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on March 26, 2013
I've noticed that alot of people were giving this product a bad review but after reading their comments I figured that most of the reviewers didn't know a simple trick to make this wax worth your money. So I'm posting it now.

Items you need before using this product:
- Baby powder
- Kleenix/tissue paper
- bowl of hot water (enough water to surround the wax container to keep it warm) if you don't have a wax warmer
-the product itself (oil, wax, paper strips & wooden stick)

1- Warm up the wax to make it semi-liquid in the microwave (usually a few second does the trick), use the wooden stick to stir the wax [Please note: you don't want the wax to be runny like water, should be like a pasty consistency that's a little runny]

2- Place the wax container in the bowl of hot water to keep wax warm

3- Use a Kleenix/tissue paper to pat the area you want waxed with baby powder so you have a white layer of powder on that area (helps prevent the wax from sticking to your skin)

4- Spread the wax onto the powdered area and immediately put a paper strip over the wax (slightly patting it onto the wax)

5- When the wax is not so warm/ thick (a couple seconds later after putting the paper strip on) pull the strip quickly in the opposite direction of the way your hair is growing [it's going to hurt not going to lie but if you do it fast enough it's not that bad, just think of your new hairless skin when you pull]. If you aren't fast with your hands, having someone else (friend, spouse, family member, etc...) will make pulling the strip less stressful.

6- Repeat steps 3-5, the powdering of your skin where ever you plan to wax to prevent pulling off your skin.

7- Use the oil (blue bottle) that is supplied to any wax residue to rub off the wax on your skin (do this after your done waxing)

8- Take a shower, then put lotion on the spots that were waxed and you have your perfectly waxed skin to show off.

Quick profile:

Took a star off for not having enough wax to actually do a full body wax.
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on May 23, 2011
I have thick, hard to remove hair and with other kinds of wax (even from Sally Hansen) I get lots of hair and residue left behind. This is the only wax that makes my armpits presentable! For me, the trick is using baby powder to make the area as dry as possible before I apply the wax.

1) Clean the underarms first to remove any deodorant residue. I use hydrogen peroxide but rubbing alcohol or a good loofah-scrubbing in the shower would probably also work
2) Use a bone-dry washcloth or towel to dry them as much as possible
3) Spread/rub in a layer of baby powder on each underarm area after drying and immediately before applying the wax
4) Spread the wax on in as thin a layer as possible over the baby powder
5) Smooth the strip on in the same direction as the hair
6) Rip off the strip in the opposite direction as the hair, as close to the skin as possible (across, not up).
I do steps 4-6 in two parts for each underarm - first the lower part, where my hair grows down (and I pull the strip upward), then again for the upper part where my hair grows up (and I pull the strip downward).
7) Last, *after* the whole underarm is done, rub in the finishing oil.

I've been using this for years, and both my underarms are done in less than 10 minutes including wax microwaving time.

* Use the oil to "prepare" the area before waxing! This is a terrible idea, it will make it much harder for the wax to grip your hair.
* Use too much wax, this will just make it harder to pull the strip and harder for the wax to pull out your hair.
* Skip the baby powder step! For me, putting the wax over a smoothed-on layer of baby powder makes it less painful and more effective on the hair. On those rare occasions where I've forgotten to use baby powder, it hurts more and there's MUCH more hair and wax residue left over.
* Use deodorant for 24 hours after waxing, I think it makes ingrowns more likely. I just use one of those natural crystal/rock deodorants for a day before I go back to my regular deodorant/antiperspirant.
* Screw the lid back on completely after you use it, it will just be more difficult to open the next time when it cements itself shut. I just place the lid back on and turn it maybe a 1/4 turn (and store it right-side up). If it does cement itself shut, you can microwave it with the cap on until the wax loosens up inside the lid.

Before you give up on this wax, try baby powder!
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on February 16, 2015
There is a disclaimer in this post that is of a rather "sensitive" nature. I hope you think it is as helpful and funny as I now do. It will help you make a decision, I think. Okay, so, this wax is definitely heavy duty. It definitely gets ALL of the hair, with almost nothing left (unless there's breakage or shorter pieces). I actually am really really happy with the results! The product itself is hard to heat, the first few times I was heating it up it wouldn't soften much at all. Once I got it to the right consistency (slightly runny but not watery) I could wax away for awhile before it was too hard to continue. I think a wax heater or keeping it in warm/hot water would help significantly.

Here's my big DISCLAIMER! One of the times I was waxing, by myself, I got a little too close to the sensitive areas and when I held my skin taut to rip off the strip, I didn't hold close enough to the skin I was waxing and I tore my very special places quite badly. I'm pretty sure it might have required a stitch, but who's to say when I was alone and most likely blowing it out of proportion due to how traumatic the moment was. As you can imagine, this is the worst waxing nightmare! I was absolutely freaking out, texting what were probably the most horrified and hilarious texts of my life to my sister. Everything really was fine after a day or two, since this area does heal quickly. I do still have a very thin 2 inch scar. Barely noticeable. Also, I do not have kids, so ladies, I'm sure it was NOTHING compared to that if you have braved that miracle.

All that to say, I DO STILL USE THIS product. Call me absolutely crazy. It gets all the hair! ALL OF IT! I am just EXTREMELY careful when I get to the lower areas. Please use caution. If it isn't warm enough you can rip your skin. If it is too close to the special areas you will want to be sure you are holding the skin tight right next to where you are waxing so as to not run into this mistake. This may be the case with all wax but I've tried a lot and never run into this problem. And I also have never been able to get all of the hair in one swoop.

