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on August 1, 2008
I started having problems with adult onset acne at about age 25 - am now 40. Have tried everything - oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, retin-a, etc. etc. Despite trying numerous dermatologists, I never got what I considered good results - just a three minute visit and a couple of scripts. Decided to try this - at the price, nothing to lose. Man am I pleased. For the first time, acne is resolved (I have used the peel once a week for about six weeks). My scarring is improved and my skin tone is becoming much more even. Even improving my melasma. I would highly recommend this product. Word of caution. Acne will worsen after the first treatment - wait it out - it will improve Dramatically.
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on October 8, 2014
I have used this product once a week for the past three months. I have had problem skin for years, very oily and frequent break outs. I purchased this product for the scars the acne leaves since I heard it works great for this purpose. While it hasn't completely eliminated the scars, it does peel some skin off the scar, and has made them almost invisible. Not quite gone, but barely noticeable anymore.

For past six weeks or so I have also been using a tree oil based acne medication for breakouts and its been working pretty darn well;

TreeActiv+ Tea Tree Oil Acne Solution for Advanced Acne Treatment ★ All Natural Acne Spot Treatment ★ Blemishes Gone or Your Money Back!

I have been applying it every night whenever I feel a zit coming and lately my skin has not only cleared up but also looks and feels much smoother than it has been for a while.

The combination of these products are working wonders for my skin, and for the low cost, it would be my first recommendation for anyone with skin problems
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on December 18, 2012
Stats about me:
19 year old Caucasian female.
Struggled with severe acne during puberty and moderate acne these past few years.
Had acne, acne scarring, large pores, oily skin, and two fine lines on my forehead when I bought product.
Has never before written a review on Amazon, but was so satisfied with product that I simply HAD to.

I can't remember how I came across this product on amazon, but once I did, I decided to give it a shot (20 bucks isn't that painful to spend on an experiment). All I can say is WOW. Immediately after using this product, I noticed that my skin looked fresher and clearer. I gasped when I saw it because I wasn't expecting such an immediate change. The next day, the true extent of the effects was seen (I think skin continued sloughing off throughout the night). Many of my pimples had become unclogged and were shrinking, many light acne scars had disappeared completely, the stubborn scars had noticeably faded, and my fine lines became even finer. Talk about fast results!

I've continued using the peel every 5 days (I've used it six times now) and now, my pores don't even have the chance to get clogged and develop pimples. The only zits that I get nowadays are on the edge of my face--either my hairline or along my jaw--because those are the parts of my face that I am not as thorough with when applying the peel. The fine lines on my forehead are virtually undetectable unless if my face gets oily, which only happens if I go without showering for more than 3 days (my skin dries out easily so I space out my showers). The scars aren't even there anymore, and my skin is overall much softer.

My skin has gone from being rather unremarkable--you know, not bad enough to notice, but not good enough to notice either--to beautiful. I now have the type of skin that is clear more often than it is breaking out... something I haven't experienced since I was 12.

I also have scars on my arm from self mutilating when I was young and stupid. I read online that chemical peels are used to professionally remove scars and so I decided to try out my salicylic peel on mine. This was the thing that finally pushed me into writing a review. The results were way above my expectations; all of the fainter scars have faded into being practically nonexistent and the not-so-faint ones have become faint. I cannot wait to see what my arm will look like after I use this peel on it more that once. This is coming from a girl who has bought countless scar-removal creams and has never seen much improvement. At 20 dollars, this peel is half as expensive as mederma and has given me the results in 1 use that 3 tubes of mederma have been unable to. I am so happy because I was always asked about my scars and I was very self-conscious, but now I don't think they are noticeable enough to attract anyone's attention. For all of you who have scars of your own or who know someone who can't get their's to go away, recommend this product PLEASE. It is simply amazing.

I think the reason that so many people on here have had unsatisfying results with this product is because they do not allow the peel to work on their skin long enough. I've kept it on for the maximum 7 minutes every single time I've used it, even the first time, and that's probably why I've had such great results so quickly.

