Customer Reviews: Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate
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on July 4, 2012
This gate really works well for us. We use it as a temporary gate in our house for when I am cooking dinner and need my son to stay away from the stairs. The gate installs quickly and easily. Its nice and sturdy. My 20 month old has not been able to pry it loose. The gate is also better looking than many other gates on the market. I love that is made of sustainable/recycled materials. The bamboo looks nice even though the gate is not too expensive. The only down side to this gate is that is not adjustable to irregular doorways or openings. We live in a home built in 1904 and none of our openings are completely square. As a result, we do have to do a little more fiddling until we get the right fit. After a few installs, we got the hang of it. I just wanted to give people a word of warning if they have irregular openings and odd moldings like we do. If you have molding on the bottom of an opening and not on the top, this won't work for you!

Overall, we still love the gate and would recommend it as a great temporary gate solution.
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on December 17, 2012
Quick look notes:
+++ Well built, strong gate
+++ Dark plastic web material is durable
+++ Secure locking mechanism
+++ Pleasant looks

--- Rubber stoppers will mark light colored paint
--- Locking mechanism has a slight learning curve

What is immediately evident upon handling the gate for the first time is the fact that Safety 1st obviously spent a considerable amount of talent and effort in the design and construction of what my seem like a simple product. It's the type of item that supports the mindset of investing in one quality, reliable product as opposed to cycling through cheap, poor quality junk. The wood frame, plastic mesh construction is unique, pleasing to the eye, and, most importantly, solid.

The gates (I quickly purchased a second two days after using my first) have shown no weakness in keeping our two dogs constrained to a specific section of the house whilst we are away. The elderly whine-master basset hound, well, it's likely a simple 2x4 would have been enough of an obstacle for her to just yawn and not give second thought to leaving the room. Our lab/pit mix, though also on in years, is a more enterprising, athletic sort. She's found ways around or over makeshift blockades in the past (she's simply devastated if she can't spend a majority of her day napping on our memory foam bed), but she's yet to attempt any Ocean's 11 shenanigans with the new gates. We keep them at a relatively low height, and I honestly think that she could hop the gates with a running start, but she's also frightened by pretty much anything, and so I think the gates are simply too daunting for her.

I have to say that while I can be quite dim at times, I was surprised with just how much I initially struggled with the locking mechanism. There is a learning curve, but a few minutes of practice revealed its secrets to me. It's simple resistance notch system that allows the gate to fit a wide variety of openings. There is a substantial difference in size between the two doorways we use our gates on, and each gate fits perfectly. TIP 1: Find the notch where the gate fits perfectly between the two surfaces, then go one notch tighter. It will take a bit more effort to close the latch, but this guarantees a solid resistance and a gate that isn't going anywhere. If you go up just one notch, it will be tight, but there is no fear of breaking the unit. TIP 2: To save time I've made markings in red sharpie on either side of the perfect tension notch for each gate. This will save a moment in each setup, as you can simply hold the bar in the specific notch, lower the bar, and you're all set up.

I would love to give the product five stars, but there is a definite down side that I feel bears mention. The sides of the gates have black, solid rubber stoppers (two on each side) that support it's structure against the wall and also help with tension and non-slippage. Unfortunately the material will also leave slight but noticeable black markings on light colored paints. A little bit of elbow grease has been able to remove them, so the damage isn't permanent, but you would think that non-marking would have been somewhere on their design list. Perhaps in future iterations. I'm sure the handier among us could come up with some kind of temporary solution to prevent the marking, but my SO and I honestly don't mind that much. POSSIBLY DUBIOUS TIP: We in fact use the subtle markings as placement guides when we put the gates up (don't judge).

Overall, I'm quite impressed with just how impressed I am with an indoor gate. I sort of enjoy putting them up, actually, quickly nabbing the duty when the SO and I are planning to walk out the door. I can tell our two gates will last a good long time and then some, and they are surprisingly pleasant to look at. I'd only knock off 1/2 a star if there were an option, but, as it is, the marking rubber keeps the gate from a perfect score. Something tells me that Safety 1st is already aware of the issue and will hopefully update the material in future iterations.

