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664 of 701 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2011
this seat is amazing, yes it can be a chore to clean and it is large in comparison to other seats but its size only makes more comfort for child. my son is 16 months old and last week we were in a major auto accident totaled our car and an electric pole went into our car next to my sons car seat. He was okay only a small bruise from the impact pushing the seat belt into his skin. The Emts could not get over how great the seat protected him we hit the pole going 70 mph and i was told he should of been hurt pretty badly but his car seat saved him. One of the Emts even said he was going to buy the same seat for his child after seeing it save my sons life. I am very lucky in my opinion i had this seat and seems to me the emts thought so too
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271 of 286 people found the following review helpful
on March 6, 2015
My 4 year old son and I were in a wreck in which our truck flipped and landed upside down. This is the car seat he was in and he walked away without any scratches or bruises (I was using the 5-point harness). The only negative was the difficulty I had getting the harness to unbuckle but at the same time it gave me extra security in knowing it kept him tight and secure in his seat. Recline features are nice and size works well for most vehicles. He has been in this seat since he was a year old.
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451 of 480 people found the following review helpful
on October 9, 2012
This is the 1st review I have ever felt compelled to leave. I purchased this car seat a little less than a year ago and have been very pleased with it and then a few days ago I was struck head on by a drunk driver traveling at about 50 mph and my 3yr old son walked away from the crash completely unharmed. I can not tell you how thankful I am that he was uninjured and that his car seat performed exactly as it should have if I could give this car seat 10 stars I would I have already ordered another one to replace the one that was involved in the accident.
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147 of 159 people found the following review helpful
on September 16, 2014
Was in a major car accident with it. Car was going 75 mph, flipped 3.5 times landing us on our roof. Car was crushed on every surface and we sustained medium level injuries. Our 11 month old son didn't have a scratch. We've already ordered it again, thank you for making this carseat!
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151 of 171 people found the following review helpful
on March 24, 2014
Safety First makes a couple different styles of this particular car seat but they are all basically the same and pretty much every major store has one of their designs (even Walmart). For the price, you really cant beat these things. If you want a convertible car seat but you are on a budget, you are going to be hard pressed to something as comfortable and long-lasting.
I know some people complain about these car seats being a little big but that's because they are supposed to last until your child is ready to be out of a car seat entirely. For that kind of versatility, you're going to sacrifice some space. For the most part, it's really only an issue if you have it rear-facing. We put in the middle of our back seat (the safest spot in your car) and didn't have too much of a problem, even in our Honda Accord. Once it is forward facing, you really don't have the space issue. But the way the seat is designed, it may be a bit of a pain to recline the seat once it's all strapped in. I just always leave it reclined since it never seemed to bother either of my sons. Also, if you are transferring it back and forth from one car to the next, it is not a light seat. Although, this was never really a minus for me since that means its also not a flimsy piece of junk plastic.
At first, the seat can be a bit of a pain to get in and out of a car and the LATCH strap may seem short (usually this is because you are using the wrong belt path) but once you get used to it, it's no problem at all. I like that the belt goes inside the seat to secure it. It makes me feel like the belt will keep it and my child in the car no matter what. There is even a belt along the back of the seat for bucket seats. When everything is strapped the way it's supposed to be, the seat does not wiggle.
The thing I like best is that this seat in particular has a cover that comes off pretty easy. It's machine washable too so if there is any mess (my youngest had the magic ability to get his seat messy once a day) it's not a huge hassle to take the cover off.
Overall, this is the seat I have liked the best after 6 or 7 different seats with my two boys. It offers families on a budget the opportunity to keep their baby in the harness buckles as recommended for as long as they possibly can without breaking the bank. It is fully convertible and adjustable to accommodate children from 0 to 100 lbs. Most other seats that make that claim are three times this price and way outside of the normal persons budget.

We have been using our version of this seat for a little over 4 years now and it's still just as fantastic as when I bought it.
My favorite things about it are still:
STEEL FRAME- no cheap molded plastic like cosco and other brands
Rear facing until 3 for avg weight kid
Cover is easy to Clean
FULLY CONVERTIBLE from when you take them home to when they outgrow the seat

It's still more of a pain to latch and unlatch this seat than those with the easy latch belts but for the price, it's totally worth it and you get used to it. In my honest opinion, every trade off you get with this seat (size, ease of use, and portability) are all worth the price since you are getting a safe, reinforced seat for a bargain basement price.
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143 of 167 people found the following review helpful
on January 3, 2013
This car seat is a fantastic product at an amazing price (at the time we purchased it in 11/2012 it was $110). While researching a car seat for our first child, my husband and I were excited about the prospect of the Alpha Omega Elite's three-way conversion but were dismayed when we could not figure out how to install it rear-facing without being excessively wobbly, no matter what we tried.

So after 5+ hours of researching online, reading manuals and watching online instructional videos on YouTube (such as the one for the Safety 1st Complete Air, which is **NOT** the same model but still offers a visual for parents like us who have never installed a car seat before), my husband set out towards our car with determination in his eyes!

Before we begin, here's some facts about our installation of an Alpha Omega Elite in "Lamont":

* Our car is a 2004 Chevrolet Caviler (4-door)

* We used the LATCH system. Our car does not offer the LATCH system in the middle backseat, so we had to put it behind the passenger's seat. My husband also attempted the seatbelt installation in the middle, but he could not tighten it properly because the belt was quite stubborn and kept twisting after being thread through the carseat.

* Upon first attempt it was installed behind the driver's seat, but due to our car's size that required the driver's seat to be pushed up all the way. This made it extremely difficult to move between the pedals, and we felt like that posed a hazard we weren't willing to take (especially when driving around our little one)!

