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63 of 66 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A novelty? Yes. A tool for photography? Absolutely.
My current camera collection consists of a Canon 5d3 and L glass, a pair of Sony A7's with FE lenses, a GoPro and an iPhone 5s. I've also owned micro four thirds cameras and was an early adopter for the Fujifilm X system. I say this not because I'm trying to convince you that I'm a real photographer... I just want you to know that I have a lot of experience with digital...
Published 2 months ago by Michael Catacutan

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2.0 out of 5 stars I've had better cameras, gimmicks aside.
I'm not a professional photographer, just someone that loves cameras and taking pictures. My pics are mostly outdoor garden or scenic shots. I have quite a few digital cameras, ranging from a Casio pocket cams to Kodak & Fuji large body cams to an older Olympus DSLR. My most recent camera is a 2012 Sony Cybershot HX30V, which I can't praise high enough; it takes great...
Published 9 days ago by FlamingoNut

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63 of 66 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A novelty? Yes. A tool for photography? Absolutely., April 26, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My current camera collection consists of a Canon 5d3 and L glass, a pair of Sony A7's with FE lenses, a GoPro and an iPhone 5s. I've also owned micro four thirds cameras and was an early adopter for the Fujifilm X system. I say this not because I'm trying to convince you that I'm a real photographer... I just want you to know that I have a lot of experience with digital photography technology. To say the least, I'm an enthusiast that loves to document life.

Off bat, what interested me was the small minimal form with a 1 inch sensor, the tiny 24mm equivalent pancake lens and the rotating "selfie" screen.

The small form factor: It's very fashionable. I called it a novelty because it's unusual and kinda cute. Great for parties and events. The camera feels premium. I'm quite astounded how they managed to fit a huge battery (rated 600+ shots) in such a small body.

The sensor and lens. I haven't done a ton of pixel peeping but the sensor seems to be pretty darn good at lower ISOs. I don't plan on using this for any sort of low light photography but I wouldn't mind turning the flash on and taking some group photos (or group selfies) of friends. Also, the pancake lens is superbly sharp. A bit slow at f/3.5 but again, I don't plan on shooting in dim lighting with this (without flash).

The "selfie" screen. I'm not ashamed of the selfie. I don't mind taking a selfie here and there to document me in front of amazing views or worldly landmarks. I've often handed my camera to a stranger to come back to a blurry photo or odd composition. While the 24mm won't get a whole lot of the background, it gets enough without distorting my face too much.

Are there things that could be better? Of course. The lens for instances has no cap or cover. It's almost like mobile phones where the main glass is covered by another glass.

Wink face detection. When you wink, the photo is taken after a few beeps. It's a cool feature so that you're not pressing the shutter button down that may cause camera shake, but the winking is a little buggy. Hoping they can fine tune it with a firmware upgrade, otherwise they should have omitted it all together. I wouldn't put a feature that was more frustrating than useful on a product.

I'm not sure how much more the camera would retail for if they added a higher resolution LCD screen, but it would have definitely been welcome, especially at this day in age.

All in all, it's just a really fun camera that packs a punch when put in the right hands. I feel it's also priced rather competitively and you get a good deal for what you're paying for in my opinion. And while the flip screen may seem like a novelty or a one trick pony to some people, for me, it's actually a versatile camera with great image quality relative to its sensor size.
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4.0 out of 5 stars liking it so far....but with a few reservations, May 16, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Samsung NX Mini 20.5MP CMOS Smart WiFi & NFC Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with 9-27mm Lens and 3" Flip Up LCD Touch Screen (Mint Green) (Electronics)
received my NX mini today--the mint green on with the 9-27mm lens kit. i have been playing with it off and on most of the day. takes great photos, macro, selfies, and others.

my 2 reservations....the info from the manufacturer states that an adapter is included in the box. this is not true. i spoke with samsung today, who were very nice, but the adapter must be bought separately. i think this is deceptive. in order to use any other lenses i will have to buy an adapter. the other reservation is that the adobe lightroom 5 software bundled with the camera is just a 30 test version. after 30 days you have to buy a license. again i think this is deceptive.

if not for those 2 things i would give this fun, cute little baby a 5 star rating.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Camera, June 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have waited a few weeks to post a review to use it a bit and see what I think. I tried and tried to get this camera for weeks: always "back ordered." Everywhere. I don't know if this was a Samsung issue or if the camera really was popular. But I LOVE it.