It really burns like hell when you first apply it; but the longer you keep it on, the less it burns. At the end of the 7 minutes, I can't even feel it on my face anymore. So... if you can just get yourself through the first 3 or 4 minutes, you're good to go for the full 7!
I've also found that fanning my face with something heavy-duty, like a plate, takes away the burning sensation and makes it much easier to get through those first few minutes. I don't know how long I could stand to keep it on if I didn't fan my skin.
I go into the shower to rinse it off because I feel like it is safer to stand under a jet of water in order to remove acid from my skin rather than simply splash some onto my face.

After you remove the peel, your skin will get super dry. At first, I just used lotion because that was what was recommended, but when I did so my face stayed dry for days (even when I applied it generously). I had some vitamin E oil in a drawer (a failed scar removal attempt) that I got from walgreens for probably 7 bucks. I rubbed that onto my skin instead and have found that it keeps my skin much better hydrated than lotion. I think the reason for this is because, well, it's pure oil (it feels like olive oil), so its like returning the oil to your face that you had stripped away (but it doesn't look oily after it has been absorbed). Normally, doing this to your skin would result in waking up with a break out, but since your pores are so clean after the peel, I've found that they do not get clogged even when I rub oil into them. The vitamin E oil combined with the effects of the peel also leaves your skin feeling like a baby's butt, which is great.

Make sure that you read the directions of the peel and use a toner beforehand to help open up your pores so the peel can dig deeper. Also, I've noticed that the peel burns A LOT more when your skin is very dry when applying it. Make sure your skin is hydrated before putting on the peel because it hurts much less then.

I know this is a long review, but I just had so much to say about this true miracle in a bottle. I love it so much that I'm even giving bottles away as Christmas presents. I highly recommend that you try it and try all of the tips that I've provided, because I've had amazing results using them and I hope you do as well!
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on January 3, 2012
problem: extremely oily skin with huge pores and a bad case of rosacea.
i'd been searching for a product that would shrink my dime sized pores without aggravating the rosacea (like other products do). after a year of investigating i looked further into the salicylic acid peel and found that this is the best product to use for pores because it works from the inside out, not just the surface. mine are truly the largest pores i've ever seen so i was keen on trying it. i'd been using 2% OTC which helped reduce the redness from rosacea but it didn't really shrink my pores so i assumed the stronger formula would but i was concerned that the stronger formula may aggravate the rosacea until i discovered that salicylic acid is aspirin related and i know that aspirin has a calming effect on rosacea, so this nailed it for me. i ordered it and began using it right away. i knew it was going to sting but nothing prepared me for the heat. it is intense. i left it on four minutes the first time before rinsing with cold water. something i noticed is that once i splash cold water on my face the heat intensifies for about a minute then stops all of a sudden. i'm up to eight minutes now and still, the heat intensifies when i begin rinsing. it's not an issue with me, just something i find peculiar.
i do my peel at night, starting with a clean face and i tone with alcohol soaked cotton ball to remove the extra oil from my skin. i use an artists brush to apply and once the peel is rinsed off i follow up with Oil of Olay 15 spf for sensitive skin. the combination works well for me without breaking the bank. i also apply the same Olay during the daytime.
well...... after years of looking for a miracle product my search is over. after a months use the tone of my complexion is around 95% improved, it's smooth with no redness, no itchiness and no dry scaly patches (from rosacea). normally if i went without foundation on my face people would comment on my sunburned, that's how bad it was. but now no one says anything and they don't even stare. i still have a tiny bit of redness in my nose creases but i look for that to disappear too. as for the pores they are about 50% improved which is a miracle in my book and i think they will get even smaller with continued use. i will use this product, if needed, forever. i am 100% satisfied with this product. fyi, i also posted pics....
review image review image
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on March 15, 2012
I had pretty good skin to start with but there were some things I wanted to improve. Not only did this product improve the items I wanted to address but it also had some other benefits.

***The texture of the skin in my tear troughs under my eyes was crepe like and would make the concealer look "cakey". The skin texture has been dramatically improved. The surprise is that my under eye circles almost invisible now. I don't even need to put on concealer anymore.

