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246 of 250 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2012

- Very good stability, unlike competing models.

- Large, double wheels (8 total) add stability and are very good on city streets (good for urban travelers; see below)

- Can be pulled like a two-wheel easily on rougher terrain, but still glide smoothly on all four wheels in the airport.

-Mine came with a very lightweight nylon bag, a triangle-shaped type with a drawstring closure with two cords connected to the outer corners, making it useful as a little daypack comfortable with a little jacket, sun glasses case, a hat and a few other things inside. Also good as a laundry bag.
- handle long enough for me to use in any position - I am 6"

- internal compression straps are dinky and do not compress, really. This would not be such a big deal except that compression helps you pack for stability and keep heavy objects or stacks of clothes close to the center of the bag's gravity.
- 30% more than i wanted to spend.

The bag I wanted was the Victorinox Avolve 22" thanks to a very thoughtful and exhaustive review a customer posted on the Amazon listing, but decided that it was out of my price range (and I do not travel as much as that reviewer, by a long shot). I almost bought the very affordable Samsonite Dkx 21" from a discount store but abandoned the purchase when I saw Amazon reviewers found it unstable and prone to falling over (a most inconvenient feature in a bag style people seek out for its convenience).

What I did not see addressed in any review were my particular needs: I fly regularly between two cities where, on each end, I use public transport and eventually end up pulling my luggage many blocks of city streets before I reach my destination. (I assume many Amazon reviewers go from the airport to their destinations by car). In my case, I was concerned to have a stable rolling suitcase that can handle some measure of slushy, uneven sidewalks. My older, much larger two-wheeled samsonite with in-line skate wheels has done that job well. but two-wheel models are somewhat difficult to maneuver on a subway or crowded bus because you need specific leverage on the wheels when pushing the bag, and need the wheels oriented just so when pulling it, and crowded environments don't always make that easy. I therefore wanted a 'spinner' with wheels that can be pulled over rougher terrain like a two-wheeler.

The Hyperspace appears to fit the bill. I have only taken it on one plane trip, but have used it a great deal to transport groceries from my car to my apartment. it remains stable even when somewhat topheavy, and the wheels ride smoothly on sidewalk, including through patches of dust and pebbles that can collect in curbs.

In all, I think it is a good choice for people who anticipate terrain beyond the airport curb, and want to the full benefit of a spinner.

Update: I have now used the bag for five junkets. One started out on public transit in Chicago to Ohare, a flight to Boston, into a taxi to a conference, then on Boston public transit to a bus to New York city to public transit to Brooklyn, then back on the subway and a bus to Laguardia, back to O'hare and onto the subway, and a 1/4 mile walk to my apartment. It is a stable champ, maneuverable in all kinds of crowds, and not a burden. You are not supposed to lift it by its pulling handle, but I do - with lots of heavy stuff in it - and I do not see any ill effects. I am glad I bought it, and I regret buying many, many things.
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70 of 74 people found the following review helpful
on April 3, 2012
I have a larger Samsonite spinner--a 26" XSpace in Solar Rose. I really wanted to get a carryon sized suitcase in the same color--but Solar Rose is now discontinued.

If you're like me and want the Solar Rose color, I can say that Ionic Pink is very close. Imagine Solar Rose, but with a slight touch of red. Side-by-side the cases are clearly of the same design--the same construction, same overall shape, same features. Ionic Pink is just a tiny bit redder than Solar Rose--so if you like or already have Solar Rose, the Ionic Pink color is a perfectly fine compliment to the Solar Rose.

As for the case itself: I'm infatuated with the spinner wheels. It makes moving the luggage SO much simpler. This case also has really smart design: a comfortable handle at a good height, sturdy construction, pockets exactly where you want them. The top small outer pocket is the perfect size for a 3-1-1 bag for TSA regulations. The top carry handle is padded, and there's a folded piece of canvas on the bottom of the bag you can use as another handle when you need to lift it into the carryon space of the plane. The case comes with a small collapsable and removable bag--I use it to keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean cloths while travelling, and it's a nice backup if you end up buying too much--you can use it as an extra bag or day bag.

In short: this is a great bag, and this rec is coming from someone who travels a lot, mostly with just a single carryon.
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125 of 141 people found the following review helpful
on July 19, 2012
I used an old silhouette spinner for a couple of years, and it may have been the perfect carry-on luggage. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone today who carries it, so I got the new version at Macy's. But this new version has a serious design flaw. It is not balanced correctly. The front wheels are too short (just look at the picture), so the bag wants to fall over both when it's standing, and when you are rolling it on all four wheels. This problem is made much worse when you put a computer bag on top of it. In that case, you can't leave it standing, but must find a wall to balance it against. Even then, the wheels will sometimes roll out from under it, causing your bags to scrape the wall as they fall (left a gouge on my white closet door). The previous version, which was balanced correctly, could be sent flying on its own down the hallway with a 30 pound computer bag, and never risk tipping. You could even use it as a rolling crutch, unlike the current one which will tip and fall.

Real shame. Brand new bag, and now I'm shopping for a brand new brand.

