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on June 13, 2011
I don't really understand why there are two negative reviews saying this desk is not adjustable. The top shelf is definitely adjustable. There are four bars that slide up and down, and are held in place with four wing nuts. Another reviewer used an excellent analogy of a trombone slide. The only thing I can think of is that the negative reviewers received the wrong product, since Safco does produce a desk with fixed height - Safco Muv Stand-up Workstation, Medium Oak. We have an adjustable monitor stand, so the most important setting is the keyboard shelf. I slid the shelves up and down until we found the right height for the keyboard for my wife. She has scoliosis and sitting too long causes her pain.

The instructions are okay. There are only pictures -- no word instructions. It is dated 05/07, so they probably have not modified the design in many years. If you have spatial skills and stare at the pictures long enough, you should eventually figure it out. The desk comes with an allen wrench and open-end wrench. All you need is a phillips screwdriver.

My wife's desk does have two cosmetic defects: 1) the top shelf has a chip and 2) one of the feet has a crack. They were probably caused during shipment. We did not ask for replacement parts, since we did not want to add two parts to the landfill.

Overall, my wife is very happy with her desk. I would buy one for myself, except we don't have the budget to buy another computer right now. This desk is pretty much what we imagined.

If you buy this desk, here are some assembly tips:

Picture 1: If the caster stem won't go in because of a misalignment, try pulling or pushing in the feet. The feet can completely pull out.
Picture 2: The arrows pointing out means you need to remove the two side panels.
Picture 3a: Loosen the wing nuts.
Picture 3b: The arrows pointing up means you need to remove the top of the legs.
Picture 3c: Two people are easier to assemble, but one person is possible. I did it myself and leaned the assembly against the bed.
Picture 3d: Re-insert top of the legs with holes facing inside.
Picture 3e: This is where you initially adjust your height. Don't forget to account for the height of the casters (which I did forget) that have not been installed yet.
Picture 4: I skipped this step until near the end. Since the two shelves are secured by double-sided tape, I didn't want to accidentally knock them off.
Picture 5: Requires some elbow grease to screw the screws into the holes. I screwed the screws in without the slides to first loosed up the holes. This way, I didn't have to worry about holding the slides and spacers in place and can use more force. The screws will go in (and out and in).
Picture 6: No comment. One step that is really that simple.
Picture 7: Use your body weight to help snap the casters in. Sorta like the CPR position. This is a great time to re-adjust the height. Loosen the screws and move the top shelf and keyboard shelf up or down. This is when I finished picture 4.
Picture 8: If you want to hide your wires behind the side panels, do it before finishing this step. By now, you should know that the arrows pointing inward means you need to re-attach the two side panels.
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on November 3, 2012
Bought this for my husband based on so many great reviews. Indeed, now that it assembled and height adjusted he likes it very much. However in all of the great reviews none of the feedback indicated that this desk is quite the challenge to height adjust. I came home to find my husband with the car jack placed such that he could adjust the desk with the jack screw to precisely the height he wanted. When asked why all the creativity, I was told of the four set screws - in rather difficult to reach locations with man size fingers - made it all but impossible for one person to set height and level. While his creativity overcame this technical annoyance, I felt it should be noted here. He gave it three stars because less mechanically inclined assemblers could have some trouble.
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on October 22, 2010
I spent a lot of time looking for stand-up tables and I was unable to find an adjustable height one for a total price of under $1000. I was about to give up when I found this table and I must say it is awesome.

The surface of the table might be on the small side, but it is enough for me. The actual tabletop is freely adjustable at any increment. If you look at the picture of the table, you will see four metal rods sticking up. These rods are fixed to the table top and the entire thing (rods and tabletop) can slide up and down. Once they are in position, you use four wing nuts to keep it in place. They act more as a clamp and doesn't actually thread through. Because of this, you shouldn't add too much weight to the main table top (I think the manual tells you this as well). However, I tested it and it seems to do a great job at preventing slippage and I haven't had any issues with it.