Drop me a comment if you have any questions about the gate; I reply fairly quickly. Safe shopping, folks!
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on January 30, 2012
The gate is aesthetically pleasing first and foremost. Second, the gate is literally 24" wide, is adjustable, and is extremely sturdy. The height is 24", which is fairly low, but I made it work. I am containing a Pit Bull puppy with it, and it works. You have to (first) raise it about 6" above the floor, than lock it on the farthest possible link. This may not seem like it will work at first because it may seem like there is resistence, but this is the only way to get the gate to hold properly. In a nutshell, what I'm suggesting is that you overadjust it, it worked great for me. I returned another gate that I'd previously purchased because the puppy kept hitting in at the top (he knew it was the weakest point), and no matter how hard he bangs this one, he cannot knock it down. Lastly, if you have a very large dog that jumps, or a child that climbs, this gate is probably too low, but for me this will still work as the puppy grows, because the taller he gets, the higher I will raise it from the floor. As long as he cannot crawl or fit underneath it, it will keep him contained. I hope this review helps.
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on July 11, 2013
This is a great baby gate. It's easy to use and looks nicer than most. It has an annoying design flaw though - on the bottom there is a round-head screw that sticks out quite a bit. In just a few days of installing and removing the gate and my kids pushing on it, it created a deep scratch in my wood floors that is now very obvious when the gate is not in place. I didn't notice it happening until it was too late. I have a folded cloth under it now to protect the floors and need to replace it with a flat-head screw to protect the wood. Other than that, it's a great product.
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on February 23, 2013
...that loves to jump & play. She doesn't knock this over or try to leap over it - quite an accomplishment, in my opinion. We got this when she was a baby & now that she is almost fully grown, still utilize it to keep her confined to certain rooms of the house. It appears to be very sturdy - she jumps on it, people have tripped over it, kicked it, knocked it over while stumbling into it in the dark, etc. Nothing seems to break this thing. I wish it was a little wider so we could use it on larger doorways, but we could always get a larger sized gate as well. The height is perfect - most humans can still step over it without losing a shin. I'm assuming it would be great for confining human babies as well. Highly recommend.
review image review image
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on April 29, 2013
Recently my cat realized he could open the sliding screen door with his paw and escape to the backyard and beyond. Since the sliding door is the only window in my living room, I had to find something that would keep him from doing this. This gate is doing the trick. I can open the sliding door and place the gate in it. Now I can get a breeze and keep him contained.
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on April 30, 2016
I bought this gate for my dog so I could leave the back door open without her running out. I put it on my porch so she can still enjoy being outside and I can enjoy the fresh air coming inside. I mainly bought the particular gate because I like how it looks and the hippie in me was sold on the bamboo and recycled plastic. The only think I don't like are the notches you have to tighten or loosen the gate... sometimes one notch can be too tight to where you can't push the lever down to lock it while the next one over is too loose and the gate won't even stand up in the doorway. But, like I said... I mainly bought it for the porch and it fits nice and snug in there.
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on June 10, 2015
I've bought several of these gates, and they used to be very nice. But I just got a new one and the quality has decreased considerably. Instead of nice, smooth, varnished bamboo, they are made of a much rougher material that looks unfinished, feels really rough on my hands and gave me a small splinter when I first set it up. This is a bad decision for a child-safety product--obviously kids are going to handle it a lot and it shouldn't be dangerous for their hands.
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on September 20, 2014
Modern life is overwhelming for such banal reasons. Let me try to spare you one little problem.

First, this bamboo gate is well-made and sturdy. It works excellently as advertised. We bought two, 2-3 months ago, and we use them daily with our toddler. No breakage, no problems.

However, honestly, installing and uninstalling these things 3x/day (or more) gets old pretty fast. I know that sounds lazy, and it is; but hear me out, esp. if you plan to use these in a medium to high traffic area.

I'm tall and earthy, so I should have no problem stepping over these gates, either physically or philosophically. But it's really annoying to do so, esp. when you have bags in one hand and the baby in the other. Or if you need to go back and forth to the kitchen 3x. Or if you are trying to get out the door and forget 2 things. Then its off to the steeplechase: 3 round trips x 1 gate = 6 high steps; 2 round trips x 2 gates = 8 high steps. Once you step over this thing 4 times in 2 minutes (which will happen), you start having melancholy thoughts about the insanity of modern life. This high step problem is worse for my wife, b/c she's not a giraffe like me.

So we started to take the gates down when we don't think we need them. But how many times have we stashed a gate to the side, then later bumped into it to have it crash to the ground? Or, our little peanut darts over and pulls it down on her head (it has some sharpish metal I'd rather not have scrape her face).

So we put them back up ... but we have a dog, so we need to move a gate every time we take him out for a walk, aaaaand--you guessed it--every time we come back in.

You get the picture.

For all these reasons, instead of purchasing these bamboo knee traps, I encourage you to fork over a bit more for gates that mount permanently and open and close. About a week ago we purchased two "North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gates" ($12 more per gate than the bamboo). The verdict? Bliss. Bamboo, time for craigslist.
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on July 31, 2012
I figured out the secret to this have to put it one one notch past what seems to "fit" into your doorway. The frame and handle will bow ever so slightly, but once locked, the gate is SUPER secure even in old, uneven doorways.

I run a daycare so I have toddlers shaking this thing all day and I find it a lot better than the taller metal gate I used to have. It looks pretty cute for a baby gate, too. Definitely a great deal for the price, would definitely recommend.
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