be out on dvd!
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on April 19, 2008
I watched the first four or five seasons of this on tv when they first came out and I loved the show. I have since bought the first 3 seasons on dvd and am preordering this one. I am now 18 and can connect more with the show but no matter what age you are this show is great.
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I've got to admit from the outset that the fourth season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch has never been my favorite. So I wasn't exactly looking forward to rewatching it this summer. Yes, it still has its faults. But I also discovered that it wasn't quite as bad as I remembered it.

The first strike against the season comes in the season opener. In the first season, Sabrina turned 16. As season 4 opens, she is turning 18. Now I've heard some people explain that seasons 2 and 3 are really one long year despite the fact that they included two Halloween episodes and two Christmas episodes. This tainted timeline with no warning was something I never quite recovered from. (However, I had no problem with Sabrina doing four years of college in two seasons. Go figure.)

Anyway, that means the basics of the show are pretty much the same. Sabrina Spellman (Melissa Joan hart) is a half witch half mortal trying to survive high school with the added complication of magic. Aiding her in her journey are aunts Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick). This season, Hilda gives up her violin and buys a clock shop that includes a magic clock that brings people through time. Then there's the family's talking cat Salem (voiced by Nick Bakay), a warlock sentenced to do time as a cat for plotting to take over the world. She's got a great boyfriend in Harvey (Nate Richert). Unfortunately, the assistant principal has become the principal, and Mr. Kraft (Martin Mull) is still out to get Sabrina and her friends despite dating Zelda.

This season included some cast shake ups. Gone are old nemesis Libby and best friend Valerie. Filling the nemesis role, we get Brad (Jon Huertas, currently on ABC's Castle). He's an old friend of Harvey's who has moved back to town. He takes an instant dislike to Sabrina, and it turns out that he has a gene that makes him a witch hunter. He is clued in to any use of magic, and if he catches any of it and figures out what is going on, his accusation could turn the witch into a mouse for 100 years. Meanwhile, Sabrina gets a new friend in Dreama (China Shavers), a witch who is having a hard time using her magic. Sabrina must tutor Dreama or Sabrina will have her newly issued witch's license taken away from her.

Now you would think that these two new characters could set up some very interesting storylines. Brad does cause complications on a few occasions, although he also seems to ignore magic on others. It all depends on what the writers need for that episode, I have a feeling. But poor, poor Dreama. She might struggle with magic two or three times, but usually the focus is solely on Sabrina's problems. And any tutoring? Forget about it.

Honestly, I get the feeling that the writers just didn't know what to do with any kind of story arc for the season. That's a shame since the quizzes in season two and the family secret in season three were handled so well.

My other issue with this season is Josh (David Lascher). He's a college guy and Sabrina's boss at her new job at a coffee shop. They have a mutual crush. That fact that Harvey is still Sabrina's boyfriend the entire season while she harbors and plays around with acting on feelings for Josh just bugs me. If she and Harvey weren't dating, I would take her flirting and trying to impress Josh as fine (although I always wanted her to wind up with Harvey). But the fact that she is doing this while still dating Harvey just drives me up a wall.

If the overall storylines bother me, the episodes themselves are still as funny and creative as ever. Another family secret comes to light when Sabrina learns one of her aunts was adopted. Halloween follow Sabrina who is trying to avoid the holiday only to get trapped in a coffee house full of zombies. Sabrina learns not to mess with Mother Nature (a real person of course) when she tries to change the weather. Too much weight loss makes Sabrina disappear. We learn about Other Realm wedding traditions when Sabrina becomes maid of honor and substitute father of the bride at the wedding of Salem's daughter. And an ambition spell turns Mr. Kraft into Charles Lindbergh and Harvey into a superhero.

As I said, the individual episodes are very fun, and I can't help but laugh at the out of control situations Sabrina manages to get herself into. The acting can be over the top at times, but that usually fits the wild situations that are happening. It rarely distracts me from the comedy. The special effects are also quite good, and since the show involves magic, there are quite a few of them.

While the normal parade of pop starts from the late 90's stop by (Britney Spears appears in the first episode for example), they also get people like Shirley Jones to guest star as Sabrina's grandmother. In one of my favorite bits of casting for the season, Dick van Dyke shows up as a former associate of Salem who is trying to turn his life around.

This season contained 22 episodes, and all of them are here on three DVD's. The shows are in their native full frame and stereo sound. And that's it. As with all the other sets of the show, there are no extras.

This season still definitely has faults, although they aren't quite as bad as I remembered them being. While season four of Sabrina the Teenage Witch isn't as good as the last two seasons, it is still very fun for fans.
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