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Size: 10.5 D(M) USColor: Black / Black / Silver Metallic-XChange
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on July 8, 2013
I loved the look and design of these shoes so I read the buyer reviews. I wanted these for casual street wear but the reviews were mostly from hard core trail runners, mudders and other people who can probably kick a grizzly bear's ass. Since I had no intention of running the Paris-Dakar Rally on foot I wasn't sure if these weren't "too much" shoe for me. I mean, look at that action figure lacing system, and my tires have less aggressive tread than this shoe, the little colored words on the sides made me think of sponsor labels on a top fuel dragster. I began to wonder if I was worthy of this shoe. Would real athletes call me out as an imposter? A Poser? Would normal people look at my feet and assume I was a dork? (really, my shoes are the least likely cause of this).
So, still feeling inadequate for these shoes I placed my order. They arrived 3 days later (probably ran half of the trip on their own) and I got them out and tried them on.
Ugh. Too tight! But only at first. After ten minutes they loosened to a snug fit. After two days they fit perfect. No kidding - perfect. I love the feel of them. They are comfortable as all get out. I almost climbed a hill in them just for the joy of it.
They feel like they will last forever. It's almost like they are bulletproof. In fact, if a thug ever shoots me I hope he aims for my feet. I'm confident these shoes will protect me.
The lace system seems odd at first but after a few times I figured it out so I can do it without taking my eyes off the TV. It's tricky at first but if that thug tries to take them off of you he will be stymied by the lace system long enough for you to run away up a nearby mountain... another plus.
The style is fantastic. So many people like my feet now. I catch people looking at my feet, nodding at my feet while nudging their friends, smiling at my feet. These shoes made my feet more popular than my head.
They do get hot. Not hot, but warm. I always went for mesh sided shoes before...light and airy. These are like armor compared to those and the trade off is a bit of trapped heat. Nothing too terrible but dark blue on a 90 degree day in the sun is a bit warm. I suppose if I wore them for what they were made for I could cool them by running across a glacier or alpine stream. Instead I prop them in front of my ac vents. But really, it's a minor thing since I live in Ohio and we only have weather that nice on accident. I'm sure I will appreciate that heat trapping during the other 320 or so odd days of usual cool and wet Ohio weather. (Ohio sucks by the way...unless you're a mudder)
The description says water resistant. I think they are. I was on a soccer field after a rain (hosting a Jr. Olympics competition, not actually playing soccer) and the wet grass did not soak my feet. I got some very minor dampness towards the end but my last pair of shoes would have sloshing water bags after ten steps so these were great. Plus the snug collar kept the grass clippings from getting into my shoes and turning my socks into rattan mats by the end of the day.
While the treads are excellent for quick cuts in turf or dirt they can be a bit slick on smooth wet surfaces. It's not banana peel type slick but just that little bit of slide that makes me think "whew! glad I was not running from that thug on this stuff).
In the reviews people talk about the longevity of this shoe in terms of miles or, in some cases, races. Now I don't know how many miles I wear my shoes (or if races to the restroom count) but I fully expect these shoes to last much longer than my previous pairs of shoes. They seem like someone actually designed them to work and last rather than just adding pretty swooshes or springs of shocks on a mediocre pair of nylon/leather sacks and called them shoes. I think these were designed by someone who got fed up with the garbage the big names put out.
I wore these to the zoo last week and climbed a pretty high hill in them. Granted, I was in a tram on the way up and on a wooden switchback walkway on the way down but I felt like I could outrun the other people if I had to. The important part was that my feet were comfortable. I did not think about them at all...except when other people stared or pointed at them.
So, do these shoes work for a fit, non-racing ordinary 46 year old male like myself? Of course they do. They are comfortable, durable and, I am assuming, thug proof. Plus they have the added benefit of making me look like I am a crazy trail runner...a very careful and clean one, but maybe they will think I am on the way to my first race.
Buy these shoes if you even remotely like them. Just don't look at them too many times on Amazon. I swear the prices go up after about 20 visits to the page..

***** Next chapter*****
Ok. I just recently ordered my second pair of these. My little toe wore a hole in the side of my first pair. To be fair, it took a full year for that little piggy to burrow through that material. And even so, he only got to see a little daylight, there was no full blown escape. The soles on that first pair were worn down and thin enough that if I stepped on a dime I could tell you the year. This is not a complaint. I did not take it easy on these shoes at all. I pushed them as hard as a semi-fit but active middle aged man could. ( dang, I just called myself middle aged and felt it was accurate.) I didn't run any races, I didn't climb any gravel quarry trails but I hit a lot of asphalt and concrete. These shoes held up beautifully. They even looked good enough to wear out in public right up until that piggy broke out. Now they will be my lawn mowing shoes, and probably car washing shoes, and also my kayaking shoes. (kayaking sounds pretty bada$$, right? please say yes.)
The new pair is grey. Old pair was blue. They look great with jeans, And believe it or not, still draw envious looks from strangers. I was just at a resort in San Antonio Texas last week and the valets at the entrance checked them out as I walked in. Finally they asked what kind of shoe I was wearing. I had to model them for them right in the foyer. I would have climbed a pillar for them to show their awesome ability but didn't want to show off....and get kicked out at the same time. I got a lot of looks on Riverwalk downtown too...but that might have been because I was wearing shorts and showing my blindingly white Ohio winter skin.
Again, I would recommend these shoes to anyone. They are the best shoe I ever wore.
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on June 24, 2012
Bought these for the Tough Mudder in Beaver Creek, CO.

