Customer Reviews: Sam's Letters to Jennifer
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on July 5, 2004
It still amazes me that the James Patterson can write such graphic stories as the Alex Cross series and also romance stories. I have read all of his books and couldn't put them down. "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas" was the first book to make me cry in years. Because of this I was excited to read this book. "Sam's Letters to Jennifer" is a great book, but it was predictable. If you like romantic quick reads than this is the book for you. All of Pattersons books are fast paced and hard to put down. A word of caution however to those who haven't read any of his other stuff and want to now.
His other books like the Alex Cross series are very graphic and gory detailed. I enjoyed them, but they are totally different than his romance novels.
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on August 12, 2004
A co-worker loaned me this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it is . . . a romantic tear jerker, with all that the genre entails. Laughter. Tears. Tragic hero and wounded heroine. Wise role model with secrets of her own. Love lost. Love found. Love almost lost again, due to tragic circumstances.

This book is, at its core, the love story between a girl and her wonderfully brave grandmother.

Well worth a night's read.

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on October 20, 2004
I found this "novel" to be one of the poorest I have read to date. The characters are not developed, the story line was weak and it lacked imagination. It seemed as if Mr. Patterson stopped by a bar one night and jotted it down on a napkin! It should have been labeled as no more than a short story.

I believe the last time I read a book with such a large font, two inch margin on all four sides and less than 200 words per page ---- I was in the third grade!! New chapters were used as a way of extending the story/number of pages --- they were not used as a means to express a new idea or thought.

Take my advice -- do not waste your time or money.
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on June 28, 2004
Jennifer is a young woman desperately trying to put the pieces of her life back together after being struck by two tragedies, but news of her grandmother being ill will force her to push her own problems aside and turn her attention to the one person that has always been there for her...her grandmother Sam (short for Samantha.)
Jennifer returns to her childhood home and in the house she finds letters written by her grandmother, letters that tell a mysterious love story of two people, one of those people being Sam, the other a man named `Doc.' Intrigued by these letters, Jennifer continues to read, only to find out that her grandmother was in love a someone other than her grandfather.
After deciding to remain on Lake Geneva while her grandmother lies in a coma, Jennifer runs into Brandon, a childhood friend, sparking a passion she hasn't felt in a long time. But, this new found love comes with a high price as Jennifer learns Brandon has a secret that may destroy their love.
`Sam's Letters to Jennifer' is a moving and sad love story. As with any James Patterson novel the writing is first-rate and the pace is super-fast. The intertwining of two separate love stories will keep readers turning the pages until they reach the surprising and sad ending. This powerful novel, that is similar to the novels of Nicholas Sparks, should be a huge beach book.
Major thriller writer James Patterson has written a love story...not once, but twice (Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas) and he does it with style to spare. Patterson's new novel, while a bit sappy in spots, does contain all the trademark plot twists that he is famous for, including an ending you'll never see coming.

