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on December 19, 1999
SACRED SPACE is one of those books that certainly gives you food for thought. Denise Linn discusses energy in and around the home and work place. There is a small section on Feng Shui, but Denise's book is not at all about Feng Shui. SACRED SPACE shows you how to prepare yourself and your home for cleansing and clearing. How to clear the energy in such a way that you open your life to all the good stuff. :) What to look for when moving into a new home, and how to fix the energetic debris that is usually left behind long after the previous inhabitants have moved out.
From bells and gongs, salt and water, color, crystals, chanting and even introducing yourself to the space you occupy , Denise shows ways you can really make home "where the heart is". It's a book that's easy to read, with loads of information (even numerology for your house address!) and a light, good feeling, this book is an asset to any bookshelf. You don't have to be an energy worker or a spiritualist a healer or "New Ager" to appreciate Denise's offerings. You just have to have a home, and the will to make it "an oasis of peace amidst the turmoil".
The price is right, and Denise Linn's writing style, as always is concise and a pleasure to read. Take the leap! It's a lot of fun.
You'll find yourself chanting aloud in no time! :)
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on August 26, 2003
I read this book after I read Karen Kingston's "Space Clearing" book, and, even though the two authors apparently work together, the two books are like night and day in their approach. Ms. Kingston's book was very rigid and authoritative. Although Ms. Kingston's techniqes may work for some, her book made me feel anxious and "wrong". Ms. Linn's book encourages people to rely on their own intution and trust their own feelings rather than following traditonal "rules". She gives examples of space clearing techniques from many cultures and encourages you to make your own rituals rather than following some set technique.
You may not agree with all Ms. Linn's ideas, but she presents them in a way that allows you to consider them and then make your own decisions, rather than telling you that you have to believe what she believes. Reading this book was like talking to a wise, loving, friend - I recommend it.
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on February 5, 2000
Once you've read it, it makes such sense: everything around us is connected to us and imbued with our energy -for better or for worse. Reading this I realised that I longed to have a home which was truely a home for my soul NOT just for my body and NOT (as I had been very apt to do) a home for the eye and thinking/cortical mind.
Interior design has it all wrong. Its head-led stuff. Fine if we were just heads on sticks. Feng shui is largely wrong too. Its rigid and full of superstition. Denise Linn gets it right. Our homes are places of the heart, places of the soul and places of the body.
She teaches us how to trust our instinct in creating places to live that are truely of us and for us. NOT for the visual consumption of the style critic. But for us to fully live in and experience the sacred in.
If you're ready for this book then you'll love it. If not, then you'll dislike it. But here's an idea of what's in it:
How to move stagnant energy out of a house. How to bring in new and beautiful energy into a home. How to use ritual. The central role of INTENTION - your intention - in creating the sacredness and spirituality of your home. Little tidbits about making moon water, and rainbow light. And a big emphasis on the earth and all the powerful tools she gives us to ground and enliven our homes:earth, water, fire and how to use these.
Take the plunge. Live in your house and hence your body/spirit/mind in a new way.
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on March 24, 2000
This book is one I reach for over and over. It is chock full of practical things one can do to work with the energies of one's home. Linn goes over a variety of techniques for clearing and upgrading the energies of a home; from Feng Shui to smudging to cleansing with sound, light, and color.
She includes several informative sections on things like the numerology of homes (which I find fascinating), includes a Ba Gua map for your Feng Shui use, talks about tomems and various household protection rituals. I have the bad habit of dogearing pages which are important to me in a reference book, and her book must have thirty or more turned down, that's how valuable I find the info within. A real value, sure to be usefull.
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on January 9, 2003
Forget fuzzy theories! This author gets right to the point with helpful, specific little ideas to make your home feel better and to make you feel better in your home. I have had this book for two years and continue to pick it up regularly and get ideas I can use. Some of the ideas fall within the realm of decorating while others get at changing the energy of a space with everything from chimes to water or candles. The book is very readable and easy to actually USE (unlike most of those feng shui books that go so deeply into theory that I never know what I am supposed to DO about it all!). For more specific decorating ideas in this same vein, I also highly recommend EVERYDAY COMFORTS, which is filled with practical ideas and beautiful color photos. I put those two books, Sacred Space and Everyday Comforts, plus a candle, in a birthday gift basket for my sister, and she loved it. Since buying Everyday Comforts, I find I am using that book all the time, too. It is relaxing just to flip through that book, but i love all the specific ideas that I can quickly accomplish to make my home more comforting.
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on July 2, 2000
Denise Linn's books are always a pleasure to read. Through her eyes the world comes alive with mysterious enchantments, she sees unseen things, rather like my cat. I'm a little envious of her ability, but her writing generously provides guidance for opening doors I didn't know were there, so I bear no grudge. I begin wondering if there is a nature spirit in the shadiest part of the garden where the ferns are, or if the dank and neglected basement corner is harboring more than earth-bound spiders and mildew. You don't have to believe in the whimsical, it all makes perfect sense and her suggestions are practical as well as mystical. I will admit I have enough trouble cleaning the house without wondering what the energy is doing, having run out of energy myself, but there are enough suggestions that you can choose what suits you best if you'd like to perk up your home and yourself, and Ms. Linn is never judgmental or prissy. It doesn't hurt to be more sensitive to the effect our surroundings have on ourselves and others, and ultimately the idea is to make it more pleasant. Ms. Linn puts a lot of herself into her writing, resulting in a book filled with personal and colorful detail, and just reading it is cheering.
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on January 27, 2005
Denise Linn has written a down to earth book, packed with ideas for creating peaceful, energetic, and happy atmospheres both at the office and home. Decoration ideas, the use of colour, light, sound, smell and textures are all discussed in depth, focusing on how each affects the perceptions and feelings of the occupants of the space.

Feng Shui ideas are touched on, but a more relaxed approach is encouraged. Denise refers to this as 'intuitive Feng Shui', and is in my opinion, a more sensible way to analyse and decorate any living or working space, as opposed to following rigid 'rules'. Energy cleansing, clearing and enhancing techniqes using music, bells, incense, chanting, and many other tools are discussed. Often the history of these techniqes is also included, with Denise noting where and how they are used in different cultures.

Many anecdotes and practical examples are noted, which increases enthusiasm and understanding for working with your spaces. Although I think some of the decoration and placement sections would benefit from illustrations, there are excellent textual descriptions. There are sections covering gardens and office spaces, often not covered by other books on the same topic.

A good reference for creating a 'home with a heart', ideas that are easy to use, and explanations that are easy to read.
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on March 6, 1999
Last year we completed a major home redo, new carpeting, painting, furniture. I purchased Sacred Space as I was in the planning stages. When a room was stripped completly bare I called for the feeling I wanted each room to convey> The Spirit directed me as to what colors to paint, borders to choose. There was alot of disorder in the process, as my father in law became very ill and passed away during that time. As I completed the make over I knew his spirit had sent me a message of job well done. I have shared this book with others. The truths in this book will enable the reader to create a sacred safe haven in which to live.
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on December 19, 2000
I found this book to be more useful than the other strictly Feng Shui books I've read. I like the combination of practices from different cultures.
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on September 22, 2000
After buying this well-priced little book last year, I have found myself going back to it again and again for fresh inspiration and ideas. The author's simple, sensible approach quickly moves beyond theory to what you can actually do to improve how your home feels.
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