Worth every penny. Never slipped, even on very muddy hills. These even had very reasonable tread/grip on the snow obstacles. The laces hold tight, the shoes produced no blisters, they didn't hold very much water or mud and therefore didn't noticeably increase in weight after they were wet. I typically wear a size 12 and there was no variance in these shoes - my typical size fit perfectly. I really can't think of anything remotely bad to say about these shoes.

Would definitely recommend these shoes for Tough Mudder.

Also, many people throw their shoes away at the end of the race.. I think these have multiple runs of Tough Mudder left in them!

Update: March, 2013:

Been wearing these shoes for a pick-up flag football game. They work great there too. Playing on dry, winter-grass I see a lot of other players sliding around wearing regular football cleats, but these work great.

Update Feb, 2014:

Shoes finally kicked the bucket. These were brand new for Tough Mudder in June, 2012 and performed well. Since then I've been playing football, year round, in Colorado with them on natural turf. I see a lot of other players using football cleats, complaining about their feet hurting, getting blisters etc. My feet are never an issue. I never have to tie these shoes mid-game. Wore them in 4" of snow yesterday and I don't think there's any shoe besides a metal ice-spike that might help in that situation. These do not repel water, but they don't hold much either. (Salomon makes a water-proof version, these are not.) It was 25 degrees and snowing and my feet were warm, even though wet, with a thin pair of socks.

They finally wore out though, the spikes were wearing down some and they are ripping at the crease-point across the toes. The rubber was also starting to peel off and I super-glued it a few weeks ago.

Overall, I put probably 40-50 football games at 3+ hours each into these, Tough Mudder and some misc. other stuff here and there. I avoided wearing them on pavement to keep the spikes in good shape as long as possible. So all-in-all, very satisfied after an estimated 150+ hours of hard use. Just bought my second pair.
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on March 24, 2015
Bought these to run the Spartan race, they preformed very well in the mud and provided excellent traction on the slick trails. Highly recommend.
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on February 21, 2015
Mixed feelings... i beat these shoes to hell in less than 3 months...several of the most critical lugs have torn off from the soles. Amazing traction, but I do not recommend them for anything but trail running. the lugs will tear off the bottom of the shoes if you use these for steep ascents on variable surfaces. I live in Phoenix and my primary playground is camelback. Again amazing traction, fast and light, but be prepared for these to not last very long.
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on February 21, 2013
I mostly do long-distance road running so this being my first "trail" shoe purchase I thought a review would be helpful. For some context, I generally run in minimalist shoes (5-7 ounce), about 40-50 miles a week when in season. I tested these shoes on several trail runs done on the Routeburn track in New Zealand (varying pitches, lots of rocks and mud, and the shoes got wet a number of times).

Right out of the box the shoe is comfortable and provides fantastic support in areas that I felt needed the most support (the front and heal areas for hard landings). I didn't feel like I had to break them in at all, with a medium thick wool sock I took them through a 6 mile test run without a hitch. They also double as a great hiking shoe, are way less bulky (less weight in my opinion means more comfort). For technical runs, the shoe has great traction (very knobby bottoms) to hook onto rock, moss, wet surfaces. This too was a huge benefit during the hike. The zip tie system was a breeze, easy to adjust and you can fold up the excess material and tie up into the top of the shoes tongue, which was nice).

Not much to report here. Even after being wet, the shoe dried out fairly quickly and while not water proof, did a good job. I read about the water proof (Clima Shield) version feeling hot, so I got this version instead, and the shoe never felt great (never felt hot in them).

Sizing: I wear a 10.5 in most running shoes, and these fit true to size.
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on October 27, 2014
These are my first pair of Salomons, and its not going to be my last!

I took these babies out fresh from the box and right into the Spartan Super in Sacramento. Let me tell you, there was no break in period. People that have raced in Sacramento know that the terrain there is the consistency of playdoh, luckily for all of us it rained that day! What happens when clay gets wet? It gets slippery and mucky! These shoes had no problem with providing a no slip grip on the soft clays of sacramento! Not once have I slipped, lost stability or dreaded wearing these shoes throughout the race! These shoes provided the most comfortable ride despite the adverse conditions. My only beef with it is it does not drain well, it drains eventually but not as fast as I would like it to.

Salomon keep doing what you're doing!




Does not drain quickly
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on October 2, 2011
After reading a TON of reviews on the Speedcross 2 and Speedcross 3, I decided to pony up the extra cash for the 3's. I like the fact that they lowered the heel height and they stiffened up the outer heel material.