The keyboard tray can only be adjusted at 1 inch increments below the main table top, so the height of the main table top does somewhat determine where your keyboard tray will go (on the lowest one, it is about 6.5 inches from the top of the tabletop to the top of the keyboard tray. There is another hole ~5 inches below this, but I'm not sure what the use of this is...use keyboard tray as shelf?). The keyboard tray is a bit on the small side, but it is able to comfortably fit an old Microsoft comfort desktop set by having the keyboard hang over the edge of the keyboard tray (I recently upgraded it to a "Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 Keyboard and Mouse Set". It still hangs off the side, but I am fine with it).

The bottom two shelves are fixed in height and cannot be adjusted. I find them great for holding external hard drives, routers, etc. I even put spare electronics equipment on it. As someone said, it is held on by double sided tape, but that is because they are resting on two solid metal rods that bridge the two sides. So you have 4 corners * 2 shelves = 8 double sided tape. Since the shelves are held up with solid metal bars below it, the tape is only needed to prevent the shelf from sliding in and out. For this, the tape is more than adequate and I have had no trouble with it even when I had the table lying down sideways.

The entire frame of the table is made of metal. The actual table tops are made from sturdy PVC and feels much nicer than the cheaper plywood that comes with some tables. The sides of the frame, the black wavy rectangles, are made out of cheap plastic and is only there for cosmetic reasons.

The hardest part of the installment was adding in the keyboard tray. I ended up having to use a drill to enlarge the holes under the keyboard tray by a tiny bit. It wasn't too bad though and I did the drilling by turning the drill head with my fingers.

Another con is that while it is freely adjustable, it is not easy to adjust the height on the fly. For that, a geekdesk might be better, but their $1000 price tag is out of my reach. I want to stand more, so I only really needed to adjust the table once to fit my height. Other users who want on the fly variable adjustment have to look elsewhere.

The overall design of this table is great since I can have my monitor at eye level while having my arms at 90 degrees as I am typing. I am quite pleased with this purchase and will recommend it to users who are interested in using a stand-up desk to keep healthy!
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on July 18, 2012
All in all, I'm quite pleased with the product.

A number of reviewers mentioned the difficulty of install/poor quality of the castors, but I chose not to use them, since that would make it a "movement" issue while typing, in my estimation. Flat on the floor/carpet [without rollers] works just fine for me. True! There are a few inches lost in height, but you'll need to make that judgment call yourself. Another reviewer didn't like the use of double stick tape to secure the bottom two shelves. Quite frankly, unless you're going to rest some heavy object on the front, or back edge [only] of either shelf...... it will NOT be a problem, as it's verrrry secure.

One note to keep in mind during initial assembly: Since the two shelves, and the keyboard shelf are almost identical in size, be very careful that you do not, by accident, pick up the keyboard shelf while attempting to install the two bottom shelves; I did just that, due to poor lighting in the room, and not paying close attention. The keyboard shelf is a few inches shorter in width, and it also has [4] four small holes drilled on the bottom side, for attachment to the metal slides.

Another reviewer called it a LEMON. While I have no doubt that the assembly simply didn't work out for him...he "may" have made a few critical errors. For one, it's best to assemble the unit on a hard, level surface, and not on carpet, since you want opposing parts [LEFT, and RIGHT sides] to be level with each other [best to check with a inexpensive carpenter's level]. Also, don't screw all the screws in TIGHT, till they're all in place, and than...slowly tighten each side, while making sure that each side is still parallel with the other by just using your own eyes....example: installing the keyboard slide, and pulling each out, and from the side...viewing to see if each is reasonably in eye-sight line with each other [you may need to loosen up either the front or back screw to get the visual result you want]. Once they're in line with each other...TIGHTEN THEM.

That same reviewer "claimed" that it was impossible to assemble WITHOUT A HELPER to assist! ???????????????

