Customer Reviews: Safe [Blu-ray + Digital Copy]
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on July 23, 2012
You're a man with no friends left in the world thinking about doing yourself and your enemies a favor and ending your life. Moments before you can carry out your plan, however, you see a young girl in need of your help. Do you go to her aid? If your answer is no, you just shortened this movie by about 98%.

When we first meet Luke Wright (played by Jason Statham), he's won a mixed martial arts bout that the Russian mob "encouraged" him to lose. An easy enough task given the fact that he already had a losing record. After they assault him, he believes the worst is behind him. That proves to be false when he returns home to find members of the same Russian mob have killed his girlfriend (or wife, I'm not entirely sure and the information sources I've checked are silent on the matter). Rather than kill him, he's left as the prime suspect in the homicide and told to leave the mob's territory. On the other side of the world, a ten year-old Chinese student named Mei (played by Catherine Chan in her first feature film) demonstrates an exceptional gift for remembering numbers regardless of length or complexity. When the nature of her gift becomes common knowledge in her hometown, she becomes the ward of a local businessman with consent of her father whose hands are full thanks to her mother's serious illness. The businessman is a member of the Triads, Chinese organized crime for those who are unfamiliar, and intends to use her gift in America in lieu of written or computer files, as both can be seized by law enforcement. In time, they trust her unflinchingly and ask her to remember a very long number and relay it to the Russians who will give her another number to bring back. But when her escorts are shot en route to the Russians, she runs and they chase her. She makes it to the subway where a despondent Luke (Statham) subdues her pursuers and makes himself the one man in New York who the Triads, the Russians, and the NYPD officers on their payroll all want dead.

Now, I like Jason Statham. While I don't own copies of any film in either the Transporter series or the Crank series, I do own DVDs of The Mechanic and Death Race despite the fact that both films received generally negative reviews from the majority of critics. However that might reflect on my credibility, I thought that this was a very entertaining action film.
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on July 30, 2012
The film opens with Luke Wright (Jason Statham) as a Jersey ring fighter. While fighting an Internet sensation, Statham was supposed to take a dive. He hit the guy once and put him into a coma to the dismay of the Russian mafia who then kills his family and anyone who talks to Statham. While contemplating suicide, Jason espies a Chinese girl attempting to avoid the same Russian mafia. With nothing to lose, Jason springs into action.

The girl (Catherine Chan) has memorized a safe combination for the Chinese mafia, which the Russians want. In order to save the girl, Statham must battle the Russian mafia, Chinese mafia, and the crooked NYPD who are on the take. Jason has a past that makes him more than qualified to take them on.

The movie has numerous chase scenes, shoot outs, fights, and general tough guy stuff. We get a glimpse of Statham doing some compassionate acting (he actually sheds a tear) and let me say... "It ain't pretty." The heartless cold calculating tough guy is his best role. Jason and the girl have good chemistry, there just wasn't enough of it. Good intensity. Good pace, i.e. decent editing.

PARENTAL GUIDE: F-bombs, no sex or nudity.
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on August 13, 2012
This is a very good film. Very entertaining. And if you are a fan of Jason Statham this movie will not disappoint.

This is an action film. Pure action. So if you're looking for a drama piece, go somewhere else.

It starts with Statham's character witnessing his wife get killed and then being allowed to live by the Russian mob only so they can torment him. He runs into a little girl that has been forced to work for the Chinese mob. He saves her and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly, the cops, the Chinese, and the Russians are all after him and the combination to a safe that the girl holds in her head.

The movie is fast paced and never slows down. Action packed and explosive. Yeah there are a lot of unreal moments in it, but this is a movie after all. However, it is not meant for children. The plot is solid an dI love how he sticks it to everyone that is chasing him in the end.

Watch it. You'll be glad you did.
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on September 2, 2012
Not a typical action flick because, remarkably, there's also a fully-conceived narrative being told; a sublime study of character that I normally associate with more cerebral productions.

Tells the story of Luke Wright, former cop who turned in a bunch of dirty cops on the take - his buddies. Having been excised from the fraternal order as part of the pyrrhic bargain, he drifted, finally finding work as journeyman cage fighter. It's not a great life, but it's one that he finds honor in living. Along with his wife, he's doing okay. Until he accidentally puts out the light of a glass-jawed opponent. An opponent who was 'supposed' to win.

With so much money on the line, the muckers who arrange such things are understandably pissed. Worse, those weren't the heaviest hitters who wagered on the rigged match. The Russian Mafia isn't known for losing money with grace. The penalty for his inadvertent win - murdering his wife. And in true twisted fashion, they leave him breathing. It's explained that he's on their forever-crap list, they'll be watching him for the rest of his life. If he makes any connection, anything other than the most casual of contact with another human being, they're going to murder that person too. Luke is branded a loner now and for as long as his heart continues its miserable beat. This isn't life - it's existence.

His own death would be a release. That's the sick mentality of the ultimate mob punishment - you're forced to go on while everything you care about, or even hope to care about, is utterly ground underfoot.

On the other side of the world, a young math prodigy has been discovered. Unfortunately for her that immense talent has been identified by one of the Chinese Triads; organized crime families who have been a part of that culture longer than many countries in the world have existed. One mob boss detests computers and the inherent security flaws that they leave open, so he has decided he will have the young girl as his own private human calculator. Transportable, malleable and completely coercible - young Mai is now a slave to the gangsters. And just like Luke, is no longer living, but simply existing.