I'm sure this was horrifying and hopefully a little funny to anyone reading. I would never normally blurt out this crazy injury to a bunch of strangers, but you all are looking for the right wax and this could be it! And if it is THE WAX for you, you just seriously need to know this information before you find out the hard way. I've tried a bunch of different waxes and used to use ones that would never have done this, but also would never have gotten all of the hair. So, choose your battles. Happy waxing!
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on November 29, 2008
Being a guy, I never thought I would have to wax--anywhere! But I figured I want to experience it to be a well-rounded guy. This is my first waxing product and waxing experience and it works well. Ouch! *sniffle sniffle*

Yes, I went all out and did a self Brazilian wax (pubic region, balls, butt)! If I get the terminology all messed up, please don't hate me. Anyway, it was painful but bearable, and very messy since the formula gets very sticky and stringy. The Azulene oil is the only thing that can help wash the formula off. Soap doesn't work. The toughest part to the self-waxing process is that you have to gather up the courage to pull the cloth strip yourself. So I guess it would work best if someone else does that part--maybe it won't be so difficult. There was many areas where I bled, but that's normal and no big deal. I managed to get 95% through, but there were patches that I just can't muster myself to finish. After 20 minutes of that, I had enough. Again, it really wasn't horribly painful.

Effective and formula grabs the hairs well
Clear and informative instructions
Plenty of formula for many applications

More cloth strips would be nice (I used 5 of the 20)
Bottle of the Azulene Oil for cleaning is too small.

More guys would do this to see what women go through to make themselves look good.
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on December 19, 2011
All of the negative reviews seem to be from inexperienced people using the wax incorrectly. I used this wax after trying many other waxes that were not strong enough. Honey or sugar waxes just don't cut it for me.

I love this wax, its inexpensive and it WORKS, but you *have* to be careful when waxing - don't over heat the wax (it should not be runny when you apply it) and don't apply too much. I have never burned myself or had any bad experience. The first couple of times were pretty messy because I didn't know any better. Read up on how to wax before trying to do it to yourself.

You can use baby powder to prevent skin from coming off along with the hair, it really helps. And as for residue, you can pick up excess wax with a strip or by applying a small amount of wax over it. If not, the oil included in the box really does work to remove any left over wax, baby oil works too. I like to apply it to my skin and use a paper towel to take it off and it comes off pretty easily. Anyone who says otherwise should give a second chance.

If you can't follow directions or if you can't be neat (wax when pulled as it cools can leave strands flying - like a glue gun) or use it correctly, I don't recommend you self wax at all.

I won't say it's not painful, because it can be - but you're waxing, what do you expect? It also get much easier and less painful when you wax regularly. My hair is really growing in thinner and some areas do not grow hardly any hair at all now.

One note: If you have sensitive skin, read the box - it is extra strength.

My ONLY issue with this box is I wish it came with more strips, I always have wax left over, but no strips. I now buy Gigi strips so I always have enough.
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on May 17, 2010
I have been using wax for the last ten years, so I am not a novice. As a matter of fact, the last wax I had was from the same maker and I was very please with it (the Brazilian bikini wax). However, this product is just unusable! Once you apply it, you can't remove it. I had to use my old wax to get rid of it. IMO, this product should be pulled off the market, it is awful!
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on October 5, 2014
I have been waxing since the past ten years. I have always used sugar based waxes that look kinda golden, and wash off easily with warm water. Since Sally Hansen is such a reputed company, I tried this product.

I followed the instructions on the booklet. I tried it on my legs only (thankfully). Here is my experience:
Pros: I must say, it did a good job removing the hair.
The wax is microwavable, can be microwaved multiple times.

- It is a horribly sticky mess! Firstly, I had trouble getting the lid off, then after microwaving and applying, it started solidifying immediately on my skin, even before I could apply the strip! Though it removed the hair, the strip stuck to my skin... I had such a hard time ripping it off. There was still a layer of wax on me. I could just not get it off. I tried oil, detergent, apricot scrub, and lastly scrub for utensils! I still feel there is a little wax left on me!
- It is so damn sticky, the newspaper I had spread out stuck to me, the faucet, the bathtub, the microwave button were all sticky. I spent 2.5 hours cleaning myself up and the bathroom! Not to mention, I had not reserved this much time for a grooming ritual and landed up being very late for a party.

So, please do not try this product. If you do, try on a small patch in your legs, even if you are an experienced waxer.

I just hope Walmart gives me my money back! All in all, it was a dreadful experience.
Sally Hansen should seriously consider modifying this product.
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on July 1, 2011
I got this kit and the Nair Roll On because it was my first time waxing and I wanted to see which worked better. I was skeptical about a roll on wax. This was a mess. I followed the directions, put on the wax with the spatula (wooden popsicle stick) and started pulling out my hair. It went great until I realized I COULD NOT GET THE WAX OFF MY SKIN! I tried many different things, but it just kept putting wax in more places. I got all panicky. I couldn't even get enough wax off my fingers to check the internet on my phone for what to do. A website said lotion. It didn't work. It said try oil. I tried one, it didn't work. The second oil I tried worked but I think I sloughed off my whole epidermis scrubbing it off. My bath mat is ruined. I could not get the wax out of my tub. My dad had to bring me Goo Gone. I will never use a Sally Hansen wax again.
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on May 25, 2011
if i could have left no stars i would have. left huge purple bruises on my bikini line. did not stick. was messy and didn't heat up right. did not take off all the hair.
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on March 10, 2011
I bought this product yesterday, and tried it out literally 30 minutes ago. I didn't want to waste my money on getting professionally waxed, so I was excited to use this 10 dollar product. At first, I got some hair off with little pain, but as I moved places, the wax would not harden. The cloth strips would not take the wax off, and I was left with a gooey mess all over myself which would NOT come off. It was easily one of the most uncomfortable situations I have EVER been in. The oil barely took any of it off, and there was not enough of it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS. It is down right awful, and will leave you bleeding and covered in wax.
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