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on October 7, 2013
I am in my mid 30's and I have about 25-30 lbs to lose. I am currently adjusting my diet to eat more healthfully. Intense cardio exercise is not a good option for me because I have bad knees. I do light walking and some aerobics at home but not often enough because of pain. On QVC they were selling it as a TSV that included a large bottle, a small bottle and a pack of hunger chews. The complete package may have been around $50 but if you check their website it may be more by now or sold out. I ordered 2 sets because they said it would take about 6 weeks to start seeing results. The creator of SafSlim said her mother lost inches from using it and had the energy that she didn't before. She said you would lose inches on your belly and not necessarily weight so don't get discouraged looking at the scale not budging. They have a video on QVC as well as different options for ordering. 2 of the large bottles were in Tangerine Cream, and I got the 2 small bottles in Berry and Pina Colada. The berry is extremely sweet and the Tangerine seems to taste the best. It was also the first flavor to sell out. The hunger chews only came in Tangerine I believe. Some reviewers on Qvc say they mix it in their morning yogurt but you're supposed to take it on an empty stomach. I don't know if they lost weight doing that.

Anyway, I took it the first day and felt a slight nausea immediately after swallowing it. It did hurt my stomach a bit like other reviewers stated and the nausea and stomach pain was only relieved when I ate half an hour later. Because of this I found myself dreading to take it regularly. I didn't like starting my morning like this. I think it surpressed my appetite because I was too nauseous to want to eat so eventually after taking it on and off I just stopped. You are supposed to keep it in your fridge once you open it and it is 1 tablespoon 30 minutes before you eat. I actually gained weight after stopping it maybe because I was happy to eat without nausea affecting my appetite. I have had acid reflux in the past, an ulcer and other digestive issues so it could just be my system that is not compatible with this product. I did notice having softer stools with this product as well as some stomach cramping but I think the cramping could be from ingesting something cold first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The hunger chews on the other hand are hit or miss. They taste like an orange starburst and they do not hurt my stomach. I have taken them when out shopping where I don't have time to eat and I find they will cut my hunger until I can get home to eat. Another time I took them on the way to the movies with friends and it did not cut my cravings for the usual movie foods I love. I hope to try this product one more time since I've take a break from it and see if my body can tolerate it and if not then I'll return it to QVC to hopefully get a refund. I am in the process of trying to eat healthier by eating more veggies and cutting out bad stuff per meal but I get my biggest cravings and hunger at night time and when I'm out with friends.

Just letting you guys know that I've also taken Xenadrine in the late 90's which absolutely worked and sent me down from a size 10 to a size 4 during the summer but I gained it all back once I stopped it. I took the new Xenadrine formula after that which did not work as well as the old one, Hydroxycut and Cellucor D4 thermal shock made my heart race and made me feel sick (I bought it at GNC but reviewed it on Amazon) and I have just recently tried Liporidex which did help increase focus and made my heart race a little less than the others but it also gave me heartburn. I'm telling you this so you know that I have been trying different things for a long time. A friend of mine swears by green coffee bean extract and carb blocking pills. I am also taking Reishi mushrooms for immune support which have greatly helped me. A reviewer stated it helped them with appetite reduction but I have not found this. The only thing that has helped me with appetite reduction with no side effect is Chia seeds in water. It's very filling and does not hurt my stomach or give me nausea. I bought Nutiva organic chia seed at Vitamin shoppe for $8.99 for 12oz. The white is more expensive but from the chia book I read they said it really isn't that much better.