I give it only 4 stars because as an "advanced hobbyist" I can see that any professional photographer will dismiss this as a toy and it is a bit gimmicky. But the photo quality is amazing.

I did order the 9-27 mm lens kit with external flash accessory included. I did not ever need to use the external flash. I found the low light capabilities of this camera exceptional. I'm not sure that an external flash is really needed at all, especially if you use a tripod.

This kit did come with a lens cover. I see that the 9mm only version does not come with a lens cover. But I have seen other reviews that indicate that you can buy one, perhaps at an excessive cost, from Samsung. I did appreciate the lens cover, The 9-27 mm lens does make the tiny camera a bit "front heavy" and the cover kept the lens protected.

This camera is so small, even with the 9-27 mm lens, that it fit in a jacket pocket easily. (It probably won't fit well in a pants pocket.) I had a couple of jackets with me, one denim jacket with an inside pocket and this slipped in perfectly. I also had a linen "safari" jacket with front patch pockets and again, this fit fine.

My camera arrived literally the day before a planned vacation to Paris. I didn't have much time to fiddle around with it before getting into it which made me somewhat nervous to even take it. But it is SO small, there really is no deterrent to packing it. What I learned very quickly is that this camera is VERY intuitive. Although there are no dials or even very many buttons, everything is there.

The battery life is unbelievable. I was in Paris for about 10 days and took anywhere from 100 to 300 pictures per day, with a lot of "practicing" and manipulating the settings and the battery never once got even close to empty. I have never had this benefit in any camera before. It was most welcome.

The camera does not come with a micro SD card (although I have seen some packages that include one). But for the price, I don't find this a deal breaker by any means.

The "Mode" button brings up Auto, Smart (beauty, best face, continuous shooting, kids, landscape, macro, food, etc.), Program, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, manual, and the Wifi setting (email, group share, remote viewfinder, etc.).

The touchscreen is wonderful, although small and perhaps a bit low in resolution. But for the tiny size of this camera, you have to sacrifice something.

I use a Samsung smartphone (Note 3) and found the linkup to be easy and without issue. I did not get the chance to use the remote viewfinder on my trip or since. But given how easy it was to set up the link between my phone and camera, I can believe it is probably easy to set up and use.

One issue I did have in the linkup process was for my first camera to phone transfers, I had not set up the transfer size and the photos were of very small resolution. Fortunately, the default setting was to only copy the photos, not cut and paste. So the originals were still on my camera. At about day 3, I figured this out and changed the transfer size to "original."

The full 180 flip-up screen for selfies was nice. My expertise in selfies, however, is terrible so other than the convenience, I cannot comment.

I very much liked the "pop up" tips in the camera. (You can turn this off in the settings.) It does have a bit of a lag so give it a few seconds, but for every selection you make, if you wait 2-3 seconds, a pop-up will appear and tell you what it the setting will do.

This camera does shoot RAW. In fact, there are many options for the photo quality from normal to fine to superfine to RAW + fine, superfine, normal. The ISO ranges up to 25,600 with the extension on. You can also change the ISO step from 1/3 to full.

There is a Picture Wizard setting that has several pre-sets (filters) for landscape, vivid, portrait, forest, retro, etc. There is also the Smart Filter mode which has beauty face, best face, kids, landscape, macro, food, etc.

I have not used any video settings yet so I cannot comment.