UPDATE: I've used it now for dozens of trips since my last review (I travel extensively). I've now gotten used to hearing the particular sound of the thud that the bag makes before I turn and see it lying face down on the floor next to me. A few times when I've been running to reach a gate, it has spun and fallen over under my feet, nearly causing an embarrassing spill. I've examined the front (short) wheels carefully to see if there is a way to raise them so that the bag will be properly balanced, but I cannot figure anything out. I never had any of these problems with the prior Silhouette model. I carry an electronic component that barely fits inside the bag, so I'm hesitant to buy another 21.5" model online in case it doesn't fit. Still, if anyone has any suggestions for a replacement bag, I'd be grateful.

UPDATE: I discovered that this bag will stand up on its own (with a computer bag on top) if you push it away from you so that the wheels all point forward, but it is still tenuous. If the wheels are pointed backward, it simply falls over. However, I purchased the Victorinox Avolve bag, and it has none of the balance issues of this one while still having the interior dimensions that I need. I highly recommend you look at the Avolve before buying this Samsonite bag.
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106 of 119 people found the following review helpful
on September 3, 2013
If you're looking for a carry-on bag, DO NOT BUY THIS! The description states that the bag is 21.5 inches, but that does not account for the full size of the suitcase. The suitcase looked a little large when I took it out of the box, so I measured it. The true size of this bag with wheels and all, is over 24 inches....which is too big to use as a carry-on for the vast majority of airlines. Really upset about this purchase. Definitely returning the suitcase. Ugh.
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17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on July 27, 2013
I took this on a trip to Greece and really put the wheels through some punishment over stone sidewalks and battered streets. I probably rolled this through about a mile of uneven pavement and another mile of even pavement. I was really impressed the bag survived, especially the wheels. They took a beating, but sustained no damage. The wheels spin more easily than other spinner luggage I've seen, giving you the full benefit of rolling it effortlessly. It is SO much easier than having just two wheels. Get the spinner!

Balance. It is well balanced as long as you don't have something heavy in the exterior pockets like hardback books or a computer. I had a couple paperback books in the exterior pockets and a netbook computer. I found that it only lost balance when on sloped or rough surfaces. On flat smooth surfaces, it never tipped over while rolling or standing.

Durability. The material cleans easily and maintains a bright, new look. I put it through checked bag punishment on 6 flights. Hard plastic lines the right places to limit damage to the cloth portions. After wiping the bag down after my trip, the cloth seems new like with nearly zero fraying. Only by looking really close did I notice some fuzz on the center spine of the exterior pocket. Other than that, I was amazed at what little damage the cloth took because we all know what kind of punishment these things go through when checked. As for protecting what's inside, I had a bottle of wine, computer, a glass bottle of olive oil and a vase that made it through with one layer of bubble wrap and a couple plastic shopping bags around each. I am sure this bag helped the items survived. For curbs, there is hard plastic to protect the bag if you drag it up a curb. Understandably, the plastic gets scuffed up, but that section of the bag seems well designed so the cloth does not get damaged.

Weight. This bag is super light. Everything seems well-padded and takes a beating, but manages to do so with all lightweight materials. I could probably throw this bag 20 feet when empty. It feels like nothing. For such a light bag, it doesn't make sense how sturdy it is, but I am super happy with it...both tougher and lighter than any previous luggage I've owned.

Storage. The two exterior pockets are handy for frequently accessed items, books, and papers. When full, they do not encroach on interior space like other bags. The interior wet bag pocket made for a nice isolated place that I could put my dress in. The mesh pocket, I used to keep electronics. This bag comes with a small laundry bag, which can be worn as a back pack. I found this useful for going shopping so I wasn't collecting plastic bags and also for day trips to the beach. This bag will fit into overhead bins as a carry-on. On U.S. flights, you can put it in wheels first or wheels out depending on the airline. On international flights, the bag may need to go in sideways to fit, but it will fit unless you're on a small aircraft. I travel light and was able to bring everything I needed for a 4-week vacation, including a couple nice outfits and bathing suits. I also had the Hyperspace boarding bag, which fits nicely over the extended handle of the spinner.

Handles. The side handle is designed to slip back into the body of the bag when not in use. It helps the bag keep a low-profile and not get damaged or hung up. The top handle is softly padded and comfortable. There is a bottom handle that I've never seen before, but it makes it easier than a regular handle to lift the bag up when it is on its back or wheels. This is handy when loading it into a car. The extendable handle does seem flimsy, but it isn't, so I had no issues with it. I figure it helps keep the weight of the bag down, which is one of the best benefits of this bag.