Performance-wise, I couldn't be happier! Right out of the box, they felt great. My first run in them was on a 3 mile loose/hard packed dirt track and they performed like I'd been wearing them forever. No hot spots, no blisters, just straight comfort. Super light weight as well. I ran the Norcal Tough Mudder in these(which is why I bought them) and they never missed a beat. They handled mud, water, wood, hay, hard packed dirt, rocks, etc. They were everything I was hoping for and more. The lugs on the soles did give me a bit of trouble on the Twinkle Toes obstacle, but that's to be expected. My friends that I ran Tough Mudder with thought for sure that they were going to be thrashed after the event. Granted, they were disgustingly dirty, but they showed no major wear or any damage whatsoever. The no-tie laces are sweet too! They never loosened during the 12+ miles or hell. I highly recommend these shoes for a mud run type of event.
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on May 23, 2015
Me (45 yrs old) and my wife (40 yrs old) have gotten involved in running Tough Mudders Obstacle Courses a few years back. The first one that we ran was in 2013. The Pittsburgh/Ohio Valley Tough Mudder. Distance 13 Miles. # of Obstacles: 18. It was wicked because the course was laid out over mountainous terrain. It was some of the most gnarly terrain that I have ever attempted. Honestly, it was actually the very first obstacle course that I ever attended! Because of that I neglected to research a good trail mud shoe for the event and opted to wear my Nike ACG boots (bad idea). Good traction but after the first muddy water barbed wire low crawl obstacle they weighed about 10lbs each. I ended up having calf and arch related issues as a result.

For the next event I bought me and my wife a pair of the Salomon Speed Cross 3's. This made all the difference in the world. The next event was the WNY Tough Mudder 2014. Distance 10.5 Miles. # of Obstacles: 15. The terrain was much more flat but had its moments. The Salomon Speedcross 3's did the job nicely. The challenges of the terrain was much less threatening because of the thoughtful choice of footwear this time around. It made such a big difference engaging obstacles with these great shoes.

The latest course that I attended was the Tough Mudder Ohio 2015. Distance 10.5 Miles. # of Obstacles: 17. Favorite Obstacle: King of the Swing (action shot added)! The Ohio Tough Mudder Course was laid out across the Lexington Motor Speed way and surrounding lightly hilly terrain. Again, our Salomon Speed Cross 3 trail shoes didn't disappoint. They held up to the riggers of the course (Water, Mud, Obstacles), while draining well.

As a result of the confidence that we have in these great trail shoes we are running the WNY, Toronto, Poconos 2015 Tough Mudders as well, and we are surely bringing our Salomon Speed Cross 3's along to ensure our success!

PROS: Light weight, breathable, great traction, durable, sheds water, and stylish

I gave this awesome trail shoe four stars because of the following:

CONS: *Narrow toe box, *Little arch support

I love these shoes, even with the cons that I mentioned, and would highly recommend them to assist you in all of your adventures.

Happy Trails (Pun intended)
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on January 14, 2014
I bought these sneakers in November. After 4 months of being in the office on a daily basis. These sneakers started peeling at the SAME exact spots on each side. But, don't listen to me see for yourself and you tell me (check the photo's? Also, i do own a few other pairs of these snekars which i did not buy this way. My other pairs do not wear that fast. Especially if im office bound. I'm thinking the cheaper price was due to a defect in the strength of the sneaker. I want to contact them to replace these sneakers. But, unfortunately their is no easy way to contact the seller to explain my situation.
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on March 11, 2013
I purchased these shoes as well as the innov-8 x-talon 212's for use in two Spartan Sprints (with more to come) as well as trail running/training. I have no doubt that the Speedcross 3's are a great shoe for mud runs but I ended up returning these for reasons I'll get to momentarily.

I did not try these shoes out on any runs so I cannot vouch for their performance on trails but here are my thoughts based on my limited time with them.

- The shoes hug your feet quite comfortably and seem very secure. I felt like my feet were protected from anything and everything with these on.
- Grip is top notch. The cleats on the sole are deep and clearly made to grip and release mud, dirt or whatever you run through.
- Lightweight. For a big shoe (mid-top/high-top shoe) this is surprisingly light.

- Maximum cushioning. Tons of cushioning on this to the point that you probably gain an inch or so of height wearing them, like wearing a pair of hi-top basketball shoes. No way you will feel any rocks or branches when running these on the trails. Some may take this as a pro and, if so, this shoe is for you. If you like to have a bit more feel on your trail runs then this is not the shoe for you.
- Thick shoes all around. All parts of this shoe seem thick and substantial. You feel secure in the shoe but these are not the type of shoes that disappear on your feet when you put them on. The Speedcross 3's are basically the anti-minimalist shoe.

There are many good points to the Speedcross and I would bet that for someone running long distance trails this is a perfect shoe. I prefer a bit more feel when trail running, not minimalist per se but definitely towards that end of the cushioning spectrum.

If you want a shoe that can take you through multiple mud runs and fight through mud, rocks and debris without your feet feeling a thing, this shoe is for you. If you prefer a less is more approach to your shoes, try something else like the innov-8 x-talon 212s.

Overall: 4/5 I considered giving this 3 stars but the shoe is top quality and is a great cushioned shoe for trails, it just didn't fit my particular needs.
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