There is a "drive" setting so you can select for single, continuous, burst, timer, AF bracket, White Balance bracket (which I have never seen before on any camera), Picture Wizard bracket, depth bracket, etc.

There are a few Dynamic Range settings as well.

I was hoping to post some photo samples but I don't see an option for that with this post. I did add some to the product page so take a look.

Overall, I really enjoy this camera and cannot wait to use it to its full potential.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Super Slim, Excellent Photos/Video, Interchangeable Lens, NFC, June 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This camera is super slim (under 1" thick without a lens!) which I really like since most of the time, I just want a really good camera that is easy to carry in my purse or day bag. Something that takes better pix than my S5 smartphone but not a big lug like my D-SLR camera. This is the camera I'm taking on vacation this year. It's really fun to use & takes excellent photos.

The Android compatibly/features are really useful if you are already an Android smartphone user like I am. I do not have any knowledge of its use with Apple so can't comment.

The market for this camera is probably "advanced hobbyist" as opposed to true enthusiasts but this is an upscale snap & shoot camera with many excellent features including those interchangeable lens. The one downside to a small camera like this is that the lens does not retract all the way in to the camera so you are not getting the full benefit of that slim profile.

-The 3-inch flip-up LCD touch screen has a lower resolution screen than my S5 smartphone but still looks good.
-Takes really good 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second.
-Hooray, it has NFC! And it's located in an easy-to-use location - the front bottom. It works flawlessly with my S5 smartphone.
-It has a small built-in flash in addition to the included external flash.
-It takes excellent nighttime photos - goes to ISO 25600! Impressive in a pocket camera.
-Has a waterfall photo feature which I love since I will go miles out of my way to see even a small waterfall.
-Excellent battery life - they claim up to 600+ photos. I've taken 400+ so far with no recharge. The battery does not need to be removed for charging like some cameras & uses the same battery as the S4 smartphone.
-The NX mini takes only MicroSDHC memory cards (not included). Do yourself a favor & buy one when you order the camera because this baby will have you shooting a lot of pix. I am using a 32GB memory card. I upload to the cloud frequently, so this is plenty for my use.
-The "selfie" screen - ok, you know you do it.....most people take selfies at least occasionally. This will be so nice to have on vacation so you don't have to always ask someone to take your picture. The 27mm lens gets a decent shot of you & yours with the Washington Monument in the background.
-According to Samsung, A 17mm f1.8 (46mm equivalent) lens will be available in July. And Samsung NX lens will work on this camera too ....BUT to use NX lens you have to buy an adapter NX-M Mount Adapter (ED-MA4NXM).

And to be shallow....this camera is really good looking ;)....while taking really good photos.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Camera, Great Amazon Customer Service, May 30, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Samsung NX Mini 20.5MP CMOS Smart WiFi & NFC Compact Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with 9-27mm Lens and 3" Flip Up LCD Touch Screen (Mint Green) (Electronics)
I haven't used the camera too much yet and I am not a photographer in the slightest. Love it so far. Has lots of great features and is beautiful to look at (mint colour). I'm mainly writing this review to clear up some of the other comments in the reviews.

The camera advertises as coming with a lens adapter. It does not. This is a separate accessory that needs to be purchased. I'm unsure why the description has not been updated as this issue is known.
Samsung was no help when I contacted them. Amazon on the other hand tried their best to find the adapter but it was sold out everywhere. Instead they refunded me the value of the adapter, which is above and beyond what was expected they would do. Very satisfied with this.