Rear-Facing Installation Tips w/ LATCH

* Read your car's owner's manual and the Safety 1st instructions. We did not know until reading our car's manual that a 2004 Caviler does not offer LATCH in the middle backseat.

* Make sure your car is on level ground.

* Use a rolled up towel/blanket, as suggested in the manual. Ours was the size of CD once rolled-up.

* Connect the LATCH hooks as instructed.

* Consider putting an object/tool through the tightening loop to help provide grip/leverage as you pull on the straps to tighten them. My husband used the handle of his groove joint pliers, similar to these: Stanley 84-024 10-Inch Bi-Material Groove Joint Pliers.

* As you tighten, put as much of your weight as possible on the carseat. My husband tried using his knee, but ultimately just used his hand due to lack of space in our backseat.

* My husband then used the head of his groove joint pliers to give one more good pull. While pulling, he also shifted the carseat side to side while still making sure to apply weight. This allowed him to achieve additional tightness.

* Check for movement/wobbliness. Ours will not even budge at the belt path after my husband applied the above methods. Threading the handle of the pliers though the loop seemed to be what helped him most. He just couldn't get a good enough handle on it with bare hands.

Additional Thoughts

Make no mistake -- installing this car seat requires A LOT of patience and you will probably lose your wits before it's in, but keep trying. Even though we are satisfied with how it is installed now we still plan to have the installation looked at by a NHTSA-certified inspector [...], just to ease our minds. Please consider doing the same, since according to AAA almost 75% of carseats are not installed properly these days.

We hope these tips help ease parent frustrations. Good luck installing your Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite!
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59 of 70 people found the following review helpful
on September 15, 2010
I always like to check reviews first before buying any product. And there are always the bad reviews that stick out and I always wonder if the product is ACTUALLY a bad product or if the people that posted them are...well, you know!!! I loved this car seat from the beginning and just decided to bite the bullet and get it. I couldn't be happier with my decision right now. It is a wonderful car seat!! I read some reviews saying that it is heavy and bulky. It's not at all. It has the perfect amount of bulk to keep my baby safe, and ultimately, isn't that the reason they are in it to begin with! And a bunch of people said it was too big to fit in their car. I have one of the smallest cars on the planet(2 door Saturn Coupe) and it fits fine in my backseat. I can see how it may be a problem rear facing in a small vehicle, but forward facing, it's perfect. The only minor complaint I have is that the harness attaches underneath the car seat and it's a little difficult to get at, because you can't see where you're grabbing. You just have to feel around to unhook the straps. But once I got it unhooked, it was super easy to get it back together. And that didn't distract me from giving it five stars, because the rest of the perks, far outweight that ONE tiny flaw. And also, I read some reviews that stated how the directions were unclear. That's a load...there is step by step directions for everything that you could possibly do with this car seat. I love the arm rests and cup holder, and I love that you can adjust the height of the head part without taking the car seat out. So overall, I am extremely pleased that I didn't let a few bad reviews stop me. My two year old told me he likes his new car seat better than his old one, because it has a very plush pillow that he says is "Very soft, Mommy"!! So from the point of the kid sitting in the car seat...this was a GREAT buy!!!
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on June 25, 2015
We have owned four Alpha Omega Elite car seats before these. We didn't question getting two more of the latest version. While some people have complained about the size being too large, as you can see in the picture, we can fit two full sized booster seats for our 9 and 7 year olds flanking the Alpha Omega in a 1996 Toyota Avalon. This car seat is well made and our previous version seats were involved in a crash that totaled a minivan and the boys came through without a scratch. The installation was fairly easy. The seat does tend to tilt our 5 month old's head forward when he calls asleep. The side padding does make it harder to get him out of the seat either in the car or the minivan. I will gladly take a little less convenience for safety.
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37 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on January 16, 2012
Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat

I've never been a big review writer but this car seat deserves a rave review! We were in a rollover accident on the interstate last night, and this seat saved our 20 month old son's life. Not one bump or bruise! The straps are super simple to adjust, the seat is easy to clean. The recline option was an awesome feature when our son was smaller and the adjustable head rest is hard to beat. For the amount of time your child will spend in a carseat this one is hard to beat! Simply put I'll buy this seat million times over!
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on March 14, 2015
I've gotten two of these. One for each vehicle. Both FAILED DANGEROUSLY.

My son is 19 Months and didn't start using these till he was 6months. We only used them rear facing. They were bought brand new and properly cared for.

From the beginning they were hard, very hard to tighten. I thought they'd eventually get easier with use. They didn't. The problem I realised with this is that I wasn't pulling them tight enough so that there was still a gap at the shoulder. The little neck protectors on the straps hid how loose they were. So watch out for that.
The one in my husbands truck failed when the strap you pull to tighten the harness frayed. It started shredding from normal use and we finally had to quit using it before the strap broke. There must be something sharp inside the strap pull area that caused this damage. But I couldn't find it.

The one in my car failed after my son threw up in it and I took it apart to clean it. Which was actually not bad to do. I discovered when rinsing the harness strap an 8" section of the harness was warped, had pulls in it and was not something I would trust my child's weight to in an accident. The portion of damage was under the car seat so I never would have seen it without taking it all apart. It seems poor quality control allowed a faulty strip of harness to be used.

Because of the two problems we switched to evenflo seats that cost almost triple what these did but when you realize your child will be in this thing for 5 years $250 seat/5 years of use= $50 a year. Not so bad.

We lost $100 a seat to end up buying the more expensive one anyway so learn from us and if you can buy the higher end car seat.
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