I would recommend this bag to anyone. It performed beyond my expectations and I was not easy on it! For the price of $110, it is insanely affordable for this kind of quality. This was my first set of Samsonite luggage and I love it. It is incredibly tough and it is worth it to get a nice set of luggage that will last a long time, rather than some discount luggage that you'll never love and will have to replace more frequently or worse, cause damage to your belongings. So, travel in style with a smart bag like this one. I hope you have as much luck and fun with it as I did.
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on August 14, 2013
Longtime supporter of Samsonite, but I have continually been rejected at the gate with this bag. The spinners are great, but if they make you try to fit this into the metal sizer at the gate, it won't fit because of the wheels. Unfortunately I've had to give this quite expensive bag away. I wish Samsonite would admit that they goofed up by calling this a carryon and do a recall. Those of us who have invested lots of money in their products would appreciate it.
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on August 13, 2013
This bag is fabulous! I'm a girl and I love to over pack but this bag has enough room to hold attire for at least a four day trip along with my laptop, iPad and shoes. I read reviews from others before I purchased this bag where they stated that it is not a carry on bag - I had no issues and I flew multiple times on the second smallest plane in the us airways fleet, a Bombardier CRJ200. Although the flight attendants do stop anyone with a rolling luggage bag as you enter the plane, you can assure them that this bag does fit under the seat in front of you - sideways, with plenty of extra room. It is durable and makes rolling for the airport easy. I absolutely recommend this bag for anyone (leisure and business travelers) in need of a multipurpose carry on.
review image review image
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
I JUST bought this Hyperspace spinner 21 in Brookstone at the Atlanta airport. I swapped out all of my clothes and had Brookstone dispose of my old well traveled bag. Guess doesn't fit in the overhead bin! Even in business class overhead bins, I had to have the stewardess store it in the coat closet. I will be trading it in at my next airport. I would hate to think what a hassle this would be on a smaller plane. Choose carefully if you travel on planes frequently.
I based the 2 star review on plane travel only. Otherwise this is likely a very sturdy and well constructed piece of gear.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on September 2, 2013
I changed jobs and found that my new job requires me to travel a bit more than I used to. Before, I rarely traveled by plane, and then for family events. However, now I end up flying anywhere from a couple times a month to once every few months (or even longer between travel times). It only took one trip for me to get tired of lugging around a duffel bag (not to mention the checking a retrieving process), so I decided to look for a carryon. A couple hours of searching and researching led me to this bag. All the reviews were good, so I decided to go for it.

I am so glad I did.

This bag is basically at the upper limit of what you can classify as a carryon. I fly primarily US Air, and it fits perfectly in the overhead compartments on the larger planes. I have to check it at the gate for smaller planes, but that's not a problem. It's surprisingly spacious, and I was able to fit everything I needed for an overnight trip in (after a camera bag for a DSLR and AVCHD camcorder took up 80% of the bag with the tripod taking another 5-10%). Without the camera, I could easily pack for a week in this thing.

It conveniently has two pockets on the outside. I wouldn't use them for anything even somewhat fragile, but it mad for a very convenient place for my tickets and other things I wanted access to, but didn't want in my pockets. Inside, it has a wet pocket, which works great for the few liquids you can take flying these days. The "compression strap" is a joke, though. It's got a bit of tension, but nowhere near enough to do any kind of compressing. It would work well enough for keeping groups of clothes separated.

The wheels are great. For rolling on all four, they work pretty well on carpet (the kind you find in airports, not so much on the deeper, softer carpet of my living room) and great on hard floors. It's really nice to be able to wheel my bag down the aisle of the plane or wherever I need it to be to move through crowds as I hurry to my next flight. The back wheels are larger, and work well when you want to tip it and roll it behind you. I had zero stability issues. Anyone having a hard time with this bag tipping over is packing their bag poorly. If you pack so the weight is centered low and towards the back, the bag is perfectly stable. Because of the way having 4 wheels works, sometimes a wheel doesn't have enough weight and spins around erratically. This is more a function of physics that would happen to any bag than something specific to this bag.

The pull-out handle seems a bit flimsy at first, but has proven to be quite sturdy. When walking with it, it never feels like it's going to break for fail to guide the bag in the direction you want it to go. The top handle is thick and easy to grab. It feels very sturdy. The side handle is flush with the side of the bag and difficult to grab sometimes, but I only ever use it when putting the bag in or out of an overhead bin. The ballistic nylon the bag is made with is very nice as well.

Protip: if you're having difficulty getting the bag to fit in the overhead bin, try putting it in wheels first. This has always been the best fit for me.

- Spacious
- Looks great
- Wheels are rugged and roll easily
- Lightweight

- Compression strap doesn't really compress
- Handle feels a bit flimsy and sometimes doesn't latch *perfectly*
- People may want your bag for themselves

I highly recommend this bag if you're looking for something relatively cheap and high quality. There are surely better bags out there, but I couldn't find out at this price.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on May 17, 2013
I purchased this carry-on for my wife to replace a two-wheel model. The appearance is nice and the space is about what we expected, so all the routine items fit well. However, there were two flaws with this unit. The first is that the design, for some reason, was especially tipsy. We stopped counting the number of times that her carry-on fell forward. Unless you pack light and put all the heavier items in the back/bottom, it will want to tip forward. To make matters worse, One of the wheels was sticking which may or may not have added to the problem (seemed not to matter whether she four-wheeled on her left side or right). Bottom line: we returned to the suitcase through Amazon. Kudos to Amazon for their excellent return service. We purchased a Travel-Pro - a little more expensive, but it seems more stable (and the wheels all work well). Just a better design.
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