A couple of other notes from other reviews. The 9-27mm version does come with a wall power adaptor and lens caps. Other reviews stated that wasn't the case, but perhaps that's the case with the 9mm alone. As well, the adobe program is not just a trial. The registration code is provided. Also, purchase a memory card (micro sd) right away as you can only save one picture without one and can't use many of the features that require wifi.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great camera but not perfect, May 26, 2014
I'm not professional photographer or own expensive full frame like others.
I'm just normal guy looking for everyday use camera.
I've been using my smartphone and Canon Eos M for my trips.
Here is my short review

Small and light
fast AF compare to my slow EOS M
Battery last long
you can use Galaxy S4 battery
Micro usb charging port(yay)
180 flip for selfie

NFC sux on this thing(don't work all the time)
Picture/color quality is crap compare to Eos M
Expensive lense cap
Resolution on 3" LCD is crap (320x480)
impossible to find case

9-27mm comes with seperate lense cap but 9mm comes with built in lense cap(about 3/4inch size)
This is Samsung only lense cap so you have to pay $ to Samsung for little glass that cost less than dollar to produce.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Truly Amazing Camera, July 14, 2014
Stephen W. Templar "rexGun" (Winchester, Virginia - United States of America) - See all my reviews
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This is a very impressive camera. The build quality is excellent. The lens works perfectly and the images are really really good. I'm not much of a photographer but my shots with this camera are among the best I have ever taken.

The operation and controls are quite easy to manage. The touch screen is awesome. The feature to flip the screen forward and then wink at the camera for self or group shots is quite cool. It really works and makes taking those shots easy and, thankfully, no longer time dependent.

In full auto mode, this camera is quite intelligent. It seems to grasp the nature of most shots correctly and adjust accordingly. I have taken some awesome macro shots without any adjustments to the camera, on my part.

Overall, I would say that Samsung hit a home run with this NX Mini camera. I am very impressed and equally pleased with the camera. Highly recommended!
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4.0 out of 5 stars I really liked this little guy..., June 24, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought the white Nx Mini with the zoom lens to take to Italy along with the Sony A6000. It was quickly clear that the A6000 was superior to the Mini, but now I wish I had not returned the Mini. Pros: Cute in white (appears non-threatening to most), sharp JPEG resolution, fun to play with (the Samsung menu system was totally different from the Sony Alpha menu system), we loved the flip up screen and the "we-fie" shots. The beauty face mode was fun too! I preferred the "touch-focus" mode and the screen was responsive. The flash worked well, although it was not straightforward to operate the flash in the "we-fie" mode with beauty face. It also came with a nice external flash accessory but the on-board flash was just fine for most chores. We wished it had just a wee bit more wide-angle (maybe down to 15-16mm instead of the 17mm now).

Cons were that it could not stand up on a table with the zoom lens, it really is a two-handed camera, and the wink-shot didn't work at all (lol). Also, not many lens using the new smaller Samsung lens design - I see this being a major hurdle for Mini users. Lenses make the systems popular!

I see this cam as a really cute point-and-shoot with MUCH better image quality in a tiny thin package. For $500, I can't see a lot of competition, but if you spend this much perhaps one would consider systems such as the QM1 ($600 and even smaller than the Mini, if that is possible), the A6000 ($700 for a killer E-mount system), and now the amazing Sony RX1000 III ($800). For the extra $300, the RX100 also has a "we-fie" flip up screen mode, a real (!) EVF, 1.8-2.8 lens, and loads of features. All being said, I did enjoy my time with the Nx Mini.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A very solid camera for its $450 price, July 20, 2014
A great camera to take pictures with but the image quality is not that great. My review will be broken up into categories:

Of course, a slim design also means you'll have to put up with some limitations. There are only a few buttons on the rear, and they're adorably small. They're adequate for petite hands, but many adults will need to use a fingertip to do things like accessing the menu, switching to a different mode or reviewing captured images. There are miniature buttons on the top, too, for turning on the power or launching into Samsung's WiFi mode. Fortunately, the shutter release is nearly full-size, and once you launch the menu, you can adjust many settings simply by tapping the 3-inch, 480 x 320 touchscreen, which also flips up 180 degrees for self-portraits, or at any angle in between for shots below eye-level, or overhead if you flip the camera upside-down.

