Customer Reviews: Saints Row IV
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This is a definite must have for any Saints Row fan as we get to the top of the power pyramid as President Of The United States though those blasted space aliens had to go and ruin it. The game play and style are reminiscent of past SR games and you'll also get some joy seeing some old and new characters from the Saints Row Universe making the way into this latest game.

Obviously this game isn't meant to be taken seriously and if anyone did then obviously they've never played any Saints Row game. The graphics and soundtrack are great and the one liners the characters say throughout the game will make you give out a laugh or two. Pretty much like the previous game you'll also be able yo upgrade your characters abilities throughout the game some which are needed others not so much but still fun to use.

So if you already have the previous games or just looking for a great game to enjoy in general then look no farther as Saints Row IV is here for you to acquire.
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on September 24, 2013
This game is pure mindless fun. This game is not GTA V, but that might not be a bad thing.

The Saints Row series didn't really get much popularity until part three of the series .This is just one reviewers opinion but it seems to me that part three is where the series obtained its own style and embraced crazy gameplay in a different way. When playing saints row you will feel how similar the aesthetics of these two series are from the controls to the map to the dialogue.

The Saints Row series trys to embrace its craziness and unrealistic nature. Nearly from the first minute you can jump into helicopters and you can run or swim from one end of the map. There are unlock-able weapons but you get a huge arsenal of crazy items to run around with from the start.

GTA has always had crazy missions and I am not trying to downplay its greatness in the least. Saints Row has been able to craft it's own insanity. For example, there is a mission where you have a high speed chase involving rickshaws pulled by naked people. Gunshots at these rickshaws Rouault in pleasant explosions.

Saints Row four gave me some concern when I read about it. There is a large amount of superhero activity in this game and I was concerned it would detract from the fun. I was wrong. This makes the game extremely enjoyable. You ear powers and you spend the game jumping and flying around.

The main negative from having these powers is that you will not use vehicles anywhere near as much as you did in the previous versions, it simply isn't as easy or as much fun. When thinking about this game think of CRACKDOWN. It has the same brand of running jumping hulk-style pandemonium.

If you have ever enjoyed previous editions of Saints row or even GTA I think you will like this. Part of me wants to say that Saints Row is what GTA could have become if it had embraced its cartoon nature instead of mastering the art of creating virtual city.