Sorry for the long review but I appreciate when reviewers let me know their background, what they have tried and what has or hasn't worked for them so I try to do the same. I hope this helps and I hope to update this review if I give Safslim another try. Good luck with your own weight loss!
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on March 20, 2014
im almost done with my first bottle and my scale is still reading normal but my clothes feel much looser and what i eat has almost cut in half! im a gorger so its normal for me to eat until im in pain. since taking this i get satisfied and stop eating, which wow i can never stop eating when there is still food left so this is amazing. i got this cause my doctor recommended i should add it to my routine since i am diabetic and this product was designed for it basically. will give another review once ive been on it for at least the 16 weeks it recommends. plus it tastes awesome!
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on March 10, 2012
I tried the safslim and I must say it does seem to work. And yes i meant to put 5 stars because the product actually works (at least it did for me) I lost 2 inches on waist and 5 lbs. My only problem is that when i stopped taking it all weight and inches came back :(. I had to stop b/c at this point in my life I simply cannot afford 24 a bottle. And let me tell you at 2 TABLEspoons per day, that bottle goes quick and its not filled to the top when you get it. My only point is that, I wonder if this had been lets say 6 months of use and then I stopped would the weight then all come back again. anyway if you are looking to shed a few inches and some lbs I highly recommend this product, just be prepared for what could happen when you stop, unless you hope they make it the rest of your life and plan to use it until you die, then afterwards doesnt matter :)
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VINE VOICEon February 6, 2014
I bought this on a suggestion from my sister but it did not have the effect on me as it had on her for weight loss. The taste was fine but I saw no difference in my weight loss program with the product so I did not reorder
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on November 11, 2012
I did post this elsewhere, but here it is again. I weigh about 147 and am a bit muscular. I workout four times per week but I have some belly fat which I have been trying to get rid of. Thought this product would help since I saw some rave reviews. My belly measures about 34" and after using the product faithfully for 12 weeks my belly still measures 34". The product has done absolutely nothing for me. I have no intention of spending $50 for two more bottles to complete the 16 weeks. I did lose about 2 1/2 pounds but am not sure if it was the product. For the past few months I added the treadmill to my workout so this may be why i lost some pounds. There is no guarantee this product will work and customer service gave me no answer why. Well I tried. Consumers be aware that this product might not work.
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on March 28, 2013
I am very satisfied with SafSlim, I started taking it last summer and I have lost and kept off 6 inches mid stomach area.
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on January 30, 2013
The product does not contain the number of servings that the label claims to have so you go through it much faster than you expect to. After using 4 bottles and seeing no results I decided this is not a product for me. I would not recommend this product for weight loss at all.
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on January 18, 2012
I bought the Tangerine flavor after seeing the Dr. Oz show with Montel Williams. As a postmenopausal woman, I've noticed my waist gradually disappearing, so I was excited to find a product that might help me lose inches. I was cautiously optimistic, and that has turned into incredulous disbelief. In one week, I lost an inch and a half around my waist! I'm pretty picky about taste, so I also worried that it would be difficult for me to tolerate taking. Surprisingly, it has a very pleasant taste--almost sherbert like. Another pleasant surprise is that it greatly decreases my appetite. I take it 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. I can be starving when I take it, but by the time I sit down to eat, I don't feel hungry at all! I do want to note that I also got rid of junk food in my diet and went back to using my elliptical machine making sure I got in 10,000 total steps a day.

My husband started taking it at the same time I did, but he wants to wait several weeks before measuring his waist again. He also notices that it greatly decreases his appetite. Since two of us are taking this, the bottle should last one week. We carefully use a measuring spoon, but have yet to get a whole week out of a bottle. That's the only thing I don't understand. A bottle is 16 fluid ounces and there are two tablespoons to an ounce. Therefore it should last one person 16 days and two people 8 days. If I hadn't gotten such amazing results, it would be hard to justify buying a bottle a week for the two of us, but with the appetite suppressing qualities and my smaller waist, I'm going to give it at least 16 weeks.
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on July 5, 2012
So I'm on my 4th bottle (though I'm considering not taking this) the 1st month I saw very modest change I tracked my stomach arms, thighs and waist. but since then I've actually GAINED wait, I did not change my diet so didn't particularly eat low glycemic foods...I'm wondering if regular foods in regular amounts combined with the oil actually made me GAIN weight? literally I've gained about 8 pounds most in my stomach and thighs but it's showing on my face too.... I'm confused and IF i do finish this bottle I will NOT be buying it again. I guess everything is not for everyone and everyone body processes things differently.
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on December 19, 2012
This was a good price so I tried it. The taste is really good--like a creamsicle. As for the benefits, I really couldn't say. I didn't notice any change in anything, one way or the other. Maybe if it is taken for months there might be some result but I won't spend the money on it again.
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