Nay! Nay!! LOL!! :-)
I'm over 70 years old!!
I assembled two of these units myself!!
REALLY!! IT'S NOT NEARLY THAT DIFFICULT......."IF" you take your time!
On the other hand, though...I'm blessed with good eye/hand coordination, and perhaps...he simply wasn't!
...........or, just likes to complain! [ouch!!] :-)

Other than that..... the assembly went smoothly, so that said: Any one want two extra sets of wheels? LOL!!
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on March 18, 2011
This is a very solid standing desk. When assembled, the entire thing feels very sturdy. No wiggly or wobbly bits at all.

It is also highly adjustable. As you can see from the photo, the height of the top-most surface is adjustable. Additionally, there are five height settings (each one-inch apart) for the slide out keyboard shelf, and one more setting five inches further down. The bottom-most shelf can also be set at 9 different heights further down from what is shown in the photo. I've put mine at the very bottom near the wheels, so that I can fit my Mac tower between the middle and bottom shelves.

However, this desk is not made for on-the-fly adjustments. The top requires four wing-nuts to be turned for adjusting, and the keyboard shelf and bottom shelf require four short and four long screws, respectively, to be unscrewed and then screwed back in. In short, if you need to make any adjustments, you'll need to remove everything on the desk to do it.

I highly recommend this desk for those wanting a standing desk for their computers.
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on April 17, 2011
After reading several articles sharing recent research on the truly sobering negative health effects of prolonged sitting, I knew something had to give. Like so many, I work long hours sitting at a computer.

Did some research on stand-up stations and decided on this one. It's manually adjustable, but that's all I need. I don't need an "on the fly" adjustment (plus, those are way beyond my price range). During assembly, I set it at the height I needed. I work for a while, then when I need a break, quit working a few minutes and sit down.

This Safco is solid and sturdy, and with the wheels, easily mobile. Assembly went reasonably fast. I have a 27-inch hi-res flat-panel monitor which sits on top, and the top shelf has enough space for my keyboard and mouse...I didn't need to install the slide-out keyboard shelf. My laptop sits on the next shelf down.

I figure if I hadn't sprung for this workstation, in due course I'd pay out far more than its price in medical bills. One tip: Takes a while to work up to standing for longer periods, if you've been a couch potato. Be sure to get a really good "fatigue mat" to stand on. I got this one from Amazon: Crown Comfort King Antifatigue Mat, Zedlan, 24 x 36, Royal Blue (CK0023BL). If you need even more comfort, throw on a pair of athletic shoes.
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on January 23, 2015
First off I would like to say, there are some people out there who probably just shouldn't buy furniture that you need to assemble yourself. There isn't anything "wrong" with those people, but if anyone has difficulty putting something this simple together, buy something else. I did it completely by myself in less than 30 minutes, carefully following the directions, it was very simple if you can follow directions well with limited text instruction.

I bought this for two reasons, to change to a standup workstation and for space savings. At standup desks I concentrate better, don't get sleepy as easily and it's just better for health generally. I bought a cheap mat to stand on which seems comfortable so far but I'll likely change to a nice gel mat in the future.

I have the Microsoft Sculpt desktop which fits perfectly on the keyboard tray as long as I leave the separate keypad pushed back or my preference, on the work surface. This desk is very solid, there is obviously a tiny bit of movement while typing, but if you want, you could probably secure the top work surface to the wall and make it rock solid.

My biggest concern buying this desk was the height, since I'm 6'3" but I'm glad to say that I was able to get the top surface to 51.75" which is perfect. I put the keyboard tray at the lowest setting which allows my elbows to be at a perfect and relaxed 90 degree angle.