If you like to blow stuff up and you want some mindless open world fun you should check this out.
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on August 26, 2013
I had never played a Saints Row game until SR3. I thought it was just a cheap fart-joke, knock-off of GTA. I played SR3 and really enjoyed it, minor gripes aside. Liked the humor and the lighthearted approach to gameplay that it had. I got Saints Row 4 thinking that it would be a fun, summertime game that wouldn't stick with me much beyond the couple of weeks I spent playing it. I have to say, this game is EASILY the most fun game I have played all year. It doesn't have the story of a Bioshock or the graphics of a Crysis. It doesn't have the emotional weight and drain that a lot of games with their heavy (albeit great) stories have (Last of Us, Bioshock: Infinite, Metro, Metal Gear). It is just all about having ridiculous servings of fun. I have not been able to put this game down. The super powers are fantastic and make the game a riot to play. The weapons (Dubstep gun, 'Merica Gun, Inflato Ray) make you laugh your face off while wreaking havoc on aliens. The gameplay has been fine tuned significantly since SR3 and the super powers...Awesome. The game is self-referential and self-deprecating while also being an homage to nearly any sci-fi movie, trope, or concept over the past two decades. Funny dialogue. Sing alongs with Pierce. It's all there. I truly cannot recommend this game enough. Embrace the crazy.
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on October 25, 2015
Okay so I beat Saints Row: The Third and moved onto this one. This game is basically where your character kills terrorists on the first mission, and kills the head terrorist that was once the STAG leader Cyrus Temple, then stop a nuclear bomb from hitting America, and you are elected the president of the United States and aliens attack the White House on the first mission. Your character gets super powers later on that can be upgraded and blah blah blah. Aliens eventually destroy Earth in the middle of the storyline, and your character goes through alot of time travels through the Saints' past as well as battling in the "Digital Simulation" of Steelport, the city from the last game. Your character eventually killed Zinyak, the alien overlord to avenge the destruction of Earth and the Saints take over the Zin Empire and call it Saints Empire.
Okay this game is pretty messed up when it comes to the storyline. But I have to admit romancing Kinzie, Asha, and Shaundi was cool- but the fact that Earth got destroyed and Zinyak could not surrender later on and reverse it is pretty stupid to me. It means the other characters from the 3rd- Oleg, Zimos, Angel and them all died?! Ugh. It's my biggest pet peeve about this game. This game is okay- it was fun and all but the storyline was 2nd degree and lazy... Saints Row the Third is better to me. Though no super powers.
The only things that I liked where the appearance of Roddy Piper, the return of Professor Genki, the weapon customization, the super powers, the romancin' (lol), CID (he's the new character I liked) the fact that Mat Miller is no longer as @ss, and the time travels.
The things I don't like is alot of the storyline, that this game is like an "add on" to Saints Row: The Third, no more Professor Genki activities (only a few in the storyline but none on the map that you can play anytime), the "Male 1" voice- they didn't change many of his lines when he gets hurt (old ones were pretty annoying), lack of graphic's improvements, and you never find out what happened to Angel, Oleg, and Zimos.
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on September 3, 2013
Is it a good game? Yes. It has the comic book type storyline like the other Saints Row games, adds some good features (like the super powers and the ability to customize your firepower) and some of the minigames are pretty interesting.
Is it a "new" game? No. It's a full-on continuation of Saints Row 3 in the exact same world. It's basically a giant bonus pack. The alien stuff is different, but this one seemed like lazy writing. They had the "world" laid out, refined the graphics of the people a little, added some new costumes, and then built the new things from there. Lazy. It was like "The Ballad of Gay Tony" or "Undead Nightmare" from the Rockstar lines of GTA and RDR, respectively.