***When I smile I would get a bunch of wrinkles under my left eye. There was one deep wrinkle and the other finer wrinkles. Those fine wrinkles are gone and the deep wrinkle is much less noticeable.

***I had orange peel texture on my lower cheeks and around my mouth. Much of this is now gone. The deep texture on my left lower cheek is still there, but significantly improved.

***The skin above my lips looks awesome. My hubby even said "the skin around your mouth looks great".

I am now 6 days post peel and my skin is as soft, pink, moist and wrinkle free as a baby's bottom.

I noticed that the first few days, my skin feels a little irritated and sensitive. It is not that bad and is quite normal with any chemical peels out there. But I can definitely notice it as well as a lot of other reviewers on here.

The reason is quite simple, you're removing the outer skin layer so there is more exposure to the thin and sensitive skin underneath.

To stop the sensitivity, I use Pura D'or Pure & Organic Argan Oil 4 fl. oz. and apply a small amount to it to help form a protecting, moisturizing and healing layer. It works great!

5 stars!

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on October 9, 2011
I am a 43 year old Caucasian woman and have had acne my whole life. I would classify my skin as combination sensitive. My acne has never been bad enough to require Accutane or constant dermatology visits, but it is annoyingly persistent and has worsened into my early 40's. I usually have small pimples every morning, and larger cysts maybe once a week. Visible blackheads on my nose that have never resolved. I have very large pores on my nose and chin and damage from past and ongoing cystic pimples in those areas. I also have had regular but not so often acne on my cheeks, maybe once a month. But the acne in those areas discolors my skin for a longer period of time. I also have 4-5 milia (tiny white hard pimple things that never go away) that have formed around my eyes in the last year or so, probably due to the anti-aging gunk I have started trying there. Over the years, I have used antibiotics a couple of times and that really seemed to help with the acne. However, as soon as I stopped, it returned.

I have never had a facial or experienced any kind of chemical peel. This was my first time. :)

I have been using this product for about a month, maybe 2x per week. I always wash my face and then use alcohol all over to clear and prep my skin for the acid. I do not use a brush or gauze or anything to apply it, but use my fingers. I pour about 2 pea-sized drops into my left palm and use that to start with. I apply to my forehead, down my nose, and then to my chin, and then do cheeks and the skin around my nose. Sometimes I have to pour a bit more into my hand to get it all done. At the end, I get a Q-tip and apply it very carefully to the milia closer to my eyes. Word of warning: If you are applying close to your eyelashes and they get wet with it, chances are the stuff will slide into your eyes. And it burns hella bad, requiring super rinse immediately. Even the fumes off of the stuff will cause your eyes to tear up, so be very very careful if you are working close to your eyes. THEN WASH YOUR HANDS! Don't leave the stuff on your hands and fingers.. it will burn.

I left it on for 6 minutes the first time. It burns all over, yes. I have been able to leave it on for the full 8 minutes from that point on. I use a hair dryer on my face, on the cool setting, while I am waiting the 8 minutes. It still burns, but is tolerable with the air blowing on it. I then rinse my face with lukewarm to cool water for about 2 or 3 minutes. A couple of times, my face has stung after rinsing it, but this goes away in about 20 minutes. I have been using Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream after each acid treatment and as a regular moisturizer every day.

At first, I noticed that I did have more small pimples showing up on my nose within about 24 hours of using the acid. My nose is my worst area, biggest pores, most skin damage due to the past acne. However, these were small pimples and went away quickly and were not painful like cystic ones. I have also had two larger pimples try to form on my chin and cheek-but both times, I spot-treated left it on for 8 minutes, rinsed off) them after washing my face and the cyst virtually collapsed overnight, never progressing to form a pimple. Amazing. I can still see the large damaged pores over my nose, but they are flat and do not appear to have the darker appearance of gunk sitting in them (pre-blackhead) as they usually do. Over the last 2 weeks, my skin has been pretty clear. I still have some discoloring from past acne, but it covers easily with a light dusting of the Bare Minerals foundation I have been using for years. I do not have to use any other kind of concealer or spot coverage, which I have in the past. I do see the discolored areas fading though, especially over the last week. The milia seem to disappear for a few days immediately after the treatment, then peel a little, then faintly re-appear. I anticipate that they will eventually peel completely off. They are much smaller and less-noticeable than they were a month ago.