Expect this quick summer read to fly up the bestseller lists!
Nick Gonnella
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on June 7, 2006
This was a case of being seduced by the title and cover only to be horribly disappointed by the content. Even now I can't believe how bad this book was. Reading the prologue, I found myself wondering if he'd just put no effort into writing that particular part at all- it was that bad. I had high hopes for this book-a bestselling author, fabulous title and it's a love story. But the writing, not to mention the plot, is very very bad-rough, childlike, and has the stamp of an amateur all over it. The language is so simplistic and collooquial that it's full of such gems of literary phrase as "Now that I please myself, my priorities are better" or "I was so happy, and I remember every moment of that night in Lake Geneva" and "Because less than three weeks later, something really terrible happened". Slang is used instead of expression-words such as "totally" and "really nice" abound, and overall it's just a horrible book. The dialogue between the lovers is trite and unbelievable, and so is the pacing and plot events of the book. I skimmed through the whole book to make sure that the prologue wasn't a fluke-that the whole book continued in the same vein. It did-and just half-skimming/half-reading I was bored. The main character apparently has the mind of teenager, or at least that means of expression. Completely lacking in elegance, polish, talent, or believability, this is similar in style and content to Nicholas Spark's books, but unlike his books displays no maturity whatsoever-Nicholas Spark at least has some writing ability. It's a shame, because about the only thing the book has going for it is that the overall plot and characters do have a lot of potential-it's just completely unrealized.
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on July 11, 2004
If I could return a book just because it is lame, I would have returned this one the minute I finished it. It was not worth the money I spent or the time I invested reading it. I loved "Suzanne's Diary" and hoped this book would bring me as much as that one did...but alas it didn't. It was sappy and stupid and there were just too many obvious shortfalls. For instance, Jennifer supposedly loved her grandmother (Sam) more than anything, but yet once Sam is hospitalized, Jen visits her only twice a day, and spends the rest of her time swimming, flirting and making love to the neighbor so it's not believeable that Sam is anything other than an after thought... As well, the ending was predictable from a mile away (and probably even further for fans of "Suzanne's Diary.") Of course, Sam's coma doesn't last, of course, no great harm comes to Jen's new beau, of course, a baby ties it all up in a happy bow...Gag! I wish James Patterson would just send me my money back along with a promise not to write any more bad books trying to recapture the magic of "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas!"
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on July 11, 2004
The name James Patterson is synnonymous with some of the greatest thrillers written in the 1990s. Along Came A Spider, Kiss The Girls, and 1st To Die are three of the finest examples of mystery writing that have been offered to readers in years. It was novels like these that rocketed Patterson to international fame. Too bad he can't just rest on his laurels, because with novels such as Sam's Letters To Jennifer, Patterson is robbing his readers of time and money.
The story of this 250 page wonder starts out with journalist Jennifer being called to watch over her grandmother, Sam, who has recently suffered a fall and is in a coma. Naturally, grams is Jennifer's last surviving relative, and her one link to her past. Yada yada yada, Sam has a story to tell Jennifer, and she does it through a series of letters that Jennifer reads throughout the course of the book(always with tears welling in her eyes, as Patterson puts it). Enter the tall, dark, handsome neighbor whom Jennifer was friends with as a child. As luck would have it, he too has a dark secret to tell. Not surprisingly, he and Jennifer fall for one another in a matter of a few days, as is typical in this sort of tawdry romance book. In the end, everything is tied together with a nice bow, with the possibility of a sequel, which Patterson will no doubt release if this one sells well.
Seriously, complete a book of Mad Libs rather than reading this garbage. Sam's Letters to Jennifer joins the ranks of Suzannes Diary for Nicholas, The Jester, and The Lake House as one of the worst books Patterson has ever written. With any luck, November's new Alex Cross novel, London Bridges, will put Patterson back on track to the path of accomplished writing he is capable of.
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on March 5, 2005
I am a fan of Mr Patterson's books, but this one was very disapointing. It was like he sat down and wrote up a list of "what will make women cry" and then put every single thing in the book. It is overdone to the point of you can not connect to the characters because the tragedy's that happen to them are too much and in a manner that is not realistic to everyday life. Mr Patterson needed to think instead of what will make a woman cry but what will make a good story not a formulated story. This book tried to force the reader to be emotional and instead makes you feel annoyed at the characters and the story.
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on November 4, 2004
This author needs to stick to his normal genre. This was a good idea for a story line, but I felt like a 14 year old wrote it! I have read most of his other books and have enjoyed them, but I had to force myself to finish this one.
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on June 30, 2004
Sam's Letters to Jennifer is truly vintage James Patterson. This novel is an extremely fast (2 hour) read and grossly satisfying. I strongly recommend just creating a short block of time for this book and read it through as a short story. In typical Patterson form, the chapters are short, yet telling with plenty of surprises to keep you turning the pages.
The premise of the story surrounds heart-broken Jennifer and her grandmother Sam who starts the story in a coma. Jennifer rushes to see Sam (really her onlly family left) and stays in Lake Geneva at Sam's home visiting her every day at the hospital. Sam and Jennifer have always been very close and turns out Sam had left Jennifer a series of letters detailing her life and making relevent comparisons to much of the feelings Jennifer had recently experienced. This novel is about second chances, learning who you are, and who your loved ones have been. Expect another hit for Patterson.
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