Should you pay $60 for it. No. Wait until the price comes down because it's really not worth that much. Save your money for the new GTA or Assassin's Creed unless you absolutely have to play a new Saints Row game. BUT... when the price comes down, buy it. It IS a fun game, but not worth that price.
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on October 6, 2013
I am a huge fan of the Saints Row series and I have enjoyed every game. Saints Row 2 is my favorite. If you are one of the those purist classic SR fans who hated Saints Row the Third then this game is not for you. If you loved Saints Row the Third then you need to get this game. I personally like it both ways, eventhough SR 2 is my favorite I do like the craziness that the series is turning into to set them apart from GTA. SR is no longer a GTA clone. They have developed into something that is all their own now. Saints Row IV shows that. Think of Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV as Scary Movie is to Scream. If you want to have fun and not care how serious the story is then this game is for you. If you want endless freedom in an open world with great music, awesome super powers, tons of great activities to do, then this game is for you. I love the series for what it is. A goofy parody of many games and movies but it is done well and most of all fun. I give it 5 stars because of that. There is only one negative that I could see is that the game tended to freeze up on me quite a few times but that didn't take away my fun. My advice is every time you do a mission, activity, or customize your vehicles or clothes then save your game. In conclusion I would like to say to 2 words, Johnny Gat!
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on August 20, 2013
I loved saints row 3, and was both completely trusting this would be great, and worried it would not be great at the same time. when I read about super powers and aliens and all that I figured the game could turn out to just be dumb, but I was wrong. it's basically a new version of saints row 3 at super speed. the super sprint, super jump, and crazy stuff like running up walls does not make the game (any more) silly than it originally was, it just makes it much more fun. If you liked saints row the 3rd and can suspend your take of reality even further than you needed to in that game, this wont disappoint. most of the characters are back, and it will all feel familiar like you are back home in steelport. As mentioned on the original saints 4 announcement, its NOT a completely new game in any sense. its the same game engine, same map, same basic concepts throughout, but exponentially crazier. if you want a completely relaxing, unrealistic game of total mayhem, this one is for you. Again, this isn't grand theft auto, you have super powers, you are fighting aliens, so don't buy this then say "this is ridiculous" "this is unrealistic". if you do, its your own fault. to use a totally overused cliché, its saints row the 3rd on steroids. it feels like you are playing saints row the 3rd but in the movie "The Matrix".
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on March 15, 2014
This game is average for me, its like playing part 3 but with super powers, I don't know why but the super powers really seem to take away much from the game, I mean why would you use a car if you character could literally leap father and run faster than any car in the game. Its a great game that you will enjoy for a while but unlike the older ones, it losses its appeal fairly quickly.
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VINE VOICEon January 25, 2014
A lot of noise has been levied at SAINTS ROW IV as being more of an add-on adventure to SAINTS ROW THE THIRD, and while there may be some nuggets of truth to that, it's still a complete gaming experience. Also, a lot of noise has been levied at many video game sequels lately that they've done nothing to enhance the experience of the previous games, and in many cases are just using all the same things we've seen in the previous games, even graphics-wise. This is a criticism I've been seeing a lot on this game, and especially BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS. And while the whole concept of the SAINTS ROW games aren't exactly new, I would rather play any of the SAINTS ROW games than any of the GTA games any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Why? It's simple: There's nothing about SAINTS ROW that takes itself seriously (that is particularly true of this game), and that's kind of beautiful as opposed to some of the gameplay in the GTA games. I would go further to say that the more recent SAINTS ROW games are satirizing the GTA games, but that's a discussion for another time. Let's take some time to focus on this game here.

Basically, through a series of absurd scenarios, the leader of The Saints has become President of the United States. All of your Saints (Pierce, Shaundi, Kinzie, etc.) are with you, and you even have Keith David as your Vice-President. Not the video game voice acting of Keith David; it's really Keith David. But an alien race attacks Earth, and you are trapped inside... well, we don't want to call it The Matrix EXACTLY because that would be copyright infringement, but between you and me, it's The Matrix version of Steelport. So now, you're gaining superhuman abilities (super-speed, freezing powers, fire powers, extrasensory abilities, etc.), and you're bumping off aliens left and right until the time comes to fight the big boss. And along the way, you act like a complete and total psychopath.

Despite that this feels kind of similar to the previous games, particularly THE THIRD, it's still a fresh and hilarious expansion of this universe. The new rides, the new missions, the NEW POWERS!!! The powerset you obtain as you go through the game is gleefully destructive; sometimes it's like PROTOTYPE but without the self-seriousness that goes with that game.

I never felt that I was being cheated by lagtimes, or that the graphics were ever spotty, unless that's the intention (which does happen often in this computerized version of Steelport). There's even an eight-bit side-scroller you get to play alongside NyteBlayde!! The only thing that is a bit less for me (merely on a personal note) is that the music isn't quite as good. And there's a little too much dubstep for my tastes. But that is where my only real gripe is.

SAINTS ROW IV might look and sound like THE THIRD, but it feels very different thanks to the superhero-on-crank inspired lunacy that Deep Silver created for this game.
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on August 27, 2013
I like this game but I wish they would have just created a new game minus the Saints title because it changed the gameplay completely I like this game but it is not really a Saints Row game anymore. It went from Competing with GTA due to gameplay to competing with the "Prototype" franchise which i love Prototype which is why i still like this game i just think that Volition should have created a different Game title with this they wanted to make a different game but wanted to keep the audience they had with Saints Row. The idea was cool with the Aliens because they could have made more connections to the Red Faction franchise(same company Volition) because they already had the connection of mentioning ULTOR in both games but i don't see anymore connections.
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