I can't say enough good about this desk, it's excellent and will do me well until I can afford a nice $1000 motorized desk for my future office at Microsoft. ;)

In the photo I posted with my review, the desk is set at the highest setting I could get it while still being stable. At this setting the table top is 51.75" from the floor and the keyboard tray is 45.25" from the floor. All perfect for my 6'3" body. The monitors in the picture are a Dell 30" and a Dell 24" (in portrait mode), I had to angle the monitors slightly to fit them both there, but that made it more natural to look at anyways. It helps that the monitors are height adjustable as well so I can set them to the perfect height for my eyes.
review image
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on January 8, 2012
UPDATE 4/27/2012: Since posting this review, I have upgraded to a Lifespan Treadmill desk. I just posted a review of it, but I'll just say here that if you have the extra cash to spare, I would seriously recommend skipping this desk and going for the treadmill desk :) I never quite got used to standing in one place, but walking is a lot easier (and burns more calories too).

First of all, ignore the reviewers who said this desk is not adjustable. They're either smoking crack, or were shipped the wrong product. My impression of the desk is overall positive, except that the keyboard tray is not quite wide enough. This won't be a problem for those who use a trackball, but for mouse users, it is a bit cramped. And you're probably not going to fit two large monitors on top of this thing either.

Also, one of the reasons I bought this desk is because of back/shoulder pain from prolonged sitting in front of the computer, but all this desk really did was transfer the pain to a different part of my back/shoulder, so I have found that a combination of sitting/standing works well. Thus, I'd recommend having a regular desk in addition to this one, with a monitor on each one, where the desktop is mirrored, so you can switch back and forth. That's how I have mine set up.

The desk itself is not too difficult to put together, although having two people makes it a lot easier. And best to have it adjusted exactly the way you want it when you first put it together, because having to readjust it would be a bit of a pain. I would recommend to set it up just slightly HIGHER than you think you'll need it.

One last thought - I had asked another reviewer before ordering this thing whether it might be possible to use this with a treadmill. He thought it might be, but I personally wouldn't try it, esp because it isn't wide enough. For that, I'd recommend checking out the Fitdesk instead.
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on May 16, 2012
I got this to use as a treadmill desk (with a narrow treadmill slid underneath), and so far it's working perfectly. It was easy enough to assemble -- just be sure to look closely at the instructions so the pieces are all facing the right way. I'm about 6'1", so I was worried the desk might not be tall enough while I'm standing on a treadmill, but it's just fine. At the highest I was comfortable putting the top surface, it's just tall enough to put the keyboard tray about even with my elbows.

It seems like quite a well-made desk, and is solid and sturdy. It wobbles a little on soft carpet, but doesn't seem at any risk for falling over.

My one complaint (which isn't enough to dock a full star from my rating) is that the sliding keyboard tray slides in too easily. There's some resistance to prevent it from sliding out by accident, but once it's out it glides back and forth with the slightest pressure. I ended up just leaving the tray in most of the time and putting my hands under the top desk to type, but it's slightly annoying. Also, as others have mentioned, it's not wide enough for both a full-size keyboard and mousepad. I have the mouse on the top surface, so the keyboard is alone on the sliding tray (also, that allows the main part of the keyboard to be centered, with the numpad to the right).

On the whole, I'm quite satisfied.
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on January 16, 2012
This desk is really nice but it has some issues. I bought it to use with a treadmill, so I could walk and work at the same time, and this model has enough clearance underneath to place over the treadmill. HOWEVER, it has a couple of serious design flaws. One of them is that if you install the middle shelf, the one shown in the photograph, THE DESK WILL NOT ADJUST. The screws that hold the shelf in place will actually BLOCK the poles that hold up the desk part so you can't lower it AT ALL. It's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. However, I was able to REMOVE the middle shelf after assembly; the bottom shelf serves as an ample brace. I did not need the pull out keyboard shelf since I use a laptop, but that will not affect adjustability at all. Other issues: Kind of hard to assemble (instructions are complex and confusing); the side panels are supposed to "snap" on, which took two people 15 minutes of struggling to achieve, and the wheels keep falling off, so I just removed them. After some adjustment and finagling, it is EXACTLY how I want it, but it was no small chore to get it there.
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