I love this stuff. After only a month. I can't wait to see how my face looks in another month's time. I have already ordered more, even though I have not even used a quarter of the bottle that I started with. I also have some of the 35% Glycolic to try at some point, but have been waiting to see how using the Salicylic 20% progressed. Am very very pleased with this product. I had lost hope of having pretty skin and was just depending on make-up to cover the acne. I have used the Biore ice cleanser with a buff puff for years, and it did seem to work at keeping the oil away. However, the acne persisted. And I have never been able to use a moisturizer without breaking out-so it is nice to be able to use one now. The "peeling" and "flaking" of my skin has not been too bad, either. I notice it on my cheeks and under my eyes when I have used it there. Also, the active acne on my nose and chin, when it is drying up, flakes quite a bit. But all of this is better than the red bumpy scabby normal stuff that I lived with on a day to day basis.

Hopefully, this review will help and someone else who has given up will give this product a try! I am so glad I did. :)

Jan 19, 2012 update: I cycled off of the weekly treatments (alternating Glycolic and Salicylic for 2 mos) for almost 2 months and gave my skin a chance to just relax. To my relief, the bad acne did not come back. I still get small pimples on my nose and chin about 2-3 mornings a week. But none of the cystic stuff that is so painful and scarring. Just started up the weekly treatments again. Skin really burned-so it's like starting over. These products are really amazing. If nothing else, the salicylic for spot treatments alone is worth it. As soon as I feel the pain of a pre-zit, I apply this stuff on the spot for a few minutes. It kills it before it even forms. Salicylic definitely kills the blackheads too-they just dry up and fall out.
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on September 22, 2012
I've been using this for about 6 months and find it to be ok on melasma and sun spots, but surprisingly good on my rosacea. I was diagnosed with rosacea 8 years ago and used Finacea for several years. I developed melasma about 5 years ago and tried TriLuma cream for a year or so, but it never did much for me. I stopped going to the dermatologist a few years ago and have been trying to treat my skin problems on my own. I bought this product hoping that it would help fade my sun spots and melasma, which is mainly on my forehead and under my eyes. I used to have rosacea outbreaks at least a few times a week, which consisted mainly of redness and flushing. I had persistent redness and splotchiness on my cheeks and one red spot from rosacea on my nose that the dermatologist told me was permanent.

The first few times I used this peel I was only able to tolerate it for a minute total. I'd start on my forehead and do my cheeks last. It burned so badly that my eyes teared up, and after I washed my face, my skin was left very flushed. But by the next day my skin was back to normal. I used this once a week for a few weeks and noticed that my rosacea outbreaks stopped completely. Even using Finacea twice a day I'd have flare ups occasionally, was very surprised that it stopped entirely with this peel.

I used this peel once a week for about six weeks, then cut back and only applied it every few weeks. I started getting rosacea flare ups a month ago and realized that I hadn't used this peel for several weeks, so I started up again and the flare ups stopped. I put it on my forehead first, then wait 2-3 minutes to apply to the rest of my face. I can tolerate it for 2-3 minutes now on my cheeks, and have no redness afterward. It has faded the darkness on my forehead and the splotchiness on my cheeks, but very slowly. I didn't notice any fading at all until very recently. I look in the mirror now and often don't see any of my horrible rosacea splotchiness at all. Maybe a more aggressive dermatologist would have done some sort of treatments to fade my redness, but my doctor was very nonchalant about my skin, told me that I was basically stuck with the redness. I used a green tinted powder to tone down the redness, but thought that I was going to have to live with it the rest of my life. This peel has done more for my rosacea than Finacea, TriLuma cream and all those trips to the dermatologist. My bottle is almost empty and I will definitely buy more.