Another peculiarity is the microSD card slot, which Samsung's now including with many of its point-and-shoot cameras. It's not like microSD cards are difficult to come by or much more expensive than their full-size counterparts these days, but they are tricky to insert. Plus, they're incompatible with most laptops for downloading pictures and video (without an adapter), and very easy to misplace. The battery, however, is large enough for full-day shoots, at 2,330mAh, and the camera charges via micro-USB, which I prefer personally, though some users will want to have an external charger (which you won't find in the box).

As for the UI, there's nothing out of the ordinary here. You can control just about everything using the touchscreen, though you can also use the four-way controller on the side to navigate if you prefer. Settings are limited, and therefore relatively straightforward, so you should be able to find what you're looking for with only a few taps.

There is a dedicated mode button, but there's no room for a dial, so you need to tap the screen to move among auto, smart, program, aperture or shutter priority and manual options. Once you've made your pick, you can tweak settings using a touchscreen function menu. In manual mode, this can be a bit cumbersome, since you need to go back in the menu to adjust aperture and shutter speed. But this probably isn't a camera most owners will use with a manually dialed-in exposure.

There's also a WiFi mode, which lets you access a variety of wireless sharing options. You can use MobileLink to send photos from the camera to a smartphone or tablet, or Remote Viewfinder, which miraculously lets you access all of the NX mini's shooting modes, including manual, from another device. You also have access to Samsung Home Monitor, which requires its own smartphone app and lets you use the camera to keep an eye on a child, for example, assuming your camera and phone are connected to the same WiFi network. Additionally, you can back up photos via WiFi, post directly to the web or send pictures in an email, all directly from the camera.

I really enjoyed shooting with the NX mini. The camera performed as expected every time when shooting outdoors or in decent lighting conditions -- low-light photos didn't turn out nearly as well (more on that in the image quality section below). The camera is fairly quick to boot up and you only have to wait a moment for the bundled 9mm lens to extend. There is a noticeable amount of focus hunting, but in bright light you can fire off a shot very quickly. Dim scenes are another story, but the NX performed reasonably well when the (oddly green) focus-assist light was turned on.

The camera offers a few positive surprises on the performance front, including a 6 fps consecutive-shooting mode that lets you capture full-resolution RAW or JPEG images. If you're willing to settle for 5-megapixel shots, you can also choose from three burst modes, including 10, 15 and 30 frames per second. The clever selfie mode launches as soon as you flip the display forward -- you can access it directly even when the camera's powered off. When you press the shutter release, the camera will start a three-second countdown, giving you enough time to reposition before it captures an image.

There's a 1/16,000-second maximum shutter speed, letting you shoot at larger apertures in bright sunlight, though even at f/3.5, you won't capture much bokeh (blurred backgrounds) due to the smaller sensor size. The sensitivity ranges from 160-12,800, or 25,600 in extended mode, while videos can be captured at 1080p, 720p, VGA or 320 x 240, all at 30 frames per second. Battery life is rated at 650 shots with the 9mm lens or 530 shots with the 9-27mm zoom lens. That should get you through a full day of shooting on vacation, assuming you don't spend hours reviewing pictures on the display or transmitting photos via WiFi.

The NX mini has a 1-inch sensor, so it's reasonable to expect image quality to be superior to what you'd get with a typical point-and-shoot. But the camera's no match for higher-end mirrorless models or even an entry-level DSLR. I did some casual shooting over the span of one month in San Francisco, Taipei and Austin, Texas. Results were generally quite solid with daytime shoots, but indoor photos and shots captured at night fell a bit short. The 9mm pancake lens excludes optical image stabilization, so captures at slower shutter speeds are often quite blurry, particularly when you're holding the camera at a distance to shoot a selfie. Let's take a look at some samples.
The NX mini shouldn't be your first pick for shooting video. Quality is decent in brighter conditions, but without integrated image stabilization, hand-held shots are shaky at best, as you can see in the sample reel above. The camera also struggled with focus, especially when moving between subjects. The onboard microphone also failed to capture clear audio from a subject just a few feet away. Sharpness and exposure, however, are perfectly fine.