Fate brings these two together, each discovering that suffering on the run is preferable to the day-to-day hell living apart. As the pair fight off the gathering dark forces of dirty cops, rotten government and brutal gangsters - the odd team determine that they will be free, one way or another.

Adrenaline pumping rush of a movie with Jason Statham once again dominating the action landscape. There is no other performer in his weight class - movie star heavyweight. The really scary part is that he seems to be hitting his stride. Can you imagine what the next five, maybe ten years will bring?

Young actress Catherine Chan, as Mei, happily surprised. It's rare to find an actress of that age who can actually act. Despite the plethora of wannabe child performers who are annoyingly pretentious and frighteningly older than than their chronological age - very few can believably act; to become the person of the role and transmit the essence of the character through to us, the audience. Again, props to Director Boaz Yakin for his insight in selecting her. The man has a new fan.

As an aside, absolutely loved that Yakin did not open the film with the tiresome checklist of names and too-clever CGI visual titles. Cutting to the chase, we're instantly thrown into the nightmare of Luke and Mai's existence. Truly enjoy it when a filmmaker steps outside the box without crushing it. Out-bleeping-standing. Thank you.

One of the better roles Statham has executed. And given the repertoire of films already under his cinched six-pack fitted belt, I'm already looking forward to more.

No question a solid four+ stars. If you're an action fan - def five pointers.
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on September 7, 2012
Good movie okay plot, but lets face it you watch Jason Stathams movies for the action and fight scenes not the serious plot. So it was a good movie with lots of action and suspense here and there. Must see.
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on September 5, 2012
Well it has to be said, that the action genre has not been up to standards lately, and it seems like the action era has ended by the end of the 90s, until Statham showed up !!

this movie is one of the better entertaining action movies in recent years, I really enjoyed every part of it and it took me back to the Die Hard and 90s years when action films were on top.

Don't get me wrong, its not a perfect film or an Oscar nominated movie, but it truly does deliver pure entertainment and an enjoyable movie experience.

the movie is somewhat similar to 1998 Mercury Rising starring the one and only Bruce Willis, only Safe was more brutal and much more action packed !! sorry Bruce

it revolves around a broken and fallen ex-cop Luke Wright " Statham " who lost almost everything in his life and who hit rock bottom, but once his path is crossed by the young and helpless Chinese girl Mei who is being hunted by every scum bag and corrupt cop in NYC because of her possession of a safe code, the inner fighter in Luke wakes up and now he has a new goal in life, protect Mei and bring down the bad guys !! the plot sounds like something that Jackie Chan would usually do, thankfully, the role fell to Statham who really made the difference here !!

I like Jackie Chan, but come on, he is not brutal enough !

A very well written script for a simple plot, very fast paced and not to mention action packed, Statham really stretches his muscles here, lots of well choreographed fighting sequences, some fantastic shoot out scenes one of which takes place in a night club that was adrenaline pumping, the action was brutal.

I also liked how they gathered around some good actors playing the villains or bad guys, characters ranging from Russian mobsters to Chinese gangsters and even corrupt Cops.

I strongly believe that Jason Statham has emerged as the new action star of the new millennium, he is what Van Damme, Scwharezzenger and Stallone were in the 90s, he has all what it takes to be the ultimate action star and his acting is pretty good too. I can't deny the efforts of Stallone to bring the action genre back with his newest movies like the Expendables 2 , but for now, Statham is on top.

so in short, out of all those B grade action films out there, its nice to see a very well crafted action packed movie that is pure entertainment, thank you Statham !!
highly recommended !!

4.5 out of 5
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on September 4, 2012
Action: B+
Dialog: C+
Story: B
Special Effects: C

Overall Satisfaction: B

I personally like action films, so I may seem a little bias, but this one in particular was a nice reachback to the great 80s action flicks. This was not about high tech drones or cool gadgets, it was just about a man on a mission. If you are a fan of Jason's previous work you will not be disappointed.
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on September 5, 2012
Jason Statham really did wonders in this film with his martial arts. Moreso I think than in his transporter films. The movie has a nice plot, believable story, lots of action, lots of gore, and multi-cultured. I got a unique or weird vibe from the film but I guess it was Jason playing a depressed down on your luck , nothing to live for role. It gave off a strong negative feel but at the same time was refreshing seeing him in the hero role. If you have seen "The man from nowhere," it's basically just a remake of that film. I wouldn't say as good but just as good in it's own americanized way.
Overall it's a fun flick for action and/or martial arts films. Enjoy! Godbless

~shauns movie review
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on September 8, 2012
I'm a huge Statham fan... His Transporter series were pretty cool minus the few impossible feats that made the movies unrealistic... But anyway, this movie is almost perfect. 100% GREAT movie from start to finish. I wasn't very impressed by the trailers of this movie... However, the movie was just incredible. Unlike most action films, this film actually tells you a background story so you know what is going on, something a lot of current day films lack. Then, there is non stop action to the finish keeping you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. Excellent filmography and incredible acting on all parts. Without a doubt a must see film for those who love Jason's movies and the Jason Bourne series. I liked the movie so much I bought it for my relatives to watch that very night. Definitely one of Jason Statham's best movies yet.
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on April 30, 2016
I love this movie - this little girl is sharp - smart, smart sharp. She works well with Jason Statham's character. It is a feel-good movie with the prerequisite Statham violence. If you like his movies, you'll love this one!
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