My skin is very sensitive to sunscreen, and it's important to apply sunscreen after using this peel. Neutragena and Aveeno can burn my skin, so I normally use Vanicream sunscreen after this peel. It can be heavy otherwise, but my skin is dry after the peel and the Vanicream works well for me.
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on April 27, 2012
I have been looking for some kind of miracle to clear up old acne scars on my back and to even out skin tone, reduce pores on my tzone, and clear up a few acne marks on my face and I have FINALLY found it!!!!!!!

I bought this stuff with a little bit of trepidation, but after reading many reviews and deciding to give it a go as my last resort before heading to the dermatologist I couldn't be any happier! I decided not to buy the toner or witch hazel, seemed like a waste of money when it clearly states that you can just use water to neutralize the peel and rubbing alcohol to clean the area prior to the peel. I did however splurge and buy 100% natural Argan oil as a recommendation from another reviewer, and since Argan oil has so many more added benefits for your skin I decided why not take something good and make it better? and yet again it was a good choice!

this is the argan oil I purchased,

The other reviewer had given a link to a different brand which was quite a bit more pricier and I so I looked around for something a little easier on the pocketbook and still natural oil with high reviews.

I did the peel for the first time last night. I started by wiping down the area with rubbing alcohol, then I used an old clean concealer brush (you can also go to your local craft store and buy a cheap art brush in a size 10 or so or a fan brush.) Then I added the peel to the areas I wanted to correct (Note I did not put it on my entire face) I added it to my T-zone, chin, nose, part of my forehead and part of my cheeks. I then also added the peel to sections on my back that had acne scars and healing acne spots. It was much more tolerable on my back and not too uncomfortable, I left that on for about 6-8 minutes. My face was much more sensitive and I started with a slight itchy tingly feel and progressed to a moderate burn. I tolerated that for about 3-5 minutes. I then used cool water and nothing else and scrubbed my face using only my hands and within 30 seconds I found relief from the burn.

After the peel I added the argan oil all over my face and back and rubbed it in real well. My skin felt extremely soft and relaxed after this. This morning the redness from recent acne is almost gone, the acne scars has been slightly minimized, my pores have shrunk drastically, I have no more bumps or uneven skin, the skin tone has evened out, and my skin is baby soft. I feel beautiful :-))) I went to work this morning with minimal make-up and it feels absolutely wonderful, I touch my face in amazement. I feel like a peeled off several years of skin!

HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! (with the use of argan oil)

(I also added a picture from this morning, the day after of the peel. I did not take a before picture and I regret doing so now, but understand when I took pictures of my face I would ALWAYS photo edit out the blemishes and soften the focus to even my skin tone so I wouldn't look like a walking dead person before anyone would ever view the picture. I'm the girl with the long brown hair and bangs)

*UPDATE* I DID go to the dermatologist to help prevent new acne, which I learned I have cystic acne, plus OCD on picking at it. I started taking Minocylcine and that has improved my skin dramatically, along with still using this product as well as tea tree oil I had my acne down to just minimal dark spots. The bumps and larger nastier looking stuff was about gone. I was hoping to soon see a decrease in dark spots, however I became pregnant and had to discontinue my entire regime. Months later the horror of bad back acne started to resurface and began creating new scars, so I don't know what the progress could have potentially been. Once the baby is born and I can continue back on the medication and gel I will restart and see what happens from there.
review image
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on June 6, 2011
I am a black woman, with caramel skin tone--- and I do believe this will be part of my routine skin care regimine!!!

I noticed immediate improvement, though not drastic. I have large pores on on my cheeks--on either side of my nose and my forehead, small blackheads on my nose. I usually use Queen Helen mint julip facial to help with my "enlarged pores" and it seemed to be only an immediate fix-- a day later they looked like craters again. However, after this peel I noticed a change in pore depth and size. I woke up thinking "Oh my goodness are my pores huge again" -- but today (2nd day after peel) they still are minimal!!! I am very impressed.
review image
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on August 8, 2014
Works well if you know how to do it. But it is not for everyone.Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin or have a darker skin tone.
Salicylic acid is self-neutralizing and thus neutralizing it with a baking soda and water solution will do more harm than good. Simply run your face under cold water for 60-90 seconds after you are done and follow with a moisturizer.
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