I was skeptical when Samsung first demoed the NX mini, having seen several manufacturers fail to deliver a great camera within a very small package. Pentax's infamous Q was tiny, but it was also spectacularly overpriced and an underperformer across the board, due in no small part to its small sensor and inadequate lenses. Nikon's initial lineup of mirrorless cameras, the V1 and J1, fell short as well. Samsung's NX mini introduction is well-timed, however, with young casual photographers now focused on style and selfies above all else. The NX mini is hardly the most capable mirrorless camera on the market, but at $450 with a lens, it's a very solid buy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars SAMSUNG NX MINI CAMERA, July 13, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Small but powerful camera !

I fastened the lens to the camera and installed the large battery.

I installed a new sandisk memory card; 64 GB high speed sandisk ultra plus microSDXC Class 10. I am pretty sure that the class 10 is recommended to avoid any video recording problems. This card will hold 3,200 20 MB photos! Or a lot of photos and a ton of HD video (1080p). This SanDisk memory chip/storage is so small it comes with a larger adapter to fit into devices. I find the design of this camera to basically be a small camera built around a large battery. In the quest to keep the camera as small as possible the memory card goes in without the adapter.

I installed the NX Mini camera software from the CD to my PC. This contains the i-Launcher and I used this to update the camera firmware. I installed the Photoshop Lightroom picture editing software ($135 value) and updated it to version 5.5

Taking Photos:
The NX Mini takes great photos in a variety of formats and is easy to use. Choose from different shooting modes: Auto, smart (preset settings), program, aperture priority, shutter priority & manual (full control). Some menu settings, or fine tuning of your exposure needs, are accessed by the touch LCD display. A button below the "OK" button will toggle thru and you can quickly adjust shutter speed, aperture, exposure and ISO values depending on the shooting mode. A "FN" touch button on the LCD's lower right corner will access many shooting settings which are then changed by the LCD touch control.

Note: Auto mode will give you JPEG files only. Switch to a different mode to record RAW format photos.

Shoot stunning full HD videos at 30 frames per second. It has built in fader effects. The sound is recorded a little loud and there is no adjustment for this or wind noises except mute. The sound can be adjusted of course when you edit your video on your video editor. You can shoot video for 30 minutes non stop.

Brief Software Overview:
Lightroom 5 is very powerful and will do almost everything that you would ever want to do. There is so much to say about this software; but I will keep it brief by just saying the following. I find it easy to use. It uses non-destructive editing which means you can always go back to the original file which I think is awesome. You can also batch process or group multiple editing commands together to edit a bunch of files all at once say from a certain shoot or outing. The auto white balance correction has worked perfectly for me so far.

Other Features:
Interchangeable lenses - 3 NX Mini lenses to be sold initially. A lens adapter is available to utilize the NX line of lenses. This is a great feature to have. The 9mm small & flat lens is very wide and great for outdoors scenery shots and selfies. This lens does not have a lens cover but comes with a tempered glass coating to prevent scratches. I found myself wanting to order the available zoom lens right away.
Crop Factor - 2.7
Magnesium body and metal lenses.
Shutter speed up to 1/16,000 sec.
HDMI Port for viewing photos/video on your TV.
3" LCD touch display has swipe and zoom built in. The LCD is too dim for being outdoors on a bright sunny day but you can bump it up two brightness notches.
Large 1" image sensor to capture photos/video is a big plus. The sensor is protected by a glass cover plate that you can blow any dust off of if needed to later on.
HDR is an available option.
Flash is adjustable +/- 2 levels.
Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is available for certain lenses.
Large ISO range available.
RAW format is available for photos - adds more capability to editing using Lightroom or other photo editing software.
USB or wall charging. Long battery life.
Wi-Fi connectivity.

I Recommended this camera for just about everybody.
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